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  1. Still have the AT Gold package. If someone is interested make me a offer. Its a good working machine just has some signs of use. Otherwise no worries. The wireless headphones cost a $100 alone.
  2. Have a excellent working Garrett AtGold up for grabs. Will include all in the pics. Original corded phones, and the detinex wireless headphones. Factory 5x8" coil along with Nel Sharpe 5" sniper coil. Machine and faceplate and coils do have signs of use. Tried to take a good picture of the face so you can see them. Its been well used but not abused and will perform as it should. IF you don't mind a few scratches here and there it will be a great deal for someone. Cant hardly notice the scratches on the screen when its turned on. $425 shipped!! Hit me up if ya have any questions. Send me a text or email Joel at 775 388 8277 Liebelt1@gmail.com
  3. Should be able to make a few good keepers that the Eq didn't see. Ive found some deep stuff with my original 11x13 coil. I bet the X35 in boost mode goes stupid deep good luck man.
  4. seems like would be a lot easier to just buy the power nox battery instead. Unless your battery is completely junk I guess.
  5. Who knows huh they are a french company lol. Looks like they tried to kinda categorize the features from looking at the picture. They are my favorite pin pointer to use. With or without being connected to the machine. Don't buy from amazon, hit me up when your ready. Can save ya a few bucks anyway
  6. I would have to agree with Tnsharpshooter from my experiences using all 3 machines. F75,T2 and 800. F75 and T2 were great back in the days and maybe ahead of times back then. Now days ya can't take me away from my 800 or Deus.
  7. If theres one machine I can say I hate would be the FORS machines. The way they designed the handle/grip with the button in the middle is absolutely a arm killer. Cant grip it correctly with the button in the middle. At least I cant. If you have tiny hands you might be ok. Simplex gives you a lot more options and is prob deeper when comparing 11" coils. I would go for anything else but one of these arm cripplers lol. The way they balance doesn't help either. Even with the 5" coil still a arm killer.
  8. I second that! Also has to be lightweight, nokta/makro cant seem to figure out that part. Or make a land and water version. I like a good waterproof machine but don't like the extra weight they bring with them for land hunting. Example simplex with the 5x9 coil is a heavy machine. 5x9 feels as heavy as the 11" Buttons also on simplex are really uncomfortable to use as a park machine when pinpointing a lot. Way to hard to press. Guessing cause of waterproofing.
  9. Yo Dog i have a brand new 11" anfibio coil just collecting dust. I usually hunt the iron sites and use smaller coils. PM your address it's yours if ya want it.
  10. Dogodog sorry to hear that buddy. I had a customer that had a similar situation. After a bit of them not answering I just set him a replacement part so he wasn't left hanging. Brand new machine he bought and couldn't even use it. If you decide to buy a new coil yourself let me know I can help ya out a bit. Try to also email Van Boon he is the main guy to talk to at the service center. service@noktamakrorepairs.com Nokta Makro Service Center862 Laffayette Street Unit 1162Ringgold, GA 30736+1 706 619 2601
  11. Nice save mr. Love those Xp machines. May want to try the 9x5 coil. It cuts thru the iron like a laser.
  12. I love these gloves. Cant be beat for the price. Are as good as the $40 mechanics gloves everyone else sells.
  13. They been saying SOON since the release of the simplex on the extra coils ha ha ha
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