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  1. Nope. The V3i is either one of the 3 frequencies, or one of two multi frequency options that both ran all 3 but with different signal processing. I'm not aware of any detector that allows you to choose the frequencies in multi frequency mode.
  2. Even a biased report would be better than nothing, especially if there is a video showing things like the audio on actual targets.
  3. I hope that some people who will actually evaluate it critically get one too, not just the Garrett only people.
  4. This is assuming that it performs comparatively to the minelabs though. Some actual field testing is required before that assumption can be made. I hope that it does perform at least as well as the minelabs, because then I have an excuse to get one 🙂
  5. Yes, it would make sense to have a waterproof high end version (maybe a gti replacement) come out in the relatively near future. Another high end multi-frequency metal detector apart from minelab and whites would be super interesting. Another unrelated thing that I'm curious about is how many, and which frequencies the multo mode uses.
  6. They specifically said that coils will not be interchangeable.
  7. Now that they have simultaneous multi frequency tech, I wonder how long until they make an actual top of the line detector to replace the GTI.
  8. Just said he expects $492 for the price with headphones. Garrett Ace Apex metal detector with Z-Lynk wireless headphones
  9. Curious as to how it will compare to the AT series. On paper it looks better in every way, so I wonder if an AT upgrade is coming soon?
  10. I don't see any mention of it being waterproof though, which is somewhat disappointing. Hopefully I just missed that.
  11. It's simultaneous multi frequency. This could be interesting. Garrett Ace Apex Data & Reviews Garrett Ace Apex multifrequency metal detector - new for 2020
  12. I remember a lot (relatively speaking) of talk about this detector from a few years ago, and then just silence. Has it actually been released yet?
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