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  1. Sounds like you had a good mod job. Our sdc cleaned up behind the 5000/sadie patches. Just as deep and smaller gold. Sensitivity on 4 or 5, and the little ones sing out.
  2. sometimes you gotta use a little powder 😁
  3. A grade stunner piece! Thanks for sharing Lunk
  4. Gotta agree with Flak. After spending $7 -10 grand on a detector, we really should not have to fork out another $3800 to have a small coil option.
  5. Minelab would rather sell us the SDC2300, than offer a small coil for the 7000. Likely they figure that small coil option for the 7 would hurt their SDC sales. Plus they probably have a 7000 replacement in the works and this whole story will be forgotten history when that comes out.
  6. another vote for small elliptical . 8x12" should work good for creek gulch, gully hunting
  7. Id go with that theory Flak. This beast of a 7000 was fun for awhile, but I sure look forward to a lightweight edition. Our backs cant take this much longer!
  8. Hope they make a small coil, or an elliptical in the 8x12 range would be great for bedrock/creek hunting. I personally wouldn't buy a 12" just because it' is too close in size to the original Minelab coil.
  9. I saw some of the guys in Australia make a Trumpet to deflect the sound upward from the speaker on the sdc. Great idea, but shipping was a bit much, so I cut a 90 pcv fitting in half and used velcroe to attach. Cheap little project and does add a noticeable increase in sound coming up from the speaker.
  10. Scott the never skunk sdc is the best creek hunting bedrock detector out there. I used to use the 8x6 NF coil and 5000 combo, but the sdc cleans up on flat small, low conductive gold we find in creeks. The 5000 just didnt hear a lot of these targets for whatever reason. The factory sdc coil is hard to beat and very waterproof. Ive had mine in the creeks the last 3 years snipe- detecting and no ill effects.
  11. In the Normal ground setting I dont go too high on sensitivity setting as it brings in a lot of ground and emi sound. On the other hand, in Difficult ground setting I might max out sensitivity and the detector still runs pretty smooth even in high mineral ground.
  12. Likely the golden bean counters at Minelab didnt want 2300 sales to drop with introduction of a 7000 small coil, and put a stop to that ever being released.
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