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  1. Hi Clive.Since we both hunt the same lake(Ontario) what is your favorite machine for this lake.I have 16 gold on 19 trips this year. 8 with the nox and 8 with the infinium with the 8''mono.
  2. I am glad they took Steve's advice.Also that is one cool looking coil.If they make one for the Nox that would be a big hit for many.I will get one for my AT gold.
  3. On a hot machine like the gold bug pro that would be a good coil to cover beaches and big fields.Would that work on the Bounty Hunter Time ranger pro since this machine is cheap?I have the clean sweep on my Tesoro bandito and it found me a 3/4 oz. 18k gold chain at the beach.It owes me nothing.That is all that my buddy uses on the beach and he has done good with it too . Being able to use it on a AT pro in the water would be good for fresh drop coverage at busy beaches .I would like to see a 18kz. version for the x-terra too. I have a At gold and have not used it in the water since I got the Nox.If they make a coil for the AT gold I would get one for sure since I hunt one beach in the water that is 1/2 mile wide and you can walk out about 800' from shore on normal years during the summer.Over 250 boats will anchor here in the summer on a Hot weekend day.They have to be past the 500' markers at this time from the shore.This lake has many rich people since it very expensive to have a dwelling on it and it is over 15 miles long and about a mile wide.The founder of Paychex and the owners of Wegmans have homes here.The owner of Paychex came to my dad personally and offered him to be a original investor in the company since they played cards together and he knew my dad had money to invest.Unfortunately my dad declined.Also I hear Robert Deniro has a home here too.
  4. Thanks Pimento. Well if they could do it I would like the 9'' plus a 6'' concentric. How many would buy one if the 6'' was the same price as the 6'' DD and the 9'' was the same price as the 11'' DD ? I have used the 9'' concentric in the shallows with the X-terra and it swings nicely in the water compared to the 11'' coil on the Nox.
  5. They have the coil molds for a 9'' coil from the X-terra which is a waterproof coil and one that I never broke the ears off.I have all 3 of the 9'' concentric coils for the X-terra and liked the 18kz the best because it was good on gold.Maybe this machine is like the T2 and can't handle a concentric coil.They also have a 6'' coil mold which would be nice for small gold if this machine could use a concentric coil.Could a concentric make this machine even better in iron?
  6. Hi Jeff.Did the X-terra handle your bad ground better then the Apex ?Also what X-terra coils did you like in your ground for rings and coins ?
  7. Metal detecting is local. You have a machine that is great in a certain place and on certain targets. You then take that machine to a different place and the machine now does much worse because of the ground or EMI. You have to find out what works for you in the places you hunt which is why many people have other machines. To me the Nox does the best in the many different places that I use it. A light machine could also cause you to have better results in a steep terrain because it causes less stress to your mind and body.
  8. Don't forget about the w quarters that have come out in the last few years.I got a couple from my buddy and my other friend finally got one in change.We have a new coin worth finding compared to ordinary clad.
  9. My biggest piece panning in western n.y.is 1.3 grains.I also have found a .6 grain piece and a couple .5 grain pieces.One guy in a creek about 7 miles from where I panned found a 1.6 gram piece with a dredge.I met a geologist from Buffalo who found a nice piece near there that he kept in his wallet. He found it by sifting a glacier deposit.
  10. A light well balanced rain proof nugget machine is all you need for most nugget hunting situations. I got a Gmx because I wanted the 6'' coil plus I don't nugget hunt and I wanted to be able to take it in the water for a few situations.I took it to a lake that had gravel sand brought in by the shore and it would over load. I had to go out about 50' before it would not overload on a 10 setting.In the hot area i put it at 6 so it would not overload.It did get a few coins plus 2 small clad stud earrings.I wonder if the Garrett overloads the same in hot ground ?
  11. At least now you can get 2 or 3 frequencies with one coil from Mars or Nel .Put a big coil from those 2 companies on a xterra and it is a depth monster from what I heard.I had a 7kz. tornado coil for a few hunts before it went bad on my x-terra 70 and to this date it gave me my deepest wheatie in the turf. I have found 90% of my turf gold with that machine.It sound a lot like my Nox so to me it still lives a bit in that machine.I never tried a 3kz. dd coil for that machine which is something I regret.I might get a 7'' 3kz. mars Lion coil for the fun of it since it's cheap.If I feel like spending more I might get a 13'' coil with more then 1 Frequency.
  12. Great info by all of you.The X-terra 705 had tracking offset over 10 years ago.A snake size coil in both concentric and in DD would be nice. Garrett has a 3 by 7 coil mold they used for the infinium.Steve did a report on that coil.My 4by 6 dd whites coil is not smooth like my concentric so i will get a snake coil for it. I need a epoxy coil for my GMX for the water.Simon you do need a snake coil for the terrain that you hunt with all those rocks.Also Steve should have the smallest nugget of the month award contest. I also bet that for every gold bug 2 that is sold today there are 100 24 k's sold.
  13. At least Whites( originally)went out of business with it's last machine being a home run.This machine will be a hit for Garrett because it's a great machine plus the way they will market it.My favorite tot lot machine by far.
  14. The Gmx 6'' coil is black and is the standard coil for that machine so that is probably why it is black since that is the coil it was made for.
  15. How good is the MX-7 and MX sport machines compared to the AT Pro?I heard that they can be really deep with the right coils.The MXT was a huge success.That would draw in many White followers if they could improve it even more by having 2 companies worth of tech added it and to it and say inspired by Whites and improved by Garrett.
  16. If you answer yes what type of hunting do you use it for.Also if you answer no what are your reason for not getting it.I have the Infinium and would get the ATX if it was in a different housing, did not have the cable rot problems I here of and was less then $1400.I here it gets about 4'' more then the infinium with the ground balance off on a nickel.
  17. Whats the smallest nugget you found with it?Is the 4by6 coil more sensitive then the 6'' coil for surface gold in mild ground? My 4by 6 coil gives me plenty of false signals and drifts a lot so I think I have a bad coil. My 6''coil is very stable.
  18. I would like them to put the ATX or TDI in a GMX housing since it uses 8 batteries and many would use it on the beach and in the water. They could probably use the infinium coil molds for these coils.It would weigh less then the ATX.
  19. A coil cover should have been included with the detector in my opinion.
  20. Did you go interstate 90 by Syracuse?You could stop off at the eastern end of Oneida lake and hunt its nice white sand beaches where many gold rings have been found in the water.I live by Rochester.
  21. Garrett does have a 3by6 coil mold they used for infinium dd coils.Could they use it to make a concentric?it is not fat too but is pretty thin.
  22. The 6'' coil is about 6.5 '' so to me it's a big little coil since I consider a small coil to be under 7''. It will make your 5'' gold bug pro coil seem very small compared to it.A 3'' by 6 concentric coil would be amazing for really small gold in good ground if somebody would make it and would get between the rocks nicely.
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