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Simple 14.8v Battery Pack For TDI Beach Hunter


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Hi tony!  I have now finished a temporary 4s pack using a balancing lead as well (so can balance the cells on a B6 charger).  The cells charge to 16.8v max as you know.  Have you experienced any issues plugging this into the detector?  Is it better to charge to 16v or so?



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Hello Dale,

My 4S battery charges automatically to about the same (16.7v) and absolutely no problems with the detector at all.

I keep track of the run time on my pack and swap out after 7 hours. This is assuming a 4S1P pack of about 3250mah. The BMS built into my pack will automatically disengage the battery at around 10v (or 2.5v per cell). I won't let it drop this low in order to maximise the overall life of the batteries better and therefore get many more cycles from the pack. After 7 hours detecting my pack is around the 12v mark (or 3v per cell).


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Thanks Tony!  Whilst waiting for some new parts from AliExpress I built a temporary pack from an old DeWalt battery, 4s, balanced, 16.8v.   plugged in using the "clamp on" method.  Works well and air tests brilliantly on the smallest silver ring.   I have used the ATX a great deal and will be interested to see the difference with this running on the higher voltage pack.

One thing is for sure - this is a whole lot more comfortable than the ATX.   

Would be nice to figure out a way to stop the pack slipping too far into the housing.   

Will report back after the beach test!

I will keep the standard battery pack for water detecting....

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Hi all.  I thought I would post this here.  Had a few hours off work today and thought more about this 16.8v project. 



(Having experienced the CTX3030 LIION battery bay leaking (on that machine I only use the AA NIMH 1.2v tray when detecting in fairly deep water).  NIMH has less current in the event of a salt water leak). I have not had this machine submerged yet, so unsure if to trust the housing!


I wanted to be able to use the stock NIMH pack in the TDI BH and also the LI ION 16.8v pack for the beach when extra depth is needed!

In the end I decided to undo the previous method with the screws on the battery terminal.  I wanted a "stock" 16.8v battery tray!

Given the NIMH tray is only about 13USD on Amazon I decided to sacrifice the NIMH tray that came with the detector!

A) remove lid

B) remove all metal connectors

C) Dremel the chassis empty.  You need to take away some of the thickness of the bottom of the tray, otherwise you won't be able to get the LI ION cells into the detector.  You will need a thinner lid also!

Be careful not to damage the exterior of the tray.  

D) as this was a trial, I used some old 18650 cells, a 4s balance lead, and a deans plug.  (Final version will have. Built in balance board, and charge connector so the lid won't need to be opened for charging)

D1).  Three cells side by side.  One on a 45 degree angle.  Fits fine!

E) wired in series for 16.8v.   hot glued into original battery chassis.

The result - a LI ION pack that I can "change out"with the standard pack! 

Trial completed.  The next one will be more tidy!!


****After 3 hours of detecting, still above 14v****









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  • 3 months later...

Hopefully I can post related links....if not then sorry Steve !


Chargers to suit are there as well. Just pick a 1A charger....much cheaper than the 3A-5A chargers and the 1A chargers are easier on the battery  as well.

All you need is a 4S1P pack (laid out side by side).


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Thank you Tony... l love people posting relevant links. Forums are to inform, and in my opinion link bans are counter to that intent. The only requirement on these forums is that the links have to be at least remotely relevant to our subject at hand. So yes, happy days and a pat on the back. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge ??

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