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  1. I have a few rings in this style. This ring is not even silver , let alone ww2. It's recent based on the condition. Also what I call a "junker".
  2. Very nice hunts. Interesting how HB can barely have a cut and 3 miles south can have 6-8' cuts. I was out last night and had a 12 ring hunt. The last few days have been EPIC to say the least. The 18k with what appears to be a Mercedes design is an extremely common fake brass ring and usually heavy. Good luck on this next storm coming in and the great tides. I will be hunting again as well...
  3. I know what your saying about the veteran guys temporarily hanging it up. But you know what the worst is ? When they tell me " let me know when it's really good , and I will go hunt with you". Knowing I hunt 2,3 times a week. Wanting me to do the leg work....for them. Yeah , right.
  4. I think 4 hours is a long hunt for you Joe. Why not bring both detectors ? To much to trek in ? Also , how often do you hit more than 2 beaches in 1 day ? I would think some areas are more wind protected than others , maybe a timing thing.
  5. Just came across this post and had to add my 2c. Interesting that Steve took a pic in Costco , because that's what I did . There were about 4@ pallets of these at several stores by me. I started to freak out ! I envisioned a traffic jam on my beaches. I don't know much about these but they had alot of features for the price. What I can say is the used secondary market has been flooded by these. Typically going for $40-60. People just gave up , didn't find much , idk. I did see quite a few using them in the dry sand for a few months. Now barely anyone is on the beach with them. What I learned i
  6. That's a Rat that got clipped. The car's owner was a mafia "rat". Was there any blood in the trunk ?
  7. Neat coin you found. What is interesting is the scoop. Idk if it's the camera angle or what. But the scoop looks like the biggest I've ever seen ! What is that ?
  8. YW. There could be a downside for SOME people. It wants your driver's license , which of course it gives back. Also wants a thumbprint and will take a picture of you. Not a problem for me. Once I took a nice phone in and it said that "this phone has been reported lost or stolen" and couldn't make an offer. It then gave the phone back. Also Google search coupon codes , you can usually get a few extra $ on each phone. The whole process is fairly easy to get quick cold hard cash. Though selling through other avenues will get more $ , I just don't want to deal with the headaches.
  9. I have been having some luck taking phones to the ECO ATM. Recent examples : iPhone 5 , no power , good glass =$8. iPhone 7 exploded sanded battery , shattered glass =$10. Iphone XR , powers up , cracked screen =$55. Some older bad phones they offer to dispose of , no $. Just an option guys. I usually take 3 or 4 in at a time. You can get some cash.
  10. That would be fantastic if you can pull this off Joe !
  11. This is like the 2nd coming ! The resurrection of THE KOB ! I've crawled outta the grave. But I'm not gonna fill that hole back in just yet ! It will be interesting to see if some of the patent technology will be useful , maybe some form of hybrid. Have never been a Garrett guy and that could change. I've been a beach hunter and frankly the Garrett's haven't measured up. Whites parts may now be available for a little while longer. I will be looking forward in the next 3-4 years to see what they come up with.
  12. Spot on. Every sales job out there now is for "Digital Marketing". Sounds like they hired some digital guru who said " let's flood every MDing site out there". It is for this specific reason I will not buy ANY from this company.
  13. Jimmy , I'm sorry to hear about your cancer. I pray that you show improvement with the chemo. Though I don't know you , you're a fellow human metal detectorist ! I hope you can find the detector you are looking for and can get out for some hunts ! 🙏🙏🙏
  14. Well ok then , if you want to get technical it's Digital Marketing ! Yeah , I until a cure is made , marketing will never be the same. It's all this zoom stuff now and old school pickup the phone. But I do like ALL of what you said on what you think about the AQ and where it stands now. Makes total sense. Especially betting on a release date ! But damn , the in house communication breakdowns are so lame....
  15. Russ specifically stated a few times it was the Impulse AQ. Maybe he does need to be given a very small break , maybe not since returning. But I would think he would be given a checklist of features that he could talk about publicly. Again , its common sense ( to me anyway ) why not have a meeting with all departments to be on the same page ? What can and cannot be discussed. I do know about sales/marketing. Many want to impress so much they make blanket statements covering all the bases. Over promise and under deliver just makes one look foolish. I don't see wireless for this as an example. B
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