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  1. That was no nugget, hell it was a flat thin flake. Really surprised the EQX got it. Found about four more even smaller! All on bedrock and just a slight waiver in the thresh hold, the one pictured actually zipped pretty good! Spring dredging didn't happen for me, Dad passed last month and I missed the low water flow. Hopping to still get in and give it a go this weekend. Looks like the water is dropping to 1000 cfs that's gonna be tough but I did sample my spot two weekends back and it looks promising so we'll see. If not I will move the dredge to a new spot that will be easy to dredge. So far I really like the new EQX, I put my F19 and gold racer up for sell and we'll see about the Ecal. Looks like I may be down to the EQX and my GPX 5000? Really is cool I can use one machine to hit the beach for rings, hunt gold in the hills and hammer the parks for silver coins that by the way do not exist in Anchorage! Just ordered some Grey Ghost phones today for hunting wet locations. So I'll see about that soon. How about you, any dredging yet? Hey JW, No I ran it in 40KH figured the gold I would find was going to be small and I was short on time. But the next time I will. I have used it in gold mode at the park and at the beach and If the trash isn't to bad I really think it would be a killer on micro jewelry! I think I have about 15 hours or so on it but I can see it having the ability to be impressive in many different areas. Best of luck to you! SJM
  2. High Bear, ordered mine last Wendsday showed up Thursday. AMDS is slow😜 Whent up to the claim yesterday to check my dredge, water flow jumped overnight and blew my plans to dredge but I did tote the EQX along and got a short hunt in to check the prospecting mode. Not much for it biut was hitting some sub gram stuf in the 40 KH mode really well. Good luck.
  3. sjmpainter

    Mike And Steve All Metal Mode Podcast

    Well, just listened to my fist Pod Cast! Steve, I hope you get to do some more of those, reminded me of the old KENI talk shows, back in the day. Social media is fine but really lacks that personal bit that talk shows have. Maybe next time start a thread on the topic so we can ask questions and pick the most liked one to talk about on the show. Might be a bunch of fun for everyone.
  4. sjmpainter

    Why Dig Nickels?

    I was out doing some metal detecting looking for that fist elusive siver coin, I was at an older park that I felt may give me some luck on the older stuff. After a bit of no luck and not much of anything including junk, I hit a solid 58 VDI on my F19 and a short distance from that a second solid 58. Well knowing this to be a defiant nickel sign I dug them up. I like nickels anyway. Date on the first was 64 and the second was 54. Now I know that is not impressive to most but its getting to the age of silver and that is exciting for me. Before moving on I checked the spot and got a solid 47 VDI thought that was odd but it was really solid so I had to see what it was. Turns out to be a happy dance 12 Safire and 5 Diamonds at 10 KT..................... HH, SJM
  5. sjmpainter

    Problem With My Gold Racer???????

    If you have another coil to put on it, try that and see if helps. I bouggt a new small coil for mine and it sends my Racer into fits?
  6. Make sure to take a good picture of the content of your luggage! It is the best record if you have to make a claim.
  7. Good post Bryan, that retune seemed to fix my locking up issues👍 Really surprised Fisher left that out of the operation manual. I wonder what other tidbits are missing?
  8. sjmpainter

    Check This Out - Return Of The Willys Jeep!

    Way cool! Let me know when AMDS get the demo model in, we'll take it for a test ride
  9. You know, when I go out prospecting with a detector, I always take a small pan with me to check odd things like that for color. The gold may not be large enough to detect but may still have a large concentration of gold that can be worked other ways. I thought this video had some tundra in it but it kind of don't. If you haven't watched it yet give it a look its really interesting. http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3404-video-1949-alaska-gold-mining-bucketline-dredges-in-action/?tab=comments#comment-37905
  10. sjmpainter

    Equinox 800 Finds Gold Coin!

    So how many times over did that pay for your new detector? Congratulations, Bryan!
  11. LOL, sorry being a smart a$$ again. Yes, you can get gold from the Tundra. The problem is getting to it. Usually you have a lot of soggy overburden that is often frozen on the bottom.
  12. sjmpainter

    Excalibur At The Beach

    It is funny. Seems a bit silly to include that into my treasure hall, and there was a time I would have discarded them as garbage, but I actually earn a few hundred extra dollars a year scrapping or selling on Craigslist. Last year I sold about twice that amount on CL for a 100.00 and that has me thinking about the value of the minor stuff a bit more. 100.00 here 100.00 there and soon I have Enough for a new detector. It would be interesting to know if others save and sell odd finds or interesting ways to make extra profit from the hobby. HH SM
  13. Absolutely! Black Gold is mined all over the North Slope of Alaska. Also a lot of Nome and the Brooks Range are Tundra. Both are gold producing areas.
  14. sjmpainter

    Looking To Upgrade To Equinox 600/800

    Folks, if you don't have a local dealer or you don't feel your being taken care of give Brian and AMDS a shot, I can assure you will be well taken care of, not only during the purchase but after as well. That is something that is missing with a lot of online retailers. Don't forget they are waaaaay more than a detector shop, detectors, mining equipment and parts, diving suits and related gear as well as power sports, ATV's, snow machines, boats, really the inventory is huge and if they don't have it in stock they can order it, no matter how obscure it is. That is the nice thing in dealing with a supplier that not only sells but is passionate and active in the game we play. I bought my fist snow machine from AMDS 22 years ago and been happy ever since! THANKS!
  15. sjmpainter

    Excalibur At The Beach

    Thanks Steve, not only do you deserve a vacation but I really like your post on surf detecting. They give me a lot of ideas on what to do to increase my success at the beach, plus they are fun to read. Yes, the lead was a bit much this trip. But the small 1/2 oz. weights sound really close to the large 14 kt. gold rings so I'm ok with digging them. Also, I would have thought the area I picked would have been heavily detected but with the lead and jewelry I found it wasn't as bad as I thought. The surf was really strong this year and I know I left two gold rings wedged in the cracks as the surf was too much for me to deal with. Next year I plan to bring a pry bar. I have some notes on the location of those and a few unknown potentials. I did have three ladies approach me to look for lost items, one lost her car keys but the other two lost their diamond wedding rings, the pictures of the rings where impressive. I did look a bit but the surf was too much for me and the search area they gave me was large. Might have to poke around those areas next trip. I did get a Fisher F-Pulse pin pointer to take this trip. My vision isn't the best and I thought that would speed up my recovery on the small stuff. those pull tabs are a pain for me to recover in the surf. I didn't have much time to test it out (figured I'd do that in Hawaii) and of course I got a lemon. Locked up on me every time I tried to use it. Had to pull the batteries every time to reset it. Oh the great joy of getting a fist run product! But on the flip side I learned you can get prescription goggles, next year I will be sporting a pair. We'll see how I do on finding change this year, if I get enough I might be sporting a Equinox next year!