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  1. The one and only I've used is a Minelab Pro-find 25. Very sensitive, its been good for me for clearing out surface junk signals quickly as it will sound off on smaller trash items up to 8" away. Good little sidekick.
  2. Hey Steve, I've been looking for a GPX 4500 to buy, in the meanwhile I've heard the SD2200 is even better/deeper on larger gold, which a coin cache would indeed be. Any thoughts on that? The hunting area is mild ground if that helps.
  3. So is it safe to say the SP01 takes signals that are likely target signals and specifically amplifies only (or mostly) them?
  4. Is there a website you can order Lidar images from?
  5. Very good ? Well, it seems I'll be purchasing a GPX 4500 then
  6. Thank you sir, I greatly appreciate your insight, anyone can have an opinion, but what you gave is insight. As far as if it had a metal lid or cap, say iron, would this affect the way the GPX detects it?
  7. What kind of depth do you think a Minelab PI would get on a coin cache jar? And as for coils, which would you recommend for this kind of hunt?
  8. Yeah, what I mean is for caches of coins, the depth is miserable on them, all the literature makes them sound good but once you have one in hand you see they are poor performers, unless its a very large object
  9. Thanks for the replies, as for the White's, I forgot to mention, I took a TM-600 and also a TM-800 up there looking, after no results, I tested them on buried targets, those machines are also nearly worthless, wouldn't even find a bundle of copper pipes at 3 feet deep, and even more worthless on a jar of coins. People say yeah 2 box for deep stuff, but in reality, unless you're talking about a steel drum or something similar, these won't find anything.
  10. Hey, I'm new here, but I come here time to time to read, you all are a knowledgeable bunch it seems. I have for a couple years been on the search for an alleged cache of gold coins, in a jar or something similar. It's a solid story, I've done my research, etc. I am currently looking into a GPX 4500 for the hunt. I had bought a CTX 3030 and learned it for a few months, but I buried some test targets (using bottles of nickels, or pennies), and the damned thing was nearly worthless past 12" deep, a $2500 toy in my opinion. Most caches are said to be found at 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep, and I'd say 3 feet wouldn't be out of the question here. Any informed opinions welcome, thank you!
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