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  1. Nice! Those carbon fiber shafts sure do make a difference!
  2. Nice video! Just for ease of use and all around capabilities, I LOVE my Simplex. I've got a couple of other detectors too (good in their own way), but day in and day out, I almost always reach for the Simplex. Like you said, "for the money it's tough to beat!"
  3. Greetings All, Has anyone switched to a carbon fiber lower shaft for their Simplex? I've read a few posts about people switching over to them, but do they make that much of a difference?
  4. I don't use one on the beach, but wouldn't go without one anywhere else...saves time....
  5. Yes you do, but you can buy an adapter on Amazon for less than $10...paired with the MS-3 headphones (they have an adjustable volume knob), they're awesome!
  6. I have owned my Tarsacci for over a year. I also own an Equinox 600. They are very different machines with their own strengths and weaknesses. The Tarsacci is more solidly built (carbon fiber throughout), but it's over twice the cost of the Nox (a bit less if you're looking at the 800). I use the Tarsacci exclusively on the beach. It's ability to deal with changing soil conditions (or sand in this instance), is unparalleled. The Nox is better in trashy parks because of its ability to notch out some kinds of trash. Tone seperation on both are similar. Since I hunt mainly beaches (when I get the
  7. I LOVE my Tarsacci! It's just cool to mess around with the different settings. In addition, it's DEEP! Congrats on your finds!
  8. I was scammed on another website and the method was very similar. I was looking for a detector and someone responded that "so and so has one. You can reach him at this address." I fell for the scam, but was lucky to recover my money. I will NEVER buy anything again on any website unless it is from a reputable dealer, or one who has a history of selling and with a good record. You would also be well served to look up the seller's history. If he is new to the website and has only posted a few times, that's a red flag right there!
  9. I think the Simplex is one of the most underrated metal detectors out there. To be able to do what it does for the price is simply amazing. I have a couple of other machines that are great in their own way, but every time I take that Simplex out, I just shake my head when I consider what I find versus what I paid for the machine. It is light and the most comfortable machine to swing out of the three. It is solidly built and I have had only minor issues with it (easily fixable). I have owned mine for less than a year and it has almost paid for itself!
  10. I like to hit the parks right when the sun comes up, or just before the sun goes down. Not as many people around...
  11. Great video! It's nice to see that your hunts are a lot like mine...some treasure, but a LOT of junk too! Nice Buffalo Nickel!
  12. How ya liking the larger coil? Thinking about getting one for the beach to cover more ground...
  13. What about Stavr scoops? Put the carbon fiber shafts on my Equinox I received last week and they are amazing! Lighter and certainly more stable!
  14. Your going to need a plug adapter for the Z-Lynk. The Z-Lynk plug is too big for the Tarsacci (I think the Z-Lynk plug is 1/4" and the Tarsacci accepts a 1/8" plug). You can get one on Amazon for less than $10. The Garrett headphones also are built better than the ones that come with the Tarsacci. They also have a volume control which is nice. It makes the MD'er a bit heavier, but I'd rather deal with that than to have to deal with the headphone wire...just my two cents.
  15. Such a great machine! I can adjust the settings to the point where its so quiet on wet sand that I have to put it near my scoop just to make sure its working. Congrats on the finds!
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