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  1. Further south at certain beaches , it is a completely different story as this pic will show. Old silver , some gold. Hitting the right spot can yield a coin buffet : all you can dig. But this is hardpan and rocks galore. The digging is absolutely brutal. Shovel is best to save your scoop.
  2. As a beachhunter I have found some very valuable finds over the years. I wouldn't say anything was of historical significance. I only recently started taking pictures of some finds about 8 years ago. Never did I think of pics , let alone carrying around a camera some 40 years ago. Have only posted a few finds here and there because it was the cool thing to do , others did it and confirmed some sort of legitimacy. An old timer told me about 4 years ago , NEVER post any finds. And we went into depth about this... So I had a couple friends I hunted with that I would share some pics with. Also found some nice gold in front of them when they didn't find any. It got to a certain point where they were demanding to see everything. I had been scammed before on some returns I did and found this a bit odd. So one time I tested them by basically sending them a stock pic of something. Sure enough they were doing image searches on all my photos. Then I would get " I know who lost that" or be contacted by a stranger they say lost it and will give me a token reward. All sorts of BS. Well , it backfired on them as they both got set up and are now my ex-friends. I say do what you want with your finds. Historical or not , you paid the dues. No one else. But I am still gun shy on posting finds. HH
  3. That is a broken top off an anchor from a 300 year old pirate ship.
  4. Steve , you are like the late , great Johnny "Carnac" Carson !
  5. Very nice. I'm sure that blew your ears off and was solid. My guess where you were at was that it was shallow. Not too deep. The K of Bling is glad he helped with your sloppiness ! I believe we should all video each other when out hunting. We all get over confident and think of ourselves as being a perfect hunter , until we see a video of our own hunt/swing. Hope you get many more !
  6. Darn good year all considered. I know about the age thing and kinda not caring as much. Some sort of burn out I guess. I wish you all the happiness and love for you and your family.
  7. You know what some of these guys are doing to enhance their product line ? Bringing in Social media influencers ! Some barely have any detecting knowledge. But have lots of views on their channels. Are you fricking kidding me ? My what a web we weave...
  8. Well thanks for wrapping my head around a telephone pole Steve. All fake news by these marketing gurus on MF ! I have known about some of these things you say just from experience over the years regarding metals and more importantly , the size. Air tests are just that , they give an idea of the readings. What intrigues me the most is the sand , soil conditions regarding all these factors. Such as extreme magnetic black sand and depth. The MF Nox will overload , shut down , won't even work. A PI , isn't much better but does work. Depth is severely compromised on small coin and ring sized targets. The metal doesn't seem to matter much. Large targets don't seem to be a problem , but that's not what I'm after. All these video's guys put out seem to prove their machine , settings , techniques work great in THEIR turf. But definitely not mine. I might have to start calling you DR.STEVE now. Lol
  9. No. I remember them coming to town in the 70s , 80s. Never wanted to see them. Though they had a couple cool songs , was never into them.
  10. Had the same issue. The 920 scoop solved that. Digging like a madman , not easy.
  11. You sure got that right. It's the same debate I'm having with myself over and over of late. Conditions and crowds have been bad for a long time. If there aren't any targets , I don't care what detector you use. It's not there. Sure , a few finds here and there but so what. Up and down the coast it is sand , sand , sand. And when we do finally get something major going , I'm gonna use my Pulse anyway. So why bother with a new this or that ?
  12. Couldn't agree more on all you said. I will never forget when I hunted behind a guy with a Nox when they 1st came out and before I got mine. And I was using my DF. He was leaving an "X" in the sand behind him. Which I dug just to see what they were. 95% was trash. I got 2 junk rings and a $700 SS watch. I've learned that many of these "discriminated trash" signals can be a cellphone or even a rusty junk chain with a gold ring on it. Ya never know , till ya know.
  13. Very honest and truthful. I thought I was reading about what is currently going on with the Legend.
  14. Didn't you read the micro fine print ?......" discrimination varies on one's hearing " 🤣
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