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9 hours ago, okara gold said:

Not too many years ago, maybe 8 at the most I would average one piece of gold for every 4 times out. Not even close anymore. Now it's 4 guys on the beach every time I go out

I can confirm the same impression.
It was 2013, when almost daily I was diving with a colleague looking for highly-visited areas along the coast, and every week we counted about 30/40g each.
So in ten years, according to today's numbers, one should be satisfied if in a week we get to 10/15g.
And according to these numbers, whatever spot produces more in less time deserves more visits, otherwise it is to be considered burned.

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Great finds and that is some good gold for you. The cross is nice looking and made in Italy.

Good luck on your next hunt and stay safe out there.

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