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Gold Seeker Is Pushing South To Quartzite

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I haven't been on here in a little while. I got talked into leaving Meadview and Gold Basin for Franconia Wash area by Havasu City. This area is far worse off than Gold Basin and Meadview for hitting on gold. My first week there was a solid skunk. Just 50 cal. and 30 cal. bullets. I had a trainee come down for some training and I took him out to show him what I do at times to get onto gold. I led him out into an area that was heavy on my mind every day when I got back to camp and we stopped to give an area a swing. My hunch payed off as I found us a patch of nuggets. Video of that hunt will be in the works a few weeks away. We went back the next day and only one nugget was found a little ways away from the patch. The next day after we hit a wider area and couldn't get onto any other gold and then I went up a short feeder wash and found another patch with my Gpx5000. I had my trainee (Gold Dozer) come in with his 6000 and showed him how I work a spot like that with a dig and detect operation. I had pulled 3 nuggets out of this wash and he got 2 nuggets. It was a great time. We had three F-35's fly over us at very low altitude and that was way cool. The next day an F-18 Hornet flew over at very low altitude for another spectacular show of fighter jets. My time here is done and tomorrow morning I am pulling out and heading down to Quartzite to detect there until the Gold Show. I will have a table at the show again and possibly will be sharing a booth with Dr. Eric Melchiorre - Geologist, again. We will see what gold I can squeak out of the ground there. Jan 1, just before we headed out for Gold Dozers second day of training, I had gotten a call that my father had passed away at 10:27 that morning. It was not good news right before training. If anyone is down in Quartzite and wants to say hello at the Gold Show or before get ahold of me. It was good to get out and do some detecting with BMC as well. He is in the picture with Goldie the Roadrunner. 











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Sorry for your loss Reese, I too loss my father quite a while back now but still think of him often. Maybe next year I'll get out that way, thanks for posting the great pictures.

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Hey Reese,

    Sorry to hear about your Father, it's always tough when someone passes.  Quartzsite has always been a fun place to detect and does have deeper gold, so you will like that area.  I can see you hitting something very nice down there.  

Keep us posted,


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Great post Reese.  This was a remarkable trip for me.  Always wanting to get more field time and learn as much as I can.  Truly enjoyed your and BMc's company.  Learned a lot from the both of you and look forward to having our paths cross again in the future. This is a trip I will remember and I was pretty excited to see you post about it.

It was quite unfortunate with the passing of your father.  I wish you the best in that endeavor.  I have yet to experience that myself and often think of how I may react when that day comes.

In my experience finding gold isn't easy and it does take work.  The fact that we found some gold is a plus.  The picture below is what my take was from the first patch we found.  Nice chunky gold by my standards.  1.4 grams in one day, my personal best to date.


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Also sorry to hear of your loss Reese, take care. 

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