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  1. IronDigger

    Whats Wrong With This Gold Photo?

    That photo reminds me of a Union outfit....CalTrans for one.
  2. In search of a good but used coil....for a lobo 4-pin either 5.75 round or 6x10 Elliptical. P.M. if you have one available.
  3. IronDigger

    Tesoro Lobo Scores Anglo Saxon Gold

    What coil brand is that on his Lobo?
  4. Sadie....one of the best coils around....
  5. I have been nugget hunting seriously for the past 6 years with some fair success and once in a while I would find a relic the prosecutors left behind. These relics compromised primarily of rusty iron, picks, axe heads and shovels. As usual I set out early morning to detect some nuggets when i got this deep tone on my Minelab. I was using my Coiltek 14" mono and I knew by the sound of it that the target was deep. I dug a foot down, than 2 feet..the sound got loud ...but the dirt was compact and hard..virgin ground I thought..another foot down and perhaps a life changing gold nugget maybe? no gold...damn !! After about a half hour of digging..I pulled out a beautiful piece of a 2 piece Naval buckle. The wreath is sharp, as if it was made yesterday...a gorgeous patina to boot. After research, I am pretty sure its a 1840-1850's Naval belt buckle, I could be wrong...as I only found 2 examples of it on line and they were reproductions. I think I have a real treasure here, in a historic perspective. I would imagine this sailor probably came to the gold fields from San Francisco, probably went AWOL and set his course to the Sierras in his search for gold. California just became a new State and joined the Union...and now I hold this buckle in my hand. For me this is as good as GOLD !
  6. IronDigger

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    As everyone pointed out its part of the game to dig trash when nuggethunting. We all get a little discouraged but we keep on going back for one reason. That reason is to find gold...and the best motivator is that you found gold before. Unfortunately at this point you have not... so I understand being down on it. I can guarantee you when you do find that first piece...you won't stop! Imagine being in position of finding some nice patches and than having the skunk visit for months...now that is discouraging. Talk about mental games this seductress is playing.
  7. IronDigger

    Nice Little Slug

    4500 ........18" Elite combo is KIller!
  8. IronDigger

    Serpentine Bedrock - Hydraulic Area

    Trashy areas drive me nuts...only way to deal with it is going back and cleaning it out over a period of time.
  9. IronDigger

    Mining In Film

    " Gold " with Roger Moore Financiers use the foreman (Roger Moore) of a South African gold mine in their plot to jack the price of gold.
  10. IronDigger

    Regret That I Sold It

    The older I get the more I realize this to be a fact.
  11. IronDigger

    Display Cases

    Very nice cases....
  12. IronDigger

    Time To Be Careful

    Happened to me once and I had my little kids and wife with me. I backed out of the drop zone after I made sure it was what it was and made a phone call. Please call any cartel activity in..we don't need that chit here. Just so you know, the police stake it out remotely and wait for the fools to trigger the alarm. Than it goes BANG !! Be a good citizen....
  13. Yes , spoke to Sam at Armadillo Mining....and Pat a few weeks ago....I believe this is the last week of old prices...If you are going to order order this week.