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  1. Further south at certain beaches , it is a completely different story as this pic will show. Old silver , some gold. Hitting the right spot can yield a coin buffet : all you can dig. But this is hardpan and rocks galore. The digging is absolutely brutal. Shovel is best to save your scoop.
  2. As a beachhunter I have found some very valuable finds over the years. I wouldn't say anything was of historical significance. I only recently started taking pictures of some finds about 8 years ago. Never did I think of pics , let alone carrying around a camera some 40 years ago. Have only posted a few finds here and there because it was the cool thing to do , others did it and confirmed some sort of legitimacy. An old timer told me about 4 years ago , NEVER post any finds. And we went into depth about this... So I had a couple friends I hunted with that I would share some pics with. Also found some nice gold in front of them when they didn't find any. It got to a certain point where they were demanding to see everything. I had been scammed before on some returns I did and found this a bit odd. So one time I tested them by basically sending them a stock pic of something. Sure enough they were doing image searches on all my photos. Then I would get " I know who lost that" or be contacted by a stranger they say lost it and will give me a token reward. All sorts of BS. Well , it backfired on them as they both got set up and are now my ex-friends. I say do what you want with your finds. Historical or not , you paid the dues. No one else. But I am still gun shy on posting finds. HH
  3. That is a broken top off an anchor from a 300 year old pirate ship.
  4. Steve , you are like the late , great Johnny "Carnac" Carson !
  5. Very nice. I'm sure that blew your ears off and was solid. My guess where you were at was that it was shallow. Not too deep. The K of Bling is glad he helped with your sloppiness ! I believe we should all video each other when out hunting. We all get over confident and think of ourselves as being a perfect hunter , until we see a video of our own hunt/swing. Hope you get many more !
  6. Darn good year all considered. I know about the age thing and kinda not caring as much. Some sort of burn out I guess. I wish you all the happiness and love for you and your family.
  7. You know what some of these guys are doing to enhance their product line ? Bringing in Social media influencers ! Some barely have any detecting knowledge. But have lots of views on their channels. Are you fricking kidding me ? My what a web we weave...
  8. Well thanks for wrapping my head around a telephone pole Steve. All fake news by these marketing gurus on MF ! I have known about some of these things you say just from experience over the years regarding metals and more importantly , the size. Air tests are just that , they give an idea of the readings. What intrigues me the most is the sand , soil conditions regarding all these factors. Such as extreme magnetic black sand and depth. The MF Nox will overload , shut down , won't even work. A PI , isn't much better but does work. Depth is severely compromised on small coin and ring sized targets. The metal doesn't seem to matter much. Large targets don't seem to be a problem , but that's not what I'm after. All these video's guys put out seem to prove their machine , settings , techniques work great in THEIR turf. But definitely not mine. I might have to start calling you DR.STEVE now. Lol
  9. No. I remember them coming to town in the 70s , 80s. Never wanted to see them. Though they had a couple cool songs , was never into them.
  10. Had the same issue. The 920 scoop solved that. Digging like a madman , not easy.
  11. You sure got that right. It's the same debate I'm having with myself over and over of late. Conditions and crowds have been bad for a long time. If there aren't any targets , I don't care what detector you use. It's not there. Sure , a few finds here and there but so what. Up and down the coast it is sand , sand , sand. And when we do finally get something major going , I'm gonna use my Pulse anyway. So why bother with a new this or that ?
  12. Couldn't agree more on all you said. I will never forget when I hunted behind a guy with a Nox when they 1st came out and before I got mine. And I was using my DF. He was leaving an "X" in the sand behind him. Which I dug just to see what they were. 95% was trash. I got 2 junk rings and a $700 SS watch. I've learned that many of these "discriminated trash" signals can be a cellphone or even a rusty junk chain with a gold ring on it. Ya never know , till ya know.
  13. Very honest and truthful. I thought I was reading about what is currently going on with the Legend.
  14. Didn't you read the micro fine print ?......" discrimination varies on one's hearing " 🤣
  15. Love your comments on this. I can tell you're so pissed off and disappointed that it is now a joke. Reminded me of a few decades ago when a couple friends and I went out to dinner. The food and service was so horrendous that I left this note on a napkin : "Tip - get out of the restaurant business."
  16. I don't agree with much of this. And I been pulsing forever. The last thing I want is a pulse on big barren desert beaches. Reason is you really have to find the dips , scallops, etc and work very slow. Your not covering ground. I prefer a light to medium trash and good target rich area , as the deep gold I can pick out over other inexperienced hunters , using say a Nox. In extreme heavy trash , a pulse is almost unworkable. Heavy mineralization and black sand I want a pulse. But I do agree on being able to locate and read a beach is of utmost importance.
  17. That's if the company doesn't take your $ and run. I've been burned before on unreal deals before. Especially on a product that isn't even in yet. Not just the small companies , big shops fold up too. GL and I hope it works out for you.
  18. Try going a bit north to sunset. Under a cut , when it's deep black. That puppy will be worthless. And the pi ain't much better. Lol
  19. Ya got 2 things correct : I don't know you and I got a ton of sarcasm ! The rest , not so much. If you actually READ my post , I said a few "bad apples". Just because there is 1 bad cop , doesn't mean they all are. I have never taken that approach. Don't be a snowflake just because I voiced some personal knowledge , experience about some RFds. I have 2 very close personal friends who are local RFs and I hunt with them often. They are straight up guys. Anyways , GL to you....now go save the world !
  20. I'm quite sure you haven't been around long enough or to have any knowledge of what has gone with a few of these bad apples. I have 1st hand knowledge and experience with a couple of them. Don't think any have been kicked out for stealing or doing something deceptive and wrong ? Think again....How about being physically threatened to get off "their beach" , even when offering additional help to search for a lost item ? We'll...I have. Make no mistake , I'm all for guys making $ on the service. You got expenses , experience , etc. You for example saved power to Oxnard. But for many who are unaware , they are not all volunteer goody-too-shoes.
  21. That is exactly what it is. I know some of the guys on here are members , but don't know them personally enough to know how they operate. But I do know 3 or 4 locally. They claim of this great service they provide and it pumps up their egos. But in reality they are in it for the $. Some returns they might get $20-60. Others $0. But more often they get 100s , more than melt. It's typically "pay what you can afford". But they are often praying upon emotions , which often leads to an open wallet. I have known some who have kept an item and not returned it because the "reward" wasn't high enough. Some are total Aholes when you are hunting nearby. Claiming it is "their beach". Have gotten close to a few brawls with these clowns. But overall , most are good guys ....but they do provide a "service".
  22. A $5 gold rings up 38 , the same as a crusty zinc. Looks like I'm back to digging it all. Ugh...
  23. I wish could say I found it all ! Lol... But really there are only a couple beaches both in OC and LA that have the heavy black sand. Down south in SD , there are many. So bad in fact that the Nox will overload , rendering it worthless to hunt. The PIs are workable , but they are a nightmare. To the point where even I had to abort. You have to move extremely slow with the coil about 6" off the sand. You will not get coverage. All machines will lose depth here. But here lies some quality finds if you have the patience. And you better have some sharp ears for that rapid machine gun fire symphony that is gonna blast through your headphones.
  24. Being a So.Cal hunter myself having the same set ups , I know exactly what you're talking about. But I have on a few occasions absolutely crushed it going behind the Noxers. What others have said here is spot on. Though they are not mentioning 1 very key element. The mentality of HOW they hunt. I have posted many times in detail before on this. But frankly now , I won't be sharing anymore of these "secrets" on giving others an edge in areas we all hunt.
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