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  1. I keep checking for anyones results with the 10X5 looking for gold & so far have seen hardly anything! Hoping a dealer or other reviewer would have had time to use the coil for gold prospecting and again, had time to do a write up. I have had success with the 6 " DD on the EQ 800 and am wondering how the Coiltek compares?
  2. Thx for the feedback and tip about Minelab Eq Essentials info (Steve H.) I appreciate all feedback. As for where I found the gold, both pieces big and small were found in the El Paso mountains in So Cal. This area is drivable for many SoCal people and therefore is "gone over & over by 'multitudes' of prospectors". It also has a lot of mineralization and is/was with the EQ difficult in some areas. I will say that the GPX5000 never would have found the "small" piece of gold but would have found the larger piece. I am enjoying the EQ MUCH more than the GPX but I can see I need to learn how to
  3. After following EQ's progression I decided to buy the 800 hoping for a "simpler" detector than the GPX5000 which I sold. Part of that decision was based on one of Gerry's posts along the lines of "I've found more with a sub $1000 machine than all the more expensive ones ". My 1st time out proved to substantiate the claims made that the EQ will find small gold and larger as I found what I classify when dry washing as a -20 and found a 4.29 gram nugget! This while not fully understanding how to operate the detector! Using the "quick start' and owners full manual I was able to succeed. I hope the
  4. I haven't heard Steve H. give his opinion on approximately when the EQ800 might be "upgraded". I know it's only speculation but I'm trying to see how long the wait might be, over a year shorter, longer? I wish to buy one but after reading all the posts about people sending EQ's back 3 times and 6 inch coils multiple times etc., I think it would be prudent of me to wait for another "iteration" of the EQ, IF it is not going to be long (1 year or more). Thoughts? Also thoughts on the EQ800 as a "gold detector" for "small" gold. I bought quite a few years ago a Nokta Fors because it was recommende
  5. Steve, I read your report on your use of the MDT in a "trashy" area and also watched the video you recommended. I was impressed by both accounts. I agree with you though on your thoughts on the size and shape of the coil, that is, it could be smaller and solid rather than an open design for use in looking for gold. Question, "do inventors listen to you at all about your ideas for improvements, I would imagine some do, correct"? What are the chances this detector could be made more "gold friendly"?
  6. Steve, I have sold my GPX5000 and am looking forward to your actual test of the MDT 8000. From what I have read from the interview with the inventor as well as actual owners of this detector it looks promising for detecting in mineralized ground for gold. Yes, GPX owners will say, "you gave up a great machine for finding gold in mineralized ground"! I feel that the MDT8000 is going to be much much easier to use for finding gold in the ground where I prospect compared to the GPX. Anyway, can't wait to here your results with this machine and see pics of found gold.
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