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Best Detector For The Worst Case Scenario

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14 minutes ago, Dances With Doves said:

Do you guys think the   Garrett Infinium can handle bad ground as good as the Minelab PI's  since it is less sensitive then most of them or does  Minelab do something special  with the ground balance ?Also is thick black sand the hottest ground  there is?

In theory a detector that is turned off handles ground really well. I'd think you want to also pick items up at depth. :smile: The Infinium handles ground well enough, but is barely more powerful than a decent VLF. In fact I doubt an Infinium could keep up with an Equinox in all but the absolute worst ground.

Minelab has at least a twenty year lead on pulse induction ground balancing technology over the competition, and they leave something like the Infinium completely in the dust when it comes to performance. The ATX was a big step up from the Infinium, and it still lags behind the GPX 5000, let alone something like a GPZ 7000.

Black sand is a generic mining term for the mineral magnetite. Thick magnetite will shut most machines down completely, but in theory maghemite is worse.

You ask a lot of basic questions that you might want to study up on here.

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Thanks Gerry and Steve for really narrowing down the best options for gold detectors for myself and hopefully for many other prospectors.

Sounds like all a person needs nowadays is a select few detectors, mainly due the great technological advancements made from Minelab.

Wow! You can now have one multi frequency VLF detector that can handle relics, coins, shallow gold and disc. trash out fairly well- the Nox and a disc. PI that can handle deeper gold in moderate trash areas if using caution due to false signals- the GPX 5000 and in areas with very little trash one will most likely get by well using only one detector for all types of gold- the GPX 6000.😎


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