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  1. Only one I used was the Swingy Thingy a few years ago on my Nox swinging the 15" coil for 5+ hours on the beach. It worked pretty good , but wasn't great. Best result was when I had to wear a backpack for those long hunts with my supplies and it was fine attaching to to the D ring on my strap. For shorter hunts , I would attach it to an "O" ring I installed on my belt. This worked just ok , mainly because of the angle. A few friends ordered them after seeing mine in So.Cal....But I'm looking forward to how this new one might work out.
  2. You have a good point. I have done 100s of "Burials at sea". Where I would have small boxes with small bags of remains with names on them. I would then open the bags and dump overboard one after the other. At no time did I notice chunks , or blobs of gold in these bags. But I also wasn't really spending time looking specifically for that either. It wasn't the best part of my job and I wanted to be done with it. The worst is when it was windy , which was often. Human ashes blowing back into your face is not very pleasant.
  3. They sneeze or blow real hard without a tissue.
  4. The shocking (but not surprised) part is the fact that with all the hype 2-3 years ago , they couldn't sell 100 units. And now it gets worse. They decide to offload the remaining batch to basically a wholesaler. But wait , there's more ! The marketing maniacs decide to jack the price up another 5 bones. I would be embarrassed if I was on their team. Can only imagine what these winners are gonna come up with next.
  5. Maybe an armored chain male suit for hunting shark infested waters. And could see how the D2 handles EMI up close.
  6. Damn... I need that ! Get my camo gear on , rocket launcher and I'm good to go.
  7. I tried a belt/rope combo and tried pulling it behind me using just my legs. Another fail. We even tried a fat tire electric bike. Failure #2. Only thing we thought of would be at small fat tire lawn mower/tractor type that the parks department uses. But that is not allowed and would be cited.
  8. Looks easy in the video because he is only going 1-2" deep and that sand is very soft , light , flat and groomed. Sand usually is uneven or has dips from footprints , etc. Notice he only goes about 10 feet and has to stop. The sand piles up fast , creating more weight and drag. You need to go deeper for the gold that sinks fast in drysand. Wetsand ? Forget it. Often the targets get pushed to the side and out because the sand bunches up. It is cool and they do work. But try it for 4 hours. Just be prepared to see a doctor or massage therapist afterwards. Lol
  9. You need one without the wheels if you expect to go deep and not just skim the surface. I'm talking 2-3" , which doesn't sound like much. Gotta angle the handle for depth. My buddy got one off the internet cheap , they are there. And I can tell you it is absolutely back breaking work. Not only that , you better have strong legs and arms and be prepared to pay the price for the next 2 days. It's not worth it...
  10. Limited , Unlimited , Gold....no thanks. I'll wait for the Platinum model ! A couple buddies have them and I'm not impressed. Even at a $G , I wouldn't buy one. I'll stick with my $600 DF thank you.
  11. I've used borderline scoops from the late 80s-2008 , about 20 years. Think I went through 7 of them in that time. Mostly his shorter galvanized ones which were cheaper. I destroyed every 1 of them except the SS. All of them , over time would separate at the welds where the upper wire met the solid lip of the scoop. Not all wires , but gradual and then the scoop starts to break down and collapse. These are small scoops and he can make them bigger. But then you have to start thinking about weight. Mike was easy to work with and I never complained about his scoops. When you compare the prices to other scoops , they are hard to beat. Remember , I'm a maniac with scoops and I beat the hell outta them ! But finally had to step up my game as I got older and went with bigger diameters and longer handles. Along with higher prices. Lol. As many as I've destroyed , I have no problem recommending his scoops for the price.
  12. Decent pendant. Jeweler should buy that at 12k pricing. Kinda like black hills gold. But my big question is , Where's the damn chain ? You need me to find it ? 😅
  13. All that and not 1 picture ? Same experience not long ago at Aliso. Beautiful sight.
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