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  1. I have found if you get within 2 feet of the swings, slides or their frames it will give false signals, so I steer clear of them as much as possible. When going around the swings I hold the chains away from where I have the detector and it seems to do just fine. Some of the hardware that they use to support the playground equipment may not always be in the area you think it is, as the legs are always further than you think. Also I turn the sensitivity down to about 15 and my 800 gives good targets, whether it be trash or coin it is still a constant target. Valen
  2. phrunt, The link that you shared I know about as they do have a U.S. version. They work in some of the areas, but I have seen them cause more trouble than a standard router. Valen
  3. phrunt, They have had the equipment installed about 2 years ago in our area and have upgraded it to 5 G in the past few months. When I a am within 50 yards my new 800 goes off into lala land thinking everything is in the ground or even in the air. I noticed it doing it the first time I had gotten to an area that I knew it was at, and it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out. One trick that I had done to lower the effects was to wrap the coil wire half way up the shaft tie it off, and then wrap it the rest of the way opposite way to the plugin. That helped some but by being able to move further away from the lines stopped the chatter. I then did another ground balance and that seemed to do the trick. Valen
  4. Randy Dee, We also have the microwave internet in our area and some places still can't get it due to the terrain. I have seen microwave units do the same thing in our area, as there are few options for the internet here in the rural areas. The power companies have been working to perfect the internet over their lines, so that they can compete with the phone companies. Currently they can do meter readings, turn on or off the power to select homes/business's without ever being in the same city. Valen
  5. Lacky, If the power company has installed smart meters in your area they are using the power lines for the internet and they send a frequency through it in order to have their internet for the meters. The high voltage lines will cause many problems during high humidity and can cause certain connections to pop every now and then. If you hear that it is a sign that it is the power lines. Valen
  6. Skookum, Thaks for the article and I am still thinking about what to do with the penny. Right now I have placed it in a very small amount of mineral oil to try to keep it in it's current condition. I am going to look into your method and then decide what to do in a few days. I would rather work with some knowledge on this and try to test it on something of lesser quality first. I know that it feels lighter than similar pennies and that the edges feel thinner, so you can probably tell that I am a little scared to do to much to this coin. Once again thank you for the information. Valen
  7. I wish to thank everyone for their input on cleaning this coin, and I hope to make a decision on whether to clean or not to clean. I know that I should at least preserve the coin with something as to stop the buildup of the green patina on the coin. I really want to be able to place it in a frame and pass it down to 1 of my grand kids someday. I especially want to thank GB_Amateur for his help with the 800 last week in Casey, IL. I am almost ready to go to an old church that has never been touched before, and within a mile is an old mine that someone was getting small amounts of gold from. I will post more photos of my finds in the future. Thanks, Valen
  8. On Thursday I went to search for more coins in a local park and in just 15 minutes I came across this Indian Head penny. I would like to know the best way to clean this coin so I may have it placed in a frame and hang it on a wall. This is the oldest coin that I have found to date, and it even beat out a 1924 dime that I found within 15 feet of where I found this penny. It had a lot of mud on it when I dug it up so I ran some water on it and found the date. This penny was wedged between 2 roots standing on edge and about 8 inches down. I had a ID number of 19 in one direction and a 20 in another direction so I decided to dig it up. I used the settings that another member showed me a week earlier when we met in Casey, IL. and I am sorry for not knowing the settings off the top of my head to put them in here. Please if someone knows a way to clean this up I would greatly appreciate your knowledge. I guess I am starting to get the hang of this Equinox 800 and I can only hope that this is just the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship of metal detecting. Valen
  9. Today I met up with a very nice person from this forum who took his time to check out my unit and give me some much needed directions. The detector is not a problem it just has someone who doesn't understands it yet. Yes I admit that I am not the smartest person when it comes to this, because I really have not tried it. What I am learning from this forum and it's members will help me learn this detector and make me better with it. I wish to thank everyone who has taken so much of their time for their insights and help.
  10. Some day I would love to find something like that too. Just to hold a piece of history in my hand would be so beautiful.
  11. Here in the middle of Illinois I searched a local beach and also noticed the numbers jump all over the place in side to side and front to back motion. Not knowing what it was I dug it up! Turned out to be a bullet impact into the sand about a 9mm size. It was located about 6 inches below the ground but gave a good signal while jumping from a 4 to a 15 in all directions. I think it may have something to do the the minerals in the ground, but being new to this I just don't know for sure.
  12. Jeff, I started this morning with a test in a neighbors flower bed as he has it raised with good clean dirt and mulch. I did that for about an hour and then went to the local park. When I arrived at the park I did a FP, and then did the settings that you suggested once I did a noise cancellation. Trust me the park has about 5 lbs. less aluminum in it tonight. No I did not recycle it! Once I have a solid target I use the pinpoint feature on the 800 and then set it down and use my handheld pin pointer to see if it is close to the surface. Once I start digging and removing about 2 inches I insert the pin pointer again to make sure I am going in the right direction. Once I find the target I pull it out and recheck the hole again to make sure there is nothing else that I may have missed. Then I fill everything back in and pack it down. I have seen several targets that are around the 15 to 19 range that I did not dig. I dug mostly 20 to 32 range after I swept in 2 directions and have the same readings. I will continue to practice but I think I need to compare this unit with another one just like it. I am going to meet up with someone this Saturday I hope. Thanks Jeff for your insights on this. Tim
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