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  1. Agreed, but in some conditions especially ones with extreme trash new technologies may be more helpful in picking out the good targets from digging out iron all day. I love my Minelab 4500 P.I. but all the spots I hunt now are literally full of iron..sometimes you just want to cheery pick the non ferrous. If the Tarsacci does a better job of it than other MD available I am willing to at least give it my ear.
  2. IronDigger

    '19 Misadventures In Baja

    Great story and nice nuggets, hope it turns out better next time.
  3. Looking to buy a small DD coil for my gpx....if anyone has one let me know.. don't care about brand..as long as its in good shape and works.
  4. IronDigger

    Anyone Know Sourdough Moe ?

    Its possible he had 2 books, I had one original when I bought my gold master, and acquired my friends edition as he had no use for it any longer. But I understand the frustration, its Alaska. give it time, besides he could have had a medical emergency. Regardless your money is safe with pay-pal.
  5. IronDigger

    Do You Know Robert L. Tatham

    Yes....it been a while since I read them....😁
  6. IronDigger

    Do You Know Robert L. Tatham

    Think he was the editor of some Treasure magazine...think I have a bunch stored in some boxes. Makes great reading, amazing the stuff they found back in the early days of metal detecting.
  7. IronDigger

    Gold / Quartz Specific Gravity... Question

    Norvic, yup if I cannot find the hydroF. I will go with Wink...it will just take longer ..I want to expose more gold and leave a nice base on bottom.
  8. IronDigger

    Gold / Quartz Specific Gravity... Question

    I think you are right, looking for someone now...I really want to see what's inside.
  9. IronDigger

    Gold / Quartz Specific Gravity... Question

    Lunk, Interesting ! I read that somewhere but didn't understand it , thought I had to get a special container with centimeters lines and than had to count the small lines to figure out the volume displaced. Actually this formula seems more accurate...thanks a bunch....I have sure learned a lot ..appreciate all the input from you all.
  10. IronDigger

    Gold / Quartz Specific Gravity... Question

    Hey Jim, I'll take the 88 grams....lol :) I will try a few other formulas and see what it comes to, but thankfully I have figured out how to properly do a submerged weight of a speci. I tried to cut corners....didn't work.
  11. IronDigger

    Gold / Quartz Specific Gravity... Question

    So I made a mistake on the wet weight ..I looked at the link on how to properly weigh the specimen piece in water and I now have a weight of 173 for the submerged weight, 242 for the dry weight. In the beginning all I did was place a piece of Tupperware and filled it with water deep enough for the speci to be suspended without hitting the bottom or sides. I than tied a fish line to the speci and zeroed out the scale. I than submerged it by holding the fish line into the zeroed out scale...I got the original figure of 70. This figure did not make any sense comparing it to the dry weight, it was a huge disparity. So, D.W. 242 x 1.9 = 459 W.W. 173 x 3.1= 536 according to the video we subtracted these figures 536 - 459 = gives me the approx. weight of gold at 77 grams. or 2.48 ounces troy. The speci is solid quartz...anyways hope this helps others as it helped me, thanks you all for the math lesson.
  12. IronDigger

    Gold / Quartz Specific Gravity... Question

    Davsgold , thanks for the good news !! I did subtract and got the 171, where I may have messed up is the rest of the formula I will give it a shot until I get the same numbers. Looking at the piece and the amount of surface gold on it I knew it had more than 31 grams. The amount inside the rock was the mystery..appreciate your help.
  13. IronDigger

    Gold / Quartz Specific Gravity... Question

    Hi Dave, so would we say it has apprx. 22 grams of gold....? The minus got me all confused... :)
  14. IronDigger

    Gold / Quartz Specific Gravity... Question

    Jim, I came up with the same density number....just the end result didn't make sense how can it be a negative number? Is it because it has a void or perhaps not all quartz? May just put it in Wink for a few weeks...
  15. I have had this gold /quartz specimen for a number of years....and have not been able to figure out the gold weight using the simple formula I found on the internet. For those of you willing to take up the challenge I can give you the dry weight and submerged weight in grams. I have attempted it a few times but I always come up with a negative number for total grams in specimen. Not sure if it means I have under an ounce or not. So here we go...total dry weight is 242 grams....submerged weight ..and by the way I did it properly...is 71 grams. My estimate is 24 grams ...than it ended up 1.4 ounces.. Hopefully a few of you come up with more of an accurate number... Thanks