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Monday,3/25, I sent a message to Dimitar via the Tarsacci website that I wanted to buy another 12" beast coil.  Dimitar answered within one hour with payment instructions for the new coil.  I paid Monday night and the new coil arrived at my house today, Friday 3/29.  I can not be more pleased with the service from Dimitar and Tarsacci.

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 I wish you the best with your new coil the beast . I had bought the Tarsacci with the beast coil and then later ordered the stock coil.

 For me I was happy with the stock coil more so than I was with the beast.  If I ever buy back into the Tarsacci again I’ll stick with the stock one. 
 You may not know this but we have a dealer on here for the Tarsacci. He’s the one that sales the carbon fiber shafts for the major detectors and goes bye Steveg . I think I’m correct on the name.

 Let us know later down the road your opinion of the beast.


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