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  1. Used but in good condition, missing coil cover. 175.00
  2. Been following these X after market coils for a while now. Appears the winning combo is the gpz technology and an X coil. The X coil gpx combo seems like its not getting much of a edge to the other brands like Nuggetfinder and Coiltek. If i had the zed I would be right on that combo fellows...early bird gets the gold !
  3. Looking forward to buying a few different sizes !!
  4. Found this 19.53 gram lunker years ago...I call it " snoopy " ..if anyone's interested send me a message.
  5. I enjoy detecting because it takes me places I otherwise would not go...its the silence and solitude, the only noise is the rustling of grasses by sudden burst of quail or other animals when you suddenly come up on them. I just think theirs way to much noise, be it people, politics plastered on television, and other stresses of life. Metal detecting/nugget hunting takes you away form it all. IMHO I think new blood (young folk) are awakening to the benefits of the outdoors, some choose other activities to do..but we all seek the same thing. Peace and perhaps some gold. I don't think the spirit of adventure has died with new generations..its growing.
  6. Why give any company credit seriously....IMHO..You found it...you get the credit...and most of all...keep the spot SECRET. If it were a nice rainbow trout...bass or blue fin....it would be a different story.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IQ_imbalance Its all mumbojumbo to me ..but maybe to some of you electronic wizards it makes sense. And just by chance maybe a little insight on the technology coming in this new detector.
  8. A few others have sold who were secret testers here in the States..was wondering why would they sell unless they have inside info or are testing a new product. Sell the zed while the price is stable...in my opinion its smart to do. All speculation , but its fun to do and no one gets hurt. And you know many of the zed users will upgrade once the new one comes out there will be many zeds available with a much lower price, combine it with an x-coil and its time to upgrade for some of us gpx'ers!!!
  9. Thanks for the update...will be looking forward to hear how it goes. Plenty of us gpx users out in the field still.
  10. Let me get this straight..are these coils available to purchase? How do we get our hands on some x coils in the U.S.? I am interested in gpx coils.
  11. Just squeeze as much juice out of the lemon you all ready have.....if it means getting a new X-Coil....or even a mod...keep on squeezing.
  12. "I absolutely can't wait for my GPX version of the X-coil to arrive." Let me get this straight.... production X-Coils available in New Zealand... but not in the U.S. How can I get my New Zealand passport??????
  13. Appreciate your contributions to this forum....I am finding myself going to the site more often. Has anyone ever considered that these X-Coils may just pump up the sales volume for Minelabs Zeds? Many of us still use the GPX detectors....but have not committed to an upgrade for whatever reason. These X-Coils & Zed may just be the ticket ( combination ) for increased sales. Beautiful country you have, the electric bike & detector in the bag....sweet. Good hunting and keep us posted on the finds...
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