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  1. Day 2 Hunt

    Excellent job, Dan on this excellent informative post. This equinox is indeed a game changer
  2. My 800's Maiden Voyage

    I thank everyone for posting their initial experiences with the equinox- at least the waiting time is not wasted time because I feel I will be all the more prepared as a result of reading these. Weather here improving though,so I hope it comes soon. 4" snow Saturday night, tomorrow and Wednesday they say 68/72.
  3. My Battery Usage Today

    Most of this obsessing on Equinox minutiae has come from the waiting and boredom of winter.
  4. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    I bet the defaults for GB are well thought out and we will find out by trial and error in our own soil types if something works better than the default. I always ran GB tracking on my xterra 705. I suspect I'll do the same much of the time when I get my nox
  5. What Is The #1 Want To Find Item With The Equinox

    Well I'd have to say George Washington Inaugural button. But I'd gladly settle for an 1804 silver dollar.
  6. F-Pulse Pinpointer Report

    Got mine Thursday but weather so far not giving me an opportunity to field test. I am also highly impressed with it from everything I can tell , I'm just hoping it plays nice with my Equinox when I get it in a couple weeks
  7. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Whatever logic Minelab uses it is clear that for them to take care of all the preordered equinoxes within their stated goal of the end of march (40 days), they will have to seriously up their shipping quotas to all dealers- regardless of whether or not they allocate whatever cabelas is. To that end, i would expect the next shipment allocations to be much larger than the first one--- followed by another large one two weeks later. They surely won't get there shipping 2-3 at a time. Makes sense to me anyway.
  8. Our Goal Is To Fulfill All Backorders By End Of March

    To clear up all the backordered units within the next 40 days leads me to believe this next (2nd) shipment could be much more substantial than the first. It's certainly what I'm hoping Is the case.
  9. Sign Of Problem?

    Sorry to hear of any possible problems so soon, hope it "corrects" itself without further incident. Perhaps we should keep this thread to keep track of all reports of problems no matter how big or small. If anyone hears of anything from other forums it should be noted here too.
  10. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    I'm currently #7 on Barts big boys preorder list, having prepaid on October 8. Crossing fingers that his next allocation will be enough to ship mine. I ordered my previous two detectors at big boys as well. No regrets and glad I prepaid.
  11. Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

    Minelab top rep expects all preorders to be filled by end of march, so anyone who has been waiting 3 months or more really should have theirs by early to mid march, and some before end of February as the second wave of detectors will soon be at the distribution centers. I bet there's a huge amount of preorders placed since the announcement in late December.
  12. Accessory Page Down?

    The 6" will be available in spring and the 12x15 " hopefully in summer. Per Minelab rep. Prices still tbd
  13. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Minelab should cut off cabellas immediately for allowing 6 units to sell to one customer. Minelab should favor dealers over chain store.
  14. Report From Terry Soloman

    I have no beach hunting experience but Terry's report is WOW! Exciting. I'm seeing favorable report after favorable report on the equinox. Makes me feel ok about having to wait a bit longer- so well worth it it's going to be.
  15. New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    Update: just got an email with tracking number from metaldetector.com so my fisher f-pulse has shipped. I ordered it December 6 Im excited to be getting this pinpointer though I admit I'd rather be getting my Equinox 800. At number 7 on the preorder list I'm hoping for a hefty 2nd shipment..Im pretty sure the f-pulse will not interfere with my f75, and I'm hoping it will also be Ok with the equinox