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  1. So sorry I just wasn't thinking when I saw the pictures, they are great items.
  2. Since having my 800 unit, I have never had an issue with the weight, balance, or anything that would give me a problem. I have not had it in the water above my knees, and I felt that it was doing a great job for me. My problem is that I am still learning this unit, and with it being so cold or wet outside I don't get to use it much. I only have a problem when I walk past it and it looks mad at me for not taking it out to swing it and find something in the ground. It tells me it can handle to cold, the snow, or the rain, and I have to tell it wait until it gets warmer for me.
  3. Very nice finds you got there. What size coil and which software version are you using?
  4. I can only dream about something like that, and wish you have many more great finds like that. Also when you think that you have enough of them you can always send me one of those.
  5. Very nice find, I hope you bought her dinner for her help.
  6. I agree with phrunt on this as he is correct about the larger rocks, unless you plan to separate all those large rocks nice and even. I would hit the smaller stuff and then dig down a ways to the layers below it so as not to miss anything.
  7. Now that is a lot of trash, but also a nice box of coins. Good luck on this year.
  8. That was a great job in your description of the 2 types of coils Steve. You are so correct on what you stated and you give a simple way to explain coils to a novice. When I was designing coils for parking equipment and for street lights I had a much easier job doing that than to design them for detectors. Whites used a very simple coil for years, before the digital age, and they were easy to make. Any way thanks for the explanation.
  9. That was a long hunt for those 2 necklaces, but you gained a lot of information from the park ranger I bet. Wish your next trip is better for you.
  10. Simon, I think I know what to get my grandson for his birthday, and then ask him to get out with me to try it out. Thanks for the video.
  11. Great finds and I hope you find a couple of nice gold rings next time.
  12. My grandfather had one of those when I was growing up! I remember that he had said that it was one of the better models that could be made at the time. He could locate almost anything with that little guy and he knew exactly what it would be when he dug it up. I think he said he could locate a dime almost 9 inches deep with it, but I really can't remember that far back anymore. Make sure that you clean the battery compartment quite well before installing new batteries and hope the capacitors are still good. I remember it was very rugged and used standard headphones. He could use it all day without running down the batteries and then use it again for about half a day after that. Just remember that batteries were not as good as they are now and they had less power in them also. Great find that you got and remember that it used for hot areas in gold country.
  13. Since I have the new update installed on my unit it seems to be giving me better targets along the fields and into the wooded areas that I have been in. Make sure that you get the update and then learn your unit from there. Park2 and field 2 would be the best to use for your answer.
  14. Simon, Nothing that I have found compares with the history that you show us every week, like that Chinese coin that you now have. I could only dream of finding something like that. Always do your homework and listen to the old folks about the past is what I try to do when I go looking for history and legends. Sometimes it takes months just to talk to the right people, but I get them to talk to me and I learn what they have been told many generations ago. You are in a small location and the history is much better kept than it is here, I say talk, listen and make a map. One location that was on a cliff that you showed us, I would get some mountain climbing equipment and go down the face of that cliff in a heart beat. I don't care if I am over 60 years old I would still do it. So when I come down for a vacation I want you to show those cliffs to me and I will find some gold for the both of us.
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