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  1. If there are coal power plants around the area it could be waste from there once it was burnt. When I was growing up I had seen items just like that from the steel plant near me and that was what it was from. People would use it in their driveways instead of rock because the steel plant would let you take a truck load at a time for free.
  2. Simon, Thanks for the video, and I see that you are still killing it with your hunts. Nice finds and keep up with the good work. You are due to find some rings next so don't disappoint us.
  3. Nice video, and I see what you are saying about the sensitivity part of it also. Once I can get my 800 updated I will have to start learning my unit all over again. Thanks
  4. So in other words it's flawed and can't be mounted on a ring. That's a good thing because my wife would want it.
  5. Steve I think that it should have read "Minelab’s Find of The Year" Glad that they have honored you with their message, but they need to correct their sentence. Congrats.
  6. The thing that I have been doing since it has been so dry at our parks is to shallow hunt on a sense of 15. Once I get a target I will use my carrot to pinpoint the target and then make a small slice across the top of the target. Then I use my knife to get under it and pop it out. Then step hard on the opening of the ground and go to the next target. The park ranger actually thanked me for doing it that way because it has never killed any grass as of yet.
  7. Great finds and I am sure you will fine another great spot in Texas. Keep up the good work and good luck.
  8. Thanks for the update and interesting read, I will try to get the update for me to learn. I had a problem on the download, and read some of the articles about the problem and I will try again when I get back home from TN. We are on a hunt of a life time if we should find what we are looking for.
  9. Steve, Glad that you had a great hunt and found something as old as you have. I could never hope to ever find anything as great as that. Think about what that axe was used for and who could of it belonged to all those years ago. You have brought their memories back to life. The bust reminds me of a Caesar's seal which would of had a wooden handle on it with his seal engraved into it. I may be wrong about that, but it is a possibility.
  10. So how many times have you been shot at, and are you sure you were metal detecting and not with the farmers daughter.
  11. Same here, but am holding out hope to find some gold with it.
  12. That has to be the one that my great, great, great, grand father lost. Please mail it to me and I will thank you soooo much when I get it. One could only hope to find such a great item, where exactly did you get it. GPS position would be very helpful.
  13. O.K. then all you need now is only 4 of them to weave together to make a mans necklace out of them. Just kidding and it is still a great find, keep up the hunt you may just find the woman who lost it.
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