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  1. 2nd'ed. It's a place I am also curious about prospecting. The USGS actually has some decent basic info on Philippine geology along with some mines and mineral resource data. As a starting point anyways. What I'm finding as I'm making an effort to meet people around the world in places that seem interesting to travel to or prospect is that even if you get the laws sorted out, it's really difficult to actually go prospecting in any way remotely resembling what we do here where you can wander and explore around freely. Especially in these smaller countries where there aren't vast amounts of
  2. Whenever Minelab fills dealers in, it'd be good if a dealer could ask them if repair parts are being sent with the 6k's or if there will be a shortage/wait time on them too. Just curious since between my 45 and Z I had to replace skid plates, 2 shafts (I broke my 45, the original Z shaft wouldn't grip the other shaft properly and needed replaced), and a battery. My 45 also needed a main board replacement not long after initial purchase. So, these things do happen even with new machines and would be good to know whenever ML fills dealers in with more info if possible.
  3. The inbuilt speaker itself causes EMI interference with the 6000?
  4. There are various videos on Youtube, Facebook, etc. They usually aren't like Western videos though, they don't seem to really show much detecting. I doubt many villagers have time or resources to be posting to forums or creating videos. The Western US was incredibly dangerous back in the 1800's when the prospectors came out. I find the potential adventure in another country to be a somewhat tempting prospect myself. I have little family, nothing to lose really, why not. Problem is I can't find any place where legally you are allowed to go prospect. I checked Papua New Guine
  5. The 6000 seems designed around the concept that I've been talking about here since week 1 of the GPZ release, and had to justify or defend almost every time I posted my settings, for years. To the point I stopped posting about such things. Namely - run as hot as possible while still stable or slightly beyond, then tamp the mess down with low threshold and low smoothing when needed. It does work on the GPZ too. I can't help but feel someone at Minelab read my 5 or 6 years worth of detecting philosophy and got at least a tiny bug in their ear on this machine.
  6. I have a little zipper end stop on my boot, it's the only metal on them. It doesn't bother me detecting but every now and then I stick my boot out on top of my coil just to make sure everything is copacetic. I often run thold right below drone to where I'm only hearing chirps and target signals. I'm always fearful of the situation you described. I have a feeling that little zipper stop will come in handy for me with the 6k too for peace of mind.
  7. I missed this post, it just popped up on the sidebar right now though and I saw it. Metals when heated can alter hardness, even if not alloyed. Some by 2x or more, so Moh's is not a definitive test for slags and whatnot. You already solved it, but I agree, your tests indicate aluminum slag.
  8. Great stuff, thank you both Steve and JP, I appreciate your commentary and hope Minelab can see from the recent threads why they need to let you guys talk earlier. I've gone from thinking the 6k probably wouldn't fit me well to leaning heavily towards buying one and giving it a few months swing time in the field to see.
  9. Nice, definitely suits my style of detecting. I like things simple and clean. I love the amount of control on the 7000, but ironically aside from maximizing sensitivity for conditions, mostly what I use the controls for are to give me a simple and clean audio feedback since I'm extremely picky about what I hear. The lack of threshold control on the 6k gives me a bit of hesitation. I know most serious prospectors won't use the no-threshold mode, but I have to admit I'm actually fairly curious how much perfomance hit no threshold causes, because it may be a mode I would use often for genera
  10. Thanks, that's what I've been wondering about for months now. Seemed to me there was a good chance the 6000 might potentially equal or better than the 7000 on typical gold and in salt, but lighter weight and cheaper. Stock to stock, of course. I'm keeping an open mind at this stage. But honestly, my guess (emphasis on guess) right now is that there will not be a significant performance advantage with the smaller or concentric X Coils over the 6k with 11" mono on this 2 gram and smaller type stuff. Or if so, it might not be enough to make up for the cost and weight differences. That will
  11. You are seeing the same videos and reading the same reports as me Strick. I don't own a 6000, I wasn't a tester on it either, just watching the same vids as everyone else. What I've seen has lacked sufficient target/setting/ground info and variety to make a more specific statement. Especially since the gold I detect for tends to be much more spongy or crystalline, and the ground I work tends to be much more mild or salty than what I'm seeing in the Aussie vids. I also run way hotter settings than most Aussies seem to post, even in hot ground. What I have seen enough to conclude thoug
  12. Purchased a 12", was sent the rest for free later on. My reports on them can all be found on this site. Have 2 concentrics that were sent to me as I was heading home from winter prospecting so I haven't had a chance to test them yet. From basically day 1 I've explained what I paid for and what was sent to me for free. In fact, I was the first person to ask the same from others, including other products too. I've gone out of my way to take as neutral of an approach as I humanly can and report on both the things I like and the things that need improvement. And while those reports can b
  13. Scientifically what you have found is called "urbanite". It's a rare instance where geology and archaelogy blur together. This may or may not be sarcasm.
