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  1. Clay, That 100mil win was for for his Consumnes River, Sacramento county operation that got shut down. I remember reading it in our local news. I think on the Placerville Big Cut operation he was only fined a "small" amount in the end. That guy dont have to mine no more!
  2. Equinox 800 is pure joy after using a no disc PI. Set in Park 1 for your big coins and bump the iron disc up a little, and cherry pick away
  3. Sounds just like nugget hunting! Ive also called it the one out of ten rule.
  4. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks... From the good Book
  5. Good example from a friend of mine, of a what a fresh "crater" looks like:
  6. I guess prospecting is like farming, not every year is a bumper crop, but the dirt sure gets in our blood.
  7. I never noticed any airplane or helicopter induced emi, but windy days seem to really stir it up. This detector likes calm air.
  8. Something to consider if it wasn't mentioned already, if the property is in town, a residential area, you probably wont get much use out of any of the Minelabs mentioned, as the electrical interference will be too much.
  9. I doubt the share price is an indicator of what Minelab is doing when you consider how the rest of the stock market is also wiped out compared to a year ago. Tesla, other car manufactures, crypto, are all riding the same wave down
  10. Phrunt, I wouldnt worry too much about those little spider cracks unless the flying buttress ends snap off. Of course we dont want any cracks, but I have one of the first 6000 sold in the US and have been hard on the coil, and its still holding up, spider cracks and all. I imagine eventually the ear will snap off but you should get some use out of it. Just carry your spare coil, and enjoy the detector.
  11. Has anyone actually had or heard of the ear breaking off on these 6000s? I have the micro cracks on my coil, but just letting it ride for now. The area that cracks is a thin zone between the thicker buttress ends. Not sure why they would design it that way, but obviously it wasn't a good idea. I've always run the bolt very loose, so its not really an issue with that, but it sure could fast track the cracking by having it snugged tight.
  12. Looks like Paul's prediction is on track, as prices continue on the down trend...
  13. Sounds good, looking forward to hearing if your emi clears up. Like you said it is mainly location specific emi, and I've experience the same here in Nor Cal. Some areas good, some bad, and no rhyme or reason. Headphones dont clear up the emi on my detector, and I have just learned to deal with it over the past year. But it sure would be nice to have a smooth threshold tone, as I really enjoy the detector when its running right!
  14. Sounds plausible enough to me. I bet if the fix required a whole board change, Minelab would not be so willing to fix the issue. If its just a wire shielding thing, its relatively cheap to correct.
  15. J, I wonder if the "audio update" is the same hardware swap they are getting in Ozzie land, or is this something else?
  16. Thanks for the update Jason. Hopefully you have a good report back soon that the emi issues are resolved. We can hope. Looking forward to your post fix review.
  17. Maybe NF delayed their coil, as how can you ever properly make and test a coil, when the detector its attached to is suffering from so much emi instability?
  18. Yep, just crickets from dealers. I would assume temporarily muzzled until the fix is officially out?
  19. I never actually noticed the speaker to be that much more stable than the headphones. As in the headphones dont clear up the emi warbles. I remember early on that JP posted the headphones were more stable, but on my 6k its bad either way. Hope this is the fix...
  20. "Flumes were the artificial water ditches that moved the precious liquid to more useful places; places where water powered nozzles blasted away cliffs of gravel, where water washed through sluice boxes to expose nuggets, or drove the machinery of underground mines and sawmills." Looks like the box side boards rotted away or salvaged at some point. Depending on age that may have not been mining related, hard to say as I dont know the history there. Maybe someone else here knows. Neat history all the same!
  21. Thanks phrunt, That's how I always interpreted audio feedback, like you described. So just wondering what's their definition here.
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