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  1. Gerry...is this gold from the guy who showed up at your June 2021 class at Rye Patch who was a former student?
  2. Steve..yes I've already decided that the 6000 is NOT suited to "my" ground where I'll be most of the time. I listened carefully to what you, Phrunt and others have said. I am hoping to get more info on the Garrett and hot ground as I want something that will punch deeper then my EQ on smallER gold...not tiny gold and still be able to handle the ground. Thx for the input!
  3. Chris...I get it! I just want to know the relative depth vs. the 6000. I cannot come close to the 6000 with my EQ800 except maybe when I found a 34+ gram nugget...but how often does that happen? That one was deep but such a big target the EQ did not miss it.
  4. Reno, Gerry, Steve....I'm looking forward to any and all videos and comparisons to the 6000. Just a simple depth comparison on "moderate" sized(a few grams) would suffice me.
  5. can't wait to hopefully hear good things! This would solve my dilemma about "to buy or not to buy a 6000". If this detector has disc. plus decent depth like the 6000 then I'm sold.
  6. So to summarize for us non technical people. What do you tech type people conclude as to use in "hot ground" and also being able to discriminate. Do you feel it will go as deep as a 6000 on say a 1/4 ouncer? My EQ800 can find all the "small" gold I want but when I was detecting by 6000 users last year when it 1st came out at Rye Patch, the 6000 was recovering gold we EQ800 users couldn't get a whisper on! To be more clear..when I say hot ground I mean mineralized ground saturated with hot rocks as well as trash. Phrunt commented that a discriminating detector was "best" for my ground before. Now that this is out...what are the possibilities?
  7. You R right on Jen! PS: I KNOW I'm off topic here...should probably PM you...but what do you make of Gerry's Garrett, I see you sent your 6000 back and I have put off & put off getting the 6000 because of MANY reasons...ground conditions in El Paso mountains...people having issues with the 6000 etc> I am really wanting to know more about the Garrett.
  8. Ok Gerry...we all R waiting patiently for more info. In my case I want to know 4 things, (1)how does it perform in hot rock/trashy areas with DD coil. (2) How does it compare with the ML6000?.(3) how do the mono coils perform. What is the price with military discount if available? Thx
  9. Sorry all...I have been on the road for 3 -4 days and not touched a computer. This worked very well for me ...I have maybe 3/4 of an ounce recovered mostly in the El Paso mountains of Southern Ca. Haven't even weighed it since I don't sell my gold. I put it and a small 140/1? up for sale..the smaller Keene sold in the 1st week and I actually had this big one sold but when it came time to pay, the buyer was "flaky", saying money was tight and could he pay me later! I said don't bother! I found 2 nice size nuggets with my new EQ800 and decided I wanted to also buy a ML6000....so that's why I am trying to sell my dry washing equipment.
  10. Keene #191 dustless dry washer and motor for sale in very good condition. Tie down points added for transporting, screen modified so it can be easily removed, cleaned and put back and a larger lip/"holding area" added so material stays on the screen longer giving it a better chance to fall thru screen and not off screen. Oil and filters just changed Lots of gold recovered with this dry washer!Extra hose purchased and connector so motor can be 20 feet away from operation. This is over $3000 new plus tax so this is a great buy. $1600. Will travel to deliver. Quote aerospace guy 209 Replied: April 30
  11. P..as usual, you get right to the salient points and have a reasoned argument. Yes the 5000 frustrated the heck out of me (even running a DD coil) or a little Sadie. I think at my advanced age (read patience..NOT) the 6000 would be perfect but NOT HERE as you point out in this "junky" area. As I was in training last year, June, at Rye Patch (when the 1st 6's came out the same weekend I was there for my EQ800) I watched the 6000 pop nuggets out at a 'decent' depth my Eq didn't pick up! Heck..there were 2 7000's there that were even finding "small" size nuggets. So you are right in saying that Minelab has me 'over a barrel'. As you and most everyone has said that it is good to have a PI and VLF. I have a decent VLF. Wish that 8000 was coming out sooner than later! Thx for the input! PS: I have more than a few offers from 6 owners who have had some time to get proficient with their machines and at some point this year I am going to invite one or more of them to detect the area...mostly the slopes/sides of the wash.What 'Jasong' and others don't know but I DO know is that this "small" area has produced 3 to 4 1 ounce or bigger nuggets that have been documented as well as smaller. So I really would like to see a 6 or 7 detect the sides.
