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  1. Kind of feels wasted on YouTube, a quality piece like this should be on prime time. Steve such a pleasure to see my good friend again, reminds of the wonderful time we spent together chasing gold in WA. An absolute beautiful piece of gold worthy of the good guy who found it, well done to all involved I enjoyed every minute of it.😎 JP PS LOVED the clunk. 🤣
  2. I have tried the dual WM12 and find they are always slightly out of sync with each other, only slightly but enough to annoy my hearing. Also I found one would drop packets while the other didn’t which drove me nuts, the reason is one unit is mounted across from the detector and your body blocks the signal at times causing the drop outs. The SP booster is excellent with headphones but IMHO is not real good with speakers especially if your hearing is a little off, having to use the inbuilt volume control of the GPZ can help but the volume jumps are too coarse so things get gritty very quickly. Question: Are you using Audio Smoothing OFF? To get more audio presence try using Sensitivity 9, Audio Smoothing OFF, Ground Balance Semi-Auto, Threshold 27, Volume 12 for WM12 speaker, 8 for B&Z with speakers or a bit higher with the SP. When lowering the Audio Smoothing filter (Noise floor is OFF) the overall volume of the detector increases as you open up the noise floor of the detector, I see a lot of people going the other way because they do not like too much feedback from the detector and then have to increase volume and sensitivity to compensate, which is kind of like robbing Peter to pay Paul (no pun intended)🤕. Hope this helps JP
  3. With such a small coil the GPZ is going to feel very weight biased towards the rear, I suggest you use a CTX battery to try and compensate for some of this, it’ll feel a lot nicer to use and take a lot of the pressure off your wrist. Ideal balance weight on the GPZ would probably around 900 grams, that’ll put the balance point around the handle area. JP
  4. The hot rocks will have come from the structure that made the gold in the first place, somewhere upstream or higher up during weathering. Difficult will lose outright depth compared to Normal but has very good sensitivity to small gold closer to the coil. The green coloured rocks will have come from a Meta-Basalt that has been fluidised and are extremely iron rich, because of alteration they now sound off on the detector and are a sure sign there is potentially gold in the area, look at them as being pilot stones if you will. Do not confuse these with surface formed younger basalt rocks weathered from basalt capping, these also are high in iron and sound off (not sure if you have these types of younger basalt capping in NZ but they are pretty common in most volcanic gold field situations). You need to use Auto GB mode as the X tracker is locked in Semi-Auto once the Quick-Trak button is released. Another trick is to gather a number of the rocks together especially the quieter ones and ground balance to them using Manual mode, this way your GB is calibrated for the mineralisation rather than the soils which are pretty benign. JP
  5. Simon, there is a high likelihood the hot rocks also have some X signal, the only way to find out is to test a few on the GPZ14 after performing a Ferrite balance. If this is the case and your X coils are like mine and do not fully balance out the Ferrite then I suggest you try using Auto GB mode and see if the combination of X and G balance can find some semblance of balance that will help deal with them. The other option is to try using Difficult mode and allow for the loss of depth, Difficult is less reactive to the Ferrite, seeing how your excavating this is probably not so problematic, Difficult has nearly as good sensitivity on tiny stuff as Normal with the added bonus of ground cancellation (thats what costs you the outright depth in Difficult). Normal is the most sensitive mode to X signals BTW. You might have to juggle your volumes to normalise the way things sound because you have become used to Normal at really high sensitivity levels. JP
  6. It’s incredibly satisfying when everything clicks into alignment and the gold starts to flow, well done Simon you deserve it after the long lock down. 🤕 The hard bit is when the gold peter’s out and you have to go back to square one, cement the excitement into your mind to help carry you when things slow down again. I usually leave a patch biting using it as a motivational energy source to scope further out looking for new ground coming back to the patch as a reward if things don’t pan out. True excitement is when you get a number of places to fire all at once, it can actually be very overwhelming especially when they are multi ounce and are pulling your pants down from all the weight! 🥴🤣 JP
