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  1. Just my opinion if you can figure out the legend menu the deus2 menu and settings is a breeze. I really like the legend, and patiently waiting the next update for iron bias setting. Think iron bias adjustability is gonna be a big benefit in my old trashy/iron sites.Good luck with the legend. Hit me up if you decide you want to upgrade to a D2 πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
  2. Update to Version 7. Run it how you like any program. Just turn silencer all the way down in whatever program you run. See if you feel the same about it after trying that.
  3. funny last night I looked at they had taken it down. Today good to go ill give it a shot.
  4. Congrats on the all the success with the D2 and 11" coil. Wait till you try the 9" coil.
  5. Nice hunt. Love hearing the feedback on the deus2. Pretty dang deep for a 9" coil huh?
  6. might have to right click on the file and should be an option to open it or add it as a home screen, or to run it, or you should be able to click on it and drag it manually and add it to your home screen. Does it say why won't let you open it? Thats a tuff one without being able to see what its actually doing.
  7. Nice review Dan. Looks like you saved a few good keepers anyways. How does the weight feel compared to the nox after a long days swing time?
  8. I know they already have a 13.5x12.5"(LG35) coil in the works. I would love to see all those coil you mentioned, I've had good luck with the 7" concentrics from Nokta/Makro over the yrs. I know Dilek had a poll on one of the facebook groups going she said in her video. Not sure what ever came of it. Im sure they will treat us well with lots of good coils though like usual. Has always been what has kept me going back to the nokta/makro machines over the yrs is the great coil selections available.
  9. Another XP shipment going out to customers tomorrow. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
  10. From my understanding XP will catch up on backlog orders first. I dont think it will take to long. Seems like shipments are coming pretty fast. So hopefully not too long. Fingers crossed🀞
  11. Ba ha ha guess he should of just did his famous legend toss and that would've fixed it🀣🀣.
  12. Yes Steve ive had one of those Doodads clips for a few years now. Work good and much easier to put on then the factory Deus clips. Im wondering why Xp hasn't looked into a magnetic charger like other companies have. Seems like would be easy to do with the already existing metal charge points on the coils.
  13. I know what ya mean here, seems like it would be more effective to just use single freq in this situation. Also seems dumb to have a SMF machine and only be limited to single freq. But always good to have options right. Speaking of single freq, how does the legend do on the test say in like 20 kHz single freq or which ever one it has close to 20? Maybe the iron bias only works in Multi?? Be interested to see if makes a difference.
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