  12. GotAU... I may break down and get the 6000 by fall. Money isn't the main issue..the main issue is spending 30 to 60 days away from home! As they say, "Happy wife..happy life"! I won't get it UNLESS I can devote this minimum amount of time prospecting in "milder" ground. As all of you who prospect in the El Paso's know, in addition to trash/bullets etc the ground is saturated with hot rocks. The EQ does a fairly decent job of canceling those out where a PI wouldn't (I know you are going to say just run a PI with a DD coil)... but the EQ is all I have...so far. So, is it "Nevada ,Az here I come" or "yes Dear I'll get the car out to take you shopping"! The wife doesn't read this website! Too much...I'd get a "wry face smile" and a "look' if she does read this one! Ha!
  13. jasong...I agree with you...I feel that there is SO MUCH trash that the 6000 would NOT be a good choice my area(SoCal/El Paso mountains). What inspires/motivates me is being contacted by 6 owners with pictures of lots of gold (all pretty small though) found with their 6's in "milder" Nevada and AZ ground. As they put it.."it makes detecting fun again" finding gold after gold after gold. I saw this in person at Rye Patch where the 6's and 7's found multiple targets that my EQ could not even "hear". So to justify a 6 purchase I feel significant time needs to be devoted to these areas with a 6. That means extended time away from home.
  14. I saw the weather report was going to cool off from 100+ degrees to less than 90 with a nice breeze today so I got up at 4AM and went to the El Paso mountains (Randsburg side). Metal detected with the EQ800 where I found 2 nuggets before (34+ grams this year) to try my luck again. I found the largest nugget dead center in a "wash" so I went back over the wash using 'all metal' and discrimination again. Then I went up and down the sides that drain into the wash quite awhile. I found lots of targets and will post a picture. I dug way more than necessary...once you've got a reading on some targets you really don't have to dig more of the same! However, to 'fill-in' the picture I dug more and also I find a 22 bullets read about the same as gold so I dug them too. Notice all the teeny tiny bits of wire...I am told these really set a 6000 off..I know my EQ has a robust sound! Could have skipped some of those! PS: Got a reply from someone that only 2 nuggets doesn't justify the expense of a 6000 and he is correct. The biggest concern is all the trash in that area and I thought that the sides draining into the bottom of the wash would be good to detect with a 6000 as there is way less trash. I found this to be correct however there are still a LOT of bullet/lead pieces. I know the 6000 goes WAY deeper than the EQ so at some point I will take some "volunteers" back there to go over the sides with their 6000's.
  15. Thx for the constructive input! I agree you should have both a PI and a VLF and yes I will take them up on their offer to try the 6000. I saw the 1st 6000's last year at Rye Patch and was REALLY impressed with their performance...they heard targets all our EQ800's could not at an impressive depth. Still thinking over Nevada and AZ. Funny, I guess I have a totally different philosophy than most other prospectors. That is, I am willing to take people with me to productive ground while the majority of detectorists treat it like a big secret. Just me I guess!
  16. Been 106 degrees or so where I live but I think I'll try and get out early to see what I can find before my upcoming knee surgery next Tuesday. I know if I don't, then I'm going to beat myself up thinking "now I have to wait and wait before I can go back out". This is an area I have found 2 nuggets, the largest 34+grams. I have 2 people with 6000's who want to go out when temps are cooler who will split the 'finds' with me and also let me try their 6000. In reality My EQ800 is more suited for the area as there is a LOT of small wire, tacks, hot rocks etc. BUT the 6000 detects WAY deeper, so what to do? I think I would maybe regret buying a 6000 as where I detect is so full of hot rocks and trash. In the past I had a 5000 and as I have said on DP, I really really regretted ever buying that machine! I sold it and the guy I sold it to sold it and bought a 6000. The only way to justify the expense in my mind is to travel to areas like Nevada and Arizona.....still thinking this strategy over. Will post pics of all the trash I find as well as hopefully some gold. Here is a pick of my latest find this year with EQ800.
