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Quest V60 And V80 Available In France

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  • The title was changed to Quest V60 And V80 Available In France

Excellent video , a very good overview of the Quest new products .  These guys are very innovative ..

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How awesome is it that the speaker can just pop off with one screw and be replaced, I bet Nokta wish they thought of that one with the Legend and it's dodgy speakers. 

It seems the speaker is a part that fails in detectors so having a replaceable speaker like that is a brilliant idea.

I like the accelerometer too, detecting sweep speed and adjusting accordingly.

The Air metal detector looks pretty cool I think, seems to have plenty of advanced features, it must do the processing in the coil.  I see it having a place and might get sales in non traditional metal detector markets.

The Pinpointer that auto turns off and on when you remove it from its holster is an awesome idea.

Quest seem very innovative, I suspect they're going to grow rapidly becoming one of the main manufacturers in no time.


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13 hours ago, brys said:

German dealer says delivery mid to late may

Yeah, that means, they are not in stock. He hopes, they will be in stock in the half of May. If not, he will postpone delivery date.

Jetzt vorbestellen = Pre-order now

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