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Last monday I finally started the test phase with the Manticore and the M8 underwater.

After a minimum of settings adaptation, I recovered three small and light pieces for a total amount of almost 6 grams in total.

Tuesday underwater again and Wednesday wetsand workout, nothing to register...Until today on the wetsand...I was again with the M11 and after the usual coins and an unexpected sinker on the slope, minutes after a solid 17 screaming to dig it.

It was a 4.45g 18k piece.

What else can I say...Jeez...If there's something left, this is the most similar tool to a vacuum cleaner 😅





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25 minutes ago, TampaBayBrad said:

Your area seems to be quite gold-rich. 18k is always welcome!

It was once 🫢.

In 2007 Me and my dive buddy were searching for gold and it was appearing almost everywhere.

Today We don't even search together the same area as a form of respect, due to the lower concentration of finds.

What I post here is like 10% of what I've seen in 2 decades💀

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Great finds. I have gotten a good snorkel / mask combo and am going to attempt some underwater searching with the Deus II here in Michigan when the waters warm. Thinking of getting at least a wet suit for the colder lakes.

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