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Help:: White Tdi Pro Cant Sense After 30min


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I buy a" whites pulse scan tdi pro "from ebay
It has problem
When it turn on and work for 40 min it cant sense any more(cant sense any metal). Treshold sound work like before but tdi cant sense any metal.
I change battery pack and i test it again but it has no change and tdi cant sense after 30 or 40 min

i should turn off tdi pro and after 40 to 60 min it can sense. 

maybe it warm and need to be cool

Whats the problem?
What should i do to solve this problem?
Can i reinstall the program(firmware)? How?

Thank you


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I would recommend getting rid of that plastic wrapping around the body of the case. You are blocking most of the air from getting to the case to help cool the electronics inside the case. There are several temp sensitive components inside that can affect performance of the detector.




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You cannot reinstall the firmware… there is no update function. It sounds like a component is failing. Works until it warms up. If so the component needs to be located and replaced. If it was mine I’d have it serviced, but I’m not sure that’s an easy option for you.

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Open it up, have it fail, and spray various areas with freeze spray to isolate the sensitive components. Then report back and someone that knows the circuitry may know what to do.  Also try a different coil. Measure coil resistance/inductances and see if normal. A coil with shorted windings may cause the drive transistor to overheat and shutdown.  Spray the transistor with the freeze spray and it works again right away? Coil or transistor circuit bad - or I f the detector is getting old there may be weak electrolytic capacitors to replace.

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On 6/16/2023 at 9:51 AM, MikeT said:

I would recommend getting rid of that plastic wrapping around the body of the case.

Before doing anything significant, I agree with this as a great start.  Analog electronics are notorious for being temperature sensitive.  If White's wanted the control box sealed they would have done it themselves.  (In fact, they later did!  The TDI Beach Hunter version was waterproof.  But I wouldn't assume they used identical components.  It would make sense that they swapped out stock TDI components for some that are less temperature sensitive, possibly even adding some heat conduction paths.)

If after running the detector without the raincoat it continues to crap out after a while, and after checking battery voltage to ensure it's not low battery power (10 V and above are fine AFAIK), then IMO your best next option is the one Steve H. recommends -- getting it checked out by the experts.  After White's went belly up, Centerville Electronics (two locations -- East coast and West coast USA) took over their repair operation:


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