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  1. Been watching and waiting for another Goldstrike to come up for sale... Got lucky and finally found one, a new one for under $300 with the 10" coil. Yippe for me. I know many don't like it but I do. This will be my third one. I'll make a me a bag to mount it under the arm rest. Turn it on, set it up and go. I'm stoked. HH MIke
  2. Should I buy a Fisher Gold Strike and will it work on Bradshaw for nuggets
  3. Hi Steve, I recently acquired a Fisher Goldstrike metal detector at a really good price. I know it's a older machine, what's your thoughts on the machine-good,bad or ugly. Is it a decent machine for gold,coins,relics or all the above. Also lastly please give me the strong points and the weak points of the machine, any information would be very helpful. Thank You Very Much, Keith
  4. (I moved the conversation over here since it was going off-topic.) In the above thread, relicmeister mentions that he put the Teknetics Omega ("frat brothers") 5in X 10in DD coil on his F75 and it worked fine. I expressed surprise and a motivation to try that out myself. I can now confirm that my Fisher Gold Bug 5"x10" DD works on my F75. I'm going to investigate further. I have both 5" round DD and 7"x11" DD for both these detectors. I'm curious to see if I can find any differences when mounted on the F75. Different ground balance numbers? Different TiD values? Different sensitiv
  5. An acquaintance has asked if I'd help him find some shotguns he buried several years ago. They are wrapped in oilcloths, sealed in PVC pipes (~3 in = 7.5 cm diameter) and buried about 20 inches (half meter) deep according to him. He says he can show me the approximate location within about 10 m. If all this is accurate it seems like an easy task.... Then again, he also said someone in his family (without him being present) tried to find them with a detector and couldn't. That could be due to a lot of reasons as I'm sure you are already thinking, but my concern is that they may be buried m
  6. Apparently this is my day for questions.... Although this could be a general question, I'm asking here because Fisher has two similarly looking detectors: Gemini-3 for treasure and TW-6 for pipe and cable locating (in their Industrial Division). I seem to recall other manufacturers (possibly Garrett) at least in the past having similar differenced models. My main question is: will the TW-6 do everything the Gemini-3 does? I'm pretty sure the Gemini-3 will not do everything the TW-6 does, but I'm not interested in locating pipes,... While I'm at it -- one more question. I know
  7. No real information yet but this was just posted to the Fisher Facebook page. The Fisher F75+ is on the way! The Fisher F75 is the company's flagship model, and so I assume this is an update with some sort of additional features, otherwise we would be looking at a different model name. Time will tell.
  8. First Texas has reinstated their F75 upgrade program http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/upgrade.htm I have an older LTD model, any reason not to upgrade? Tim
  9. I've linked to a thread I started in July. I finally (after over 3 1/2 months, most of which were bone dry) returned to see if I could squeeze a few more old coins out of this site. At the time of my earlier searching the parks department had fenced off a large coniferous tree to prevent the demolition crew from damaging its roots. That had kept me out of that area as well. Now with fence removed I decided to see if my good fortune in the rest of the recently acquired lot could be supplemented. I was not disappointed. Fisher F75, gain of 50, 4H tones ('H' meaning US nickels hit on a
  10. I missed this video when it came out. It is well done however so I am posting it now - better late than never! Slick little detector for only $309.00. Fisher F44 Owner's Manual
  11. I have the Fisher F75 black which comes with both the standard 7in X 11in DD and the 5 inch round DD. They also make a 3 in X 6 in DD (among others). I like coils but don't like wasting $. My question is simply: "Is it likely I'll be able to see much difference (in the positive direction, that is!) if I buy the 3x6?" I have read a couple posts on another forum reviewing the F75 3x6 coil positively, but I don't know if those people actually had the 5 inch for comparison. BTW, I'd be happy to hear responses from those who have used 3x6 coils, whether or not they've used the Fisher. Fo
  12. From things I've read and heard, there is a small but loyal following for at least some of the CZ series (with single digits, -3, -4, -5, -6, etc.) and even claims that they are still today among the best coin detectors. I wasn't detecting when this series was available and don't know any more than a few snippets here and there in posts. They do show up on eBay and from (at least some of) the prices, I surmize they are still in demand. Would someone post an overview of the series, highs and lows, pluses and minuses, etc.? I think I've read that Tom Dankowski used to mod one of these models
  13. Both the F75 and T2 have suped up 'black' versions which have processes called 'boost' and 'cache' that their basic versions don't have. Sometimes they used 'limited' and 'special edition' to distinguish these, but I don't think those always go hand-in-hand. Nominally the basic F75 has a gold colored upper shaft while the T2's equivalent is green. But has that always been the case? I.e. if a unit has a black shaft (and of course if someone hasn't simply swapped it in for a colored one), does that unit have boost+cache processes? The reason I ask is for potentially buying a used one (e
