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  1. Thanks chase I really love those Xp machines. They sure can unlock the goods in those tuff sites.
  2. I have a used ORX like new for ya to try. Make ya a killer deal!!! Ya I've been wondering and wishing the same thing for a smaller 4x6 or something. Not sure why they don't make one already. IDK but the 5x9 cuts through trash like a laser. The 9" coils do super well too. Most of my finds over the years have come with the older 9" low freq coil. No matter the coil the Deus/ORX are killer relic machines
  3. DeltaDigger Yes is a big difference in tones. With the deus you can choose 2tone,3tone,4tone,5tone,Full tones, and pitch. On deus you can also adjust iron volume, and audio response. With audio response you can make those deep targets really come to life by cranking it up if ya like or feel the need to. Is a lot of detail in the 3 tone mode with the ORX. Try running your ORX like this. Iron volume off, disc at 9.5 and see what you think. My headphone for my ORX go extremely loud and clear. Hope you don't have a issue with yours. Prob just need to get use to the tones. Are a bit different sounding then most machines.
  4. Well that's a good question. The ORX is just a basic version of the deus really. Less features. Orx only has the 3 tone option in the coin modes. Orx can't run the old low freq coils for example. Deus has many more options also. I would ask yourself if you really need those options. The ORX seems to hold its own as far as depth and separation comparing to the deus. The added options are definitely fun to have. Especially the different tone options.
  5. A friend and I spent a couple days swinging around a couple junk filled ghost towns. I am very familiar with the Xp deus. I had also brought with the new to me Xp ORX. I spent my time swinging both the deus/ORX with the 9 Hf, 9x5Hf and my LF 11x13 coils. I found some good stuff and was really able to put the new ORX to work. I kept the ORX equipped with the 9x5hf coil. Deus with 9Hf coil. Also have my 11x13 on a straight shaft to easily switch to that. These site have been hit hard over the last few years by me and a ton of other people and have seen 3 to 4 large group hunts. Heres a few pics
  6. Thanks Chase didn't know that. Haven't had my hands on a x35 coil yet. Wonder why they changed back? Well at least can use them with the little block now to center the shaft.
  7. Deus in 3 tone low disc at like 5.2 will give you a lot better results. Full tones is great but seems to have some built in disc into the settings I'm guessing. When hunting iron littered sites Ill take the deus over the Nox every time.
  8. I believe I got one with my new ORX. Seems like a stronger plastic was used. Less flexible. Otherwise seems the exact same as the one I got wth my older deus. Think I actually like the older one better. It flexes better and is easier to put on. To bad they don't make a connector that would work on the new style batteries. One that plugs into the battery directly itself. Then you would be able to charge your extra batteries without actually plugging it into a coil. That would be handy.
  9. Dang man that's a bummer. Sounds like u could use a Anfibio.
  10. I love playing in the old ghost town iron type of sites out west. Been swing the Xp deus 2014. I preorder the EQ 800. Took the EQ 800 to all my old iron sites. I think I gave it a fair shake. I put about 200+ hard hours in with the EQ 800 in the iron type sites. About half of that with the 6" coil. The EQ 800 is a awesome machine for sure i love it! For my heavy junk and iron type ghost town/Relic type sites I grab the Xp every time. For more modern junky parks I would grab the EQ 800 first for deep coin shooting. If im hard core jewelry hunting and old park looking for that gold ring ill grab the Xp with the HF coil.
  11. Cant say I am Reputable yet as a dealer. I just became one. I am known pretty well for the facebook group Metal Detecting Buy Sell Trade USA Only. https://www.facebook.com/groups/749287428435998/ Come check out the group. Mostly used gear and lots of great deals to be had. I am based out of Elko Nv and have been swinging detectors since 2013. My favorite machine currently is the Xp deus. Hit me up if you guys need anything. Metaldetectingbuyselltradeusa.com
  12. Dr tones is one cool dude. That other fella wouldn't even found one if Dr tones didn't help him out. Man those guys are lucky to find something like that congrats to them.
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