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  1. Hard to see on the photo, but they seem to have changed the coil side plug to a different type with lesser pins. The wire soldered to the connector casing is probably just a shield wire. All what it has now is 2 TX, 2 RX, 1 shield.
  2. I walk woods as well, along with fields and use primarily Park 2. Have never been fan of Field 2, it seems to be quite chatty and does not feel deep, perhaps aimed more for smaller shallower stuff? Then modes Park 1 and Field 1 I use for target checking. Recently started using Gold 2 for checking as well, it seems to ID iffy targets a little stronger than any other mode. I always run All Metal on, especially in the woods. If area is fairly clean from iron, finding a ferrous object may be a piece of meteorite (you never know). I'd recommend to not through away small ferrous objects at the spot, especially if they feel very heavy. Iron Bias helps to separate ferrous object better, but it in clean forests it may be not a concern, hence I would set it to 0. You can also try recovery speeds 2-3 to get deeper. If ground is clean, there is no need to have high separation. Run sensitivity as high as environment allows. Some trees have little fallout during the year, hence older objects may still be shallow. Pair of garden snips will help you with digging though roots and clearing dense areas. Hope some if this helps... One thing also to mention, if places that you explore were part of WW2, pay some caution. Nox can pick up large objects from immense depths. When you have a hole 30cm deep and no target yet in sight, know it will be big, and certainly not a coin! Just recently I dug out an aluminum kettle from 70cm deep and it sounded as it was on a surface 🙂
  3. From my experience, I could never tell the difference, but I GB it anyway, but not always. The soil here easily jumps into 70-80. I think the range is subtle. Compared to PI machines, where GB setting is audibly different, on Nox, there is just no difference... The only thing I noticed is that on higher GB settings, coil bumps become audible. I would rather relate the difference in PP to the firmware version. Original 1.5 has the sharpest PP, 1.7.5 and the latest v2 sound identical, but give somewhat broader-wider footprint signal... I find it is easier to size the target with the 1.5, as it cuts the sound right off when coil center is no longer over the target. There is no easy way to tell which firmware you have between 1.5 and 1.7.5, only through PC update utility. V2 has got the F2 setting and multiple backlight levels on 600.
  4. No problem at all, I'll repeat the test once again today, just need to find this button in the pile of others 🙂 I'll check if it is magnetic as well. I had a whole saga testing firmware versions, I think I dug it out with 1.7.5, but now running 1.5. Also maybe my hand had something to do with it.
  5. This is my experience so far as well, up to 5, nothing of interest came out. 1-2 - coke or energy gels, 5 - foil. If these come too scarcely, I do dig them however...
  6. Thanks. The fact that I have dug this button out, it should have indicated positive, I'm just not sure why it is giving me negative swinging it in air. I'm not wearing anything on me that would foul it. But all who replied, it really coincides with my findings as well, swings from all angles before deciding to dig or not. If I may extend this thread as well, if anyone has found meteorites, how do they id on the equinox, negative?
  7. I actually have this very same folding joint, but I could not get on well with it, so had to purchase a new middle shaft. Once installed, the rigidity was gone, especially with the heavier 15" coil. It is an excellent idea, but the plastic just does not do it. It felt like a wet noodle. It really needs stiffer material to work. Perhaps one can get used to it, not sure, but any wobble in the shaft distracts me from enjoying detecting.
  8. Thanks for replies. I forgot to say, I was air testing it. It is an old copper button about 10mm in diameter, pretty thin, with 4 holes, but due to age, all 4 holes merged together forming a big hole, I'll snap a picture of it when I have a chance. It was giving -1 on 6" coil. There were no other objects beside it, so got me thinking. It reminds me reading somewhere about a stacked coin situation which was giving negative TID as well. FE was 0. Anyway, it is not a big deal really, I did dig it out before somehow!
  9. Hey everyone, Just curious, has anyone tried lowering the tone break T1 to negative numbers or all the way down to -9 on your hunts? Is it worth it, did anything good come out? Or is it just a recipe for headache? Reason being, I was playing yesterday with the coil and found an old button that is clearly non-ferrous, but gives negative TID in multi-frequency and positive/negative on some single freqs. Thank you
  10. It took me 5+ times to get through the registration form vicious cycle, just pay attention to details. Referrer field wants a user name of Geotech forums, leave it blank if you don't know anyone. Lots of useful info there on Equinox, which will give lots of clues how it works, but the thread hasn't seen any activity for quite a bit. Nobody has a complete pinout diagram unfortunately. It made me hook up the oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to see for myself, things check out - tremendous work people did there. Worth a read. Update: coil pinout is now available on Geotech. All credits to that forum, so not copying here.
  11. Guys, I wonder, does anyone know or have a diagram of the coil connector pinout? Many thanks! Apologies, didn't mean to start new topic, but it was moved separate. It may come handy for others perhaps. I'm going to tap into those wires to find out what they are once I have an inline connector made.
  12. I'd be interested to hear suggestions as well. We have a good bit of this on the coast as well and it blinds the detector. Would a small coil help to separate a bit more, I wonder?
  13. Aren't shafts same for both 600 and 800? Backlight levels only mean your 600 has got the latest firmware v2 (2.1.12). Please feel free to correct me!
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