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  1. Minelab still is that “much better company” they often go above and beyond on repairs and getting things sorted for people, even in some cases long after the warranty has expired. Every issue we’ve seen in our store since the 6000’s came out has been addressed promptly, so don’t think for a second Minelab have slackened off other than it’s a brand new detector release in the middle of a world pandemic. There are always gremlins with any new detector as the factory irons out the manufacturing processes, and as usual Minelab will be there for its customers if problems arise. The GPX6000 is still going to become an all time favourite that has set the bar for every other detector that follows, its universal ease of use and outright performance is beyond compare. I spent 4 years of my life doing my little bit to help as best I could to ensure that it was as easy to use as possible for just about anyone regardless of their experience, the power packed behind that light weight simplicity still amazes me. JP
  2. Running zero threshold is always going to miss gold no matter how you set it up, if the dead zone is adjusted too high/low (its a timeywhimey thing (DR WHO fan 😂)) then the break through becomes a major issue with the operator constantly being alerted to breakthrough target like signals which gets away from the whole concept. The 6000 has a massive amount of headroom sensitivity wise, if a target is within sensible range of the coil then the zero threshold option will bang on it, however if the targets are getting to the edge of detection depth then the signal response will not make it through the filtering. I do not advise using zero threshold in the Manual modes, Minelab engineers put a lot of thought and design into the Auto modes so there is a lot more going on under the hood than just turning the Threshold off. I have not had time to watch the YouTube vid sorry will do that later today if I’m no it too whacked form detecting in 39 degree heat. 😞 JP
  3. Best bet for ‘new new’ users is to use the Factory preset Auto with no threshold mode. I’ve pinged many a nugget and checked many others with that mode, it really does simplify the learning curve and allow room for growth without all the confusion. The 6000 is a twitchy beast the price we pay for all the early sampling I suppose, but at least there are controls built in to help newbies get through the learning curve. Back on topic, as a dealer I too have seen a worrying amount of problematic 6000s, there have been way too many coil failures and DOA units for my liking, far more than the 7000 release for sure. I honestly think COVID has put a wrecking ball through MLs QC, someone in the factory is supposed to be checking all this and obviously isn’t for whatever reason, I feel sorry for the guy at ML HQ who has the job of trying to sort this stuff out. JP
  4. I sold Krissy her 7000 some years back, she is an absolute star. We also provide her with equipment and pointed NuggetFinder her way for some sponsorship as well. A true gem who can show just about anyone I know a thing or two about true grit and determination, nothing but respect for her. ✊ She deserves support, creating YouTube content whilst out bush especially content of that quality is a VERY hard ask, I was saddened to see her and Mark had gone seperate ways. 😞 Being a lady on her own in the bush doing what she is doing this time of the year just impresses me even more. Get on her channel and give her a thumbs up and while you’re there subscribe as well. JP
  5. In my mind no patch is ever played out, they are all worth ‘just one more go’ especially with new technology coming out regularly. Over time I’ve developed a number of places that have produced gold in a given district and will float between these historic areas in the pursuit of new ground. If I’m working in new ground I will often use an old favourite patch and the fond memories of the good gold I once found there as a reward if the prospecting wasn’t successful, even if I know the chances of finding something is slim the memories of what I found is a nice trip down memory lane as I go over the patch ‘just one more time’ 😂. Sometimes the tech leads you to gold adjacent to the original patch thanks to more performance in the form of either deeper gold in the case of the 7000 or a lot of smaller or specimen pieces in the case of the 6000 (with the potential of the occasional deeper piece too). I’m fortunate because I live near a gold field that is up there for some of the most variable ground in Australia, variability means that gold can be easily missed dependant on approach, angle of coil, speed of coil, height of coil, moisture, technology, etc etc as such none of my areas are truly played out. 😊 JP
  6. And my apologies for dragging the subject a bit off topic. And I agree the 10 x 6 for the Equinox is a thing of beauty. JP
