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  1. Equanox 800 Fault

    Well as an engineer dweeb, I like to go right to the specs and fortunately, ML has provided the numbers. From the manual: Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F) Storage Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F) Charging Temperature Range 0°C to +40°C (+32°F to +104°F) As I suspected, the LiIon battery is typically the weak link and although the above temperature limits are there to preclude damage while charging the battery, LiIon batteries also don't like to behave at extreme high and low temps and you need to be careful about thermal runaway or Lithium metal deposition that can cause premature loss of battery capacity. I would especially be careful about operating the battery under extreme cold conditions. Battery protection circuits should help preclude damage while charging, but not sure what protections are provided when simply operating the battery at extreme temps. Also, at extreme, high temps even within the safe operating range of the detector, variability in component characteristics can push an in-spec but "on edge" component over the edge, thermally. Also, failing electronic components tend to run hotter. In that case, the balky component may behave just fine at nominal or cooler temps, then misbehave at higher temps. As far as the temp limits are concerned, I would not worry about operating the detector a little bit outside the specified temp ranges but wouldn't push it too much at either extreme. On the high side I would be most worried about component thermal failure on the low side I am most worried about causing premature, permanent loss of battery capacity, requiring wholesale battery replacement sooner than expected. Operating within specified temperature ranges is important. Remember, a slightly cold O-ring seal (operating it just under 32F) caused a failure that brought down a whole space shuttle.
  2. Norm knows you have an Equinox, what he is saying is that the next gen Equinox Mark II will be on the street before you wear out the Equinox coil by running it without a cover. Personally, I disagree with running without a cover plate because while it may not wear out the coil, it protects the bottom against bumps and scrapes which could damage the windings. Periodically dumping the sand seems like a minor inconvenience compared to protecting the coil potting from inadvertent damage. JMHO.
  3. Equanox 800 Fault

    Sounds like a loose battery or power lead connection or a thermal problem with one of the electronic components. I would get it serviced.
  4. Book Excerpt : " Iron Bias "

    Fred, do you mean tracking GB? Auto GB is like a manual ground grab but without having to hit the +/- buttons while you pump or sweep. If you meant continuous tracking, there are situations where continuous tracking does not work well, specifically when there is not enough ground mineralization to get a decent ground grab. In that case, the GB algorithm is essentially guessing what GB should be and may give you a bad reading. Under conditions of low mineralization it is best to attempt a single ground grab (manual or auto) or just set GB near the mode's GB default setting which is typically zero. Multi IQ does a pretty good job compensating for an imprecise ground phase setting, so unless ground phase is varying by more than 10 to 15 points (which typically indicates variations in ground mineraluza tion) there actually is no need to do frequent rebalancing. Let your ears decide whether you should rebalance as ground noise, especially in All Metal mode, will tend to increase if the machine's ground phase setting is significantly out of balance with the actual ground phase. For situations where there is highly variable ground phase due to mineralization, black sand, or variations in beach salinity, don't be afraid to put the machine in tracking GB. As long as there is enough mineralization or salinity variation for the machine to detect and grab onto, tracking works well with no noticeable downside. HTH
  5. First Target With My 800

    Nice save. Sounds like an interesting place to live.
  6. I missed the data validating this statement. Which post was it in?
  7. Lol. You lost me on the math. The US MAP for the coil is $179, so how did you figure at $172 equivalent $ pricing that is about $25 ABOVE MAP? Thanks.
  8. Now that cable alone is worth $250 to me as you are SOL if your only charge cable breaks and you have to wait for a replacement before you can use your machine again. Lol.
  9. You have a good point, Steve and it had crossed my mind, but I do occasionally use the WM08 myself. I suppose it is a seldom used niche accessory that most 600 users will never miss in any event and I suspect ML will definitely not sell many to 600 users, as a result, regardless of the price.
  10. Nox 800 First Backyard Target

    I have found that many successful detectorists also would make great puzzle solvers, detectives, and judges of human nature by seeking the answers to such questions as: Where are people most likely to lose things here (e.g., where there has been partying going on or gathering around that flat table-like rock)? Where would other detectorists not bother to search (e g., underneath that thorn bush or in the middle of that metal trash debris field)? Where were those found fired minie balls being fired from (e.g., the top of that hill). And that is where you will find the keepers other less inquiring minds failed to investigate.
  11. Tomorrow Is The Day!!

    It has a depth meter?
  12. Agree. That is what making me scratch my head about the wireless accessory costs which seem out of whack with respect to the advertised cost of the "more traditional" detector accessories (e.g, the wired, waterproof headphones and the small coil). Need to also remember that the accessory costs should not be taken as gospel until dealers are actually selling stock at those prices.
  13. The waterproof phones are $149 https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-waterproof-headphones-with-equinox-connector
  14. Lol. If you buy the WM08 and BT headphones as "Accessories" for your E600 that will only cost you $400 additional vs. the $250 additional the E800 costs vs. the E600 if MAP holds. Hello, third party BT APTX LL options. That is a real head scratcher and could result in some backlash by 600 users. I could see perhaps a $50 premium, perhaps. But $150??? The WM08 receive only module that is only compatible with Equinox is only $10 less than the $269 ML Pro-Sonic wireless receiver and transmitter system that is compatible with practically any detector. While the WP wired headphones and 6" coil prices are nearly within reason, I think our fears of potential ML steep pricing on accessories have been realized at least as far as the wireless accessories are concerned. Wonder if this is a calculated marketing move to steer subsequent "casual detectorist" sales towards the 800. Cynical thought, I know, but really, 600 buyers, ouch!