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  1. Bad advice I’d say.🥴 GPZ’s have been on consignment since day dot.
  2. I do not get excited about the lower priced coin and relic machines because there is just not enough margin relative to the time we spend on customers and the volume we can achieve in a small population centre, we do move a reasonable amount of Equinox but have to discount to remain competitive. TBH I have no issue with the chain stores stocking these items because for ML to make money out of them they need to sell volumes which cannot happen with shops like ours set up for more personable engagements. JP
  3. Everything is done in US dollars so in essence Australia has not had a price rise on the GPZ even though our dollar has tanked against the greenback!! I’ve got no issue with the US customers getting the coil for free with the detector especially when you consider the scope of where they can actually use it over there. GPZ’s in Australia and most probably NZ are placed in the stores on consignment hence the set pricing, the only place for bargaining is in the accessories supplied for free or discounted by the dealer at time of purchase, this sales method is really the best option because all dealers in Australia need to provide or at least offer comprehensive training either from the dealer themselves or through a competent intermediary, both of which are time consuming and expensive. If discounting was allowed to happen training would be the first thing to suffer. JP
  4. Now all we need is a picture of a decent piece of gold being found with one at 1 meter and this thread will have then achieved a full 2nd circle.🤫🤣 The vast majority of GPZ’s sold through our shop in the last month have had the discounted ($500 off) GPZ19 coil option included (we have had a bit of a rush on locally with the Coal Miners). I advise customers the GPZ19 coil is an arm full and requires dedication and a different approach but people want them anyway rather than go on eBay searching for one of Reg’s bargains, they want the ML warranty and piece of mind. JP
  5. For Reg, I was flat out picking this up.🤪 Yes I’m a dealer🤕 The GPZ 19 is heavy but so are the larger X coils, not as bad but still hard on the arm and the ears.😬There’s a lot of wire in all of them.🙉 Years ago Coiltek made a 24” Round DD, it was a monster at 2kg with no lower shaft, many many people swung those coils to very good effect especially in Victoria chasing lumps. Never once saw anyone call them Dog’s.🧐 I did very well with mine with the biggest a 20 ounce piece in the Pilbara. BTW Australia is actually a bigger market than the US for ML gold machines. JP
  6. I bet its nice to be able to get out and about again after so long being cooped up.🤕😷 Any gold found this year is a triumph AFAIC😎 JP
  7. Here’s some pictures of similar country in Western Australia. My mate found a one ounce sun baker in the same sort of ground some years ago (GPX 5000). This spot can be a nightmare to work with the GPZ after rain. This ground is a little more undulating because in the background there is a huge quartz blow right on the granite contact. I took Steve and Chris to this area years ago too.
  8. Elnur asked me about the Equinox, I was wondering how he went with it.🤔 Would be interesting to know if he was able to use the GPZ in Normal on that ground, it looks like Difficult Ground Type mode country to me. 😬
  9. Did you hear the signal still present in the hole after the target was removed (last video), that is typical of deco ground, thats because the clay base layer is a different ground balance to the surface layer. I’d say by the look of the ground they would be suffering a lot from conductive signals which will explain why he’s using the smaller coil is such a wide open space. By the look of things the ground is weathered green stones (meta-basalts, reddish chocolate coloured variety when weathered) which can be a real hassle to work when there is moisture about particularly with a dry top layer and damp base layer. It must frustrate them not being able to use the larger coils for coverage and depth in the deeper sections, you can never tell in uniform ground like that how deep the wash layer goes. Because the gold has weathered out in-situ a broken down reef or leader can go down quite some distance relative to the deco layer nearby, usually the nuggets get exposed to the environment in place with the country slowly washing away above one small sand sized particle at a time, because the old basalts are so uniform (similar to granite) they weather evenly hence the wide flat spaces similar to WA. JP
  10. Absolutely 🙂 It’s all about the spacing of the Rx relative to each other, on the bigger coils you have a defined double beep on shallow signals, on the smaller coils were things are tighter the target signal blends. This is especially evident on the spirals. Use the toe to heal push method with these coils it helps immensely and saves the grey hair. 🤪
  11. BTW a tip for when your trying to pinpoint with such a small coil, it actually helps if you visualise the signal response as coming from one central receive point, because the Rx windings are so close together the louder surface signals tend to blend into each other so rather than approach the signal from the sides it is actually better to bring the coil in from the front pushing forwards into the target zone. This method will help immensely on those tiny little solids you guys find so frequently. JP
  12. Simon that’s fantastic to have a one off collectors item. 🙂 The physical shape of the coil will help in getting into nooks and crannies for sure but the Rx hot spot will be well back from the tip purely because of the DOD design and physical restraints of the coil size, I’ve found this to especially be the case with the 17” elliptical with the coverage and toe sensitivity a far cry from the actuality of the windings. It might pay to place a visual marker on the top of the coil where the signal response starts so you can visualise when detecting, just a suggestion. 🙂 JP
  13. Time for another gold fix, had a fantastic session a few days ago with a run of solid water worn pieces shedding out of an ancient cross fault that has seen a lot of water action. These little guys just lit up the GPZ like no mans business. Old patches + new approach has been paying dividends lately.😎 That’s 12 grams not 1216! 🤕 🤪
  14. I’d say the layout of the 12x8” would be very similar internally to the 10” just that the shape of the housing makes for a little more wiggle room internally, so it should be very similar performance wise. He’s definitely improved the finish of the coils now, much nicer looking although I don’t think black is a good idea in hot countries like Australia. The B&Z booster sure does lift the signal responses in the video, I wonder if they were gold signals? You can keep the snow!!🤕 JP
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