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  1. Dr tones is one cool dude. That other fella wouldn't even found one if Dr tones didn't help him out. Man those guys are lucky to find something like that congrats to them.
  2. Oh Hell ya Sweet! Can't wait to get one. Man the 800 is gonna be a beast in the iron with that little coil.
  3. Ya I doubt depth is what the coil is about, I doubt it will hit a 10" coin in most my Nv sites. I'm interested in separation and basically anything that will open up any old iron infested sites or give me any advantages. If u find the time to do any testing between that and the standard 9" that would be sweet.
  4. I'm surprised that the elliptical coil will hit the 10" coin. I haven't heard a lot on this coil. I'm thinking that the 74 kHz with a little bit of disc added would be a beast in some of my old iron filled ghost town sites. Steve have u had a chance to do any testing with this Coil?
  5. Kickindirt

    XP HF Coil Nugget Shooting

    thx Steve
  6. Kickindirt

    XP HF Coil Nugget Shooting

    Just wondering how well this new coil actually is for nugget shooting. I haven't got into nugget hunting yet. If I do would I be better off spending the money on something else? I already have the Xp but haven't heard anything much for nugget shooting with this new coil. Be nugget shooting in Nv areas where I live. Thx for any help.
  7. Kickindirt

    The New Garrett Is Finally Coming!

    That's what I thought also on the wireless, didn't know for sure tho.
  8. Kickindirt

    The New Garrett Is Finally Coming!

    I saw that video and also paused and looked at the zoomed photos. I was thinking this was something other than garrett. Just from the coil design, and control design. I didn't think they would stray that far away from the atpro/gold design. I could be wrong tho. Wonder how they will setup the wireless headphones for underwater use? Looks like a good machine. Can't wait to see what garrett comes out with.
  9. Kickindirt

    The New Garrett Is Finally Coming!

    I'd be happy with the same housing if able to adjust display to see it better. I agree on the connections also. Volume control would be sweet too. I prob will buy one no matter what just to try. I preferred the atgold over the pro. Wonder which direction they will follow the most?
  10. Kickindirt

    The New Garrett Is Finally Coming!

    Well lots of options out there. Anything that will easily display the vdi numbers and the rest of user options without a magnify glass. The tiny display is the one thing that's always turned me away from garrett AT machines.
  11. Kickindirt

    The New Garrett Is Finally Coming!

    If it comes in the old atpro/gold housing it will be such a let down.
  12. Sweet finds mr, sounds like ur liking the new mx sport, id go back with a smaller coil when can maybe able to pull some more great finds.