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  1. I used to do it all the time in Stockton. City owns it. Found tons of silver coins. I only hit old ghetto areas, and specifically looked for dirt or dead grass areas. If it looked nice, I didnt hit it. And usually early AM, on a weekend
  2. Hi Dave, that is indeed a Chinese coin. I detect alot of Chinese gold camps...they are a common, but fun findto make in them. Congratulations.
  3. I run into rattlesnakes reguarly. Luckily, ours here in NoCal, are pretty chill. Ticks...I HATE ticks. Had pit bulls come at me twice...stupid tweakers...first time, was ready to stick my Apex in it, second time, had my Glock. Glad I didnt have to kill a dog, but came close
  4. Wow! Some honkers there! And I share your sentiments...I am happiest just being out in nature
  5. Right on Steve. Hey man, congratulations on your sobriety. I know all to well. Luckily, I hit my bottom at a young age, been able to live a pretty good life since.
  6. I discuss the why everyday, with someone in daily life here...no need to here...nice reprieve. Sorry...responded😁
  7. Clay Diggings has a website ' mylandmatters.com' . You can find claim info there. Or BLM. County assesors.
  8. I still have an f-19...cant say I use it anymore. Holding on to it, because a good friend...carpenter I work with...is interested in detecting, perfect detector for new person.
  9. Im kinda a backpack junky. Check out REI. For a onetime $20, you can become a member. They have great deals in their outlet and garage sale sections. But, this is kinda high end stuff.
  10. Sunup to sundown is the norm for me, if possible. But often times, during summer, 3-4 hours after work, till dark
  11. I hear ya! Number one reason I bought a 900 , instead of Manticore. An 11 inch coil, is only good for searching for new spots, for me.
  12. Im in construction, thats my daily routine. Except, I buy cases of water, usually throw 6-7 in freezer at night. That saves me from buying ice.
  13. Man...Im lazy...usually whatever fruit I have on hand, and a fat P&J, gives good energy. Also...I like to detect with guys that bring along way to much food, 😁
  14. What you wrote up Gerry, is why I bought a 900. My Deus is on life support, so ready for new vlf. If the manti had a 6 inch coil, I would have bought one...had one with my name on it, passed on it. Now...if it would only stop raining/ snowing here in Cali...the winter from hell
  15. You beat me too it. Around here, Calaveras county, thats the worse. I live next too New Hogan Lake...theres a shooting spot nearby, dudes bring in cars, rvs, hundreds of bottles, etc...looks like a landfill. I love to shoot, but find this disgusting.
  16. Yep, ha. Can you imagine, taking one of those HUGE magnets, to a mining camp? That would be awesome!
  17. I have a big rolling magnet, you can get them at the supply house, for about $150. BUT...will really only work on the loose, surface trash. Stuff stuck in the dirt at all, no bueno. You have any friends at a salvage yard?😁
  18. REI buddy. Membership is/was like 20 bucks. This will get you too the outlet section, which has fantastic deals on new gear, and the garage sale section for used gear. I got a 70 L Osprey pack, for $70, like new...new sells for $300.
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