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  1. Simon, That is exactly what an expert would do just to make sure they didn't miss anything. I wish I were able to get out and try out the new update on my 800 and get back in the hunt. It is either to cold, raining, snowing or I have to work. Someday I will be back out there and then I will give you a run for the money. Good luck on all your hunts.
  2. Are you kidding? That is not growing pains unless you are wanting to grow a really big fire to throw something like that onto. I have an old Bounty Hunter that would out do that any day of the week , They can keep that junk.
  3. Sorry for your loss as I know exactly how you felt. I had a little buddy that was probably the smartest dog in the world and I also lost him when he was 13. Took over 6 months to get back to life without him by my side and every night I think of him still. His name was Valen.
  4. Rusty loves to go with me every chance he gets. he's not much on metal detecting but loves a good fishing trip. I just can't keep him out of the water, but he can see the fish before they hit my lures.
  5. Now that you have pointed that out to him it will make him dig more silver and gold than ever. He will still get the copper ones also but won't let you know about them.
  6. Simon, If that is high ground they could of had a lookout base nearby, or some of the military guys took shore leave there. That plug looked a lot like some of the ones I had seen on radio equipment power connectors. Just a thought, but the mystery still grows.
  7. Sooner or later they are going to make a unit that relies on a cellphone and connect to it via Bluetooth with a small circuit board inside the shaft.
  8. I can relate to that and that is also how I found this forum.
  9. Simon, Great finds again and the porcelain plug looks very close to something that I had replaced in the military. Have you ever had the USA military stationed there? It could also be from a electrical lead in panel, just guessing on that but who knows. Wish I had your skills with my 800 that you have with yours.
  10. Chase I am starting to believe the same as you since making the update, and I only have 2 detectors. My neighbors and some friends have told me that they wish that they would have purchased a NOX when they had the chance. I am the only person that I know of in my area that has one and I know with the help on this forum I someday will learn how to use it properly. I wish to thank all my friends on this forum for their support, input and knowledge that they have given me. With that said should someone want to learn how to properly use a NOX pay attention to the people here and learn from the best of them, the things this unit can do has surprised many people that I know and myself. You can't go wrong with a Equinox 800 period.
  11. Nice find, that is about the same depth that I had found a pendent about the same size. The ID was the same as yours, and I was using the 11 inch stock coil. One of these days I am going to go back to find the necklace that went with it.
  12. I have always like gold because when I have given it to women they liked me very much all night. Yes I have been married 4 times and want out of this one as she wants to much gold.
  13. Fred, Sorry for the misinformation as I stand corrected. I was thinking of the iron meteorites when I wrote that.
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