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  1. Never thought I'd be finding nuggs in December, a first for me! Prospected a new spot for 3.5hrs yesterday and spot looks promising! I'll be all over it next season. Goldmonster got these......... 2.4g
  2. Nice pics Reese! Believe it or not, I got out today! I'll post em up tomorrow......
  3. buddy of mine had a claim he was dredging over near Twisp, not too far from Republic. Don't know if any detectable gold in area but you might take a look at Mylandmatters and check for claim activity in Twisp or any other areas you may be interested in? It's a start....
  4. gerry... I was thinking about the one in that vid that you found with the Bug, think you also had it next to a $100 bill maybe? Either way, the tater above is also pretty impressive!!!!! Just lay down on your back, stick spud in your mouth and take that selfie.....? lmao! (we'll see if he takes the bait)
  5. dare you to try and put that potatoe nuggy you found with your Bug in your mouth....lol Come on...you can do it....!!!!!
  6. I was really fighting with mine in the beginning. Read a few posts about the external speaker possibly causing some emi type issues? Started using both wired and the supplied wireless phones and the machine settled down considerably..... It's just a wild sensitive sob but very effective and good at what it can do..... jmo
  7. Had my SDC out for the first time this season (2 nuggs) since I got the 6000 this spring. Unfortunately the first trip out was also my last hunt this season. Had a blast with the SDC and as usual it ran nice and smooth, doesn't go nuts when jets fly over or when you set it down, don't have to noise cancel constantly, etc. I'd forgotten how nice it was to hear a nice constant stable threshold...? I run the 5x10 Coiltek and that makes the SDC handle a bit better and easier to PP with. Don't get me wrong as I love the 6000 and have seen what it's capable of but it seems I'm always fighting with the wild beast in some sort of way? It's got me deeper gold and a few nuggs (exactly 100 now for the 6000) but it was really nice to bust out the SDC and just enjoy the hunt without noise cancels, emi swings, threshold swings, etc. Had my SDC up for sale awhile back but I think I'll hang on to it for those days that my brain just doesn't feel up to a wild day with the 6 but more of an enjoyable relaxing casual hunt. It was really nice to use it again. You'll like that SDC, especially in hot ground, built like a battleship, somewhat ill handling and lacks a little bit in depth, gets the tiny gold, simple machine. External speaker isn't very loud so you'll want to keep headphones handy if it's windy out. The 10x5 coiltek is a real nice addition although spendy.... jmo's
  8. it was that thread you posted above Steve that inspired me. I just had no idea the eq800 and Monster rods were interchangable at the time I read through it.... good stuff!
  9. just gave these guys (detector experts) a shot on these rods...we'll see????? https://www.amazon.com/Minelab-Shaft-Equinox-Detectors-3011-0400/dp/B07QY29RP7/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  10. stumbled onto a thread all about adjustable rods for the EQ800 that inspired me to search for an adjustable for the Monster. Had no luck searching this forum and also the interweb, all I came up with was Doc's rod which doesn't interest me for my needs. need something like the stock Minelab rod on the 6000 or very similar? Any ideas or links....? Thanks!
  11. Mine has been fine so far (knock on wood)......one of the first out once the dealers finally got their orders shipped to them
  12. Your comment reminded me of my very first season chasing gold the old fashioned, back breaking, cold, wet, and physically hard way to find the elusive flakes. Digging, classifying, sluicing and panning is HARD work. When I think back about my first season, I think of the day I took this pic and why I'm happy the Forest Service drove me to detect for gold because of all their BS on the creek claim I was working at that time. The day I took this pic was just before I'd managed to fell in the creek and got a left leg wader full of water and of course I had no change of clothes. Fortunately I was only five miles (45 min.) from the PU and weather wasn't that cold by Montana standards. It was a cold ride out and miserable. Thanks for reminding me of the miserable day 5 yrs ago (pic)! Yesterdays hunt was a cake walk compared to how I did things in the beginning....
