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  1. I have here a Vintage Fisher M-Scope Model 29 available..this unit was owned by the late David G. Woods a County assessor from Marklevile California. Its complete with original head phones and instruction manuals from Fisher laboratories in Palo Alto California. For its age its in incredible good condition...looking at it it looks hardly used. It would make a great addition to any vintage collector of detectors. p.M. if interested or have any questions. In 1936 Fisher Labs moved to a small building at 745 Emerson St. in Palo Alto to meet the growing demand for the Metallascope, which was nicknamed the M-Scope. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Fisher was granted a patent for his invention. The M-Scope became the accepted standard for all types of electronic metal detection. Geologists used it to locate ore, treasure hunters found treasure, utility companies pinpointed buried pipes, lumber mills detected metal inclusions in sawn logs and law enforcement uncovered abandoned and hidden weapons. In 1939, just prior to World War II, Fisher moved to an even larger building in Palo Alto at 1961 University Ave. During World War II and the Korean Conflict, Fisher Research Labs was called upon to contribute its technical competence to the war effort, but the M-Scope business was never neglected.
  2. Interested in the GPX 12" coil......in fact any coils coming out on the GPX series from this manufacturer ....please let us know on the test results.
  3. Excellent report..and for those who have the gpz....you must be shaken at the bit to get a hold of these coils....I know I would be considering the results.
  4. You would be surprised how low they pay..they are primarily looking for crystalline gold and will pay anywhere between spot plus half to 6 x spot depending on weight and condition. On gold nuggets..well size does matter..but dont expect much and realize high end mineral dealers are into making a profit..and it's a business for them.
  5. Wow, incredible pictures and setting...and good story of your day out. What range does bigger gold come in at on the vdi for shallower depth gold ? Thinking of getting the equinox for my trashy areas..seems to me a small coil would be the way to go.
  6. Yeah..still looking for a commander 6x10 dd...
  7. awesome good job on saving these creatures..
  8. Agreed, but in some conditions especially ones with extreme trash new technologies may be more helpful in picking out the good targets from digging out iron all day. I love my Minelab 4500 P.I. but all the spots I hunt now are literally full of iron..sometimes you just want to cheery pick the non ferrous. If the Tarsacci does a better job of it than other MD available I am willing to at least give it my ear.
  9. Great story and nice nuggets, hope it turns out better next time.
  10. Looking to buy a small DD coil for my gpx....if anyone has one let me know.. don't care about brand..as long as its in good shape and works.
  11. Think he was the editor of some Treasure magazine...think I have a bunch stored in some boxes. Makes great reading, amazing the stuff they found back in the early days of metal detecting.
  12. Norvic, yup if I cannot find the hydroF. I will go with Wink...it will just take longer ..I want to expose more gold and leave a nice base on bottom.
  13. I think you are right, looking for someone now...I really want to see what's inside.
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