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  1. swung Tesoro for 22yrs then bought an Etrac and trash/treasure ratio did a complete 180......
  2. Is that the bridge going into Memphis...?????
  3. Boy...that reminded me of something. Back in my coin shooting days I dug one of those with the rusty razorblade and luckily didn't slice my fingers digging it out. BE CAREFUL guys........
  4. Thankful for the 2022 season with my beloved Goldmonster....4.177ozt. Most thankful for being invited back once again for the upcoming 2023 season!!!!!!!
  5. Hell.... the BEST tecting vids from Australia came from General Hercules!!!! But of course apparently some "snowflakes" at youtube didn't care for his language or whatever as I haven't seen any General Hercules vids in years? Recently someone was whining about seeing a cigarette in a tecting vid.... World turning into bunch of girly men.....
  6. I don't know, I detect and that's it, really don't know the how's and whys things do or don't work? It has always been my belief as far as the 6 is concerned that your locations may play a big part in how that machine acts? Just a gut feeling....
  7. I've probably talked to more people that have had no issues with planes than those that do? No cell service near my diggings and I also don't own a cell phone. No trains or electric fences here either and I doubt there's any TV transmitters, pretty remote? I'm probably 400ft above the canyon floor on side of the mountain. Anyways.... kinda curious about the "fix" but that's all because I no longer have to deal with it. Once again...not bashing the 6 at all, quite impressive, just not the machine for me. I'm a MONSTER MAN....lmao!
  8. I used the 6 without headphones, with corded headphones and the bluetooth. Like I said above, trying to figure why the fits had me all over the map and the only thing I can say for certain is that 75%(?) of the aircraft overhead would cause some fits. I've had the 6 run smooth threshold most the day both with and without headphones. Some days not many planes, some days up to 25 passed over? Never ever paid any attention to aircraft....until I got the 6. My time is limited and I need a machine that'll go straight to work without any BS so I sold it. Took a $1100 hit but also dug close to an ounce with it so no biggy? The 6 is just a little too high strung plus I don't hunt much with PI's anyways because of the trash aspect but keep the SDC for the times I want/need a PI.....it doesn't give any "fits", just works! Not sorry I parted ways with it at all, just don't need the little aggravations that go along with that machine (imo)..... I hunt on side a mountain in steep ground above the canyon and I often wondered if the terrain might act like a funnel as far as the airplane emi...???
  9. I'm in the same camp as Norvic. I got one of the first 6's to hit the US. Noticed all the little fits right from the start. Tried to figure what was causing the fits and reading on the forum from others with a 6 and their issues. I went from thinking it was a loose cable at the powerhead, detecting wet clay, the speaker, fits in the morning hours, then thought using the headphones stopped the fits, and aircraft, etc.? Anyways, I was all over the map on what caused the fits and in the end before I sold the machine the ONLY thing I could definitely say that I KNOW caused fits in my areas and my 6 was aircraft overhead. There may be other factors also but aircraft was my biggest emi issue. I could literally listen to my machine start a fit, then get worse and as I watch the jet slowly leave my airspace the machine would start to settle down and once jet was gone machine back to normal smooth threshold then continue hunt. Towards the end of my owning/using the 6 it got to where I'd rarely waste my time doing noise cancels, they never seemed to help. Machine starts a little fit, I'd start looking for the aircraft, spot the aircraft, set machine on the ground, light up a smoke, let machine go wacko, watch plane leave, machine settles back down then continue hunt. The machine definitely impressed me several times but I got kinda frustrated losing 15min time every hunt, it adds up! The 6 I had, even with a few fits, is nothing a guy couldn't get used to or work around and it is impressive at what it can do, just a little annoying at times. The man I sold it to is doing great with it here in MT. and getting lots of gold. I ask him about emi issues and he says a few fits now and then but just works around them and very happy with the 6. In my opinion the 6 is just a super high strung sob, nature of the beast type deal, learn to work around it's faults and reap the rewards of it's strengths...... Been watching to see if the "fix" really is a fix. Personally think the 6 is just a high strung sob, we'll see?????
  10. A guy seems to focus on the gold often forgetting the old timers mining had a few coins they lose once in awhile. In my short gold detecting I've popped an 1881 IH, 1905,1896 V's, and some miners in same area showed me a seated half that came thru their large production trommel....in good shape ta boot!
  11. pffffffft.... Can't smoke in bars, restaraunts, city parks, county parks, hospital grounds, jail, and on and on. Now add out in the brush. Always a whiner that doesn't like someone smoking. Smoke away Reese, out in the brush is the last place we got...just be careful AS WE ALWAYS ARE......
