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  1. Looking good, S'pose you can just use your camo brolly when you get hit with a downpour ! Cheers Ashley
  2. The front cover pic is of the 71.5 Oz nugget, Boy you guys sure had the glory days in detecting gold, But in saying that my next gold find could be a biggun ! Cheers Ashley
  3. Nice prospecting rig there Steve, Only problem is you might just walk past it tucked behind a bush . Was it from the military vehicle auctions they had recently ? Cheers Ashley
  4. Lot's of good comments and ideas here ! Cheers Ashley
  5. Thanks beatup & Steve. Kiwijw : The apprentice bit was the first thing that popped in my mind after looking through the " Reg Wilson Collection post" and then i posted up this post. But i still consider myself an apprentice as i am always learning, learning, learning. mn90403, Thanks, "Those that have mastered", I wouldn't like to hazard a guess on their gold take and most would never divulge it, But "Those that have Mastered" to me means mastered their detector, Mastered reading the ground and their environment and the gold will come. Cheers Ashley
  6. Thank you Lunk, Dolan Dave, vanursepaul, bluthermal. Rockett : Used & tried a lot of settings as it was my first opportunity to try out the new Minelab update for the Zed, Factory settings work well but always try & see if you can get the Zed to run in Normal on the ground you are on. Jrbeatty : Yes was lot's of digging but i was lucky enough to find most of the gold in patches with only a small amount of rubbish targets, One patch of 31 small nuggies had 11 shotty pellets pretty much smack in the middle of the patch and no other rubbish anywhere. The 62 patch was only gold targets, did end up finding a boot tack about 20m away from the patch Cheers Ashley
  7. My Apprentership Tally for the 2017 Season in Western Australia, 715 pieces of gold, Biggest nugget was 10.87grams, smallest was 0.09grams. Biggest patch was 62 nuggies in an area not much bigger than my 14ft caravan. All found with the mighty Zed. Gold is sectioned in the photo as explained : Top section and the small pile at the 9 o’clock position was from my trip early in the season ( roughly 3 months ) for 458 pieces. Small pile at the 8 o’clock position and remainder of the gold on the right lower section was from the latter trip of just over a month golding for 257 pieces. 9 o’clock & 8 o’clock piles was the 62 patch found on my last day of the early trip and clean up on the first day of the latter trip ( best patch bit was a 6 grammer with a total patch weight of 37.56 grams ) Total weight comes in at 11ounces ( possibly a tad more when I crush the speccies ) Cheers Ashley
  8. Wow ! Fantastic post, Thanks Reg & JR. Many many untold stories from that nugget photo collection, What a book it would be ! Cheers Ashley
  9. I have the same type as Cabin Fever has ( Little bit longer legs ) from my Sovereign GT days, From memory i got them from someone in the USA. Just tried it on the Monster and it works a treat. Cheers Ashley
  10. G'day Madtuna, My very limited experience with the falcon was pretty much like yours so I reckon it's a matter of getting the hang of it, Hopefully some experienced operators of the falcon probe chine in with some advice. Great to hear the reef hasn't run out yet for you. What do you think of the small crusher your using ? ( You were talking about purchasing a small crusher some time back ) Cheers Ashley
  11. Again congrats Steve, Some serious weight there, Enjoy the experience, You are living the dream ! Out of interest : Did you end up with one of them small crushers for just this sort of occasion, If so How is it handling it ? Cheers Ashley
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