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  1. Here ya go Jennifer. This started alot of headaches, lol. People following them, people claiming fence jumping because at night, etc. But Mark's reaction was priceless. Btw...they where relic hunting, so this was nice surprise, and beginning of a great patch
  2. 9x14 Evo, couple of Steve's Rods, and another Apex pick k...36 inches. You ain't planning on robbing me are ya? My dogs eat everything I shoot, lol. 😜
  3. He doesn't do forums...but has a on wastebook..California relics and bottles..go figure, lol
  4. Jeez. I don't know how I missed, that it will telescope into a nice, compact unit, shove in a backppack..or tie on the back. Nice
  5. Seems right up my alley...simple. I don't like detectors that are complicated, and make you start second guessing on weather it's set up good or not. Rather detect, than program. Now, ...if only I did NOT have to pay for my daughter's wedding in October, haha
  6. That's what I did with my Ole, beloved sovereign. I ran that thing into the ground, lol. Had crap ducttaped , dowel rod, etc. But...it gave me 10 years of very hard use, and abuse, and was still going strong when I gave her up.
  7. Way cool! I think it's every kids dream, to find a dinosaur. Hope you find more!
  8. Hell yeah! Killer area yall are working, and congrats to your buddy! Hope your up next man!
  9. Hey Strick! What's funny man, is I watched goldhound guys, had no problem understanding them. But I also watch fishing videos...there are these Aussies...Morningstar and Cavy...dude, that must be Aussie surfer slang talk, I can only make out like every 5th word, haha. But, they make some BADASS videos, haha
  10. Yep. You haven't seen me post in years, correct? Same goes for relics. Sucks people let the fever take over them.
  11. Hey brother, never seen your vids until this thread started, now I watched them all this weekend. Fantastic vids, and the lifestyle I'm envious of man. I hear ya on.people doing wierd crap. My friends that did the vids here in Cali, went through it too, after they posted a video of a 4 ouncer found. My buddy Ron, tried to throw people off the track by doing things like adding a train sound in the background of one, taking different vehicles, etc. People get nuts man.
  12. Dude...I just watched it, frigging hilarious. Thanks for posting it
  13. Yeah, Ron needs to dust off the Deus. Guess its been hard to get permission back there.
  14. Same thing happens here man. It's kind of ironic...I'm actually in a fair amount of relic videos, but only because some of the guys like Ron n Mark, like making them. But...I've always said to them and another friend, nothing good can ever come from posting vids...except attaboys and recognition. What does happen, is jealousy, people trespassing, and property owners saying no.
  15. Hey Steve...how does it compare to a GP Extreme? Should I buy one? 🤣
  16. Hey Rob! I actually left you a message on the office phone the other day. Was gonna try your cell, but been crazy busy with work. I will get hold of you in few days, pick your brain, and buy a coil. Thanks for the input. Ray
  17. Gary is great. I can't watch most detecting shows...err..vids. I like honesty, and most guys just act. But, I do love my buddy Ron's vids... California Relic Adventures. What you see of Ron and Mark, is exactly how they are. And Ron made his vids short, too the point, and never cared if he got 1 view, or a million.
  18. I'm using it for nuggets. Got a patch I've been working g with the stock 11 inch coil...been getting nuts to 2 dmt, down to about 13-14 inches. Want to hit that next level, and cover more ground. It's a big, wide open area.
  19. That's some good info bud. Much appreciated!! I'm not too concerned about the weight...I recently wussed out, and got a bungie for it...been having hand problems, guess from decades of roofing and cutting sheet metal. Plus, weight should help in the spot I want to use it at...cattle ranch..help push grass down. Thanks for the input man!
  20. Right on, thanks guys. I will check out those videos after I get done working.
  21. If so, what are your thoughts? Is it sensitive? How does it handle EMI? Does it punch deeper than the gp 18 inches, as their ad claims??
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