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27 minutes ago, bklein said:

I think it then depends on the test purpose - the way you suggest involves the ground and that is fine if you want to test without digging holes but it’s going to be different ground than someone else’s so different results different ground.  I am most interested in a test with a standard target, like a nickel, that gives the same results no matter where. Then I can judge if my detector is running like others’.  OBN’s videos show you can get better results when the target is in the ground.  Nickel 19” in ground, 16” in air.

Mine and Stateguy’s were doing 11-12” in the air. Transfer this to Pi’s new thread if he does one…

Yes, one reason I do airtest. It gives a base line where (Identical) machines can be compared since conditions can vary one location to the next. Also one can learn so much when testing different audio systems and how distance affects the characteristics of different targets.

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42 minutes ago, Carolina said:

It’s not always the machine but the operator that make a difference. The AQ is tuned for a salt environment so any test should be done on a salt beach as I described to find its full potential I think. A air test above ground will not yield a proper result. I can tell you either of my AQ’s yield the same result in salt. 18” on a US nickel with the standard coil. The 10” coil has not been tested in this manner.

I agree, and Thank you again for hooking me up with a EF coil. Here is Mike with the nickels in the wet sand using the final model of the AQ. 


I did several videos using this method. Some felt it was not good since I used a tube, but it does allow one to easily test gold rings at different distances with the mix of the matrix below.. and this is the Limited, but I found both the Limited and the Final have next to no differences when it comes to performance, other than the Finals did have a better set of head phones. Sorry about the threshold, needs to be turned way down. Also once the ATS is turned to 8 and above the depth is really affected.. 

I would say I have close to 30 test video's of in the wetsand, most with gold rings. Along with about 20 video's of hunt in the wild (water) digging gold rings.


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Started the air test vs gnd test coils under ‘advice comparison’ heading.  Don’t want to rob from this thread on the AQ Coil main topic.



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