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    Ham radio, outdoors, fishing, and hopefully using a metal detector. Panning for gold
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    New Equinox 800, Old Bounty Hunter tracker which is 15 years old but works

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  1. Very nice good luck on your next hunt.
  2. Congrats on the finds, keep swinging and stay safe.
  3. Nice old finds and I hope you find more on your next hunt.
  4. Great finds and a nice little ring to boot. Happy hunting on your next trip.
  5. Great finds and a good hunt. What do you mean fictional character? I've read all of his posts for almost 6 months now, and just who could take such great pictures if he is not real?
  6. Nice picture and the coffee sounds great, wish I were there. Stay safe and be healthy.
  7. Riccardo Glad you found the best site on the internet with people who will help you and share their knowledge with you. Please stay safe and happy hunting.
  8. Nice finds and a good hunt. When I get to feeling better I am going to hit the parks again, but for now I can't even pick up my detector. Found out that I have a bulging disc in my neck, and I tore my left trap muscles.
  9. There are places that I need help in getting permission to hunt also, but what you done was good. I am going to keep my eye on this thread to see if there might be something that I can use also.
  10. That was a very hard hunt, but ended with a very nice find. Congratulations on your find and keep up the good work.
  11. Great finds Norm, good luck on your next hunt when you can get back out there again.
  12. Welcome Mark I hope to hear more stories of the finds that you recover. The 800 is a great system and I know that you will enjoy it.
  13. Great hunt, now see if your son wants to go again tomorrow and get the rings and deeper coins.
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