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  1. You can experience the latency if you plug one earphone into Nox and other into the WM08. Personally, I did not experience any problems with the WM08, except that I do prefer how direct connection sounds, as in, quality wise it is cleaner, more analog kinda sounding to me. I detect wired for this reason. The other reason is, when wired, I do have to remove headphones when digging out the target, which allows my head and ears to rest a little and appreciate what is happening around me. Just overall experience is less tiring and more enjoyable this way I find. The other thing, I'm not sure what effect wireless transmission has on the machine itself - if you ever try to bring coil near wireless router, you'll see what I mean...
  2. It's probably correct to assume there are not 19 channels, but 19xFrequencies Nox operates in selected mode. As you may know, what we call channels are simply frequency offsets from base frequency. Nox operates at multiple frequencies, but offsets (channels) are the same? Say, if Nox worked at 5, 10, 15 khz simultaneously, channel 1 could be 5.1, 10.1, 15.1 khz and so on. What Nox does when 5.1 khz is noise free and 10.1 is full of it is hard to tell...
  3. Apologies. For some good reason ML decided to put a DC blocking capacitor on the output stage to drive the coil. As you may know, these age with time and may present an extra impedance on the signal path, potentially lowering coil emissions. How they degrade and when it becomes a problem is hard to say, but it is a gradual to a point. Can be 2000h, can be 20000h. It's Panasonic OSCON, it seems, they have in there, but not sure which series. They are highly regarded and reliable component. Potentially new Nox may outperform one few years old in some scenarios where raw power is needed. Driver is AO4882 if anyone is interested.
  4. Equinox coil driver is run through a DC blocking cap, which can potentially age and, perhaps, exhibit losses. It's a very good cap though.
  5. I find that Park1, as name also suggests, is a lot better in trashy ferrous environment, better at discriminating ferrous. Field1, I feel, is better where ground is cleaner and you don't expect ferrous targets to dominate. In other words, with Field1, I tend to dig a lot more iron, at least with 1.7.5 firmware.
  6. Perhaps a silly question, do MDs have to comply with any EMI restrictions? Any reason they emit similar amount of power? Looking at the EQX, it seems like it is working at about 70% of what power components could possibly handle.
  7. I've heated mine a little and bent to the size that works for me. 10 min job...
  8. Apologies for off topic a little, but, perhaps, related a little. Did anyone notice Nox performing different - "better" when left motionless on the ground for some time, coil face flat. It would be not first time I meet walkers while detecting and after having a few minute chat I find Nox starts picking up things a lot clearer suddenly. Is it just my mind having some rest or Nox performs some on the fly adaptations?
  9. Would be nice if they introduced menu items and modes back and forth buttons, bit annoying to loop through all modes and menus to come back to adjacent items. Say, to do Noise Cancel after GB needs lots of button clicking. S-shaft or off-center coil ears, and stronger ears too. Make more user friendly adjustable items scaling and ranges. Say, volume, sensitivity, etc, 0-10 (or 100), not 0-25. Who actually detects with sensitivity 0-10, why have this range at all. Perhaps have some sort of accelerometer to detect when detector is still (say, on the ground) while user is dealing with the find or locating an item, so it doesn't chatter or scream in PP mode during that time. Maybe reduce emissions and reception too during still time, to save battery, etc.
  10. Some sports energy gels packages give 1. But mostly 1 is coke in my area.
  11. My detecting buddy once asked me if he should get a coil cover for his Deus. He didn't realize he already had one 😀
  12. I bang mine now and then and thankful the cover is there. I look at the cover and see it has plenty of dings and scratches, so it does a good job. ML coils are not completely filled with epoxy, there are structural voids underneath that would collect dirt and would be hard to remove I think, and these some dirt can really upset how detector works. This plastic cover is transparent to the magnetic field, there is probably no gain to be had, besides some small weight off?
  13. Thank you for trying. That's strange, on both my laptops this is the path it places files. You can also try to access it by entering %localappdata% in Run menu (or Windows+R buttons), perhaps it is somewhere else.
  14. Apologies for a bit off topic. Was looking at minelab update utility, in fact, I may have them all, just out of curiousity. There will be lots of assumptions later. ML firmware binaries are embedded into single files, which are named same as their MD5 hash. 1.0.4 - file: ef4e7d9f630334e8d1a7d98860d488a1 - versions 1.5, 1.7.5 1.1.1 - same as 1.0.4, perhaps update to the utility only 2.0.1 - file: d950cbc77e6db16755d13f7fc04bc4d5 - versions 1.5, 1.7.5 and 2.1.12 3.0 - file: 50c28cc3311890dd718f2f64ea861f83 - all previous versions incl 3.1.3 Strangely enough, or maybe not, for example, same firmware 1.5 in binary looks different in all update utilities. Could be many reasons for it. But I am inclined to delete the folder below (on Windows) if you are rolling back and use earlier update utility (see above). <C>:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Minelab\Minelab Update Utility Their firmware config file indicates there may be 3 hardware revisions of both Nox 600 and 800, but they all receive same corresponding FW. May explain rather inconsistent Nox performance and user experience for different people. There is potentially a possibility to flash 600 with 800 firmware and other way around with some juggling with file content, file names and permissions. If I had 600, I would definitely exploit this. Question I wanted to ask, do both 600 and 800 users have the same warning message in the update log, on Windows: <C>:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Minelab\Minelab Update Utility\log_<N> "MLB "<path>" block 3 is not of the required type "PTPSCBM1"" Looks like PTPSCBM1 is only applicable to Nox 600 and its firmware. On Nox 800 it is PTPSCBM2 and hence the warning. Could, perhaps, be the reason Nox'es need reset after updates... Thanks!
  15. I gave v3 another try today. The Nox was stable, but unfortunately first impressions are not great - this is probably the first time I come back empty handed, and that place always gave something. I even tried digging all iffy signals. The contrast with 1.7.5 is that Nox was unusually quiet over mineralization, very little negative grunt, and I know it is there. Bit better with EMI. I think it falses more around iron. And it made me to dig 2 cast iron pieces, that were giving solid 20-21, this I did not like at all. It used to be 13. On those grounds 20-21 would usually be a coin under the coil. Something to think about.
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