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  1. The Bose headphones are superb especially if you work in timbered country. Most wind noise through trees is low frequency and the QC cuts that noise right out, they are also good if you work in areas where there is a lot of road noise from vehicles etc, but not good if you don’t like surprises when a car drives right up to you and you don’t hear it 🤫 😳 They work very well with the SP01 Enhancer and the B&Z booster, with the GPZ I feel a ‘booster’ is a necessity using the Bose QC NC headphones. I run my volume on 7, Volume Limit on 10 and Threshold 25 then vary the sensitivity to whate
  2. Some pics of my now sold crystalline collection. JP Palmer River Crystal piece I found many years ago Enrichment piece, not crystalline but beautiful
  3. Been a while since I posted to this thread, this year has been good for me on the gold front with some nice finds. Theses pics are of some of the pieces I found during testing of the NF coil, I’m now at liberty to show them off on this thread. I’ll be posting up a fair few more pics of gold finds once I get the thread revived. I’ll also include some pictures of what the locations look like as this is sorely lacking this day and age due to secrecy. This thread is not meant to be political, just sharing some of my gold finds for others to enjoy. JP Fern leaf gold, sold this
  4. The latest ZSearch coil I’m using is an MTR unit (Manufacturing Trial Run) and is a clone of the coil sent to ML for validation. It makes sense to then let a few people have a play to confirm my own experiences, who better than a wide mix of people from our customer base, both experienced and inexperienced GPZ operators. So far the feedback has been very positive. The orange stick is a ferrite assist stick we used to supply for ferrite balancing the GPZ held onto the shaft by clamps, since the inception of Semi-Auto GB mode the frequency required for ferrite balancing has reduced immeasur
  5. The 22 gram piece wasn’t surface gold😳, it was at approx 12 inches in super noisy variable soils. The worse the ground the less the depth you achieve. In this case the nugget was an easy find because it was in a super awkward location in amongst prickle bushes, the lighter coil, quieter operation and smaller size allowed for him to detect there. (Smaller means less salt signal) Newbie customer from FB finds in only a few hours after the training session Some bits and pieces I’ve found recently on old patches Friends finds from yesterdays session in super hot v
  6. Logic can easily be used to explain delays, logic says there has been COVID19 and that the coils need to meet strict standards to pass muster. JP Customer with a nice 22 gram piece found recently with one of the plug and play prototype test coils.
  7. Looks like he’s been hand digging/trenching, must be a nice little patch to justify that amount of effort in the heat!! Nice gold and well done to the finder. JP
  8. Not trying to put the boot in Reg as I see there been a few responses to your post but some of the things you’ve said are just plain wrong and need correcting. The GPZ housing is based on the CTX 3030 which is a unique original design, no military carry over there and as has been said, the SDC although using the same housing as the F3 Compact, has unique electronics that were built from the ground up for a specific purpose. I know all this because I was on the ground floor during its development. I agree about the battery contacts of the SDC which was somewhat corrected in the later times
  9. OK I’ll bite, if a Minelab GPZ control box or coil didn’t Ferrite balance they would be considered “faulty” and replaced, this is not to say the coils mentioned are no good just not optimal. Clearly they find good gold, this constant jibing and digging just for the sake of it has grown very thin, if X balancing wasn’t needed then it wouldn’t be provided in the menu and a calibration tool would not be in the box. In this day and age witnessing a nice haul like this is great to see and I congratulate Rick on his successes. Also great to see Davsgold posting again, sending my best wishes to
  10. Lanny I assure you I too dream of the perfect lightweight form factor detector that has the performance we’ve all become accustomed to since ML released its first PI back in 1995. Hopefully new ML detectors coming out will follow the Equinox 800 which eloquently combines both desires/needs.😎 JP
  11. Should have been included from when it was first released, I pushed hard for it and got ignored.🧐 In variable ground it is a God send, soon as the zero threshold becomes threshold like (ground response becomes more dominant and is breaking into the dead zone threshold position) it’s a simple matter of hold in and pump for a few seconds till quiet. This now allows you to run a more aggressive sensitivity level in hot ground and then keep on the GB grab as soon as the GB starts to drift. Using the AUTO sensitivity modes it is also very handy, I used to find the sensitivity would degrade if
  12. I'm not stressed Steve, you assume that I am.😏 I avoid posting here these days because of exactly what's just happened, open house for everyone to say and imply what they please but anything I say that might provide some balance or a differing view always seems to trigger a strong emotional misinterpretation of what it is I'm actually saying. Thanks for reminding me it's YOUR forum.....again.👌
  13. This is why I don’t post much here anymore🥴, being constantly fine tooth combed, my NDA comments were in regard to GPX rumour threads etc. I haven’t looked at the NF website for a fair while and noticed they expressly say 12” which is quite a detailed number, whereas all the photographs I’ve seen show the coil in a lot of different guises, so I think I’m right to take all pictures with a grain of salt, this also coincides with the couple of variants I have actually tried but am not inclined to discuss for the exact above reasons. 🤔 Not trying to rub anything in anyone’s faces just that un
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