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    Local Nevada swinging buddy & dealer friend
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    Xp Deus, Equinox,Legend or anything else that I can get my hands on. LOVE them all

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  1. You really cant go wrong with either choice. The legend holds its own in my opinion as far as performance and options go. Being your coming from the vanquish series the 700 would prob be a easier transition. 😎
  2. Be interesting to see what Nokta is gonna do with the new update coming. Minelab has had what 4 yrs? or so to improve the 900. Im liking what im seeing from the 900s. All the stuff I wished for that the 800s didn't have. I won't be able to tell until I can find some ground that I can dig lol. If it handles the iron better even a little bit ill be happy as can be. I guess ill go ice fishing until I can find some ground thats not snow covered. Maybe to early to tell. But I definitely think you should buy one and let me know if it handles the iron sites any better lol.πŸ˜‡
  3. Gold Seeker thanks Mr those are some sweet looking cars.
  4. Steve Herschbach you are a blessed πŸ˜‡super highway of information. Always appreciate all the hard work you put into this site. Thanks for all you do.
  5. Rich that vid is spot on mr. 🀣🀣 Me driving to my favorite honey hole. Officer my speedometer says I can go 120. 🀣
  6. Cool interesting Cache! you don't see that everyday ha ha ha. Nice looking dime too. Never know next time will be a hole full of gold coins. Hopefully
  7. Congrats on the chunky gold chain. Makes ya wonder how many of those types of things a guy actually passes over?
  8. Sounds like an amazing time Andrew. Congrats on all the nice keepers. I think a vanquish would be a great fit for the little girl.
  9. Dang man!! Congrats!! Incredible trip! I could only dream about a few days like that. WOW!
  10. Sounds like yes will be some left over after all the preorders are taken care of.
  11. My distributor received the EUS2-22FMRCEA, DEUS2-28FMRCEA, WSAII and WSAII-XL. Will begin filling back orders asap this week. The D22FMF, D28FMF and D3428FMF coils are NOT available yet to be sold separately. The D22FMF and D28FMF should arrive here in about 2-4 weeks. No ETA on the D3428FMF coil. Anyways just thought I would share with you everyone. The EUS2-22FMRCEA, DEUS2-28FMRCEA are the DeusII 9" & 11" packages without the wireless headphones included. Priced a bit cheaper at $1299. Hit me up if you need anything or have any questions.
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