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  1. Was not meant to be snarky at all. Was just pointing that out in case anyone had missed that. Perhaps everyone excited about the Deus II had read it, in that case sorry for being Captain Obvious. I had gotten interested in the Deus II myself with all the excitement but decided its not for me. Will not bore you with details why but actually had nothing to do with the warranty. I am new to the forum and have not posted much, but at this point I think I will only be a lurker.
  2. This warranty does not cover : • Breakage caused by falls, impacts or accidental damage • Damage caused by abnormal use or resulting from non-compliance with the conditions of use stipulated in the device’s instructions. • Using without coil cover, or using defective coil cover. • Alteration of the electronic circuit by any unauthorized person. • Corrosion of electronic circuits, due to water ingress OK it has a 5 year warranty, but if it leaks and causes "corrosion of the electronic circuit" , well kiss that $1,500 good bye.
  3. I recently got my detector back ( I wont name names to protect the guilty, but I bet you can figure it out ; ) from being repaired and some "professional" apparently thought packaging tape would make a nice screen protector during service and shipping. I was pretty pissed. Although it wasn't hard to remove the tape, it left adhesive behind! I knew it would be a bad idea to use a solvent on the plastic window/screen so about a 1/2 hour of rubbing with my thumb and got it all off. Except for a blemished area that actually looks like something melted into the surface. Solder splash? Reaction with the tape adhesive? Sigh, was in brand new condition before sending it in.
  4. I had to go back and look. The two previous posts make no mention if the screen protector reduces glare.
  5. But then I realized it was the coil and most likely, an averaging of the nail and coin values producing the tone. not either Tesoro machine actually having the unmasking and separation ability that exceeds the Equinox. Yes there will be an averaging of signals. The trick is to disc out the iron and still get a good beep on the coin. The ID may be well down into the mid-range but thats great! You discover the coin amongst the iron! And if you get great results but feel it is due to the coil and not the detector....so what, that is still the winning coil/detector combo that works in the iron. Right? Now its been said before there is limited value in these tests. Real world is where it matters. But its gotta instill some confidence seeing these results. That being said, in your 1st post test results, the "down position" is a tough one and the Vaquero smoked the Equinox.
  6. Sven, the nickel is a 1968, not clad, and I realize just now in the first post I mistakenly wrote 1963. Do you still have the troubles with the 99% nickel coins? Checking again it looks like a fairly steady "dig me" signal up in the silver range at some distance from the coil, but as it gets closer it starts to give varying IDs but the intermittent high signals are getting higher and then it still looks to me like it "goes over the top"/wraps into the iron. But certainly could be wrong as it sounds like you deal with this often. You have my sympathy. Additionally KAC nailed it when he said "some coil combinations". Just for fun I tried the same testing with the 11" DD biaxial coil and NO EVIDENCE of wrapping, still the erratic ID persists.
  7. I still don't understand how the Cibola matched the Equinox in terms of target masking when discriminating, though. Keep the bias out of scientific experiments. What I mean is you sound as if, in your mind, that the Equinox is the better detector. Could that old analog detector from the last century beat a modern, digital, multifreq, WhizzBangXLT? And forget the Cibola, look at the results of the Vaquero. Nailed it!
  8. Wrap around effect!! I've heard some of you mention it before but couldn't quite figure out exactly what your talking about and I've never experienced it, until now. As an experiment I stacked a few quarters together and I am seeing the same thing happen as they get too close to the coil, ID wraps around and comes up "1". Do all detectors suffer from this? How do you deal with it? I should be so lucky but what if my coil was over a mason jar full-o-coins ( did people really do that?), I'd miss it thinking it was iron! Or maybe a jar full-o-coins would be too hard to miss visually when I've uncovered enough for it to wrap around? Detector has an "overload" tone/alert. Cant they add an alert if the ID wraps around?
  9. Got a penny-ish signal today ( Fisher F19 w/ 9X5 coil ) but during the recovery it just sort of disappeared. Found it with a little difficulty. 1963 Canada nickel. Internet tells me it is pure nickel. Doing some air testing and its an odd bugger. The ID is variable with distance (sure any coin will vary nearing the max disc ID distance but this coin is very sensitive to distance changes ), ID changes with swing direction like a junk target ( likely due to slightly different distance ), as the coin gets within couple inches of coil the ID is way down, and within an inch of the coil its IDing VERY LOW in the iron range, like #1 or #10, sometimes the detector does not even respond ( yes, the disc is set at zero/ none ) and if disc is zero why wont it report consistently in the very low iron range? Still a little disc going on even at zero? Find it a little bothersome because 19khz should be hammering on pure nickel? In all metal mode consistently gets it, this coin just dont play well in disc mode. Maybe this is old news to you all but is a new one on me. Your thoughts?
  10. Thanks TallTom, good stuff. Looks like nickle or nickle-ish is the sweet spot, at least for the rings Dewcon has been finding. Funny thing is I've recently been working this fresh water beach/grassy park and its extra hard ground to dig ( so not digging all non-ferrous, just coinshootin )and I was getting so many split shot fishing weights masquerading perfectly as nickles that I stopped digging them ! Now I gotta go back and dig all them nickle sigs !
  11. Dew can answer for himself, but I interpret " tight gold notch" meaning the increased quantity of gold rings coming in at 5/6. Picture the peak in a graph. But I could certainly be wrong. My question for Dew. I do not own a this detector so have no idea what the numbers mean. If I said alum foil comes in at 44 on my machine it would mean little to you. I do like your chart, good work. But where does that peak of 5/6 fall? For reference, at, above, below or same as alum foil? Just above or below US nickel? Some common other reference point?
  12. Phrunt, for clarification, are you saying you had this problem, and it was a bad switch/button? Or are you just weighing in on your best guess? I was just putting this question out there to see if it was a common problem or did I just get un-lucky. By the lack of response it looks like the latter. I was going to mail it in earlier this week, but then realized I have a four day weekend coming up and would make more sense to send it next week.
  13. I've had a Gold Bug for 5 or 6 months now. Intermittently when I press the "+" button to increase discrimination it switches into pinpoint mode, will stay there until I release the button and re-press and will then work fine (usually). I've ensured my fat little finger is no where near the pin point button. Been telling myself its likely just some software glitch, annoying, but I can live with it vs. sending it in for repair. Part of me says "get it fixed before the warranty expires stupid". Well cooler weather is here and I will be sending it in. Just curious if any of you have had the same problem?
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