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  1. I agree in fact I am going back out and dig down several feet where I found the 34.4 gram nugget a few inches at a time to see if I can detect some more gold .
  2. Paradiceau.. I did some further research for your question, " will the GPX5000 see 'this' gold". Here is a pic from Gerry (detectors) of one it WON'T see and he has others!
  3. I can't believe how lazy I have become..went back and read Phrunt's ground balance post and it had answers to most of my questions!
  4. Phrunt..Got PM'd by a guy with a 24K and he is saying he really like it for areas with hot rocks but is not sure how it would do in trashy areas like where I found the nugget. I read in another area of DProsp. the discussion that included an engineer who actually worked on developing the 24K..most informative. Could you speak a little on a comparison of the 24K and the EQ800 used for gold? Apologize if this should be in another area of DProsp...you can move it Steve. Don't you also use the 24K and did I see a post/pics of many small pieces you found in Alaska with it and your method of scraping a few inches away at a time on a slope to uncover more and more small pieces? was this to give the detector more depth..exposure to gold by removing several inches at a time? Guess I should not be lazy and just look back for it?
  5. Para..no your not missing something..but I have since been told by dealers and instructors that they think the 5000 would have heard it. Don't mind me..I'm just mad at myself for not 'moving on' and selling the 5000 sooner than I did. The EQ and 6000 are a way better choice..in my mind than the 5000. Heck the guy I sold the 5000 to sold it and bought a 6000.
  6. last pic..should have been the 1st..with all the info: 34.4 gram nugget, found Feb15 in El Paso Mountains/Goler Gulch st a depth of 8 to 9 inches(approx..could have been more) with EQ800 using Gold #1 with & with out discrimination,21 read out and out of ground cleaned 17 & 16
  7. Phrunt..read with interest all this info on the 24 K because another prospector was touting it for use where there are hot rocks. I posted a few days ago with the 34.4 gram nugget found with myEQ800 and I have experienced all the "quirks" of the EQ you have described..knock sensitivity hot rocks etc. At some point this other prospector will meet up in the El Pasos with his detector and others are coming with 7000's and 6000's and we can do a real 'field test'! There is so much trash, lead, wire rusty metal hot rocks that I wonder if the 24 might handle it best followed by my EQ800..we'll see.
  8. Lunk & Gerry..you guys were my instructors and I have a few questions please about the 6000 and EQ800. The 6000 had JUST arrived for the June 2021 class and I saw how much deeper it picked up targets than the EQ. Ist question is about the 6000..it does NOT have discrimination of any kind right? If that is so then where I was detecting in a wash/gully with all sorts of pieces of wire rusted cans trash AND hot rocks..then my EQ would actually perform better than a 6000? I've gone up and down countless 'washes' and they are always loaded with lead and trash...what do you guys running the 6000 do in those cases? 2nd question is have you Gerry and others 'hammered' Rye Patch with 6000's and is there still gold to be found? What other Nevada areas do people have success detecting? I KNOW I KNOW...people are SO closed mouth about areas but not me ..I tell people what areas I have success..I just don't pinpoint them.
  9. I've never had a find this big so excuse my ignorance..I finally weighed it in grams which is what I am used to anyway. Weighs 34.4 grams..so 1.212 ounces? Anyway biggest I have found!
  10. Will re weigh in grams...that's what I'm used to anyway..most of my finds being smaller..look for it.
  11. GB you are right, although the 6000 comes close..doesn't pick up teeny tiny gold like my EQ800 does but heck, I'd trade that for all the deeper gold! Gerry said that he showed Minelab 'people' the same thing that I saw demonstrated that the 5000 does not pick up some specimens. It's ON ME that it took so long for me to move on and sell the 5000. That's a lesson learned.
  12. thanks..good to know! Question please,' I have been getting PM's for better pics and 'actual' weight. Does this website accept videos? Think I have seen some?
