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  1. but the user will now have an easier time of operating the machine. It is still a manual ground balance machine, but I think its a good step forward toward making it easier to use. I've never used one. What difficulties do you have with it, and how does the display screen help with those problems? Don't ask me why all Fisher gold oriented detectors are called the Gold Bug Name recognition. I do own an original GB and the newest version.
  2. I never heard of Google Lens. Is it the same thing as doing an image search?
  3. Pin huh? Interesting idea. I wouldn't want to wear it as the corners are somewhat sharp. Pic of the back, in the center, is slightly brighter/less tarnished. Suspect there may have been a pin soldered there at some point. Trash usually gets thrown out when I get home, then there is the curious items like this I may research a little but its headed towards the trash bin soon.
  4. OK Super Sleuths out there. Image search was a dead end, and thats not unusual. Looks like some kind of vehicle badge/emblem? Backside seems to be copper. Found in an agricultural field, northeast USA. I think Gravely tractor uses a capital "G"? But perhaps farm equipment is a red herring. Measures approx 3/4" X 5/8"
  5. Looks like a beautiful location you live at there. How did it get the name "Magnetic Island?
  6. Detecting the property where my grandparents,aunt and father grew up found a 4H pin, or award for poultry. BTW my grandfather was a large producer of chickens and dairy, some sheep too. Trying to find details on it is like, well...pulling chicken teeth. Found a website with some historical info that shows this particular pin as a national award starting 1946(?) and they had a sponsor name on the back. This pin has nothing on the back except "sterling". The website says "not to be confused with the "generic poultry medal 1932" so suspect it might be that one but they seem to have no info on it. Sent an email to that website but nothing heard yet. My internet search has run dry, not a lot of historical info out there. approx 5/8" X 1/2"
  7. OK I'll throw in my 2 zincolns. If you may only get back there a limited amount of visits, and be less tiring, and less damaging to the yard, why not just dig the targets that ID solidly as coins. The high probability targets. Relatively modern coins that is, I mean I have no idea what REALLY old coins come up as ( I should be so lucky ).
  8. And that the key was lost, while chasing earth "girls"🐮, again!!!🛸👽👽🤣 Its been a problem ever since "Earth Girls Are Easy" was released in 1988
  9. How far does the radar energy travel that Clear AFB is pumping out? What about HAARP, don't they send signals up that reflect back off the ionosphere?
  10. Swimming with icebergs? Dude, your nuts ; )
  11. Yikes! If I understood it correctly air in the suit was giving you trouble in regards to swimming, or staying upright, head above water? I could see how that might be a problem but not insurmountable if you were 100%? At that time were you incapacitated from sucking water? I've only had one near drowning and hopefully no more.
  12. Hey I missed this adventure you had. Do you have a link to the juicy details?
  13. Ha! I just today found a musket ball. Looks like .680 diameter. Quickie interwebs research looks like the Brown Bess was built in .75 and .69 Not clear to me if both calibers were made at the same time or if it was a change over the years.
  14. I like the way you think! Are you thinking manned? I can see many benefits to making it remotely operated. Safer,smaller,lighter. Sorry, I have no money to invest.
  15. I find that hard to believe as I've never seen a snake jump 3 feet in the air,shriek like a girl, and pee its pants.
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