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  1. Good job ! You must have been super excited on your 1st ring recovery and a few bucks for your club.
  2. Well now that is a stretch ! I still stand by my statement on the 4 yr. The whole marketing pitch with the Legend is that it is EQUAL or BETTER than the competition. If we went down a checklist on paper , I'm sure you could mark them all off. The only unknown as of now is the performance. So yes , the 3 year EQUALS the other. Regardless , I have been following Nokta and like what I've seen so far. Even though I have never owned one. Maybe the next version of the Nox will better , idk as I'm done with the current model. I look forward to being a successful user of The Legend !
  3. How does this effect the balance / fatigue when swinging the 15" coil for 5+ hours ? This looks promising. I think I saw a completr CF setup from teleknox that looks similar in design.
  4. A find is a find. It still goes in the treasure chest. Here is from earlier this year. 1st pic is taken from when I opened my car door upon getting to one of my beaches. At 1st I thought it was an earring. It's a 14k crushed nugget ring. After scavenging the rest of the lot , I also got this crushed silver ring. I was up before my coil hit the sand. It all counts.
  5. Ok. Thanks for taking the time to measure that. There are disadvantages to being tall. Especially with detector shafts , my walking pace and walk gape.
  6. I can tell you where the Legend has already failed (for me) and that is the length. I'm 6'5 and the Legend is only 52" extended. The Nox is I think 56" , and that wasn't long enough until I went with Steve's CF which added 2". I can't find the info on what the Deus 2 extended max length is. Hopefully I can get a longer "tall man" CF lower for the Legend. I haven't even bought it yet and it's failed !🤣
  7. Whenever you overpromise and under deliver , you run into many issues. Sure , you can make profits in the short run. But never in the long game. For starters , legal issues and recalls ( misrepresenting the product , fraud ). When companies do this whether knowingly or not it portrays them as not being transparent , untrustworthy and scammers. On the 2nd go around , smart people are not coming back. PERIOD. Maintaining your reputation and how you handle something when it goes south means the world to alot of people. Sadly , in these times there are many that just don't care either. Regarding XP , I don't know enough about them to honestly comment. Though I do have a pinpointer that has worked flawlessly the few times I've used it.
  8. It's better to under promise and over deliver , than over promise and under deliver.
  9. No different than the Legend being shock proof , though not advertised as such. It's in the build quality unlike the Nox housing. Similar to "military grade" on cell phone cases. Or a drop test on the cellphone itself.
  10. Good lord this brought back some smiles and tears ! Just because 1 has money doesn't make them smart. Flashed back to my blackjack days. Took me years to finally make it to high limit where I had some killer runs and some suicidal losses. About 25 years ago , I'm at the Bellagio sitting at a $500 minimum table by myself , up about 13k from my $5k buy in. There were empty tables all around me. When this guy sits down with a 25k buy in. Well...in about 10 minutes we were both tapped out. I wanted to strangle him ! But it was his play that irked me the most. I thought nobody would ever sit at a 500 table and not know what they were doing. Maybe he was a shill , a cooler , didn't care , my stupidity , idk. But this really opened my eyes on life and $. Anyways , shortly thereafter I pretty much gave up the game. Seldom ever play it. Sorry to rant away , but it is relatable.
  11. For those who are unaware and care ! Tomorrow , Sunday the 21st : Dilek will be live on Treasure Talk , both FB & YouTube. They will be giving away this new machine ! You gotta be a member and sign up though , follow all the instructions and rules. I been a member from early on and actually won a detector ! They usually have some great guests on. You can actually ask some questions live , and I have a few. Sometimes they have some technical problems that can drag the show down , but are getting better at fixing. Overall it's informative and I like it. Look it up & sign up. Good Luck !
  12. Agreed. I have a low inventory , as in one ! Gone through 2 800s. Nuances could be something to get used to. 0-60 numbers could be good , idk. But it seems all the sound options will be good. Not sure about the size of the numbers on the screen as someone else mentioned.
  13. They don't necessarily have to give the other up , just add on. But I get what you're talking about in window dressing. I will be disappointed if it's not better though.
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