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  1. I think it’s defective. I returned mine and got a new one which is perfect. Remember, when charged it will periodically blink when in sleep mode. The defective one wasn’t doing that either, although it did work. If I were you I’d contact the seller and get a replacement. Good luck
  2. BeachHunter, These are not your run of the mill coils, they are really excellent, and the price just dropped about $85.
  3. I certainly agree with all of that. Can’t say much for my timing, though. I paid full price for everything. I did take advantage of the summer special free Mi6, and I got the hf elliptical coil for $375 barely used free shipping. Only after ordering that did I see the ad for the new packages and lower price platform. No regrets though.
  4. Hi Steve, so I bought the XP ORX with the 9” round so impressed with it I decided to get the X35 coil. I also bought a near new hf elliptical on ebay. George Kinsey likes that one especially ( all metal mode)
  5. The dimness of the coil LED had no consequence cause the coil took s full charge and shows full on the remote. A bit odd they don’t give charging instructions with the coil- just so you know if you’re doing it correctly
  6. When hooking up to charge LED is not lighting up except with feeble glow. Charger cables and contact were checked. If not lighting up bright do I assume a faulty coil battery?, how do I know? thanks
  7. I decided to hit a hammered colonial site where the last several times there with the Nox 800 no significant non-ferrous items were found. Every couple trips I might find a cuff button. So was running the ORX with 9” round hf coin in coin fast 28khz, but switching to coin deep at 54 kHz., reactivity 3, sensitivity 94. Found 1792-1812 period American naval button ( undetermined variety as yet). With 13 5-pointed stars and Philadelphia back mark.Also found cuff link, outside of large 2-pc ball button. Thesewere all found within 45 minutes, and other targets were going to be found for sure. I’m totally impressed with the machine. So much so that last night I ordered a 9” XP X35 coil, because folks? The XP ORX is a keeper with a long future. Deepest target ( squarenail ) at 1 1/2. Punpointer lengths. (15”-16”)
  8. Holding off on that 11” X35 coil for now. Not sure if there’s enough to be gained over the 9” hf coil, especially since I hunt mainly for relics. If I decide I want an X35 I might favor a 9” instead of 11”" for weight mainly.
  9. I should have a near new used 11” X35 coil in the near future. Got my xp orx yesterday - really looking forward to trying it out and really getting into it over the next week.
  10. What is the weight factor with the x 35 coil versus the hf 9”. Is it a lot heavier ?
  11. Pretty sure I can fit the full collapsed ORX in my backpack and just leave the coil outside-just zipper the bag up to the coil which will lie flat along the side. If I don’t like it, then I’ll just take the lower shaft/coil off like Chase does- simply not that big a deal Expecting delivery tomorrow- so excited
  12. Mine will arrive tomorrow or next day. Gonna split my time between the equinox 800 and the xp orx. They seem to really like em in the UK. Not as popular in the states, at least not yet.
  13. Lol, that’s funny, Chuck. Yeah, you have a point, so either I can handle the 9” coil sitting perpendicular to the shaft inside the backpack, or I just carry it sepetate and clamp it on at my site. Really looking forward to running the detector, seeing some really good reports.
  14. Might be worthwhile to try auto track but to disengage and re-engage every so often so the good targets don’t start to get balanced out. I used to do this with my x-terra 705 and it was effective. The auto tracking eliminates the trouble of finding a clean spot on which to do an auto ground balance
  15. Thank you Chase and Chuck, this is the information I wanted. The backpack I want to use will fit about 28” with no trouble. If I still don’t want to take the lower shaft out, I’ll have to fold down and rotate the coil shaft like me Chase said. Or I can separate them as it looks simple to do. What kind of lower rod clamp does the ORX have? Durable?
  16. Want to know if it will fit inside my camo duffle backpack and don’t want to have to fit the coil on at the site of use. Could somebody measure this? thanks
  17. Under what circumstances does it make sense to use GB tracking?
  18. Lacky, sounds to me like you might do well to find someplace where there is not a high level of emi and junk targets. Maybe a wooded area? I would stay away from high trash areas in the beginning if possible. I spend most of my time in the woods which by me had occupation since colonial times, but rarely am I in an area of high trash- though there are occasional areas of high iron concentration. Most of the time my equinox runs quiet, at least until I go above 22 sensitivity. Another idea would be a field Don’t let frustration get to you, with every target you dig you are building a mental database that will help you in subsequent targets Good luck with your new Equinox and keep posting your results
  19. As primarily a relic hunter, I favor field 2, sens 18-20 in heavy iron rarely exceed 22 except in fields. Thresh 7, iron on low volume, 50 tones, GB 0, recov 5-6, IB 1-2. Alternative to park 2, I run park 2 or field 1
  20. I USE the wm-08 module with lightweight headphones most of the time. But I keep a wired pair plugged in on the machine which I sometimes use but are there as backup. If I turn the wm-08 on the sound goes to it, even though the wired ones remain plugged in. If I do not turn the wireless unit on, the sound just comes out of the wired phones.
  21. My first modification was a folding mechanism ( available on ebay as “ fold and go” metal detector modification. This worked well to enable me to fit it in a backpack for hikes, but in actually adding about 5 ounces of weight, it didn’t help ergonomics. Having seen a post here where a member replaced the upper shaft with a Whites s-shaft, I did the same with mine, and now am very pleased with the swing ergonomics. The weight with the 11” coil is 3 lbs 7 oz, including the folding unit. I also lowered the handle by 1 1/2” improving the balance greatly. Both of these mods were not difficult to do, and cost about $70 in parts. It compares well with my f75 in swing ease.
  22. The dirt in my area varies a lot and I’ve dug toasted large cents near this one. My finest was dug a few miles away but in a field. It’s an 1802
  23. Anytime I want to detect a spot that has given up great finds in the past but now they’re very few and far between, I know the equinox with the 6” coil makes more finds possible. It happens over and over.
  24. If enough ask minelab maybe they’ll do it. I’d Love a 10” x6” elliptical myself.
  25. Thanks. The 6” may be worth getting even if they introduce a 9” coil ( and I hope they do but I’m not holding my breath) I’m doubting that i would have made this fond with a 9” coil only cause I went over this ground with my xterra with 9” coil and Safari with 6”x8” coil.
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