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  1. Mine will arrive on Friday. From W. Coast dealer. I mostly use my 9” but on bigger sites like fields, the 11” increases my coverage area significantly along with an increase of depth so I wanted the capability.
  2. Thanks for this clarification. So I am assuming the stem puck mount and the horseshoe adapter are available separately? Are they exclusive Deus ? Or The same for original Deus ? thanks again
  3. I’m confused. Is the master WS6 display different than the WS6 supplied on the full deus2 other than the stem mount and headphone adapter for the headset? My understanding is that with the full Deus 2 you can use the remote as master, or mount the puck on the stem ( with optional stem mount ) but I thought the only option then is wired headphones. Am I missing something? I’d sometimes use this way assuming I didn’t have to be tethered via wired phones.
  4. Glad you like the Deus 2, Tim. I’ve pared-down to just the Deus 2 and it is serving me well. I’ve also made good finds at sites that stopped producing, some of them being great finds. My preferred programs are sensitive full and I’m increasingly using fast. I’m looking for ideas for custom relic programs, as of present I have one- using sensitive FT and the XY screen. Good luck as you use it more and at good sites
  5. So it’s the remote that’s bad and needs replacement?
  6. Usually I need to hear ambient sounds so I don’t plan on getting these. Being a MD hacker, I might try making removable ear cups for the WS6 to make them sound more like over ear phones. The sound from the WS6 is great, but there are times it would be nice ( like noisy areas) if I find a good way to do this I’ll post the results with photos. By the way if they ever make bone conduction work in wireless form, I’m all in for that.
  7. Welcome Tam Scotland? I’m sure I have a great many ancestors there as my Dads side is fully Scottish ( my surname is Stewart paternal grandmother, Ogg. ). I need to use Ancestry. Com and trace out my relatives. Anyway, I hope you find someone you can detect with. Anyone on this forum will be glad to answer any questions you have. Good luck with the Deus 2. The factory programs are quite good to begin with.
  8. I just put my spare essentially new Mi6 up for sale in D-P classifieds. I am keeping one and an Mi4 that I have. As I may have mentioned previously, I alternate between the Mi6 paired and the Mi4 ( which I prefer when there’s a high number of targets. Sometimes I leave it on getting 2-3 targets done before it turns itself off- I hold I. Under my arm Pit so it doesn’t sound off in between. I I love the xp pinpointers and only use pitch mode. My only issue is with my Mi4 the volume seems a bit low. I’d use the Mi6 unpaired before switching to different brand. It’s often advantageous to run the coil over the open hole if the PP isnt detecting the target- a quick pass with the coil helps, and you can’t do that paired unless you turn it off/on.
  9. Before the Deus 2 never took a coin from there, just relics. So far it’s been barber dime barber quarter, a silver Roosie , 3 IHP , V nickel.Same with buttons. Many masked gems waiting.
  10. Went looking for 1800s festival location but the terrain was too rugged in the heat so I gave up for today and went to a creekside location where I always have a good time. It’s a location with a few foundations that is packed with iron but has provided many nice finds over the years. I was rewarded with this fine 1901 Barber quarter. No mint mark but in very fine condition. Might go back today. I was using sensitive FT and X-Y screen reactivity 4
  11. Same here connects 3/4 of time 1/4 fail requiring restarting mi6. I keep a mi4 with me when I have many targets cause I can leave it on- it turns off on its own but by then I’ve dug 2-3 targets and just keep turning it on. I leave it on and hold it under my left arm ( pit) where it won’t detect metal and is always ready for the next hole.
  12. They should replace for you at the price he’s getting for it.
  13. I just received another Deus 2 accessory- 3-d printed coil centering device for my 11” coil. After having swung the 11” only for the first 2 months and getting along fine, I can say it is a lighter feeling swing, maybe a bit easier on the wrist. It’s definitely noticeable and will help in long detecting runs. I wouldn’t even bother for the 9” coil but for the 11” I recommend it as it is a low cost helpful gadget.
  14. Thanks. Went back and WS6 decided to turn off on its own. I was able to update. All I need to do now is re-pair to remote and I’m set.
  15. It’s been a while but I finally got around to updating my original Deus 2 (my 9” 2nd machine was updated some time ago) and ran into a problem I seem to remember some having, where the remote update is done ok, but after powering down the WS6 doesn’t power down as it should, and no matter what buttons are pressed I can’t access the menu in order to update the WS6. The only buttons only adjust volume and I can’t turn the WS6 off. Do I remember correctly that when this happens all you can do is wait for the power to deplete so they turn off, and then you can turn it on , access menu and finish the update? this seems to me the only option unless I’m missing something. ?
  16. Hi George- interesting post although I’m not sure I understand your point. In any case, I couldn’t agree more. I’m going to put my skills and the Deus 2 to the test as I’ve finally figured out the location of a summer “clam bake” amusement park and dancing resort that between 1880 and shortly after 1900 was the vacation spot for thousands from NYC. It became a lumber yard until about 1920 and since then returned to nature. No idea if it’s ever been detected but I hope to soon find out. Any suggestions as to which programs? My favorite so far is 3-sensitive FT but I’ve been trying to get accustomed to 4-Fast -pitch but I’m not at all proficient in it. Can you recommend any? The ground is mild , forested and extremely iron-laden.there is a creek that ruins through the location. BTW, I hope a chicken hawk answers your knock.
  17. I thought it was secure but on closer examination the remote wasn’t on shoe all the way due to the rough 3-d print edges, but it is now. Take care that it’s on flush and all the way. Yup
  18. Installed one on my 9” unit and seems secure. It does have a crude finish but if it holds my remote in place I can overlook that. Found my 2nd and 3rd silver ( both Barber dimes ) enjoying my Deus 2
  19. If you cut the coil cover around where the charge clip goes it is much easier to connect the charge clip. I used a razor but you could use a dremel or even a file to trim it.
  20. If anyone gets the 13” probably should get a coil centering mount to save your wrist
  21. I’m in the 9” coil camp as well. I have both and favor the 9” by far, but still want the 11” coil. I’ll be selling the 11” Deus and just buying the coil when it’s possible to get coils separately.
  22. I’m all for homemade wherever possible. I bought a pair of black spongy material yoga elbow pads that I cut into handle stop. Was easy to cut and fit and works and looks fine.
  23. Neoprene is easy to get and very easy to sew by hand with needle and thread. That’s what I might do if I really want a cover. Maybe red ?
  24. While I haven’t spent much time detecting since updating to V .71 the detecting I did was enough to satisfy myself all is good. I’m ready to do my other unit as soon as I get the chance ( I’m using a laptop at my job).
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