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  1. That is really good news, I wish they would reorganize and stay in business.
  2. I can now see the coin better, but in the first one it looked different from the other ones for sure. Sorry for getting your hopes up for a let down.
  3. My brother and I did when he lived in Hermistan, OR. and had no problems when the game warden came by. He told us that people do it all the time, but we needed to clean up the area like it was before we got there.
  4. Good find and good research on the lock. You could be correct on the buckle also, that would have been my first guess on it.
  5. Did I see a mercury dime in that picture? Nice hunt and good luck on your next one. Stay cool.
  6. 2Valen


    Welcome aboard and please feel free to ask questions, and maybe answer a few if you know the answer. Please post some of those finds no matter how odd they may look.
  7. Sorry for that, as I use between .5% to .75% solution. When I used the .5% it seemed that some chiggers did get past it, and then when using the .75% it completely stop all insects from getting through. I find the higher concentration stays on the clothes a little longer and I have had no problems with it. I buy the 10% concentrate bottle.
  8. Great story with a happy ending, I hope he bought you dinner.
  9. Very nice coins, what is the last one shown as I cant make out the date.
  10. Congrats Gerry on those finds and wish you better luck on your next hunt!
  11. I am not sure what roads you would take to get there, we had a bush plane take us there and back to Fairbanks. That saved us a lot of time doing that.
  12. Great hunt, and glad you had some fun. Good luck on your next hunt, and stay cool out there.
  13. If you have time try your luck at Muldrow Glacier, it is in the Denali National Park. Many years ago I was able to find a few ounces there over about 5 days before I had to go somewhere else. Once again good luck.
  14. I am just 45 minutes from Alton, and believe me there are plenty of mosquito's here. I am out in the country only a mile from a lake with creeks all around me. You are in an area on the gulf next to Biloxi I believe, and you have a few down there. The last time I was in Alaska there was nothing to keep them critters off a person, and all you could do is use netting. Half of the time they would just cut through it and laugh in your face. Good luck and keep an anchor on you in case they try to carry you off.
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