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  1. Always something guarding the gold. In my area of the Motherload, its tweekers unfortunately.
  2. Our organic human ear, listening for that threshold deviation has been the gold standard for years, but I imagine at some point the technology will "hear" that slight disturbance better than our ears could, some minute signal way in the background "noise", recognize what it is, amplify the signal, and beep Beep!
  3. I wondered the same thing Mitchel. Rumors are its 1849 California there. You would think a leaked photo or two would hit the internet occasionally?
  4. Ready to find gold. Lots of life left in her. Located near Sacramento. Come test it out Includes factory wireless speaker, headphones, charger, extra lower shaft, new skid plate, new docs detecting arm cuff, ferrite ring, digging pick $4500
  5. Impressive Only thing I would add in defense of the 7, he did say they were in Difficult ground setting, which is a filter and does not run the detector at full depth seeking powers, unless of course soils dont allow for Normal setting
  6. Klunker, What about the rumored Plumas gold trees where nuggets can be picked like fruit high up in the canopy? This is truly the promised land up there!
  7. Oh ya I forgot about the warranty. I'll give it a shot. Thank You Steve and Mitchel! Steve, I meant the pick on the pic 😀 Mike had me make him a couple, and it was fun to see it make the cover. I would still do a trade if someone has an extra set. I know a lot of guys dislike the Koss phones, but they work well for me, when they are not shorting out 😀
  8. I'm looking for some Koss UR30s or SDC2300 style would be even better. New Condition I can trade gold, cash, or maybe a custom backpack pick? Same as seen on icmj cover with Mike
  9. Gerry, Finding gold and selling it is one thing, but for an investment purpose of increasing future wealth, its just been a poor performer. It can sit in the bank for years and little is gained. Otherwise I totally agree with all you said! There are few things as enjoyable as being out there chasing it.
  10. Jason, My experience with some of the new generation is they are more paranoid of liability issues, whereas the old timer nearing the end of the road, dont care no more, and says have at it. Of course there are cranky ol codgers too. Had a few go frothing mad just for asking permission. Its a funny wold.
  11. Preservation of wealth, Yes, but no interest made and painfully slow gains in value. Love to look for the stuff, but what a waste of an investment. Maybe the price will be allowed to pop one day and we are looking at 5000 oz gold, but I imagine everything else will be at inflated costs
  12. I feel your pain. I sent in my small miners waiver and annual assessment last August, and still waiting for the update. At least they did note on one line that monies were received. Hopefully as long as your county filing is recorded, whats showing on BLM's screen doesnt really matter.
  13. Ive been deep in a buried "ancient" river mine where you can pick the drift wood out of the ceiling. Its still good wood, though a bit mushy. I also have my own theories...
  14. Jason's method is solid, but I admit generally I dont dig at the county unless I need specifics on a claim. BLM is good for showing the established claims. So hopefully when boots hit the ground, if there was a recent filing, there should be an obvious display of corner markers, monument, or something showing the recent filing as required by law. That said, be really cautious with BLM data this year. At least in CA they are way behind on annual updates.
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