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  1. Ive been deep in a buried "ancient" river mine where you can pick the drift wood out of the ceiling. Its still good wood, though a bit mushy. I also have my own theories...
  2. Jason's method is solid, but I admit generally I dont dig at the county unless I need specifics on a claim. BLM is good for showing the established claims. So hopefully when boots hit the ground, if there was a recent filing, there should be an obvious display of corner markers, monument, or something showing the recent filing as required by law. That said, be really cautious with BLM data this year. At least in CA they are way behind on annual updates.
  3. GPZ 19" Coil Posting for a friend. $800 or best offer located in Placerville area CA Please email him for more details, or message me. oleandersen.andersen84@gmail.com
  4. Yep saving my money for that one! Iron disc, top gunner deep seeker, come awn!
  5. This was a fascinating read on early California trade days: Two Years Before The Mast, by Dana
  6. Minelab is business savvy. The sdc, the 7 and even 5, will still have there place in the prospectors bag of tools. By not including a small creek/gully coil for the 6000 or 7000, I cant imagine guys just ditching their 2300s for this new release.
  7. Im with Klunker, some days are rough when I forget that lunch. Then its Manzanita berries and Blackberries. Hey the Bears love em and they sure scamper up those hills pretty darn quick, so there's something to say about that organic diet.
  8. Not silver, but 1 oz gold eagles etc are selling for over $2000 now. So dont sell yourself short when its time to sell those shiny nuggets. There is a definite price divergence of heavy gold in the hand, vs digital/ paper traded
  9. Ya Gerry I met him in 2005 and was sleeping in my jeep right next to the big hole he dug it out. I remember thinking... dang right there in the middle of the road, why didnt I think of that! 😀
  10. Exactly! They want us switching detectors and not just coils.
  11. Yep the gray lines are a common problem for the gpz screens. If you're in warranty, send it in to Minelab USA. If not, I wouldn't stress too bad, as it wont affect your detector in any way other than being an annoyance.
  12. Get Well Norm, that's an order! 🙂
  13. Not a book, but this will help you research and pull mining claim data fairly easily. http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/ClaimsCa/GetMap
  14. Thanks Jason! That would make sense running HY/Normal is a bit more sensitive. The sdc probably runs comparable to the Difficult ground setting on the 7. I've found sdc signals can be extremely subtle on small or deep gold, but when you understand its language, its a really fun detector.
  15. Jason, Do you have a sdc2300? It would be nice to compare signals on some of the undug targets. At least in my areas, the sdc cleans up on smalls behind the 7000, so I'm curious how the detectors compare when running similar sized coils.
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