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  1. Steve a lot of knock sensitivity is actually caused by the cable being wound too tight and it being tugged/twisted by shaft flex stiction. The coil is crashed into an obstacle which the flexes the shaft which then puts a twisting effect onto the cable which then causes noise. Especially noticeable in warmer weather. Note: This is assuming there is no actual fault with the coil, I had a coil last week from the first releases batch that has gone bad, it would purr along fine then if you clipped something directly under the coil it would go mental, it is being replaced under warranty and while my customer waits for the new coil to arrive they are using my coil, lets see an online box shifter offer that sort of service!!😳 JP
  2. I’ve tried to encourage my sons to become more involved in the business but alas my hunger for sales is waining faster than their interests in making money. It’s hard to explain but young people should be given their head to explore ideas and make mistakes so going into a family business where their passion doesn’t currently lie is not a good idea at a young age. Both my lads have worked in the business in junior roles (one is as we speak). One day they will be become money orientated and then its a matter of working hard and getting ahead in whatever field provides that opportunity and as such our shop would be an ideal opportunity for them to get ahead through the injection of youthful enthusiasm. If all that was in alignment right at this moment in time I would have no hesitation in allowing/passing over the reigns as the market is growing but it now requires progression and Social Media skills (something all young people possess in spades in this day and age). I feel the key to growing a metal detector business, with gold finds waining, is to increase customer skills through inclusion and training, there is still plenty of gold to be had but it requires more refinement in skill set that is harder to obtain coming in inexperienced. So yes I see a good living selling metal detectors going forward for at least the next 10 years and beyond so long as dealerships are progressive and provide/offer an inclusive approach that more fully nurtures a customers learning curve. Dealers in years gone by have been extremely fortunate to have Minelab constantly releasing innovative metal detectors that sell themselves, personally I feel the days of box shifting are well and truely coming to a close. JP
  3. Steve I agree with the Ford versus Holden debate (Ford V Chevy in the US), but dang you don’t have to be so brutal about your opinion on the gold being played out!! 😞 I’ve spent my whole career being told ‘the golds all gone’ that I’m ‘too late’ and ‘there’s none left’. When I went pro we hardly saw anyone out in the goldfields because VLFs were a dying art and the gold was all played out. Yes I understand I live in a country with a large land mass and small population, whereas you guys have a huge population and shrinking detecting areas etc. The truth hurts to read I suppose especially when I’ve shaped one of my mental success tools around optimism based on telling myself a place is never cleaned out till I’ve had a crack at it. I am however finding as I get older my body is starting to restrict my capacity to invest in the positivity of enthusiasm, basically I find myself doing less hours, covering less country and not working in extreme heat as much as I once did, as a consequence my gold tally has lowered as a result. I also find that I’ve gathered a vast knowledge base of past success locations that gets dimmed when I revisit those old productive areas and find nothing, that fact is hard to take. But the passion is still there along with the desire to continue looking and trying, it is this part of my psych that is struggling with your brutal honesty. Truth hurts I suppose, but I am still happy to be content in the hopes that I can find some gold somewhere, if that means it gets smaller and smaller so be it. As I get older my ability to roam further and further is going to shrink so hopefully future tech will keep up. 😂 The 6000 has come about 10 years too early for me, I’m still hell bent on finishing areas with the GPZ7000, but I will be honest I do from time to time grab my 6000 and go have a dabble in the lighter easier carefree world the GPX6000 has opened up. JP
