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  1. Your welcome, hope you have a few good adventures with them and share the stories with us. Threads on the old detectors is fun, kinda like an old 47 Ford sedan not much for it but everyone smiles when they see em!
  2. Reading this post jogged my memory. I just happen to have a new old stock 3.5 and 3 x 6 coil. If you can use it shoot me a pm and I'll send em down for you. Always thought I'd get another Gold Bug and put that small coil on for checking the cracks, but I have to many detectors now and been forcing myself to pass on any new ones. Sooooo hear ya go🙂
  3. Don't worry about the 300 GM nuggets getting passed thru the sluice, they never actually get passed the hand of the dredge operator to even have a chance of being sent to the tailing pile!!!!! The grizzle bars did not work, they trapped the rocks under and would not release them. I did have success with a sump set up that fed to a small 2 inch dredge but let that go due to the fact it was complex and negated the benefit of a light weight sub surface dredge. I don't believe I lost any gold that had size to it. All the nuggets got caught in the first or second riffle, the fines are ano
  4. I think Jasong is on the rite path. I was thinking you weren’t annealing it as it was work harden but sounds like you understand that process. Smelting it two and three times with borax will remove the quarts and rock so you probably have a high amount of zinc in there. Cuppeling it will draw out the zinc and what not. Good luck and keep us posted on what you end up with. Btw would love to see some pictures of your jewelry. Really cool hobby!
  5. I’m planning to do the same thing for the same reason this year. My question is what part of the refining didn’t work for you? I am assuming you have melting equipment molds for rough cast and a roll mill to produce the finished stock? Are you smelting with borax to remove impurities? Are you annealing the gold as it work hardens in the rolling process? Any jewelry Smith in your area should be able to make stock for you but it would be nice to figure out making your own.
  6. I never put air in mine and they had plenty of buoyancy. More than a pound or two and you could pop them! good luck👍
  7. Good job on the dredge build! Bet it took a bit to fab up the Tri Jet. LOL. It would be easy to add the 2 inch foot valve on to check but I don’t think it will make a difference in GPM. I do think it will make it harder to prime though. I would put on a Honda Gx200/P180 pump and see if that dose it. If not check to make sure the jet and connections are fully submerged, if they suck air the loss is huge. I think all dredged need air. Where’s the T80?
  8. The jewelry I find is neat but has no sentimental value so at 1500 an oz. I cashed in and plan to use the proceeds to fund new adventures and some new equipment to enjoy. I will say take a lot of pictures of your finds for future reference, just never know.
  9. Really I think just the silicon will do it. Lubes it up so it will spin on easy then seals it. If the diameter of the hose is too big you’ll have to mill it, I’d use a four inch grinder and a sixteen grit flap wheel but if your like super Steve you can whittle it down with a spoon. I used the heat to burn off the old silicone from the bullet, only way I could get it clean. Everything was nice and warm when I reassembled it. As gas as the silicon I used what was in the shed, think it was GE tub and bath stuff?Good luck!
  10. Use a torch and silicon, just did mine a few weeks back and worked great! Also screw the hose in don’t just push it.
  11. Reading these post is hard, lost my Kasey Girl last July. You're the best friend a guy could have! You never let me go off on some foolish adventure alone, always needed to be there to make sure I come outta that hole alive. Although you weren't the best at finding gold though, seems your mind wandered from time to time? Who am I kidding you were always dedicated and serious. Miss you Kasey Girl
  12. OK, got a set of TE's heading my way and thanks for the setting tips. I'll be sure to give them a try first! Out of curiosity what were the other brands you tried?
  13. Did you get a chance to try out the headphones? Any thoughts on them? I have a pair of GreyGhost but they are really quite in the water looking for something better myself.
  14. I would think extra HP wouldn't make too much difference as the Honda GX is plenty HP for the P180 pump, there is a reason Keen don't sell a GX 290 with a P180 pump. With that being said, more RPM might increase the impeller speed and there for the water volume. Not sure on that one but you can remove the RPM governor on the GX200 and increase RPM from 3500 to about 5000 RPM. Just be aware that you need to replace the stock flywheel to an aftermarket one rated for the higher RPM also the intake springs need to be upgraded as well. https://affordablegokarts.com/pages/honda-gx160-gx200-gove
  15. That was no nugget, hell it was a flat thin flake. Really surprised the EQX got it. Found about four more even smaller! All on bedrock and just a slight waiver in the thresh hold, the one pictured actually zipped pretty good! Spring dredging didn't happen for me, Dad passed last month and I missed the low water flow. Hopping to still get in and give it a go this weekend. Looks like the water is dropping to 1000 cfs that's gonna be tough but I did sample my spot two weekends back and it looks promising so we'll see. If not I will move the dredge to a new spot that will be easy to dredge.
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