  12. Got it and thanx... was just curious if it was one and the same? He was talking pyrite then.
  13. Would that be the same as what we normally call pyrite? Reason I ask is because I was talking with one of the co. geo's and he'd mentioned something about the veins in our area with gold always have pyrite along with the gold. Pretty sure he said always....and mentioned they get pretty excited when pyrite shows up. I forget shit too so I could have misunderstood.....
  14. Not sure what happened there either??? Been somewhat watching this Axiom story unfold and the hot rock part of the vid did it no justice?
  15. Phrunt.... maybe take JW's sdc out for a couple days.....can't be any worse than swinging that 7000. see what you think? I actually don't use a PI much but REALLY do enjoy hunting with a threshold. With that said tho....the junk wastes too much of my precious time using a PI so if I can't use it along with the Monster for PP'ing/discrimination to speed up the process I won't use it. That all depends on how steep and brushy the ground is (most all of it). I do use it along with the Monster almost always when hunting roads marking targets, chase with the Monster. Monster still my go-to machine and if I ever lost it you might as well castrate me and bury me now as that Monster is a part of me....lol
  16. I've actually been quite surprised several times on just how small of bits the SDC is capable of. The real beauty is how it handles any hot ground/rocks IN MY AREA(s) and it's also built like a battleship, handles like one too...lol. The SDC ain't gonna give you any "fits", turn it on, let it do it's thing, and start hunting. It doesn't give a shit about emi, aircraft, being set down on ground or what position the coil is in, doesn't care about speaker issues or being sent in for the recent fix, etc. It just does what it's supposed to do all day long. Drawbacks would be weight, weak speaker, ergonomics and not a depth demon. You say you like your 6 but constantly whine about all it's current issues? Those "issues" won't be there with the SDC, you'd have the ones I mentioned above and may have to put a peice of cardboard in between the top 2 batteries...lol. Anyways...the only reason I'm jumping on you is that I get the impression that because your bud JD doesn't like the SDC that you've kinda taken a dislike to it because of his feelings towards it...???? The only reason I have a PI is to quiet down hot ground/rocks and the SDC does that very nicely imo.... I don't like PI's in general because of the trash aspect but I do want one that'll go straight to WORK without any bs emi crap or having to baby the thing because of the price and how flimsy it was built. Once again I liked my 6 in between "fits" and was impressed with it but in the end the machine aggravated me just enough because it's so high strung that we parted ways. There's always trade-offs. Again Mr. phrunt...not trying to start a pissing match or machine debate but I have noticed from your previous posts that you don't care for the SDC. IMO the SDC has some real strong points you just might actually like? PS....now that I wrote all that and maybe pissed you off in the process, I just remembered that you say your ground is very mild so all the above probably moot?....lmao PSS...I heard the .077 on the vid and would have dug it.....
  17. Was just having a little fun poking some fun at ya. didn't mean anything by it
  18. That's a sweetie of a seatie and good shape too! I've got a seated half and some seated dimes but that seated quarter has eluded me...... Good job!!!!!
  19. I do that ALL the time....lol It's to the point now where IDGAF and just go. I've also walked into the bathroom and just mindlessly look around wondering why I came in here? I wear dentures so don't brush teeth, wasn't going to bathe, so what else would I be doing in the bathroom????? lets see...hmmm, maybe to pee...lol
  20. So this morn I jump in the PU, batteries, coffee, coffee cup, gold vile, lunch, smokes, lighter, glasses, full tank...all good to go! Get 3/4 of the way to my diggings and realize I'm still wearing my f'n slippers! Almost turned around but thought WTF lets give it a shot?...lol. Pulled it off and dig 10-12 (?) itty bitties but it sure wasn't smooth going. If you have dementia creeping in don't forget to check your footwear BEFORE you leave the shack.....
  21. If anybody is interested.... Just got off Provident Metals site and also Golden State Mint site. Appears provident now has plenty 1ozt. coins but Golden State is still only filling previous orders on the 1ozt. coins...didn't check anything other than the 1ozt. coins.....
  22. Ditto.... I think of Australia as flat to gentle ground, poisonous snakes, and a bunch of F'n pesky flies... Thanks for showing me there's much more to your country! Beautiful.....
  23. The story on the battery... The old cougar is apparently getting dementia, and few other issues...lol Being a creature of habit at the end of the digging day once I come off the hill I stop and pour a big cup of coffee. By the time I get home the cup is empty and before I get out of the PU my gold vile, cigarette case, lighter, and battery from the Monster go into the cup then head into the shack. This time I didn't finish all the coffee and dementia me soaked that battery in half a cup of coffee and ruined it. One of the MANY little things I'm noticing about getting old. Used to be a time where you had to get up real early in the morning to trick the old cougar...not any more...... That's the straight poop, raining today all day (we need it), so I'll only lose a couple days. Thanks once again and appreciate the fast action Gerry....
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