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  1. Just canceled my prospecting trip to meet up with my buddy in AZ. due to the price of diesel fuel at $5.35 per ( 1200 mile round trip ) and still expected to go up more. Been planning this trip for months. I bet there will be lots of folks that will change travel plans this year.
  2. I have a large pick and use a large earth magnet ( 2'' X 1'' X 1/4'' ). I wrap my magnet in electrical tape as it makes it easier to remove black sands. I just stick the magnet to the wide side of the pic and just let the magnet hold itself on.
  3. That is a large gold bar, I have never seen one that big, or one worth that much. COOL.
  4. As mentioned previously, a 4500 or 5000 could be a great option, the price for a used one or even new 5000 is a less expensive investment and many more coil options than any of the other detectors. It is heaver than the 6 but less than the 7. Good luck with which ever detector you choose.
  5. Good questions phrunt, thanks for asking the questions we all want to know.
  6. So far I am lucky, the head phones charge like you would expect, every thing else seams to be OK also, wish the best for every one else.
  7. Like jasong my hearing is still very good despite loud music, welding, grinding, tree cutting, age, ect, and I am very thank full for that, helps my detecting ability for sure. Don't always like using headphones so depend on external speakers much of the time and have confidence in what I hear.
  8. Watched a few clips on u-tube and ordered seasons 1-3 on Amazon. Really funny, thanks for pointing this out.
  9. Good going Doc, all the best to you.
  10. Placer Gold, cool article, have not heard of some of the mining methods others I have used or seen on some of the gold shows on TV. Thanks for posting this, I will go back and read more.
  11. One of the coolest plates I have ever seen, I hope the person you gave it to realizes how rare it is and keeps it or gives it to someone that values it.
  12. Steve, that is what I use, I have one for my side X side, one for my diesel truck. Has a flashlight, usb port(S) and works great to jump your vehicle.
  13. Nice finds midalake, I envy all of those chain finds.
  14. that looks almost exactly the same as the Minelab bag. I purchased a Minelab bag that is like the Kellyco bag, the third time I zipped it up, the zipper broke and I tossed it out. I used zipper wax to make it easer to zip but the zippers are cheap.
  15. When I worked for Air Products and Chem. I installed a liquid Nitrogen system at Montana Recourses which use to be part of Anaconda mining, many of the folks that worked their were X employees.
  16. The woman in the video is a pleasure to listen to, she has a real good personality for U-tube videos. She congers up a little bit of a smile in the way she talks and acts. Not a fake act.
  17. Like many folks, I like to carry 2 detectors in case one has trouble I can continue on, I am going to take the 6000 and 7000 with me from no on and retire my 5000, but I will never sell it. Since I retired I had more time to get to know the 5, finally really felt comfortable understanding all of the timings just in time for the 6000 to come out, dang, all that learning for almost nothing. Gold Catcher, thanks for posting this video.
  18. Very well put abensen and Steve, things I have to keep in mind during my next outing with the 6000.
  19. I bought my 6 last September and used it for 3 days the last of October. I have not been able to get to a gold location since due to Winter weather and the closest place I can look for gold is 6 1/2 to 7 hours drive one way. Now fuel prices are a deterrent to extensive travel for my 1 ton truck ( my only vehicle ). I did get out locally meteorite hunting for an hour or so using the 17''. I am concerned about my 6000 as I have not been able to use it enough to see if it will develop problems. It sure is a concern as hearing about so many folks having problems short and long term.
  20. Good advice Jeff. troutsnouter, you may want to start off small and work your way up after learning more about finding gold like many of us have. Learning the very basics gives you a valuable education to give you confidence to expand your prospecting knowledge. Wish you the very best.
  21. 350, you mention tics, funny you see on TV that there is a pill for dogs and cats to ward off tics, but not for people. Nice half of half find.
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