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  1. They have no problems throwing away the real ones either all you have to do is piss them off just right... strick
  2. Denny I'm feeling kinda ripped off myself and all I paid for it was the $6 parking fee! strick
  3. I pop off the remote take out the lower shaft and set the headphones coil and remote all near each other when charging been doing it this way for years with the Deus 1 as well. On another note me detector came with the missing infamous screw under the handle. Anyone know what size it is ? strick
  4. The aluminum handle scoops will turn your hands dark so you will want to wear gloves. I bought my wife one when we first started but now it just sits as she would rather use my light weight starve with carbon fiber handle which is my favorite scoop. I agree with getting a smaller scoop . Strick
  5. So I bought the orange clip a while ago and could not get it to fit the machine properly...I only messed with it a few minutes so I gotta try it again... strick
  6. Cal the spot will be sanded in by the time I get back there...unless the wind picks up again. The high winds and the direction they were blowing are what I have to thank for a good hunt. Many times I've hunted there and not found one ring. Also there have been more depositors due to the time of year we are approaching. Swimming holes are a little different there are some good ones up near you for sure. Good luck! strick
  7. I dont trust any of them..this jeweler I went to I've had repair things for me and he is ok for that but I bought a gold ring for my mom on mothers day once from him that he tried to pass off as 14k when it was stamped 10k lol. He did say everything was real except for the center stone about 2 carets... he said it would have been a 16K ring with a high quality diamond. After he looked at it he tried to sell me a diamond for it πŸ™‚ strick
  8. Yes I tested it at home...acid tests to 18k. The ring jumps between 16-17 VID on the Nox in Field 2. strick
  9. GB- yea I thought I had more coins then that in the pouch...but way more sinkers they usual. Lots of bottle caps at that beach the corroded ones give a nice solid 10-11 until they are out of the hole. F2 at the 3 setting helped. I don't disk anything out while hunting the beach...I may pass on a few zinc pennys when and did when I would get into a cluster of them. I tumbled the silver rings for a couple hours to pretty them up for the pic. strick
  10. jasong- yea its like going to a spa compared to gold nugget hunting....imagine digging in buttery soft sand most of the time...It's kinda nice to mix things up once in a while.... only problem then is you need more detectors lol. I don't know what the rings worth...wife says I need to sell some of this stuff.... https://www.cirellijewelers.com/products/a-jaffe-artistic-diamond-braided-engagement-ring-mes283-38 strick
  11. Head for the beach. We had some high winds last week and I got to thinking that I should do something different. The boss said it was ok to take off work early on Friday so instead of a pick I loaded the beach scoop into the back of the truck...when I got to the spot it looked like there had been 6 feet of sand removed from the area. Nice steep slope...targets everywhere and I had it all to myself. It was a good hunt. 4 silver rings, one junk tungsten, and the find of the day was the 18 k engagement A JAFFE ring...Its a real beauty in person...but mother grundy has a way of playing cruel tricks on us sometimes...the center stone does not test positive.. Who in the bleep buys a beautiful 18k engagement ring covered in real diamonds and then puts a fake in the middle? I even brought it to the jeweler today just to make sure...his reply "No Luck" lol. So that the way it goes... but I'll take it anyways...it's way too big to fit the wife but she has already laid claim to the silver ring with the red colored stone. Equinox 800/ field 2/coiltek 10x5 Happy hunting... strick
  12. I would leave that Hodan pick alone...maybe put one on the end handle instead. They are a real nice well balanced pick I still got one that I bought for the wife. I lost my long handled one off the back of my buds side by side couple years ago. Just buy the Apex with the magnets already attached. They are bullet proof the magnets wont fall out..... you would have to do something foolish to break the Apex pick. The Hodan on the other hand is more fragile and easy to break. Putting more weight up front on that pick would be like changing the smile on the Mona Lisa πŸ™‚ strick
  13. Yep when people ask me who makes the best detectors the answer is simple. Like it or not....Minelab strick
  14. Looking at all those finds I'd say you did as good or better then any of us would have at that spot. Nice hunt and thanks for sharing. strick
  15. A while back while on a prospecting trip with a buddy I told him the 6K was finding gold the size of #9 bird shot easily. When I got home I found a #8 shot shell and opened it up to compare as I did not have any #9 shot shells. To my surprise the size varied substantially of the pellets in the #8 shell. I've nothing new to add here but this πŸ™‚
  16. Rock- so I got 6 trees. One Hass, two Lamb/hass one bacon one Mexicali and one I forget what it is. If you buy them small they take 4-5 years before you get any real fruit. I like the lamb hass cross the best the avocados are large tasty and produce the most. I got to be more careful because last season I had a branch break off my best tree...it had 72 avocados on it! They can be hard to see because the leaves hide them. Not letting that happen again. On the ctx I would wait till this Fall and see what Minelab is up to. Strick
  17. 350 I don’t have a clue what the triangular things are I’m just trying to keep up with you on the relic posts lol. The CTX is a killer machine despite what Chase thinks 😁 strick
  18. I was eager to hit the spot after a long work week. Saturday morning early I showed up only to find three trucks with trailers and about 8 people rounding up all the cattle to move them out. There is no feed left and the previous times I was there the cattle just ignored my truck which was a good indication that they were not being fed. Even so they all looked to be in great shape. For cattle ranchers now is a tough time due to drought as feed prices are extremely high they have to decided what to sell and what to keep and move to other areas. At any rate I decided to abort the mission as they were parked right on top of where I was finding everything lol. I decided to be responsible and go back home and do some yard work πŸ™‚ Sunday morning I was right back again to give it another good sweeping. I left the Deus 2 in the truck. I wanted to see what the other detectors could find. The Equinox with the elliptical coil got a couple things but my old trusty CTX 3030 still impresses me after all these years... It's so good on deep high conductors...even in nails if you just move slowly along...I was using one of my favorite programs for relic hunting "Gone Huntings Combined mode" ...the watch fob was the find of the morning for me...the CTX called it a 13.45 with the target trace giving me a nice solid red dot on the screen the kind of signal you dream of in a good relic spot. I was hoping for a seated quarter but was not disappointed when the fob popped out...it was at least 8 inches deep. Also got my 3rd shoe insert at this spot...this guy must have had some serious foot problems....By noon it was getting hot so off I went back home to cool off. More yard work and my avocado trees have lots of baby avocados. We had more lady bugs this year the I have ever seen. strick
  19. Weird finds like that always leave you to thinking. I remember the first time I found a 45 cal bullet in one of the parks I hunt...I thought maybe I found the missing link of a crime scene...should I turn it in to the police? Now years past I cant remember how many bullets I've found in parks and school grounds around where I live...they just go in the garbage can...but that straight jacket buckle I would keep. πŸ™‚ strick
  20. Just skimmed over it again...it is a mix of everything related to coils, marketing and engineering. In particular Geof's replies are well appreciated. If I was a coil manufacturer my head would be spinning from all the requests...maybe a flow chart would make it easier to understand who wants what types of coils for where. And Minelab...clever as they are... tip toeing around what detector to build next while being careful not to build a coil or let anyone else build a coil that will effect the sales of the precious 7000. strick
  21. Nice quarter beautiful scenery. I left the Deus 2 in the truck yesterday as well... strick
  22. Nice work...good to hear that the folks that own the place are so nice. looking forward to more. strick
  23. Better start doing it we might loose some of Simons posts πŸ˜„ strick
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