  14. A buddy of mine bought a 6000, we might do some exploration this winter in new parts of AZ so I should get a good idea of how it performs compared to my various X Coils, of which I own a 12" (and many others, including concentrics) and I assume this X12 is similar if not slightly better than the Z Search 12. So, if no one answers before then, wait about 8 months and I will. From what I've seen of the 6000 from reviews, that's what I'd be using in the Black Hills personally because there isn't a whole lot of competition up there where every iota of performance gain counts (compared t
  15. Hey Norm, sorry to hear the diagnosis. It's hard to do at first but keep your spirits high and thoughts positive, and don't give in because you probably still have a lot of life ahead of you. I have to believe that deciding to take control of our own fate by believing we will persist for as long as we can has real effect. I have somewhat similar issues as occurs in ALS so I can kinda relate, and my clock is ticking too, with sclerosis in my brain and c-spine that left me partially paralyzed and without muscle control in other areas, and blind in one eye, thankfully much of which I recove
  16. This is a very cheap IR camera I found even cheaper on sale and decided I needed to figure out how to use thermal imagery in prospecting somehow, in mostly as yet to be determined ways. It wouldn't be good for a drone since no remote control, but it's an inexpensive intro thermal camera to learn with for anyone looking to dabble. You can see it's sensitive enough to see the heat left behind by my foot on the floor after I lifted my foot. The main experiment I want to try this summer is to look for large nephrite jade boulders buried in alluvium. Theory being the jade boulde
  17. https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2021016649A1/en?assignee=minelab&scholar&oq=minelab&sort=new This is the most out of this world Minelab detector patent I've ever read. There is so much here, some very sci-fi like, I don't even know where to start. My takeaway is they seem to be positioning themselves for a drone based detector eventually (main details in this patent could be easily transferred to a drone based platform - IMU, GPS, magnetometer, heads up display, FPV, remote control, robotic/vehicle mount, etc) . That is 100% a guess. But in the meantime, there is some inte
  18. Great review Steve, every thumbs up I have! Don't let negativity get you down, your reviews are the best in this biz. For every person who does something real, there are 10 armchair quarterbacks trying to glom on to the moving train. Just gotta stay the course and keep the pedal down. I hope your hip and back can take you through a few more new gold machine testings even if it doesn't feel like they can now. I'm sure the engineers appreciate your feedback as much as forum readers appreciate the in depth reviews. Either way, glad to see the 6000 suits you and I'm sure also a large
  19. I probably will try that hack at some point. It seems easier than trying to fool the altimeter. Anyways, just wanted to comment on that since the question was asked about using a drone in the mountains in AZ and the Rockies, that's the main issue I had. In AZ I've been able to find high enough launch points, but a few times I've had to use the optical zoom after hitting the restriction. In the Rockies it turns into a real limitation though where mountains with prospects can be 4000ft+ prominence above the highest launch point you can drive to without climbing the mountain. When I bo
  20. Finally some actual measurements...thank you very much to these fellows! Add me to the impressed list as well, I think the 6000 had a better response on the big deep nugget with both coils, and clearly better response on the smaller, shallow stuff. Definitely curious how they both do in Normal and at high gains now.
  21. That may be a rule, but there is an absolute height restriction of 500m from launching point on the Mavic 2 firmware, so it's not possible to stay 400ft above the ground when flying up mountains. Unless I'm missing some setting that disables it, but I tried and couldn't find one, thus I have to find the highest possible point to launch. The drone does not appear to have any capability to measure height above surface, only altitude from original launching point (it probably uses an altimeter, doesn't measure distance above surfaces). It doesn't care if there is a mountain under you increasing h
  22. There are these style that don't include the glasses, but still let your hear the environment too. Unfortunately not AptX either though... I stopped using headphones entirely because of rattlers and I like to listen for my dog in case he hurts himself. I dig the concept of having phones that let you hear the environment. I can see XP making something like this for some reason.
  23. I have a Mavic 2 Zoom that I use in the Rockies and Arizona. It's been a real time saver scouting prospect, mines, and outcrop up in the mountains. I can see which have features that interest me, it's high enough resolution to tell the difference between ore piles and waste piles. Resolution is good enough that I can pretty easily identify outcrops. The zoom is actually surprisingly good too. The height limitation sucks around the high mountains, but I find a high spot to launch and combined with the zoom I've been able to see whatever I've sought. It hasn't been as useful to me in the de
  24. Ok, well thanks for taking the time to type that all out. It was reasonable for me to wonder that if with new and unknown GeoSense, a brand new DD "unlike any other DD", and fairly top of the line modern signal processing circuitry that there might be some gains over 6-15 year old technology. That was the basis for my question, and it was a reasonable question to ask. I'm sorry you took flak for the Equinox, but I definitely wasn't one of those people. Just to be clear there. I'll move on, no intentions on bringing anyone down.
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