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  1. Keep it simple is my opinion. Use Field 1 with just one tone and leave everything else as factory settings. When you do this your just listening to the iron low tones and the non iron tones. Doing this let's you focus on the one good tone. Once you get a good signal you can then look at your VMI and determine if it's hitting on a solid number or numbers that jump all over the board. If it's hitting solid dig it. I think this helps learn the machine and what it's telling you. Once you get comfortable with doing this you can add more tones and features. The Nox will find great stuff with just the factory settings. Good luck!
  2. Chase, the targets were .58 caliber bullets and 1 piece of grape shot. I couldn’t hear the bullets at all and barely heard the grapeshot. The bullets we’re probably 4 inches deep and the grape probably at 8 or 9 inches. My ground is pretty neutral. I changed frequencies numerous times to get as close as possible to what the X35 was running. I also went from coin fast to deep. The difference was eye opening. Thanks for your help and recommendations.
  3. Chuck, what kind of depth are you getting from your 9 inch HF coil on the coins you dug? Were you running it on coin fast or coin deep? Thanks!
  4. Does anyone use the X35 coil on the ORX? Any opinion on it compared to the HF coils? I got smoked today by a friend. He was using the 11 inch legacy coil (with the Deus) while I was using the 9 inch elliptical coil with the ORX. I realize coil size was a factor but he was getting tones on objects that I couldn't even pick up. We were running the same frequency, reactivity, etc, just to compare. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the information Kickindirt. I'll try it the next time I'm out.
  6. And that's why I purchased it. I wanted a simple easy to operate machine. The only issue I have with it is the tones. It seems to me that the tones are somewhat slurred. In my opinion, it doesn't have that "dig me" tone when you get the coil over a good target. Is there a huge difference in tones between the 2 machines? Of course I'm still in my learning curve so it may just be me. ? Thanks for the information. The button you dug is in awesome shape!
  7. Since you have both machines how do compare the ORX with the Deus? Any pro's and con's on the ORX? I recently bought an ORX and have wondered if I should upgrade my controller to a Deus controller at some point. I also have the elliptical HF coil on the ORX.
  8. I use Field 1 all the time relic hunting. It's very quite even when increasing my sensitivity up to 22/23. I manually GB and run 2 tones most of the time.
  9. Groundscanner and I detected today in a site that has been detected for years with numerous detectors. These finds were found in about a 3 hour timespan. We probably need to go back again. ? Looks like this machine makes the old sites new again.
  10. I agree with you on the comparison. Use the same coil, same klz, and use the closest program available with both machines. That would be interesting. I'll be back in the field after the weekend and will operate it on coin fast to see if the tones change.
  11. Thanks Tnsharpshooter. I was in coin deep, and probably should have been in coin fast considering the area was fairly contaminated. In my opinion, It just doesn't have that "dig" me tone that I'm accustomed to hearing. Maybe it's operator error, maybe I'm not use to the tones. I'll follow your advice and keep listening and learning. Question, does the Deus have that clear "dig" me tones in contaminated spots or does it have the many shades of gray also? Some of my spots are really trashy and I really need to descriminate on what I'm digging. The clean areas are easy to dig all the targets, the trashy spots not so easy.
  12. I found these buttons yesterday with the ORX. Two of the buttons were "D" buttons and one was a "V" button. While I'm glad the ORX hit the targets I'm unsure how I was able to tell if they were digable targets. Granted I don't have a lot of hours with the ORX but I'm having significant problems trying to identify good targets. The target ID numbers seem to be unreliable and the tones seemed to be slurred once you get past the iron tone. I'm not knocking the machine but was hoping for some tips on the "how to" of recognizing the "dig me" targets. I have the HF Elliptical coil and I'm detecting in fairly trashy areas. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks for looking! Any chance XP will push an update that may help with TID and tones?
  13. Thanks guys. I agreeTn, seems like the Nox desciminates better in my hunting scenarios. The ID seems to be much more helpful on the Nox also. The design and weight goes to the XP of course, it's like swinging a feather. I like both machines and I'm still learning each, but I'm leaning more toward the Nox at this point.
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