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  1. Texas button in VA! My buddy Larry would love that.
  2. I WISH Minelab would make a detector with the Sovereign tones. Damn they where good. I remember park hunting one day, and thought " I'm gonna go after nickles today". Nickles came in at 138 or so on the spray meter, but had a certain " boing" to them. I dug like 7 buffalo's that day.
  3. I threw a few hundred what's and Indians in the cornstarch, along with change, way back. Now the cornstarch spits them back out. Did it for same reason as you.
  4. Yeah bud, You probably should join AMRA, and talk to Shannon about your plan too. . Good luck!
  5. I was a member since it's inception. Haven't been for awhile, but that has nothing to do with Shannon or the group. Yes, it's worth it. Only $200, unless that has changed?
  6. I too am interested in its gold mode ability. Will find out next week. Debbie is supposed to be at a local show with it, I will bring some small pieces, play with it. I hope the smaller coil is out at same time. My Deus is on its last legs, I'm ready for a new machine. Prefer a gold capable relic machine. I got a monster...but most the time, I'm hiking around in middle of nowhere, relic hunting gold rush camps...running across a nugget patch is a nice bonus, happens every now n then.
  7. Here's my entry. I always like to show my appreciation to landowners, for giving me permission, by giving them a display of stuff I found. Just gave this one to a guy this morning.
  8. I'm getting ready to post now man! I know I don't post much, but this is the only one I still go to. Great forum.
  9. Yet, enviro groups can dredge freely, to remove mercury. Go figure.
  10. Oh crap! I throw every nugget and coin I find, in my mouth, for a spit bath. Guess I better rethink that. Dang.
  11. Nice job man! Are these Josh Reinke claims? Just curious, I heard he has good ones, and I know he has some on Slate, which I'm dying to get back to. Btw...in your junk photo, top right, looks like old powder tin...if it is, cool find that many relic hunters would love, don't toss it.
  12. I vote leave it Steve. That way, when my posts make ya mad, I can say I was hacked. 😄
  13. So you are just referring to I'd numbers. Get what you mean now, although I could not tell you what ANY numbers are on the Deus. I always keep that remote in my pocket, just dig anything above square nail.
  14. Yeah, BUT... it usually only takes me seconds to recover that brass casing, move on to the next, while the PI guy almost always takes longer.
  15. Nice man. I know how the walker was still there...Brian and Tom haven't been there yet, ha. Good assortment of finds, nice pics, and great write up. Thanks!
  16. I have never heard this " sandwich effect". What detector are you referring too? I use a D1, run full tones, never had a problem with clad, except that digging clad IS the problem, ha.
  17. Lol. I remember when he wouldn't give up his Whites Eagle for the explorer, until Ron totally kicked his butt in a bay area park. Hey man, he's KILLER with that explorer 2 now, if it works, it works. Something to be said about knowing a detector like the back of your hand. One guy( who Tom knows from decades ago) that I hunt with, still uses a Whites 6000, and KILLS it.
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