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  1. I’m happiest alone with my thoughts hyper-focusing on the task at hand. It’s my super power and I love that I can tap into it whenever I want.
  2. Hope you don’t mind me stepping in here to offer an opinion? 🧐 Hark you’re mind back to when the GPZ7000 was released, at the time the GPX5000 was the top dog for gold detecting which the 7000 then pushed out of the way. Over time the vast majority of 7000 owners have taken advantage of the better depth capability on ‘fast time constant’ targets rather than the outright depth advantage on large gold the tech has on offer. This is largely due to the gold fields just not having the right conditions for many large nuggets still being left in the ground at depth thanks to the inverse s
  3. Welcome back Reg you rascal. 😀 My post from Finders for forum readers: What’s there to say about the 6000? Not a lot really 🧐 It’s been designed to be used by just about anyone, so my advice is to just switch it on and go detecting. 😝 Use the Velcro cable ties, one with a nice coil lead loop near the coil (just above the point where the coil edge touches the shaft when laid flat) and the other Velcro between the upper lock knuckle and the handle to prevent cable movement near the connector. Leave a little looseness in the cable between the two, too tight and there will be noise
  4. I don't know which is worse, having had ‘some’ stock and satisfying ‘some’ customers or not having ‘any’ stock and just having to be patient with a lot of dissatisfied roaming customers. 😢 I am daily seeing customers who “I have worked hard for” going elsewhere because we cannot supply, of course I know other dealers are suffering the same issues but this kind of thing really does your head in from a business POV! 😞 I really feel for the ML sales guys here in OZ they are being asked the same question over an over again with no ready answers to give till the stock (if any) arrives at the airpo
  5. Anyone using the inbuilt speaker doing a comparative video, especially using a phone or Go-Pro as the camera is just asking for trouble with the GPX 6000, so watchers should take any such video with a grain of salt.🤨 You would be VERY surprised how much EMI or unstable threshold KILLS performance especially on a HIGHLY sensitive detector like the 6000, so to me the comparison videos are not even relevant compared to actually using the 6000 properly/seriously. Yes we can call the instability with the speaker a design flaw if you like (BTW it has nothing to do with what coil is attached),
  6. Every time a new detector comes out this ‘comparison syndrome’ comes to the fore as everyone clamours for information and impatiently waits for access to stock or more feedback from their trusted sources. Those of US in the know have a few choices in situations like this but both of them are frustrating to the extreme (talk it up or shut up 😞). As more people join the ranks of those of us in the KNOW things will start to settle down but this usually takes a year or more and in some cases such as the 7000 there are actual hot beds of communities where deniers still say the GPX5000 is bette
  7. Yes let’s 😊, the less 7000’s that are out there the better then there’s less competition for me. 😝 But seriously the 6000 is a no-brainer, the weight factor alone justifies itself then the ease of use on all sorts of ground types combined with extremely good performance make for a pretty unbeatable combination in the majority of people’s hands. Probabaly the only negative is the detector expresses itself very freely and can be a little unforgiving in a new chums hands, poor coil control in harsher ground types will punish the operator who is unskilled in the types of actions that c
  8. I’ve used the 6000 for many hundreds of hours with just the speaker alone and found many ounces of gold doing it, so the speaker works just fine and dandy. 😊 However IMHO I can get much better overall stability using headphones either through BT or wired. I have a number of users out there now who are reasonably inexperienced or very inexperienced and they DO NOT have the tolerance you and I have when it comes to ignoring detector chatter that is not signal related. You and I just ignore the non-essential noise and focus on the real signals without even thinking about it, to that end the
  9. The 6000 will yodel just like any detector near power lines until you put the GPX14 DD coil on, then it defaults to Cancel mode and it is pretty much hush quiet after that unless you use the inbuilt speaker. To work as close as possible to EMI sources with the standard 11” mono keep the coil as flat as possible especially at the ends of the sweep. You’ll soon work out what the boundaries are. I have found with the GPX11 mono you can dial back the sensitivity in Manual mode or put the detector in Auto sensitivity then turn Threshold off and still maintain some pretty impressive depth witho
  10. Anyone read a series of books by Julian May titled saga of the torque’s? These neck thingies look very much akin to what the books were about, I wonder if it will give GPX6000 users any special powers? 😊 I want a gold one. 😂 JP
  11. I use both depending on the weather, during testing I used wired headphones a lot for continuity when making calls on audio ect (full BT operation did not happen till much later in the build/development cycle), but personally prefer a speaker for our climate. I now use the Avantree Rx APTX BT unit just like a WM12 dongle, they come supplied with a lead with a 3.5 mm plug each end and I just add a 6.35 mm adapter to go to the booster input socket. Currently I’ve just been putting the booster in my shirt pocket along with the BT Rx unit and then out to a single GME speaker in my other pock
  12. I can assure all forum readers it is much more stable to use the GPX6000 with the headphones wired or wireless or use a wireless speaker arrangement rather than use the inbuilt speaker. JP
  13. Glad you like the little blue beastie Norvic. 😃 Couple of things about the 6000, one is it is a little more prone to EMI especially if you tilt the coil out of level plane, this is because the timings are a really wide bandwidth. Obviously in the terrain your working titling the coil is the go-to mode so like the 5000 up in your country you just need to learn to live with it. Secondly I am not a fan of the inbuilt speaker so advise serious operators to look into a low latency Bluetooth receiver arrangement and go wireless. Avantree low latency APTX receiver I have tested the Avantree uni
  14. I’ve been told a Zsearch order is headed its way UpYonder 😊 which means not much stock to be had in Aussieland for a while. 😞 Pretty frustrating being a dealer in Australia at the moment, it’s the start of our detecting season and the two main hot items of choice, GPX 6000 and Nugget Finder Zsearch, are in constant backorder with a few dribbling through here and there, losing sales is the order of the day as customers scramble all over the country doing the ring around trying to get their hands on product before they head off on their prospecting adventures. It makes it hard to plan your
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