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It's not magnetic, silver metallic core, extremely heavy, flat black shell and looks almost identical to pics on numerous gov't web sites. The 3rd, 4th and 5th pics are the same. The red area has been torched/burnt. The small blue area is a fresh cut, the core appears to be the same throughout. 






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It doesn't look like it would make a good pillow.

It also doesn't remind me of any of the meteorites I've found.

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If you have a multi meter, try selecting resistance (ohms) and see if you get any numbers. The fact that its not magnetic would suggest it aint a meteorite. About 75% of all meteorite types are magnetic, at least weakly....

The silvery exposure could be a metallic ore or hydrothermal graphite. If you tap it with a hammer, does it flake away or crumble into tiny crumbs or powder?

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Scratch it good with a nail or knife or something hard - does it smell like sulphur a bit where you scratched?

Being extremely heavy and metallic inside, my first guess would be galena. Or if not smelling like sulphur, it could be a massive hematite or something like that. 

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