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  1. Dog- I'll tell the wife about your recipe as she des mostly all the cooking. Rock- I was afraid there would be a million shotgun caps but only a couple deep ones I could hear....had I to go into the blind to search might have been a different out come. strick
  2. I think I got a lifetime pass. They keep asking me if I want to go out...I don’t like getting up at 4am for a duck any more...been there done that...I was out there last summer helping put in a new flood gate to one of the culverts that feed the club..just to hang out...lots of money to keep a club going like that. They do get some grants from the state once in a while but lots of red tape... thanks fellas for the comments. strick
  3. I got a call the other day from a very dear friend of mine. We go back over 30 years. He's part owner of a 500 acre duck club here in the Delta. Mike who is the head honcho of the club was brushing a couple of the blinds as duck season is only a few weeks away. At some point he noticed his wedding ring was missing. Frantic he searched all over for it but you know how that goes. I was able to get out there yesterday...4 days after the fact. They drive me out in the side by side to one of the two spots that it could have been lost. Turn on the detector do a quick noise cancel then ground balance and start making my way around the outside of the blind. Took about 4 minutes to locate the ring a solid 14 on the Nox. The best and funniest part was when Mike yelled out "I cant believe you found it" Then my buddy gets all excited and tells him "you see I told you he knows what he's doing" lol Mike sends his wife of over 40 years the picture of the ring and boy did she sound happy. I found out afterwards that he had someone else out there with a detector right after he lost it but no luck. I can see how some of you ring finders get a kick out of this stuff...sorry for the crappy photos my friend needs a better phone lol strick
  4. Yo Dog... nice work! I was just getting ready to say that but you beat me to it. Thanks for posting a great find. strick
  5. I’ll have you covered this time...I’m bringing extra Gpz batteries lol strick
  6. Book a training with Gerry and you can get your foot in the door at least that will get you started. strick
  7. I did read somewhere that someone had sent their Nox in due to flooding and minelab told them that the leakage occurred around the shaft and into the battery compartment. They were blaming it and others on the after market shafts allowing water to get into the battery compartment (possibly too thick a shaft)...take it with a grain of salt as here say... I have an after market shaft with no problems. strick
  8. Sorry fellas I don’t see a problem here...guy posts a video...couple guys critique it then a couple guys get all bent out of shape because of it? The teacher is not always right. Hurt feelings ? Please...this is the internet not a day care center. Strick
  9. It leads one to think doesn't it? It was said earlier there is not enough heat for the charger to create cracks...One thing that is not a constant in the equation is that the Nox does not come with a charger.....we all have to supply our own charger. could the charger he is using be the problem? Are we sure that it is not a temperature related problem? another thing to consider...could water ingress into the battery compartment create the extra heat to crack the charging port...maybe the charging port is not actually where the water ingress occurred but a after fact of trying to charge the detector that has been flooded....just thinking out loud here. strick
  10. Seriously check the brand specific forums here is the latest where the say in the last post it will be available soon... strick
  11. I heard they are waiting for the price of gold to go up. strick
  12. like that sandy looking Florida soil...must be easy digging? nice work and stay safe...got a friend with a nice home on one of the barrier Islands near Placidia looks like it might be a direct hit...I guess we'll see what happens. strick
  13. I could see me breaking that thing in about 2 hunts lol....whats the purpose of it anyways? you guys are talking about discing out iron? Is that what makes it unique? also it adds weight to the detector....I love their headphones and their beach pouch's..good stuff. strick
  14. Steve- I’m all in on this one like a drunken sailor in a brothel I can’t wait to get my hands on one lol. I’ve been waiting for a faster ctx for a long time ...anything that will help me disc out bottle caps..:) strick
  15. No cracks...one of the first ones made and use it in the water all the time....got lucky I guess strick
  16. Nice stuff bro thanks for sharing....I like finding things that can be useful such as that... strick
  17. Unless they have done something different with the manticore then I doubt that will be the case...at least with the ctx target trace is a round blob on both pull tabs and coins... Strick
  18. Believe me the thought crossed my mind...storms don't come around here too often... I could have cut work on Monday...but thought better of it...The day job still pays better than the beach lol but not as fun. Tip never piss of a women with a horse.... strick
  19. Yea and then to loose it right away...a matching ring I found a few years ago... strick
  20. I figured you guys were in Gig territory when I seen the hotels.....you ever run into him over there? strick
  21. When you said grand kids I pictured a couple little guys lol one of them even has a beard 😃 My best memories as a kid were with my grandfather...he took me fishing all the time and was a big influence upon me. Thanks for sharing...lots of country to cover over there. strick
  22. We had a storm come through N Calif over the weekend. The winds were SE and I had a great spot in mind but had to work Mon and Tues...Yesterday my first appt was at 12:30 so I figured I could get at least 2 and a half hours in.... when I got to the beach it was pretty much what I expected it was about 2/3 sanded back in but the storm 3 days earlier had done its job and there were still lots of targets. I hate to leave a target rich environment that’s exactly what happened as I only hunted from 8:30 till 11:00. The bracelet is stamped 14 k and is 5.4 grams. Equinox 800 field 2 5 tones ground tracking on Fe0 Fe2 0 Coiltex 10x5 strick
  23. I’m not seeing how the target trace would really work for gold nugget detecting...what’s going to happen when there are tiny hot rocks everywhere with mixed in bird shot? Does the screen show 10 black dots floating around all over the place? Pick the one closest to the middle? Yea seems like they have skipped over the gold mode function deliberately for some reason. Strick
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