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Finally, Aptx-ll Bone Conduction Headphones For Equinox


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Been a long time since I posted anything here, I love my Equinox 600 but haven't had anything interesting happen lately until today.

I was going through Amazon deals and came across this:



They're light, extremely comfortable, and inexpensive at the moment. They have a microphone but you can swing it out of the way. It isn't removable.

They paired with the APTX-LL B+ sign on the Nox right out of the box, I did a factory reset to wipe out the previous headphones I was using, and then pushed the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth button, waited for the Wi-Fi icon to disappear. Then I turned on the headphones and hung them on the detector and walked away. When I came back they were paired. 🥳

They're not all that loud even with the detector at full volume and the bone phones at full, but the point is they  work, for a minimum investment of $49. I generally hunt fields so the volume isn't much of a problem, YMMV.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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