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  1. yup its a no go. Must have them chipped to not be compatible. Maybe they will surprise us with the update and all the anfibio/kruzer coils will work with simplex. If they did I would prob buy 2 machines just for myself and keep one with 7'' on and one with the 9x5 coil on.
  2. Like new condition. Purchased July 28th 2019. Will come with all purchase receipts. I added a custom screen protector to it. Will come with all factory items cables, box, extra screen protectors, wireless module. Has newest updates. $725 for just machine and 11" and original rods $825 for machine and 6" and original rods $925 for total package with Steves carbon fiber shaft and counterweight. Contact me with any questions Joel 775 388 8277 call or text me Liebelt1@gmail.com Metal Detecting Buy Sell Trade USA
  3. man that is a bummer. I know a guy that can get ya a good deal on a new one with warranty 😁
  4. dang man thats a lot of gold coins congrats!. I've got a lot of catching up to do. Im still at only 1 lol. Were u using the explorer II im guessing?
  5. great vid. pretty impressive it hitting that deep dime with a reactivity of 3. Nice.
  6. yup exactly what I do. Do the pump method then add 3 points works like a charm. My machine seems to be really happy with 83 at almost all my sites. Curious what settings you are using and which coil? May still be able to keep your sensitivity settings of 86-87 and turn down the reactivity a bit. Or turn down the Tx gain and bump up sense more.
  7. Steve I completely understand your point of view here. It is what the manufacturers have created though. Why idk. I would love to see a standard price for every dealer. Big Box stores are no better. Hell you can go look on eBay and see some big dealers selling brand new with a best offer option. Also most of the big name stores have dealers working for them and will sell under cost. Call and see for yourself, they don't adhere to the pricing rules anymore than that guy down the street selling from his computer. A lot of it is not the manufactures fault either. The hobby itself I think is in trouble and has forced things to take a different turn. Its not all bad though. This way has allowed manufacturers to do promotional stuff more and more without actually hurting dealers. Take the new Nokta/Makro promo for example. Maybe I fit the bill of just another no name drop shipper? I will say if you buy from me I will go out of my way to make things right. Even if I have to pay out of my own pocket. I recently had a customer that bought a new anfibio. The day it arrived he told me that upper cam lock was messed up and it had a horrible wobble. The service center just kept giving him the run around. I made sure he had new parts sent out right away. Is still a few good ones around. Not all hope is lost 👍
  8. I've wondered for years why detecting companies don't do this. Always was a head scratcher why I couldn't get a new at pro with the sniper coil and 5x8 only.
  9. I found the same thing with making changes to the settings. They need to change it so it doesn't disappear right away. Its a little thing but can really be frustrating. I never thought the buttons were to stiff though. I imagine they have to be if your using it underwater. Great little machine. Beautifully designed. Budget approved. I wonder who will be the first manufacturer to sell a machine where you can go online and make changes to your setting where you have the option to change some of these settings like if the pinpoint mode stays on or has to be held. Now that would be cool!!
  10. Some good points Chase. I'm gonna try one. Looks like a good product. Yes I can get them if anyone else wants to try them out.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has tried these? Sound and look like they are amazing and can be used with other devices that are charged by usb.
  12. Brilliant topic Steve. I started out with a Fisher F2 with 8" concentric coil. Thinking back to when that's all I had. Kinda surprising all the good stuff I was able to find. Thing is we always want bigger and better and the most expensive. Everyone dreams of having that new model. Maybe just me.
  13. Ive been building and learning how to build a website on my own. Its a work in progress that I work on in my free time.
  14. Dogodog you bet I can. Let me know what your looking for. Send me a text, call or email. 👍 775 388 8277 Liebelt1@gmail.com
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