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  1. Amazing ...thanks for sharing Simon, I always knew Russia had an enormous amount of resources. and a lot og gold, what really surprised me was China!!
  2. Congrats on the nugget ...I dont know how many times I have found a nugget the first 20 minutes...and than nothing the rest of the day.
  3. Those lunkers sure are nice when they come along, but dang they dont come along often!! Nice lunker.
  4. Wow cool, thanks for running the contest.... :) should be fun trying out some plating.
  5. Interesting life he had..and many accomplishments. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Sorry to hear about the theft, let law enforcement handle it and prosecute the scum, they need to serve time in jail.
  7. Hi Jin, I am in California, the button is fine its just that the part that plugs into the unit has broken...or has pulled apart exposing the 2 contacts...It may still work. I just want a replacement just in case it don't.
  8. Phrunt , The handle and button assembly is overpriced here too, and who can afford to throw away hard earned money, I can't. So this is why iam searching....for the button /cord thingy. I will check out the link, thanks!
  9. Does anyone sell the green grounding button and cord without the handle for the gpx series of detectors? I have a handle ..only need the cord and green button.
  10. Is that 540 U.S. dollars or Australian for the 18" CC coil ?
  11. Everyone deserves a break....looking forward to his return , his post and pictures..
  12. Nice to hear some updates on X-Coils for the GPX end users....Thanks !
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