  4. I still love my GPZ 7000 to me it is king but as a dealer guess what I would rather do training on? The areas I do instruction are near town and have been well and truly pounded over the 6 years we’ve been trading as such it is getting very hard to find a piece of gold using the 7000 in the given time frames (it is also a very hard thing to do to walk around with another person and focus on edge of detection signals whilst instructing). In the past few weeks (since I recovered from the dreaded) I’ve done 3 or 4 x GPX 6000 sessions and 2 or 3 x GPZ7000 training sessions, in every case I have found 3 pieces each time in the 6000 sessions and nil with the 7000, because the gold is just not plentiful enough there now without spending considerable time and focusing hard. The GPZ7000 requires about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of assembly/fit out and instruction in the shop then 1 1/2 to 2 hours one on one in the field with another session a few days later to cover off on any questions ect (ongoing phone support or further refresher instruction), this is bare minimum to get someone up to speed and using that machine correctly. This is my commitment to our GPZ customers to make sure they have the best opportunity of finding gold and using the machine at its full potential. The GPX 6000 also gets similar treatment with assembly and instruction in the shop and then field training but it is so much easier to do even with total newbies, the weight is one factor but also the simplicity of the controls. Controlling the coil is paramount to effective detecting, even though we go to great pains to set people up with the 7K it is still a heavy machine and requires time spent learning how to control the coil properly. Going over my well worked training areas with the 6000 makes me look like superman, there is nothing more gratifying than scoring a nugget with a customer listening in, showing something is possible for real is very empowering. The GPX 6000 makes me look very good. 😊 JP Speci piece I found last training session in someone refilled hole. (Approx 2 grams enclosed)
  5. That’s not what I’m saying. The detector generates a signal response from whatever triggers it to respond, either ground, target or even EMI. Sometimes it can be where the GB ends up relative to the ground being worked as described above where in quieter soils, that are a bit variable, can impact on the Normal timings by any signal that gets generated relative to the GB position at that location. In the case of Guy’s video the nugget is quite clearly causing the channel flipping but the GB position at that location could be playing a part in it, so if he went to another location with VERY different ground he might get a different behaviour from the detector. The ground in the video looks reasonably homogeneous but he did say there was some conductive signal due to moisture (this also can impact on channel flipping as salt effects the GB quite a lot).
  6. Guy it’s called a channel flipper (high/low, Low/high target response that flips between the two). In some quieter less mineralised soils Normal will do this on some ground variations, a sure sign you should probably go over the ground in Difficult as well. BTW have you worked in any areas like in the pic below? Highly mineralised weathered Metabasalts, there’s heaps of it in Vic around Tarnagulla and Dunolly areas (pic is of one of my test areas here in Clermont and drove the Spiral wound X coils crazy). I was down in Vic recently and had a blast pinging bits with the 6000, just amazing how much small gold is still left in these well thrashed areas. You had to keep the coil off the ground or else saturation drove you nuts, even placing the coil on the ground to retrieve a target created a signal. A careful operator does well in these areas though.
  7. Because of the way the 6000 is set up there will never be the same or similar depth when using a DD coil compared to the GPX11 Mono, this is because there is no actual traditional DD Tx/Rx mode on the 6000 only modes similar to the old Cancel and Mono modes on the 5000. Both modes are designed to removed either EMI (with a little salt reduction) or Salt (with a little EMI reduction). As it is the standard GPX14 DD coil has incredible sensitivity to tiny near to coil targets (reasonable depth too if you care to listen for them) so any smaller DD will light up incredibly on tiny surface gold especially with Salt and EMI removed, the mind boggles actually. 🤯😎 JP
  8. Just amazing the amount of sensitivity and depth the 6000 can achieve with different coil sizes on the tiny gold. Would be really good to see them going through there paces on some of the red nasty variable mineralised soils Victoria is known for, there must be huge amounts of small gold laying in those nasty noisy areas if that’s the results on the quieter more homogenous ground. 😊 JP
  9. Every X coil I’ve used with the short lead adapter has caused problems, the coil see’s the connector if it even moves fractionally and if you fix it in place it nulls sensitivity.
  10. A Purchase date would show a lot relative to any issues. There is no doubt there were problems at release with rightfully unhappy customers, I personally as a dealer have gone above and beyond to help those few people as best I can. Who you buy your detector from can have a big bearing on your experience.