  14. Yes, it's Steve!!!!!!!!!!!! https://web.archive.org/web/20130508060926/http:/www.troycustomdetectors.com:80/reviews/x5-herschbach-review.html
  15. Fisher just dropped the price of the F75 Ltd (also known as the Special Edition) from $1099 to $799. This is the most deluxe version of the F75 that comes with two coils, the 11" x 7" DD and 5" round DD. The F75 was an offshoot of the Teknetics T2, which although intended for coin and relic detecting, became a bestseller in Africa for gold nugget detecting. The F75 is every bit as capable and I found quite a bit of gold with mine. The Gold Bug Pro is the better choice for most people, at a lower price and with a bit more hots for gold, but for those wanting a top of the line do-it-all machine
  16. Been using both the White TDI Sl and ML Xterra 705 with 5x9 coils here in the California Mother Lode and along the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. Between the two detectors been able to handle the ground conditions. Lots of magnetite. Use the TDI Sl over the serpentine. Heavy thick brush, steep terrain, occasional old cabin and tent sites from 1850 through the Depression Era into 1950's. The smaller coils are a must, just can't sweep the larger coils on the steep brushy slopes. Been looking at the Fisher F19 and F75 which both seem comparable to the Xterra 705. Like the option of searching for co
  17. Hi steve and members, can the coils from the gold bug series be used on the go ldstrike, thanks all for your imput. lennie-downunder.
  18. I would like to know which appropriate and best all purposes detectors and especially for depth , I live in north Africa, a lot of treasure.. Many civilizations were here: romans, vandals, Berbers, Byzantines...and much more, I will be waiting your answers guys.
  19. This question has been in the back of my mind for a while now. If nugget shooting in mild to moderate ground or even stretches of exposed bedrock in a desert wash, how would the 19kHz GB Pro w/stock 10" DD coil perform compared to the 13 kHz F75 w/ 6.5" or 10" concentric elliptical coils? I was going to PM Steve directly with my question but thought forum participation would be better. Thanks for the input,,,,Rob
  20. This offer expired some time back but is being opened up again through March 2016. It brings the F75 and T2 up to latest software version. Depending on the model a person currently owns the upgrades can add the following features: Boost Mode Cache Mode DST (Digital Shield Technology) FA (Fast Process) 4 levels of FE Tone Adjustable Audio Pitch LCD Serialization Warranties can also be extended for up to three years. Fisher F75 Upgrade http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/upgrade.htm Teknetics T2 Upgrade http://www.tekneticst2.com/upgrade.htm
  21. Pretty fast shipping. The shipped it on the 12th and I picked it up at the post office on the 26th. 15 days from Russia to New Mexico, USA. Good looking coil. Not too heavy but it does add a little front end weight on the F75. I get a lot EMI in the house but the limited bench testing was good on the F75 LTD. I tried it on the F19 and F5, too. Works great on the F5. Works on the F19 too, but not as well as the F5 and F75. I'll post a review in a couple of weeks after I get some time on the ground with it. But from the quick bench testing I did last night I can already tell it will do what I
  22. I have been told the T2 is really just a F75 with different rod, paint and decals. Programs, performance and sensitivity supposed to be same machine and I'm referring to base models only (not special /limited edition models) The T2 is known internationally in distant gold fields as a great nugget shooter. The F75 state side for relics, coins and gold in trashy tailing piles. Are they really the same machine or perhaps "tweaked" just a bit different but kept on the down low by the folks at First Texas. Any insight into this would be appreciated.
  23. Hello Everybody, I posted this on Dankowski's forum. I thought others my find this information helpful so I'll put it up here :-) This saga all began in January 2015 with the purchase of a brand new (not upgraded) F75 LTD with DST. This first unit (11-14 model) was defective (the display was rattling around in the housing) and it had the "mama" pin point bug. After discussing with the dealer I purchased it from, we decided the best course would be to return it directly to Fisher. I contacted Fisher and they issued a return label no charge. Off it went. I asked that the new unit be complet
  24. I have now put enough time on all these units to at least reach a basic conclusion in my own mind. And that is that they are far more alike than different. Trying to get clear differences to appear in actual field use in highly mineralized ground is a true exercise in hair splitting. A couple detectors that can be added to the title list are the Teknetics T2 and G2 models. First Texas owns Fisher and Teknetics. The T2 is the predecessor of the F75. They are not exactly the same detector (they do not share coils) but almost identical in performance. The G2 really is just a Gold Bug Pro in
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