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Simple 14.8v Battery Pack For TDI Beach Hunter


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Thanks Steve......I am up now and had my coffee....?

I have taken some sequential photo's which I hope describes the process so here goes;

1. Buy some of these from your hardware store. They are often found in the general electrical section, very cheap. You need to make sure that the round hole is wide enough to pass over the detector's battery contacts.

2.  Remove the screws and discard the plastic insulator shell as this is no longer needed because of the lack of space getting to the battery contact points.

3. Re-insert screws just enough so they don't drop out. This can also be done after soldering the wires to the brass terminal.

4. Strip ends of both wires (not shown) and solder to the sides of the brass screw terminals. Lightly rough up where the solder will go. You don't need much solder, just a small blob. Make sure the wires are facing out towards you when you solder them up. I wanted to solder the wires through the bottom holes (for a better mechanical connection) but it took up too much space and the connector wouldn't slide over the battery contacts. The connection on the side is still very strong and this way, the wires come directly out.

5. Solder other leads to a DC connector or whatever mating connector you require for your battery pack. Make sure you know where the +- leads go. I already had a DC plug wired up so I just joined the wires and applied some shrink tube to the joins. Shorting a Lithium battery is scary !

6. The last bit is a bit tricky. You need to hold the wire (soldered to brass screw terminal) with your finger against the screwdriver and reach down to work the screw terminal's hole over the battery contacts. Tighten the screw firmly and it will secure against the battery contact. You don't need to tighten the screw too hard.

This is about the best I can describe the process. So far, the setup works perfectly. Periodically, you can check that the securing screw hasn't loosened off.








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This is what they are at our large Hardware store;

You can but these separately if a 10 pack is too much.

In your country they may be called something else?

You need the 6mm hole otherwise it will not slide over the battery connector.




Screenshot from 2018-10-07 12-16-17.png

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28 minutes ago, Joon hawn oh said:

You can't get the parts in Korea.

Too bad...

I'll just have to cut the battery pack and solder it. 

Thank you for your good information.

I advise strongly not to re-engineer a protected Lithium Ion battery pack as a short is an easy mistake to make.........it may not end well and if you create a problem with the battery pack inside the detector then goodbye detector....seriously, it will destroy the detector and will leave you a smoking pile of plastic.

Please be careful,


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58 분 전, 토니가 말했다 :

쉽게 해결할 수 있습니다. 배터리 팩을 사용하면 배터리 팩을 손에 넣을 수 있습니다. ......... 배터리가 작동하지 않을 때 내부 감지기가 내부 감지기를 통해 감지 할 수 있습니다 . 입니다.



Thank you for your concern. Tony

I'm not talking about lithium battery pack. I'm talking about nickel battery pack. 

The way you first tried

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