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  1. Shaken..not really. Just a little sick feeling in the stomach for a few minutes , then continued detecting. I snapped a pic of the initial scene right after they pulled her from the water and covered her with a sheet. I get shaken when I actually see something very bad happen. The only way for me to describe it is that time almost stops. Like someone being hit by a car , etc. It all moves in slow motion for me. It's very strange and idk if anyone else experiences this.
  2. Nice job. I have done this as well. Though you were early , I'm amazed no one else bothers. I see walkers , joggers often go right by large broken glass and just glance at it doing nothing. To me , they are almost as bad as the ones who are breaking the stuff. I hunt SM often. About a month ago , I came upon a naked , bloated , dead body at the jetty just south of there. Never know what you are going to find in the early morning hours.
  3. Those are some pretty good scuffs and gouges on your boots. What exactly are you doing to get those ? Is there a particular reason why you wear calf boots ? Had a buddy that wore them because he was afraid to get sand , dirt on his feet. My laughing and the heat soon cleared that hurdle.
  4. Truck liner bed spray. Let it cure for a day. Cheap and easy. But no fix will last a real long time without reapplying. Especially in salt sand. Time to go with some kind of dive boot.
  5. More EPIC finds OBN ! I have a couple of those old silver pendants as well. You must dig some fairly deep holes to use as some markers for your previous hunts. Here in the bays , they fill in pretty fast. No one can fault anyone for selling SOME gold at record highs. I know some of you get attached to the old gold and want to save it from the smelters. But the fact is , it's a very small subset of buyers within a jewelry market. It can take a long time to find the right buyer. Most are collectors , not ones who regularly wear such items. I recently sold a few ounces of older rings I had laying around. Older as in the 30s-50s. They went for scrap. Currently I'm getting 90% of melt , in cash , from a local cash4gold place. Sure , you can get a little more from midwest , ara , or whoever. I sell it up , I sell it down. But rarely do you have the opportunity to sell at a record high. You can't take it with you is how I look at it. Enjoy some of the fruits of your labor. GL on whatever you decide to do.
  6. Very interesting topic and I don't know if I'm off base here but will compare a MF against a PI on a beach. Granted , a PI is a completely different animal. What I do know is a MF can have great discrimination but in heavy black sand it can overload. Basically rendering it useless ! It won't work. Depth is also an issue. Under these same conditions , my PI can struggle as well. I may have to raise the coil 6" off the sand and go very slow. But it works ! Of course discrimination is an issue compared to a MF. A MF machine does not "reign supreme" on all beaches. In fact , it may not operate at all. What many don't realize is that we have different styles of hunting , which can change based on conditions. And that should be in direct correlation to what detector you choose for the job.
  7. Hi Bill , and welcome. I used to live around the corner from Buccaneer park and parents used to live in Carlsbad. I'm a little north of you now , but I hunt Diego often as I know most of the beaches well. Some great detecting beaches but you also need to have your head on a swivel if you hunt at night. Particularly north county.
  8. I'm hoping the low winter tides will have some hardpack, sand removal. Kinda mushy out there now. But we know there's something out there...somewhere
  9. More STELLAR finds like the 21k ! Seems very rare around here that on the minus tides , there are barely any targets. It's weird. Most of my finds are from the towel line on down to the base and maybe 10' beyond. That's it. I second guess myself constantly on machines. I went out last night and got 1 gold. Then I think: why do I need another machine , this one works just fine ? But still , it's in the back of my mind. What if I had a different machine ? What could I be missing ?
  10. Nice target volume. I will be in Orange County tonight. You ?
  11. 1st off Derek , your totally new to detecting and you've made some great finds. It ain't easy trying to make a living doing YT channels. And you are just starting to see what happens when you broadcast it all over. What's happening Derek is that the real pro's are moving in and are gonna wipe out your area. Sure you will still find a few here and there. Hide your locations or start moving around to different beaches. Definitely don't brag to people what you find while on the beach. When you started literally begging for $ and were making some finds , I had "Manifested" that this isn't going to last long. You are now seeing some of my manifestation in action. Keep up the videos , I hope it works out for you ! Cause it's a double edged sword...
  12. Nice big ring OBN. I'm not sure if I've found any lower karat gold like that myself. I might have tossed some in my junk ring pile. Older stuff that's unmarked. Are there acid test kits for lower gold ? Thanks.
  13. Been thinking of the screen one. You can adjust the depth I think by the handle attachment. Might go deeper. That's where it's going to be harder to pull.
  14. You finally did it ! Did you try the screened rake I see in the lower right corner ? Glad to see it worked.
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