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  1. I too was contacted by this person in regards of my post in classifieds searching for a particular coil. He sent me a message saying his friend has one and had a contact email available for this so called friend ๐Ÿ™‚ . The person who sent me the message had no previous posts so I ignored it. But this was his second message to me in regards to this, the first time I replied with not interested. No need to change a thing, regular forum members should just use logic when suspicious messages are sent. I am betting del norter and I received a message form the same scammer.
  2. Great advice Steve, for me personally I enjoy the safety net of being able to see our regular members posts. We in some way get to know who is who and can judge the credibility level of said members based on previous exchanges in classifieds. I can be wrong but it seems most of our members are old school one handshake and you know you have their word and guarantee if there's an issue it will be taken care of.
  3. Just go to your local gym and hire a kid with muscles, you do the diggin. Good workout for him and you save your shoulder rotator cuff.
  4. UPDATE, Good news, it was the power cord guys sound came in clear and crisp and both sides of the headphones !! Like Jason my memory is going, ๐Ÿคจ and as I recall several years ago or more I had a similar issue but instead of sound being extremely low I had a loud warbly ( not sure if its even a word) threshold that I could not stabilize no matter what I did to adjustments. Someone on the forum said replace the power cord, so I did and it fixed the problem. I am ordering a few extra cords and another headphone just in case. 2023 is coming, hope the gold gods are good to you all next year.
  5. Jason and Phurnt, Thank you both for responding to my question and helping me troubleshoot my issue with the headphones. I have 3 batteries that I tried the old curly power cord on and all behaved the same way, low threshold and volume in both sides of headphone speakers. Lucky I have a spare power cord which I will try this morning to see if it works. I didn't know audio wire ran in the curly cord, thought it was just power supply cord that ran the amp. I am hoping that is it as I would hate to realize my amps in all 3 batteries are all shot, one I just purchased in August from a forum member ๐Ÿ™‚ that I haven't used until yesterday. They all seem to charge to max and green light, yellow, orange lights work fine. Phrunt, My headphone 1/4 jack looks like the one in the diagram so they must be stereo, they do work fine on my Whites MXT. But from my research I now realize some headphones are finicky and may require trying out different brands.
  6. After 5 months of technical issues with my headphones, batteries going bad and the such I borrowed a pair of headphones from a friend and made sure they worked on my MXT. Plugged her in and both sides of the headphones work great, headphones are old Jimmy Sierra blue in color, volume controls on both side. Acquired a barely used Minelab lithium battery form a forum member. So went off to my usual site to give it a go with my new Evolution coil. I am excited as I haven't been out for 4 or so months , I am like okay maybe a Christmas nugget today ๐Ÿ˜ !! Battery charged full at 8 and off I go, I turn on the 4500 and the first thing I notice is my headphone volume is barely audible ๐Ÿ˜ก . Volume controls up all the way annothingng barely can hear a target. Not worth continuing I had an old battery and charged it and plugged in headphones , same thing !!! So what could be the problem? The headphones check out on the Whites MXT, but on Minelab I can barely hear it..appreciate the help or direction.
  7. Those are sweet finds congrats on your new site, always nice to have permission to hunt at. It would be fun to hunt back east considering the history, thanks for sharing.
  8. I agree with you deathray that moist soil helps for some reason, another thing I noticed is the earlier I hunt in the morning when it's real cold I get more targets. I am talking about ground I hit 50 times , hit the ground early before noon. Less EMI, threshold runs very smooth. Saying that you will also get more false targets , those wet clay mineralized spots that sound off more often.
  9. Looking for a Nuggetfinder Evolution preferably 12 Round...but open to other sizes too. Thanks
  10. Bring it down to Mariposa the following year, we have a nice Mining and History Museum and the California State Mineral Museum is located at the fairgrounds. The fairgrounds also provides RV space for those wishing to spend a night. Yosemite is just a nice short drive up the Merced river canyon, plenty to do! The fairground has plenty of buildings and hosts mineral shows each year, so space is available, I think it's the perfect spot for prospectors and those like minded. If anyone associated with the the ICMJ needs info or contact information regarding making this happen contact the Mariposa Fairgrounds. Nothing wrong with events like this , it's a nice venue for both dealers and seasoned and those beginning their journey into prospecting. Not only that it helps out the small local communities and small businesses in the area. We would love to have you come to the Mother of all counties Mariposa one year. Just leave your detectors at home...๐Ÿ˜„ no gold here. https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=588
  11. The old diggins at Columbia State Park are still visible, if you drive around the Columbia community college you can see the old diggings. Wonder how much gold the construction and road crews found while building the college and roads near it. If your in and around the area its worth a drive to Murphys and visit the Ironstone winery, the famous " Christmas Pocket" gold specimen is there along with other gold specimens on display. Thanks for the book reference , interesting indeed.
  12. I enjoyed the story and theory of the coins found, pretty cool them being pirate loot.
  13. Bought the wrong size, needed large ones, so I am selling these. 60 Bucks included shipping.
  14. Those are nice nuggets congrats, persistence pays off.
  15. FOR MINELAB, GPX, GP, SD SERIES DETECTORS Selling my Detech coil, this coil is used but works as it should, it has no coil cover. 150.00 15ร—10โ€ณ Elliptical Monoloop Open Gold Coil Weight: 770 grams 15 x 10โ€ณ Mono Gold Coil, An obvious choice for those looking for a lighter weight coil. An open style without losing any strength, depth or stability. All Detech coils are made using the highest quality materials. The housings are made of UV protected material, their inside is covered with chopped-strand material for a better shock resistance.
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