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  1. Here in So.Cal , there are several million people. And I can tell you every unemployed male under the age of 45 has a metal detector. And they are all out on the beach trying to scratch a buck. I haven't counted , but it is alot out there.....
  2. Why don't you just send a buddy $2k US cash and have them ship you one ? You save $1,100 and your buddy makes a couple hundred. I will more than likely get one with a military discount for $1360. Not bad , but still alot more than the Nox.
  3. All this talk about power is really just that : talk , until it's out and we get to use it. But a full charge takes 7 hours in this day and age ? That is disgusting. Call me ridiculous , paranoid or whack. Here's all I know. In California , our great governor in this crazy heat has told us to not charge our EVs and 1 week prior said in the next decade no more new gas vehicles will be produced or sold. Also to turn up our thermostats as in don't run the A/C because it will cripple the power grid and cause blackouts. More insanity from these people. And all I can think of is why no one has made a solar powered detector yet. Lol
  4. I had similar scenarios, except all I remember was going home with both girls.
  5. Don't know how many pounds of gold or all the coins found over the years , never really kept track. That's besides the point now. It has always been a fun hobby to me and it's nice to be rewarded some. Though over the last few years with everything going through the roof , I need to rethink it some. I have always been able to payoff my detector within a month or two. But as of recent hunts and others who hunt where I'm at , I have to wonder. How long is it going to take me to payoff a $1500 detector and $5 gas ? It's no longer a $600 machine and $2 gas. The bottomline is I'm still using my Pulse and not exactly killing it. The gold isn't there. And it's not just me. People don't wear gold like they used to. Nor do they carry change as much either. Add in the fact there are more hunters than ever before. The biggest I feel is the lack of consistent storms/conditions that prevail for my style of hunting. Many things I have no control over. Anyways , it's still a hobby and that's my dilemma...
  6. How about Treasure Nymph or Gold Nympho. The insatiable lust for treasure !
  7. I would really like to see a picture of who the final decision maker was on this name. Could he look like this.....
  8. Are you serious ? Eddie Freaking Van Halen ! My favorite guitar hero of all time. Seen many times way back....RIP
  9. Here is what I know about this detector. Or shall I say what I don't know because I wasn't actually there. About 4 years ago here in So.Cal either a representative or the owner ( I could find out) met with 3 of my detecting friends on a local beach. One in particular had been seriously interested in buying one for awile. This beach has a ton of trash and is what I would call medium blacksand. Well , this guy couldn't for the life of him get it to work properly at all. After 20 minutes of everyone tinkering with it to get it to work , they gave up. My friends grabbed their machines and hunted. This poor guy apologized an hour later and everyone left. My friend said after that he would never buy one and that was enough for me...
  10. I would think from a marketing/sales standpoint this would be available sometime in November to meet the xmas rush. Anytime after that sales would lag for several months. Strike while the iron is hot !
  11. I would have to agree with this assessment. It reminded me of being in a strip club. The girl up on stage twirling on a pole. Then walking down the ramp , arms high in the air. Then into the crowd of sweaty men for them grab on to. Never long enough for 1 guy to actually get a good look at. ML could have done better but my guess is she will go full nude before long and we will have more details.
  12. I was finding some clad and silver , but it was hard work. Until I figured out that only 3 blocks away , our liquor store in the alley way was stacking their crates of coke bottles up against the chain link fence. And I could slide my puny hands in and slide them out for a quick return. Until I got busted and was off for another adventure ! 🤣
  13. Mine was a lighter blue coin master , 1970. Don't remember anything else except as an 8 year old , using 2 hands to swing the darn thing. Not deep and the holes were a mess. That didn't last long. Until the early 80s when I took a more serious approach. But you are right about the small incremental changes. But we all lose that perspective and want everything NOW. Thanks Steve for giving us a little reality check.
  14. Ok. I don't come on here all that much , so I don't know your feelings about ML. But to a certain extent , you are right. But there are small little bumps in improvements across all brands I think. And I'm following this one after getting rid of 3 Nox's , for 3 different reasons. I been hunting So.Cal beaches for decades and have used quite a few detectors. Primarily old Whites PI's. This new machine has some vast improvements over the prior Nox which I do believe they should have stood behind better on its faults. But here we are. I hunt many beaches that the Nox fails on. Maybe this will be a vast improvement to be able to handle heavy black mineralized sand and EMI. This is the biggie. But in a sick way , I hope it doesn't. Because then I will have to deal with new hunters who may not give up so easily. Lol
  15. C'mon Jen. We know your a looker. But there's gotta be more upstairs. What do you have against this machine or ML ? Seeing that you own a few already. Did they do you wrong ?
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