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  1. Yea been watching them for a while now...she is quick to find the target as she is a skilled gold detectorist...might need some help on the beach however ๐Ÿ™‚ strick
  2. The question then is if a man canโ€™t find gold then what is he ? Because Iโ€™m in the same boat as Flax ๐Ÿ™‚ strick
  3. Hey Clark I Noticed the same thing about mine with the 11 inch coil...first time I had it out it ran fine...second time couple weeks later I had it out it was really acting up...the slightest bump would sound it off.... if I even lightly pressed the coil down on the ground it would sound off...if I ever so slightly bumped the coil wire it would sound off... got me to wondering if the 11 inch coil was defective...the next day different ground it purred like a kitten....I did run it in Auto plus mostly the next day...where as the day before I was mostly in manual...I'm thinking these machines are just super sensitive...Merton says it has cheap electronics in it lol...maybe he's right? strick
  4. The only tool I carry is my digger and there is a slot for it on the inside if you want to use that.....the carrot fits just fine it's not coming out of there and never has because it sits perfectly in my opinion. the mesh on the bottom is really strong..I usually just drop my leshe in there and was always worried that I would break it but never have. Have always had the ones with the belt built in so I'm gonna try this one and get a good battle belt for it. strick
  5. Y'all made me go buy another relic elite for back up. Best pouch made. Given 3 to buddies as gifts...they have one now that you can add your own belt. Strick
  6. I just don't understand all this talk about coil ear breakage...I have one of the first Equinox's made in-fact I have two of them...I have every coil available...hunt in water... brush...rocks...use it as a crutch to help me up off the ground and still have yet to break a coil ear and I've used the machine like a 1000 hours or more..so wtf? Those Detect eds washers are not what they are not all that good...I've bought them and they are loose...I recommend original minelab washers and original minelab lower shaft...and stop over tightening your coils like a rough handed buffoon...lol ๐Ÿ™‚ now watch I'll break a coil next time I'm out... strick
  7. Nice work there Nox I had a dream last you were gonna find some gold finally...not really but I'm glad you did anyways ๐Ÿ™‚ with your effort it had to happen and I'll bet there is more to come soon. Were getting ready for a wedding here at my place so no time to hunt till the end of the month... strick
  8. Like Prunt I may have to buy a detector to fit the coil...I'm taking it that it will not work on a CTX...I recently bought a big foot for my TDI pro...it's almost un fair to hunt with it...laser pin pointing with the tip of the coil. strick
  9. Peg beat me to it.... thin gold chain with a small bail and give it to a special lady strick
  10. I think the SDC will continue to be a great seller for a long time due to the facts already mentioned about it's compactness ease of use and ability to effectively handle mineralized ground...the main reason the guy that bought mine was because he could throw it into his back pack. in 2014 I went on my last hunting trip...myself and two of my buddies back pack into a remote area in the Trinity Alps... it was a ritual we had been doing for close to 20 years...I threw the 2300 in my back pack and did not tell them I was loosing interest in deer hunting and would mainly be looking for gold...I wish I had a picture of them when we were un packing at our base camp when they watched my take the 2300 out of the pack. strick
  11. Great story thanks for taking us along..perseverance put you in those "right spots at the right time" strick
  12. Sorry about your troubles with the new machine. That stinks. Strick
  13. I sold my 2300 to help fund the 6000 purchase so my only observation was watching its new owner drive off with it ๐Ÿ™‚ seriously I think running the 2300 was easier but the 6000 hits hard on any small metal target where as the 2300 would let you know its there... strick
  14. I will add that it is corroded like a v nickel would look over time depending in the ground it is very hard to find a v nickel in good shape...nice find either way strick
  15. Or a used 2300...compact...simple to use...great on the ground you live. You should be able to find one for close to your budget. Strick
  16. Nice work Joe and I'm glad your foot is feeling better..those nails are kinda weird looking with the belly in the middle of them...looking forward to more of your finds! strick
  17. I prefer good quality headphones. The original Nox 800 wireless headphones still work fine and I think they are good quality. Iโ€™m using a new pair now and keep the originals as back up. For the water I have Tonyโ€™s as well. Using the supplied headphones for the 6000 this weekend they seem to let a lot of external noise in from rubbing and scraping the coil on the ground and brush...having headphones that completely go over the ears would eliminate that. Nugget hunting is different then coin and jewelry hunting and for me Iโ€™d rather just concentrate on the humming of the threshold without external noise disturbances...itโ€™s impossible to make everyone happy as people are very picky with their hearing preferences.. I prefer to go wireless if possible strick
  18. I bit the hook and answered the poll...but as I circle the bait once again my inquiring mind wants to know why minelab cares? are they actually considering making better quality head phones/wireless devices for their machines or are they considering doing away with the included wireless headphones entirely with their metal detectors and making them an accessory option from now on? ....after all they are a business and want low cost with max profit ratios and if they find that enough users wont even bother to use the provided wireless head phones why include them? They have already seen how much money they can save by not including an owners manual with their machines...Just a thought...what are they thinking now? ๐Ÿ™‚ strick
  19. This deal sounds like one of those win win situation to me. Good luck strick
  20. Someone mentioned long ago that field 2 hit the deepest and I found it to be true testing myself at home. Also the sounds are more modulated or tamed should I say in mineralized ground then the park modes...Iโ€™ve used field 2 the most for relic and park hunting because like you the tones are sweet to my ear. Iโ€™ve found park 2 to be more sensitive to tiny objects then field 2. I found two small gold rush era buttons a few weekends ago using park 2 in a small area that had been pounded with the Deus and nox in field 2... Gold chains are another thing. I got a very thin 14k gold chain on a water hunt the other day by luck while I was digging another target. The chain is a little over 3 grams and the Nox will hear it as a 1 in park 2 no problem up to a couple inches... but put the Nox in gold mode and it sings away up to 6 to 8 inches no problem. If I were to get serious about micro jewelry the gold modes would be the ticket it seems. Strick
  21. Golly you ever hear of leaving some for the next guy ๐Ÿ™‚ nice shooting there! Strick
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