  7. I’ll own some of that Steve without ruffling my feathers, OK my feathers are ruffled a little but only because I think you are being a bit harsh.🥺 I have an insight into ML than many do not as such I often see misinformation posted around the net including on this forum and feel compelled to at least try to put balance to an unbalanced discussion, because as you have stated ML do not have a public voice (their choice). I’m sorry if this makes you feel I’m placing myself in the role as the ‘unofficial spokesperson’ as I can assure you my days of stepping up and blindly defending them are long gone, you and I are way too long in the tooth to be starry eyed and romantic about this kind of thing anymore. That does not say I’ve given up just that there’s a tempering and hopefully a wisdom to my ways now.😕 Calling me a Minelab lickspittle and then doing a mic drop and shutting down an interesting conversation is pulling feathers out by the handful bud but I see your point and at the end of the day the world will continue to move round the sun regardless of any incorrect remarks or injustices we might perceive. I think in this case we are both right, I am a Minelab lickspittle and you my friend are a crotchety old grumble guts who leaps to the little guys defence at the drop of a hat and I love you like a brother for every bit of it. ❤️😆 Your good friend JP
  8. Definitely not trying to defend ML here or ruffle your feathers Steve, I agree in a large part with you fully. My point however is that at least now there’s a start to accessory coil options for the GPZ which although only a bit smaller is a lot lighter. Those faithful loyal GPZ customers who have been patiently waiting unfortunately only represent a small part of the overall GPZ market (of course I empathise with them I’m one of them😞), whereas the GPX6000 will demographically sell a lot differently hence the announcement of more coil options so soon after the release. The main market where the bulk of GPZ’s are sold are not interested in the Zsearch 12, they have a totally different approach to their search for gold, its all about big deep nuggets which for them is mostly in virgin ground and the GPZ 7000 with its 14 inch coil still largely fits that bill. Also for those interested, a Zsearch 12 inch with lower shaft costs $1295 here in Australia whereas a GPX6000 costs approx 6 times more at $7999 (with 2 coils), I’m not sure of the comparative prices in US dollars. Prior to the release of the 6000 the GPZ 7000 was the only real choice for depth and small target sensitivity compared to a GPX 5000, the ZVT tech will always be a heavy unit due to the requirement of 3 windings in the coil so I seriously doubt we will ever see a sub 1 kilogram coil or small coils on any future ZVT models if ML develop anything going forward, it’s just not possible and TBH not required now we have the amazing GPX6000. 😊 ZVT is all about max depth. Just my opinion from my own perspective. JP
  9. You have very valid reasons for being frustrated Steve so no argument from me. The X coil thing is a ‘no checks and measures’ freedom all aftermarket coil makers used to enjoy but alas NF have to pay the price for ‘plug and play’ freedom by being required to jump through a lot of hoops which is very time consuming, I presume Coiltek will also be jumping through those very same hoops and would likely explain the mid 2022 advised release dates. Trying to develop a smaller coil for the GPZ when the rumours of a better GPX being in the works would have been a nightmare to try and crystal ball. As it is our Zsearch sales have dropped right off since the release of the 6000 so those fears have been to a pretty large extent realised (you do however need to take into consideration our season is about to end with summer coming on). I would like to see a smaller Zsearch and also a larger one but if I have three Zsearch coils that’s a lot of coin invested, for a lot of people that would be prohibitive and I would say NF are very aware of that. Do they invest R&D time into a smaller coil when the GPX6000 is doing such a good job on the smaller gold or do they invest in a larger coil that might have a smaller sales volume instead? I’d say ML did not deliver on more coils for the GPZ for the very same reasons with the added development disincentive of the GPZ 7000 still continuing to sell well in its current guise. JP
  10. Yes I read most of it that way too, I do see his VERY valid points. And I also understand his position and his decision to opt out of the 7000 after waiting so long for ML to deliver the promised 11” coil. I get that a one inch reduction was not enough of an advantage for him to consider the coil for his purposes especially when you consider the entry price. Like I said I do not wish to offend just provide a counter argument to some of what has been written based from a different perspective without devaluing his opinions etc. As an example the shape of a DOD coil on the outside is pretty much pointless as the interaction between the Tx and Rx windings determines the shape and how far out of shape you can go with the design. DOD coils are not conducive to being pushed too far out of shape so in the end you end up with a semi elliptic design or an obvious elliptical shell that does not have a winding inside that’s reflects the housing (as is the case with the elliptical X coils). This point alone will always dictate the final shape of a DOD coil, or if you decide to do a housing that is overly elliptical you will have a large amount of forward section of coil with near zero target sensitivity due to the receive points being pushed further back from the front. A catch 22 from a developers POV.
