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  1. David I’m thrilled your book has finally been realised, I wish you every success but more importantly thanks for sharing with us your very interesting career. This forum has some truly diverse and fascinating people as its members. 😊 JP
  2. Sure you did. 😉 😂 😆 😝 Admit it your a detector collector tragic like the rest of us. 🧐 You’re going to have to become Durga to swing them all. 😂 Durga Born fully grown and beautiful, Durga presents a fierce menacing form to her enemies. She is usually depicted riding a lion and with 8 or 10 arms, each holding the special weapon (detector) of one of the gods (Minelab, Garrett etc), who gave them to her for her battle against the buffalo demon (The cupboard).
  3. So this isn’t a high end Minelab machine then Simon, thought you weren’t buying high end Minelab again? 😂
  4. @jasong I’ve tried to PM via the forum but it says you can’t receive messages .
  5. An honest write up of a TRUE field trip experience, kudos to the guys for doing so, in reality this will likely be borne out once there are more machines out in the field but its nice to see honest feedback before the brand battles start. One things for certain none of us can swing more than one detector at a time so strengths and weaknesses come to the fore when a decision is made about what machine you decide to swing. For depth I use the GPZ7000, it also runs nicer around EMI (in my areas) and has better ground handling ability, for lightweight fun and pinging the smaller gold I use the GPX6000 with either the standard coil or my new favourites the NF Xceed 12x7” or the NF 16x10”. I am not interested in depth on larger gold with the 6000 so do not operate it that way. Good post and even better clarification post from Steve elsewhere. JP
  6. OMG where the heck did you find that? 😂 I did those up for ML some years ago and put the crappy effects in as suggestion edits for their guys to then add their own edits and effects to the raw footage. I deliberately made it cheesy to have a go at their young marketing mutts who were kind of suggesting I was over the hill and now its bitten me in the bum and made it to the internet. Gosh that’ll teach me 😂 Steve will remember the time, it was just after Bill Stirling left and Detextspurts became a thing. I haven’t done anything for marketing since. 😂
  7. Hard to say, but I would definitely not recommend turning on the machine without tightening the coil connector first, those old connectors can be awfully loose in their sockets if they aren’t tightened up causing all sorts of weird behaviour. JP
  8. I’m over 6 foot and haven’t had an real issues with the 6000 but then again I have no issues with the GPZ either, not sure why that is. I have brothers who are taller than me yet my head hits the roof of their cars whereas theres don’t so maybe my longer back has something to do with it. The rose joint is a special swivel-like rod end design that allows a small amount or degree of movement in the stem end that in combination with the iso rubbers take the shock out of solid hits like large surface rocks and large pebbles. It creates a barrier to the direct connection feeling associated with the very light carbon fibre shafts and also soaks up some of the spring like movements that come from the larger impacts (Lower shaft wobble is reduced with the heavier coils because the Rose joint acts like a shock absorber). I think it is likely most noticeable in very flat Terrain where the coil is transiting an even sweep from side to side (often at a fast pace for coverage) with no plonking of the coil bottom like you do in hilly terrain, all those micro touches and larger ones in flat areas like WA can migrate to the handle and also the coil cable. Anyway its not a BIG deal more a refinement to the experience that can also have some benefits with micro bump cable noise etc. If your a fisherman its very much like the difference between monofilament (being the Rose joint) and Braid, monofilament has stretch and give and braid does not. JP
  9. Finally I got to see the Axiom actually being used in the “real”, thanks so much Steve for keeping it that way. That was fun. 😊
  10. I wasn't trying to disparage it Steve or criticise your feedback. With bigger coils like the GPX14 DD and the GPX17 there might be a difference, did you try those at all?
  11. Probably the biggest issue I can see is the loss of the Rose joint, Minelab put a lot of work into that lower shaft connection to take some of the shock out of small rock touches ect, carbon fibre migrates every little touch and clip right through to the handle this shock/movement can also get into the coil cable and the coil connector potentially creating unwanted noise. The Rose joint soak’s up a lot of side ways torsional twisting when the front of the coil comes into contact with something immovable, rather than put a big twist into the shaft (which acts like a torsion bar) it soaks up some of that energy like a shock absorber. The user experience is akin to running a dead dry chain on a push bike when you were a kid then oiling it, the difference was profound, assuming you were ever a BMX bandit as a 10 year old. 😊 Just my 2cents JP
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