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  1. I don't doubt the Z with a 10" coil will do really well, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, the 2300 is the next best thing on small gold at depths greater than a vlf will punch. Run the sensitivity up 4 or 5 and listen for the faint signals. We were cleaning up a lot of patches that were worked with the 5000 and 8x6 coil. I believe the 2300 has a faster receive timing than the gpx, so its not like you can just strap on a small coil and expect the same results on the 5k. Spend some time running an sdc and you will like it after you learn its language.
  2. The sdc is like the gpz on small gold but better in my experience. If that were the case about the 2300 having no advantage in mild soil, you also wouldn't have any advantage using the Z. The vlf would be all you need, but obviously the Z punches deeper weather it be hot or mild ground. Its the same story with the 2300. The less mineralized the ground, the deeper you will shoot down. If your crumb chasin that is the detector to own!
  3. Simon, get yourself an SDC! They are affordable and you will get that deeper tiny gold too. I have had a 7k since day one and still love using the sdc because it finds small gold. Max the sensitivity on 5 and you will be pinging little bits and party on.
  4. Id agree maybe the original intent was to provide a lineup of additional factory coils, but for some reason unbeknown to us they seem to have aborted that idea ☚ī¸
  5. My guess is a whole new machine is eventually coming out and they don't want to waste money developing coils for something old that they will be phasing out. Lets hope the next top gun detector from Minelab is half the weight and has a small coil option.
  6. Ive been using the open topography site for some areas in California. Unfortunately it only has limited imagery of the Motherload area. Otherwise , very cool as it strips the vegetation away and every prospect can be seen
  7. Gold from the American River area has always had nice color. Old reports list 90-97%. Judging by color, I would say this is pretty accurate, but I cant give an exact number as I have never sold to refiners. Collectors and jewelry buyers have always been happy.
  8. Half ounce lot of nuggets sourced from the historic El Dorado and Placer County American River gold belt. Total weight: 15.65 grams $750
  9. Nice finds! If you sell your nugget, hype it up good: Rare New Zealand Hopper crystal showing octahedral structure and striations! Ya something like that 😁
  10. Ya Brian, I can cut a head to 7" Let me know if you want one.
  11. Hey Mitchel, Hope you get one! Otherwise enjoy being out in Gods country! Wish I could have made it out there too. I went to Oz when I was 18, but all I wanted to do was go to the beach back then.
  12. I have a few picks back for sale. Handle length is 27.5" on this one pictured with 1/2" flush mounted magnet. Blade is 5" wide x 10.5" Also have a couple with 24" handles but no magnet These are pretty light weight picks, compared to some out there. Prefer to sell locally in Folsom, CA area, but could also mail- paypal. $50 Thanks
  13. I think its the main one you see thats claimed and heavily dug up, right side driving up from the old tree pond area.
  14. Thanks KS! Looks like the overalls were marketed for the train workers, but Id imagine others used them too.
  15. Thanks Kac, The head light button is just a two piece type button with the small loop on the back, so definitely its clothing related. The Kicker clip has biting teeth on the back and a wire, so it could be some type of suspender clip
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