  11. I do humbly apologise to you if you feel I’ve singled you out that has never been my intention, my comments are always directed at the general thrust of a thread if I see it straying down a path I find myself at odds with, I just don’t have time to answer every post individually so tend to bulk it out in one hit when the passion rises. The saying, “Opinions are like backsides, everyone has one” is a very common tongue in cheek saying here in Australia and is in no way meant to offend anyone because it is inclusive for all who have a backside, me included, I think maybe a cultural language barrier is coming into play here and for that I’m truely sorry. I have no idea what IIRC is? Maybe you can PM me the meaning and as for Bitchers? That is not a term I use, I’m not sure if I’ve coloured up my comments at some stage and said something like “bitching” in reference to complaints or some such, however once again I unreservedly apologise if I have said anything to offend you. Getting back to the general subject at hand, my intention was to never come in hot but to provide an encompassing different perspective/opinion to put some balance into what I felt was becoming a complete Minelab bashing session, no one has to agree with me because I too have an opinion/backside just like everyone else. I hope this helps clarify my comments in the hopes it releases some of the pressure that has occurred through misunderstandings etc. With regards to DD coils for the 6000 and also a point that needs to be made about concentric coils for the 6000, AFAIK there will be aftermarket NF DD coils for the 6000 at some stage in the future based on conversations I have had, I can’t speak for anyone else but it has been seriously talked about. Concentric coils will I think be very tricky to make for the 6000 as the 6000 does not have a DD mode of detecting built in, it only offers a Noise Cancel mode and Salt mode which operate similar to the old Cancel mode on the 5000, so unless a concentric does Tx and Rx in the same manner they will not work properly due to the mode of operation, conversely I doubt a crypto taken out of a DD coil will work properly in a monoloop coil as it would be instructing the electronics to expect a DD wind and to then Tx/Rx in the Noise Cancel or Salt configurations. Not 100% sure on all of this but it seems logical when you think about it, maybe the tinkerers already know about this aspect as I am only Opining a guess and we all know about Opinions here now. 😂 JP
  12. Just saw this, where have I called anyone an ass or bitchers? I had to go and actually click on the link Steve put up to work out the rest of what you’ve said. All I’ve done is try to correct a lot of assumptions that are not based in fact and at least put some balance on the guessing that is going on of which I’m quite limited at as everyone knows. Nowhere have I said people cannot discuss, I only offered, in the way of balance, my own personal opinion from where I sit nothing more. If an opinion is not based in fact it is fraught with risk of being wrong, we, all of us, have an opinion (and backsides) but a lot of opinions can be factually wrong due to not knowing or understanding the circumstances. And as has now been played out because I dared defend Minelab or seemed to defend Minelab in my attempt at correcting some of those ‘Opinions’ I get reamed, yet again. So because of who I am and what I do is my opinion on this forum moot? Because of who I am and what I do will I always be hauled over the coals for daring to offer an opposing view? Even to the point that when someone else points to something flattering that was written about me I’m treated as if I wrote it!!! It is never my intent for my words to offend or ridicule anyone, I am usually the first to apologise if that is so and am happy to do so in this case. If I came across all self righteous please take it from me it comes from passion in what I do and how strongly I feel about the subject and my role in development, this is especially so when I feel I see an imbalance, none of this is intended to insult (although earlier today to my shame I am somewhat guilty of exactly that). A good example of opinions was Steve calling me out on something he felt very strongly about, I then did my best to reassure him of what I actually meant and he responded positivity, hence my remarks back to him, that’s how mutual respect works. Once again I apologise if I have written in such a way that is offensive, I also apologise if I come across all self righteous and lofty and lastly I apologise for being so defensive about the subject, I just hope readers can see it from my impassioned POV because I too have a backside. The GPX 6000 is a winner and I am proud of my involvement, it hurts to see if being bagged out in a way I feel is unfair, yes there have been issues but those issues are being addressed. JP
  13. What we've actually got to look forward to is a constant stream of Phrunt commentary on the subject, 3 years of it!!!!. 😱🤷‍♂️ 🤯 Minelab stand by their products, that is a certainty! I've never seen another company back their gear like ML do. Not trying to say there is no problem because there clearly is, however in our shop experience Minelab are addressing the ones that do pop up very quickly and I can also say, as much as a certain voiciferous commentator on this forum would like you to believe, it's not as bad as is being made out! Undesirable? Absolutely yes, but in our shops experience not the huge issue trying to be portrayed.
  14. And that there folks is testament to why I hang on this forum, the moderator is a decent person who allows everyone to voice their opinion even if it does not concur with his. Nothing but respect for Steve Herschbach. 😎
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