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  1. Ive only watched a few of his early videos, and sern him on the forums...but didnt he bring alot of this on himself? I didnt care for his style, why I didnt watch.
  2. Now that, is a great hunt and site. Keep hammering it.
  3. I would not. Likely to do more damage, than good, in my oponion. Nice score!
  4. REI buddy. Pay $20, become a member, they get crazy deals in their outlet section. All quality brands...osprey, gregor, etc. I own too many packs, haha. Havent found perfect one yet.
  5. I have several. I will get some pics later. Anything cool you want to trade?
  6. Hey David Yes, these all predate the war...gold rush buckles. Many confuse them with military, but they are civilian..1850-1856 or so. Usually my main target. Btw..are you the same David Keith that owned Dixie Detectors?
  7. Yeah, little specimen piece. My son is 28, he actually knows more on local gold rush history than me. We used to detect together all the time, but he lives 50 miles away , and is hooked on steelhead fishin too, so its not very often now.
  8. I hear ya Rick. I can detect in rain...but not mixed with cold and high winds. Hope Spring comes early for y.
  9. Last winter was a bust...I was going to take winter off, to work on my own house, and detect...then we got huge storm after huge storm, that plan went out the window...spent all my time, trying to fix everyones roofs. This year, doing better. Been out a few times, exploring, running across numerous cabin sites, and gold rush workings( Bought a 900 last year, after I lost the remote to my Deus1. Finally starting to feel compfortable with it. Got my coil across a few good targets recently. The Cohen center disc, and quarter, where found by my son, rest is mine.
  10. Met up with a couple buddys, at the grocery store in Foresthill, Ca. I grabbed my gear, jump in their truck, heading to a GR camp, to relic hunt. We arrive an hour later, I get out, go to grab my Deus 1...realize I only have the lower stem and headphones! So, spent couple hours hunched over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, swing just the coil, lmao. When we got back to Foresthill, I see someone kindly moved the rest of my Deus, off the asphalt, to a picnic table! Gotta love small towns!!
  11. Two toes for sure. I watch Brass medic, just cause Mark is a good friend, so I support him. The best , was the Goldhounds...wish they would make more, but I understand. California reluc adventures...my buddy Ron and Mark made some great vids, and if you search around, they trip over a nug or 2
  12. I used to do it all the time in Stockton. City owns it. Found tons of silver coins. I only hit old ghetto areas, and specifically looked for dirt or dead grass areas. If it looked nice, I didnt hit it. And usually early AM, on a weekend
  13. Hi Dave, that is indeed a Chinese coin. I detect alot of Chinese gold camps...they are a common, but fun findto make in them. Congratulations.
  14. I run into rattlesnakes reguarly. Luckily, ours here in NoCal, are pretty chill. Ticks...I HATE ticks. Had pit bulls come at me twice...stupid tweakers...first time, was ready to stick my Apex in it, second time, had my Glock. Glad I didnt have to kill a dog, but came close
  15. Wow! Some honkers there! And I share your sentiments...I am happiest just being out in nature
  16. Right on Steve. Hey man, congratulations on your sobriety. I know all to well. Luckily, I hit my bottom at a young age, been able to live a pretty good life since.
  17. I discuss the why everyday, with someone in daily life here...no need to here...nice reprieve. Sorry...responded­čśü
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