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  1. I've followed 3 or 4 videos from her and other posts. What I like is her straight up , no BS approach. I can respect her saying "sometime this year." She hasn't been wrong yet. Unlike others , who say " maybe in April , then , maybe in July". Just stringing you along with the BS. Anyways , I'm looking forward to this detector when it does come out. I've never owned a Nokta before. Would like to give it a chance.
  2. Haha ! I'm down there once a week , but I don't always hunt. How about that sand pumping ? Ugh....you never know. I hunted when they were scraping/pushing the top layer to the edge , creating an even larger cut. It was bad , mostly slaw.
  3. Nice hunt and you got gold ! I hunted last weeks windstorm and scored 4 gold and $22in clad , along with some silver. That was an 8 hour hunt. Today , complete opposite. 2 beaches , 3.5 hours = 43 cents and an iPhone. Just bad. Looks like I may have to head a little more south ! Haha🤣
  4. Nice finds and the knife ! How do you like that scoop in regards to the small scoop size , yet heavier weight ratio ?
  5. I call that feeling a "Rush" as in adrenaline. It's almost worse finding one right off the bat , compared to one at the end. Yeah , you might find more. But often it's a let down from being jacked up so early. Compared to the end of your hunt. You're tired , you knew you hunted good and covered your zones. And were pleasantly rewarded for your hard work. Kinda more satisfying....Kinda 🤣 Nice ring BTW !
  6. Here is a factory one. Notice how thin the band is. Not as wide as the custom made one. And it's not expensive to have one custom made.
  7. After confirming with another expert , Famous Craig , we have come to the conclusion that this is what we like to call a "Junker". I trashed one similar about 8 months ago. Bottomline is your acid is eating that thing away. Real , solid gold will not do that...Your Welcome !
  8. Lol...I've been saying that for 2 years now. Beach 2 , in 2 tone , in the wet is where it's at. Once the Nox users got some time under their coils and yet I still see many running down the beach with them. Some are looking for a coin line or patch. The majority are still rookies wondering why they don't find gold. When conditions warrant , I get all geeked up going behind these guys with my PI.
  9. Here are a few pics of the blade with SS tip. Notice that the rivets do wear out causing seperation. Also notice the thick custom band added.
  10. Thank you. You have now changed my mind on what looks to be a good , solid and CHEAP alternative for a shaft. I have also used a decent fiberglass shovel handle with a dowel in the past that came out pretty good.
  11. My 1st blade only lasted about 2 months. I believe the welds were weak. Started to split at the top of the bucket where the handle meets. Then the weld at the handle started to go. The warranty and folks at RTG are awesome. So they made me a custom one with more width and thickness on the strap where the shaft meets. Going on 2 years now. SS lip a little bent and rivets are wearing down. But I'm extremely happy with this scoop for what I put it through and the cost. I believe I posted a thread and pics of this and a scoopal failure ( nightmare on getting it replaced ) on the other forum.
  12. Very nice. And you don't have any issues with that 1 hole screw design ? Or do you run a bolt through it...
  13. That sure looks alot nicer than the one I built. How tall is that and why ?
  14. Yeah. Not really worth the effort. Smaller diameter for a scoop will flex. Unless you glue a dowel the entire length. Then cap the end with a bike grip. Also gives the impression that your a cheap loser. That's right...I did it ONCE !
  15. Why they supplied those u-bolts is beyond me. Your foot slips or just carrying around can cause some injury. This is speaking from experience. Option 1 : buy smaller length u-bolts. Option 2 ( what I did , much cleaner) : buy a few slightly larger washers and locknuts ( the kind with plastic in them so they don't unscrew by themselves). 2 washers and tighten down nut , then grind down excess bolt. Bottomline is do what you can to eliminate that excess bolt sticking out.
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