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  1. I have 2 VLF's, Gold Bug and Whites DFX, so I am happy with both, but there are some really some good ones out out there. If I could have a do over, still the Gold Bug, but I would have purchased the 800. Thanks Steve.
  2. I've found a couple, one at Gold Basin, 34 gram and a 2 pounder at Diamond Valley Nevada. The Gold Basin Meteorite had some fusion crust, made it a special find.
  3. WOW! good gold, hope to hunt there myself soon.
  4. Thanks Rob, these are my favorite type of postings.
  5. 68F in the Winter, I only wish. I would be out there al the time. Keep warm!!!
  6. Thanks Steve. Good to hear of all detecting equipment that is offered, could very well help some folks get more of what they are seeking. I will not purchase an X coil but good for those that do, good luck I say. Please all, keep with the spirit of this website, to each his own.
  7. WOW, that's all I can say.
  8. Cool Gerry, thanks for sharing. Thanks for the perspective, we all should keep that in mind.
  9. Thanks JP, I continue to learn, very much appreciated.
  10. Thanks phrunt, let us know if you do see/hear and difference, I am interested too.
  11. This may sound dumb, but me and some other folks I know became interested in finding gold by watching Gold Fever, not always the most serious show but it did expose us to gold hunting. Tom Massey taught many ways to find gold inexpensively with a bit of comedy sprinkled in. Even I had to shake my head once in a while but I will be forever grateful for being able to watch that show to spark my interest. Tom's father had a very good show, I think without shows like that, less folks are being exposed to our hobby.
  12. Charging deep cycle batteries with the solar panels are key to keep the pump running, do not use car batteries, the are for starting not for long 12 volt supply to you pump. Should work, be a heavy haul to you location though. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  13. Good to have someone of your experience and passion on our forum, welcome. Please let us know all about you finds.
  14. Welcome zemetrius, panning and a saucebox is a good way to start out, good luck out there.
  15. kac, yes, same with my 35. I'll pull it out of a dig hole and it will continue to beep. Sometimes just starts beeping by itself, I have to turn it off then back on for it to work, not very reliable. I have purchased a carrot and given up on the 35. Not sure what is up with Minelab pin pointers but my 25 did the same thing.
  16. Congrats phrunt, well deserved, way to stick with it.
  17. Chris, got the book, It's very good reading. Thanks for the video education as well, my prospecting adventure will be even better for it.
  18. After swinging the 7000, the 5000 feels light as a feather, I just use my bungee for that. I use just the bungee for the 7000 also, I just can't get use to the hip stick or the swing arm. When I get tired swinging right handed I can swing left handed so that's the only thing that keeps me going for any length of time.
  19. Nice find. I bought a powerful headlamp and I'm going to give night prospecting a go this year. Thanks for the inspiration.
  20. Good solution phrunt, good woodworking skills. I'm lucky, I have two spare bedrooms I store my 4 detectors in and all my equipment, I have lots of that. I know where your coming from don't want to give up anything I have, hope you find a good solution to your storage problem.
  21. A good VLF detector that has been surpassed buy many of the recent VLF's. Would sell it if someone wanted to purchase it.
  22. My first metal detector, light easy to use finds small gold. I have not used it much since getting the 5000 and 7000 but will always have it around. Very good beginner detector and finds small gold.
  23. I still use the 5000 for narrow drainages, steep hillsides, up or down, despite having a 7000. Have finally learned to make the most of the timings. A great machine still.
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