  17. Ok! Did some more research from OTHER sources and I believe some things were buried as The North closed in. Also said a lot of it was dug up by both sides as the location(s) were not a well kept secret. Further research says the railroad 'right-of-ways' reverted to the adjacent landowners per 1922 law passed by Congress. So even looking for war relics would take an owners permission.
  18. ok! He claims he was paid a "commission" 4-5 times by someone who found 4-5 sets of pots....have no reason to doubt him but that's exactly why I asked the question! THX.
  19. Anyone from the McLeansville, Burlington North Carolina area know what the conditions are in that area? The reason I ask is my friend Pat Keene has one of those mats you can drag behind a vehicle and it will detect to 5 feet or more. My idea was to use this for the treasure mentioned in the book.(Going to make all you guys "work" for this story..just use the title and you can find the info)! Then started looking online for info and OMG!....people are NOT welcome in that area ...going so far as to put up 4X8 wood signs saying to the effect that ,"to date over 200 people have been charged with trespass..etc etc..are you next"? I'm sure a LOT of people on DP have knowledge on this area and subject...if you have a minute please respond.
  20. Steve H...I agree! I personally posted what club claim I found several nuggets on in the El Paso mountains. I had gone over and over the claims and did share the info. I even took a several friends in the club there. If they can be successful then I'm happy for them and would like to bring a big smile to their faces. One person had a GPX6000 and I knew he could get deeper than I could with my EQ800...so unless and until I pull the trigger on a 6000..best of luck to him. I have to say though that most times in life..not always, that I find how you treat people is reciprocated. The 6000 owner offered to split everything he found. he was not successful but he offered to go out together and let me get some hands-on-time with his 6000 and I am going to take him up on it.
  21. Thx Steve...do you bother with a scoop at all or just dive to the bottom? Seems like in shallow (1 to 2 foot) depth a scoop would be easier than constantly bending over and in deeper water diving would be the way to go?
  22. Yea I could see a "local" thinking "hey this is my ATM"! Thx! PS: Another aside that has nothing to do with detecting..just SCUBA diving. For all you divers out there, if you visit Kona on the big island you should do the Manta Rey dive at night as it's awesome! You do a twilight dive 1st then when dark they have floodlights in a circle on the bottom (shallow ) and that attracts the Mantas to come scoop up Krill. They do loop after loop right over your head where you are all kneeling around the circle. Got some good underwater pictures.
  23. Thought I'd use DP's huge membership knowledge rather than the internet to find beaches and islands to detect underwater. Went to Kauai last summer during Covid and had a hard time with my EQ800 fighting surges/waves and trying to scoop at the same time. No one told me..read, "I didn't do my homework" and thought I needed to scoop targets. It seems that the EQ will withstand a 6 foot dive to the bottom to recover a target..if I interpret posts correctly. I think if I go back I will take the EQ as well as a "shortened" White's PI Surf detector if I want to do a day of SCUBA with a detector. I was told by a "regular" Cancun detectorist that due to Covid there were ZERO beachgoers and to wait a year to go to Cancun. Any tips on beaches in Hawaiian Islands? Been to Kauai and did not like the "layout" if you intend to drive anywhere! Ok for staying in one place/resort, but hated driving. Did do a helicopter tour and enjoyed it a lot! Funny aside, Steve H turned me on to search for info on beach detecting and I saw a video of a guy with a "handful" of jewelry at Cannes France...I was there overnight in 2007 but wasn't detecting at that time.
  24. Good info...was worried about diving down thinking my EQ800 might flood...hopefully somebody will reply that they have taken the EQ to 10 or 15 feet without problems. Was in Kauai last summer and at the beach where I was staying they rented and also gave SCUBA lessons. The guy renting tanks said he had taken several ladies out and one had lost her diamond ring and you could see it on the bottom! First I didn't think the EQ800 would withstand a 15,20 or 25 foot dive without flooding(I can easily free dive any of those depths). Second..so soon after a "loss" I would feel it incumbent upon me to locate the owner. If it were my wife we would appreciate the return of the ring. Had the ring been there for quite awhile, then that's a different deal. Since I knew of the loss I would have returned it. Anyone taken the EQ deeper than advertised?
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