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Classifieds - Should You Include Contact Info, Or Not?

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15 hours ago, Crossbow37 said:

Thank you Steve! When I get to full member status, I will be wanting to sell one of my Minelab detectors, and would like to be successful!

Welcome to the forum! I sold detectors for a living. It’s simple. Great photos of spotlessly clean gear, detailed description with honest assessment of hours, remaining warranty, etc. clear contact info. And price to sell. That has nothing to do with anything but going market price, and eBay “Sold” listings are the best place to see what similar models have sold for in the last 6 months.

But people post photos of beat up dirty detectors, or don’t mention remaining warranty, or simply price too high. I price to sell, and if it’s not sold before the ad drifts to bottom of page, I update with reduced price, and repeat until sold. Once items go to page 2 they almost never sell, game over.

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