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  1. I hope the coil cover (whenever that arrives), is built better than the one they have for the 9" coil. Just taking the thing off after a day at the beach, you're liable to crack it...not very good plastic...too brittle...
  2. Is the 12 inch coil shipping? Or is Dimitar still taking pre-orders?
  3. I too just purchased the 600 (going on 2 months now), and I have programmed Steve Sabisch's coin hunters program onto it. It works pretty well, but it won't completely get rid of junk. Those pesky rusted bottle caps and pull tabs still sneak up and bite me. Overall though, I like the program. I used to own an E-trac and for some reason, I had better success with pre-programmed coin hunter programs on that MD than with the Nox...just my two cents...
  4. Here I am Tom, asking for more direction...where do you find that information?
  5. Great hunt! I've researched some of the ghost towns on the internet and it doesn't look like they are MD friendly sites. Did you just hear about this place through word of mouth? I'd LOVE to hunt an old ghost town site, if not to find some treasure, just to immerse myself in a place of rich history!
  6. 67GTA, I am having the same challenges you are facing...and I thought it was just me! At first, I thought the shafts weren't tightened enough, but when that didn't fix it, I decide to try other things, I ground balanced then tried to manually try to eliminate some of the falsing, but to no avail. I currently run on park 1, with sensitivity at 22. I do the noise cancelling and ground balancing. I have tried switching to different modes, but still nothing. I am only one month into my Equinox and I'd sure like to find an answer!
  7. Hell, I'd like to find 2 SILVER coins in one day let alone gold. Since I've gotten back into the hobby last year, I have found only 3 silver coins. Would LOVE to find anything gold!
  8. I agree with Chase, I think the layout of the Simplex is much more comfortable and "natural" feeling than the Equinox. In addition, the Simplex is so damn simple to operate, most everyone should be able to operate it like an expert within a week. It's not perfect, but there are many more things "right" about the machine than wrong. If they get it right with multi-frequency and it does well on wet sand and in the water, I would seriously consider grabbing one!
  9. I run AM at the beach too. It means I dig a bit more trash, but I'm willing to do that. I might be missing something, but when I try detecting in DISC or MIXED, I feel I don't get the same depth. Either way, costume jewelry or not, as long as you had a good time, that should be enough for anyone!
  10. 1974, got a Bounty Hunter detector for Christmas. Used it for a couple of years then took a 45 year hiatus! Just got back into the hobby last year.
  11. I agree, the stock headphones aren't very good. I switched to the Garrett wireless Z-lynk system and headphones. Makes the machine a tad heavier, but having the wireless component means no more getting tangled with the cable, or having the headphones yanked off your head when you want to put the machine down
  12. I used the Simplex most of the time. After that would be the Tarsacci. Probably would have been an even split if I lived closer to the beach. I had an E-trac for about 6 months, but the weight and slower separation speed didn't work well for me, so I gave it to my best friend. Just picked up the Equinox in January, so I'm looking forward to see how it does.
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