  13. Weatherman claimed sunny and 50 degrees today so last night I charged batts and dug all my crap out to get ready for todays hunt! Grabbed the 2300 and the Monster and headed out this morn, 24 degrees when I left the shack. I get to the area I figured should have little if any snow...but NOOOOO. Had to use 4WD, trees across road from previous windstorm so had to hike in, couple inches snow with a few bare spots. Sun never did cut through the fog and hands/feet got real cold. Managed to pop 3 littles (.9g) so actually had a good day considering. SDC got 2 and the Monster got one. Glad I got out even though anyone with half a brain would have stayed home....lol Had a great season and best part is property owners have invited me back for next season. This is the last of them for this season...I'm done!!
  14. yeah....'65-'70 are 40% silver. The '70 is a fairly rare one also so keep that in mind when you decide to unload em
  15. That was one of the most enjoyable vids I've seen in a long time.... Really helps some of us get thru the winter. thanks!
  16. all I can add regarding the 2300 battery question is the older c cell batts style has a reputation for making bad connection at times. Simple solution given to me by Rob (robs detectors) and others is to cut a small piece of cardboard about 1" x 1" and just slip in between the 2 top batteries before you close the lid. Simple solution and I haven't had any "bad connection" issues ever since...works great! So imo the battery new versus old version isn't any issue at all.....
  17. The Alaska nugget is no longer up for sale....I bought it
  18. you are not alone. I've got exactly 100 nuggs with the 6 and still struggle with PPing. From the looks of the scrape marks on coil from your scoop...it looks like you've figured out the coil edge is the sensitive area. I do like Northeast does and once I find a target I back up, sneak up slowly on target, make mental note, do same from 90 degrees....and STILL HAVE TROUBLE....lol. Time is valuable to me so when using the 6 if the ground isn't too steep or brushy I'll take along the Monster to speed up PPing. Using the 6 I'll mark 6-8 targets with bright pink markers, set the 6 down and chase those targets down with the Monster. Can't always do that but if you can it'll really free up some valuable time.... at least for me it does.
  19. and also many different times, speeds, different machine(s), and a different frame of mind sometimes changes things up...imo
  20. Not related to the 7 but like above....with my 6 I also dug a 4.2g at 13"...no problem, good, faint and repeatable.
  21. Shutting it down for this season. During winter I routinely charge up my tector batteries once a week or so for the 6-7 months until spring. Question.....is this the right thing to do? What happens to battery life if I don't keep them charged up? Also curious if I need to keep the wireless ML phones charged regularly and what happens if I don't...??? Thanks for the input.....
  22. Once again....I'm no tech guy and anything I say please take with a grain....just my experience and what I think? I have a love hate thingy with the 6 because it's soooo wild and I'm not a big fan of PI's in general. Taking the hobby somewhat serious I do know that to cover all bases I NEED a PI and in some areas I really do like the depth performance and getting rid of those pesky hot rocks, etc. that the Monster hates. Was about ready to sell the 6 because of the erratic nature of the beast...BUT, I also had a taste of some of it's capabilities if and when the thing settled down and minimal emi. There's is plenty of emi where I hunt and every time a jet flies over (which is constantly) the 6 lets me know. I'm a big fan of no headphones and also enjoy using the speaker. I'd read all the posts about the speaker possibly being the culprit for much of the so-called "emi" issues...??? All I can say, and this is just my opinion, is that when I tried my CORDED Sennhauser phones my "emi" issues seemed to settle down a lot. Yesterday was my first day using the provided cordless ML phones and once again my "emi" issues settled right down and even when a jet flies overhead the erratic threshold isn't near as bad and a lot shorter time wise. So just my opinion...I think there's something to the whole speaker/emi thing? Wearing the wireless phones is a small price to pay to FINALLY get this wild beast to settle down some where I'm not so frustrated using it? I hunt gold to ENJOY myself and fighting with a machine isn't enjoyable...using phones in my area, conditions, ground, etc. has improved my experience with the 6 a bunch.....jmo's
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