  13. Should have said I ran mostly with disc ON then doubled checked in 'all metal" mode..my bad!
  14. Yes, a couple of points. I was at Gerry's class last June at Rye Patch when he showed that "largish" nugget 'sprinkled with gold that almost ALL detectors sounded off on EXCEPT the GPX5000. Bishop, yes I finally got frustrated with the 5000 although I got tips from Pat Keene (and others) who found quite a bit of gold..some large gold with it. That June class had the 1st 6000 detectors just being delivered and the way Gerry conducts the class, when someone picks up a likely target he has everyone come over and swing over the spot. I quickly saw that the 6000 punches way way deeper (our EQ800's wouldn't make a 'peep' )and the 6000 owner would dig another nice nugget. I did get to swing the 6000 a little and what a joy..perfectly balanced. I still want to try one here in the EL Paso's which is loaded with hot rocks to see what challenges there are. As for what numbers showed up with the EQ ..well I was detecting the way G taught us, that is to use "all metal" for more depth then I would switch it off to double check what I thought I had as a target. This quickly became untenable what with hot rocks and I was in a wash/drainage with tons of trash..small wire, screws, tin can lids etcetera. So I switched it up and ran with discrimination 'on' and then once in awhile I would turn disc. off to double check a target and to dig the target. The gold piece registered about '21' so I assumed it was another tin can lid which I had already found. But the signal was so strong in all modes I decided to dig it anyway and I'm glad I did! The ground being wet/moist it came out dirty/muddy and I thought can this be real? Having no water close I spit on it and sure enough it was shiny! WOW! Phrunt..you are absolutely correct different detectors DO complement each other and I am learning that lesson. If the 6000 is able...make that if I am am able to figure out how to best use the 6000 on this ground...I will go ahead and get one. Hopefully my NorCal "friend" will come down in Feb and I can try his. As for the weight of the nugget, I have NEVER had anything this big to weigh so I tried to set it to ounces and thought I got 1.71 ounces. I'll have my 30+ years prospecting buddies weigh it for me when I see them...they'll laugh at me for my ignorance..they load there own ammo and know ALL gold weights and numbers. (Corrected about discrimination)
  15. Gold Catcher posted a week or so back about his trip to the El Paso mountains..a place I go to all the time. I have detected here in the past with a GPX5000 which I said wasted my gas, resources and worst of all TIME! I know a lot of people have had LOTS of success with that detector but I have witnessed with my own eyes a large(small potato size) specimen "sprinkled with gold NOT set off a GPX5000! I've been out with my EQ800 less than 6 times and have numerous "small" pieces of gold as well as a 4.3 gram nugget and a 1.71 ounce nugget just this past weekend. The larger nugget is a conglomerate and I plan to take it to one of my friends, Pat K. and have him fire up his 5000 to see what response he gets with it. Anyway, now I am enjoying prospecting again and I hope to be able to test out a GPX6000 next month in the same area.
  16. YellowM...just saw your post! Wow! Tell me you didn't find all that at Goler but Nevada, Az or somewhere else? Because of the holidays I hardly have looked at Det/Prosp and when I did see your post I was blown away..well done! Just PM'd someone that I am going to Goler Jan14,15 &16 on the Randsburg side to try my luck again. That person offered the use of his 6000 for me to try...hope at some point this year to be able to try one with thoughts of then buying one. Yes we should all meet up sometime! The geologist we camped with a month ago was really a font of info...I have his contact info and at some point he and I will meet again out there.
  17. Did you have success in Northern or Southern Ca.?
  18. PS: Almost forgot..my last trip out a month ago I met & camped with the geologist who is "painting" everything red out there on the Garlock side. He is snatching up expired claims for a Las Vegas investor who plans to mine them. Vet interesting!
  19. Gold Catcher..what "side" of the mountains were you on, the Garlock/Randsburg side or the Schmidt Burro tunnel side? Both sides are interesting, the tunnel side has large talc mines you can walk in. I'm told that at one time a trolly system was put up to take the talc down to the valley. Also there are old buildings the BLM hasn't torn down yet (like they are won't to do) that are interesting. One, called the "rock house" is way up on a peak with a killer view of the valley below. Of course the tunnel, the old post office etc. And quite a few multi level mines..most all of which the BLM have closed off. If you come down again I would take you as a guest to where I found my nugget in return for 1/2 hour with the 6000. The area I found the nugget has also has produced several 1 ounces. Don't think my EQ800 can compete with the 6000 unless the gold is shallow. Still debating buying a 6000 next year when I am eligible for another military discount. BUT.. as you say the hot rocks are a concern,,I'd like to see in person how it does. Best to you!
  20. Gold Catcher..this is where I detect 99% of the time. I belong to 3 clubs that have claims in the area. I just posted a week or so ago about trouble with "hot rocks" with my EQ800 and asked for some tips. I think the EQ does ok and will find bird shot and -20(classified size) gold all day long. However, you are correct in saying there R HRocks R on the surface and buried all over...some areas R more free of them than others. I used a GPX5000 for years out here and frankly the EQ does WAY better than it ever did! I know people say the 6000 will do good out here but I'd like to see it run out here to see for myself how it does. Good luck and hope you find some bigger gold. I found a 4.3 grammar this year there with the EQ.
  21. Gerry..bought EQ800 from you and took your class and watched GPX6000 while I was there. 2 questions please ,(1)where I am at there are a ton of hot rocks in some areas and a little less in others but always some. The EQ800 wasn't liking one area in Gold 1 and was really "staticy" so I turned sensitivity down down down. Finally I went to Gold2 and it wasn't much better. Didn't think to try beach mode until after I left area....will it or any other mode handle hot rocks better? (2) how will the GPX6000 do on hot rocks? Anyone have experience?
  22. Sevastras..congrats..I took training with Gerry there also and found gold but with an EQ 800. My question to you is, " what area of the country were you having "trouble" in"? Where I live, there are a multitude of "hot rocks" which always caused me trouble... and still do with the EQ800 so I sometimes have to go to single frequency. What did Gerry recommend for when you have trouble please? What settings did he say might work in that situation on you 6000?
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