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  1. Well my sweetheart and I will part, sale PENDING, but going to a good home.
  2. Glad to hear your out and about doing well, hope you find a big one in the Oz Land. Thanks for sharing !
  3. Give me gold and silver any day, a strong U.S. dollar maybe a good thing for import prices. cheaper foreign goods for us. A high dollar is bad for exports manufacturers. but in these turbulent times when everything just doesn't make sense its not good. Look at the prices of consumable goods, food and fuel are going up,up. Should we still be buying cheap Chinese goods? We have never seen such a bad economic convergence globally making this the biggest global bubble ever. IMHO the biggest economic butterfly effect is emerging one bigger then the one that destroyed the German economy under Mr. Mustache. Start stacking...
  4. 🤐 forget it, I'll just shut my mouth.
  5. 😂😆🤣 Win some , lose some.. buy the new Garret Axiom, perhaps it will be flawless and work very well.
  6. That's pretty cool considering its form New Mexico, do not hear much about New Mexico gold mines or gold finds. Nice piece.
  7. Sorry man but I am honest and reality is when you dig some nuggets you just fall in love with them all. To say one is my favorite from the other is simply be a lie, so I posted these placer ones. Just don't even ask about my crystalline ones.
  8. No such thing as favorite gold nuggets just like children, they are all so unique and different. Here are just a few of my favorites nuggets.
  9. Excellent work guys!! Congrats on your new claim, hope it pays of with a bounty of gold for you.
  10. Eight (8) wonderful 100% Natural California Gold Nuggets. This collection of California gold nuggets exhibit much character, some have crystalline structure . One on the bottom left hand corner is leaf gold, one looks like a fist or glove. 550.00
  11. Found a battery ! Steve thanks for responding to my classified add in search for a ion lithium battery for my Minelab 4500.
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