  11. A 300 gram weight reduction is no small thing on a GPZ, that fact alone is why they’ve sold so well in Australia, then we also need to consider the very obvious improvement in sensitivity and then there’s the EMI and Saturation signal reduction. I suppose if you think of the Zsearch as ’’It’s only an inch smaller” the GPX11 mono on the 6000 is underwhelming also as it’s only 1 inch smaller than the 12” Zsearch. 🤔 😬 Continuing to be a bit cheeky here it was not that long ago it seemed the GPX17 elliptical was being talked up as the ultimate US combination, now that’s a horse of a coil compared to the 12” Zsearch. 😮 I do not mean to offend or get personal and I truly do understand where the frustration is coming from, so I hope my tongue in cheek but still serious counter argument is seen as me just offering a different perspective on the subject. 😬🥺 The GPX6000 should be a lot easier to make a variety of coils for, retail cost alone is way less than a GPZ so it should not break the bank to own a few different sizes, this will also mean the developers can take the risk of investing in a range of shapes and sizes that do not have to top the charts sales wise to recover their investment. Hopefully this will mean that ‘all of us’ will finally get our wish lists fulfilled. I’ve had many discussions with Nugget Finder over the past 2 years about what coil sizes to build and what would sell well, clearly there is demand for a smaller more manoeuvrable coil but at the same time there is a lot of pressure for a larger coil (probably even greater than the demand for a smaller one) but overwhelmingly there is/was a huge demand for a lot lighter coil to be developed that would make the GPZ much more user friendly to a lot more people, to that end I think NF nailed it. Now that the GPX6000 has been released I think retrospectively NF made a good call on the 12” size range, that size still has merit for a GPZ user who also owns or is contemplating owing a GPX6000. JP
  12. The issue is when making a smaller coil they will inherently be more sensitive due to the smaller size (more winds of wire to get the inductance right), everything gets more cramped inside a smaller coils housing so things like the solder joints can become incredibly problematic along with the proximity of the coil lead itself (I’ve discussed the GPX6000’s ability to ‘see’ its own coil lead on another thread). An elliptical shape can very quickly leave the developer will nil room to put anything. I’m not saying it can’t be done just that there is a high chance that such a small coil could be problematic with GeoSense. The good thing about this forum is one of the developers is actively participating on the forum and will see the comments here and take them on board, the more people who ask the more incentive there will be to invest time and energy into overcoming any pitfalls. Demand will always drive incentive to invest. I highly recommend my American prospecting mates to put their name to this thread and push hard for this to happen, this is your chance to finally get the coil you desire. 😊 JP
  13. Yes a PI will have less ground reaction, in the case of the 6000 it’s pushing the PI tech to crazy extremes (even crazier than Steves insane sensitivity settings 😝), because of this ‘pushing of the envelope’ there can be undesirable behaviours in certain conditions like a tendency to be more prone to EMI, Salt and Saturation signals. My point was if the standard 11” coil is achieving such ridiculous amounts of sensitivity in a ‘pushed to the very limits’ detector then there might be an issue in pushing that even further by making a smaller/more sensitive coil. All conjecture on my part and not intended to burst anyone’s balloon. Logically a super sensitive PI is still going to be a better option than a VLF assuming the gold present is conducive to PI. JP
  14. All good points Steve and sorry for not seeing “How it is” in your neck of the woods.🥺 My concern is based around the ultra sensitivity of the 6000 and if that then might impact on the ability to actually make a coil that small, hence the cautionary remarks.😬 I understand the “need” and especially your frustration for not having what is a glaring requirement for a coil size that will complement the areas you work. As an example of supply and demand though I can actually have a pretty good guess at the numbers of the new NF Zsearch coils that have gone out and as it currently stands I’d say my business here in Clermont has shifted an equal amount of Zsearch 12 coils as the whole of the US orders. Now to be fair the US winter gold season is only just starting up and the Zsearch was hard to get hold of at the end of the US season earlier this year along with the subsequent release of the GPX 6000 (plus the Zsearch is also an expensive add on), but this example probably goes a long way to explain why the need in the US has never been fully addressed which is a shame. 😔 In the case of the 6000 I think a smaller coil will be a very good seller in the USA so hopefully Coiltek will do their best to develop a coil that is more suitable for your conditions, knowing Coiltek they WILL as they have a very good following and an expansive dealer network over there. Hopefully by this time next year there will be lots of examples of happy 6000 owners showing off their finds on the forum. 😊 JP
  15. Something to consider with the 6000 with coil sizes etc, as it currently stands the GPX6000 can easily find tiny pieces that require you to wet your finger to pick up (this is all with the supplied 11” mono), having a lot smaller coil could bring a lot of pain in the form of increased surface ground signals due to the increased sensitivity especially in the hot variable ground but also in areas where there are lots of tiny hot rocks etc. I think a 12 x 8 inch elliptical would be a really nice fit for the 6000, the weight would balance out the detector nicely (similar to the GPX11) whilst at the same time offer a reasonable amount of extra sensitivity without increasing too much ground signal and of course with the added advantage of being an easier coil to use in difficult terrain. An elliptical shape would also help somewhat with EMI. Just my 2 cents based on what I know of the 6000 learned during field trials etc. JP
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