  7. Been a while since I added to this thread, travel restrictions have eased so I did the trek south to go see my Mum who’s been in lockdown and not seen a soul since this all started (she in a high risk group at 80 years young). Since returning home the shop has prevented me getting out much so only a couple of sessions over the last week or so, thankfully the good thing about gold is it doesn’t rust.😜 JP Some of the nasty ground I’ve been working (holes will be refilled) Few pickers I got just on dark Yesterday morning’s session with a bonus chunkster 🙂
  8. Like I said the bulk of the EMI is coming in via the coil, the shielding on the GPX control box is already VERY good thanks to the aluminium extrusion, but the overall electronics are not as refined as the GPZ hence the big difference in the 2 around the high Voltage Power lines in your area. The power lines also gather and channel a heck of a lot of Sferic noise which the GPX machines are very susceptible to, Sferic noise is all the garbled non-rhythm like sounds, fences and telephone cables are notorious for channeling this stuff, the longer the line the greater the effect. The Booster should put out very little EMI unless it is right up against the control box, far less than a mobile phone for instance. I know the B&Z puts out nil anyway. JP
  9. The GPZ is pretty immune to EMI from a circuit design POV, however the plastic housings will allow a certain amount of EMI in if the boards are not shielded well, you can see this with a GPZ using a mobile phone, just run the phone past the housing along the sides especially when the phones transmitter is ramping up due to low signal, the SDC is also bad for this. However this is from a localised concentrated source and why you should keep your mobile phone away from the control box (some Bluetooth transmitters will do this as well). Most EMI that affects detectors gets in through the coil which is a far more sensitive to the weaker long distant EMI such as 50/60 Hz and Sferics type EMI, the control box is not really affected by this unless your extremely close and then the coil noise will swamp the control box noise anyway. If you think the GPZ control box is allowing EMI in then maybe line your cover with foil but be aware too much might be seen by the coil and kill depth, one of the reasons why I’m not a fan of aluminium enclosures especially ones mounted separately from the control box. JP
  10. Bad advice I’d say.🥴 GPZ’s have been on consignment since day dot.
  11. I do not get excited about the lower priced coin and relic machines because there is just not enough margin relative to the time we spend on customers and the volume we can achieve in a small population centre, we do move a reasonable amount of Equinox but have to discount to remain competitive. TBH I have no issue with the chain stores stocking these items because for ML to make money out of them they need to sell volumes which cannot happen with shops like ours set up for more personable engagements. JP
  12. Everything is done in US dollars so in essence Australia has not had a price rise on the GPZ even though our dollar has tanked against the greenback!! I’ve got no issue with the US customers getting the coil for free with the detector especially when you consider the scope of where they can actually use it over there. GPZ’s in Australia and most probably NZ are placed in the stores on consignment hence the set pricing, the only place for bargaining is in the accessories supplied for free or discounted by the dealer at time of purchase, this sales method is really the best option because all dealers in Australia need to provide or at least offer comprehensive training either from the dealer themselves or through a competent intermediary, both of which are time consuming and expensive. If discounting was allowed to happen training would be the first thing to suffer. JP
  13. Now all we need is a picture of a decent piece of gold being found with one at 1 meter and this thread will have then achieved a full 2nd circle.🤫🤣 The vast majority of GPZ’s sold through our shop in the last month have had the discounted ($500 off) GPZ19 coil option included (we have had a bit of a rush on locally with the Coal Miners). I advise customers the GPZ19 coil is an arm full and requires dedication and a different approach but people want them anyway rather than go on eBay searching for one of Reg’s bargains, they want the ML warranty and piece of mind. JP
  14. For Reg, I was flat out picking this up.🤪 Yes I’m a dealer🤕 The GPZ 19 is heavy but so are the larger X coils, not as bad but still hard on the arm and the ears.😬There’s a lot of wire in all of them.🙉 Years ago Coiltek made a 24” Round DD, it was a monster at 2kg with no lower shaft, many many people swung those coils to very good effect especially in Victoria chasing lumps. Never once saw anyone call them Dog’s.🧐 I did very well with mine with the biggest a 20 ounce piece in the Pilbara. BTW Australia is actually a bigger market than the US for ML gold machines. JP
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