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Deus 2 Legend Short Gold Nugget Hunt Video.... No Gold

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Man, that's some rough country. You earn anything you find there.

Good video, thanks for posting it.

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Thanks JCR. 

Very rough Sonoran Desert country where plenty can go wrong.

I got stung by some kind of wasp, a Tarantula Hawk. Nasty, still swollen.

I had fun testing the Legend and Deus 2.

Deus 2 is just not as sensitive as the Legend but it is a whole lot better than it was before software 2.0. It is kind of hitting that 0.01 gram piece of lead that the Legend clearly sounded off on but off camera unfortunately.

The best comparison is Deus 2's second target which turned out to be the 0.12 gram lead fragment. Both detectors gave strong responses on that target.

Deus 2's quiet running is kind of a form of discrimination. If Deus 2 hits something it might have a little more size. Nothing wrong with that instead of trying to hit a 0.01 gram or smaller target, whereas the Legend will hit just about anything.


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  • The title was changed to Deus 2 Legend Short Gold Nugget Hunt Video.... No Gold

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