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    Metal detecting parks & beaches, fine wine, road cycling
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  1. I need to go MD'ing in the UK...just sayin...
  2. I use the Garrett Z-lynk system too. I initially had the head unit attached to the shaft just below the Tarsacci head unit, but it made the detector a bit nose heavy. I have since moved the head unit to just below the arm rest and the balance is much better
  3. Nice hunts! Always wondered what it would be like to hunt campgrounds...after seeing your pictures, I want to go camping!
  4. It would be great to have him on the forum to ask questions and read the answers he gives to other's as well. I really like my Tarsacci, but beach conditions here in Northern California haven't been ideal. Looking forward to getting out there when the first storms hit!
  5. I have a setup similar to JCR. I have the Z Link system, but have the Garrett headphones too. Made the machine a touch heavier, but when I moved the wireless router to just below the arm rest, it balanced things out nicely. Just not into wired headphones...
  6. Keep the tips coming! Nice video...I'm always trying different settings on mine. Now I have something more to try!
  7. Nice to hear! Ditmar has personally responded to several questions I've had in the past regarding operating the machine. Nothing like personal service!
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