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15 hours ago, klunker said:

Any post by Strick or Sourdough Scott on this topic which mentions my name is not to be believed.

I鈥檒l have you covered this time...I鈥檓 bringing extra Gpz batteries lol


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3 hours ago, Jim_Alaska said:

聽Twice I have left home, got halfway there and realized my teeth were still at home. Nothing left but turn to back and get them.

I do that ALL the time....lol聽 It's to the point now where IDGAF and just go.聽 I've also walked into the bathroom and just mindlessly look around wondering why I came in here?聽 I wear dentures so don't brush teeth, wasn't going to bathe, so what else would I be doing in the bathroom?????聽 lets see...hmmm, maybe to pee...lol

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Left my boots by the door, wore my crocs with socks on, was planning to change into the boots with socks.

Socks and open toes with stickers is a no go, must remove socks.

Remembered my snake chaps but looked really odd with no socks crocs and snake gaurdz on...haha

It happens, better than forgetting the battery馃檭


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