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  1. Looks like two Alaskan nuggets soldered together. The wear on one appears to be different from the other..but pretty cool if it were actually the real deal. Kudos to the finder!
  2. Dave thanks for keeping us updated on all these X-coils....I am a buyer but not just yet as I am waiting to see some reviews..on the 17" and 15" X for the GPX line. The 17 has my interest as well as the 15" but shipping to the U.S. vs just buying a 15" round Evo coil would be easier for us at this time. The thing that would seal the X deal for many of us State side would be obvious better performance and depth on targets. Hopefully in the near future..we will see some head to head....X-Coil vs Evo vs Elites. As we all know no patch is completely cleaned up...
  3. 15" X-coil vs 15" Evo anyone up for doing a review...perhaps Nenad or Phrunt?
  4. The size of the Sadie makes it the best coil for small nuggets in shallow gorunds of working bedrock in creeks...Now an X-Coil that size would be a killer..of the Sadies will no longe rbe available.
  5. Amazing ...thanks for sharing Simon, I always knew Russia had an enormous amount of resources. and a lot og gold, what really surprised me was China!!
  6. Congrats on the nugget ...I dont know how many times I have found a nugget the first 20 minutes...and than nothing the rest of the day.
  7. Those lunkers sure are nice when they come along, but dang they dont come along often!! Nice lunker.
  8. Wow cool, thanks for running the contest.... :) should be fun trying out some plating.
  9. Interesting life he had..and many accomplishments. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Sorry to hear about the theft, let law enforcement handle it and prosecute the scum, they need to serve time in jail.
  11. Hi Jin, I am in California, the button is fine its just that the part that plugs into the unit has broken...or has pulled apart exposing the 2 contacts...It may still work. I just want a replacement just in case it don't.
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