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  1. Thanks dogodog! Too many kids my age just sit inside and do nothing but play video games, they are missing out! Lol
  2. Wow that is awesome. I am also pretty young (14) and I was using a Simplex when I found that! Thanks.
  3. Ah ok. So my next best finds were 2 Seated dimes, around 15 Barber dimes, 2 barber Quarters, an SLQ, a Kennedy Silver Half, and lots of Washington quarters, Rosies, and Mercs. Around 25 Indian Head Pennies too. My best relic this year was a beautiful turn of the century Skeleton Key, and my 2nd oldest coin was an 1843 Seated dime.
  4. Yeah I can’t wait. It snowed 4 inches so I won’t be getting out for a while. Thanks
  5. I went to hunt a local park this morning with my new Etrac. The ground is freezing up here and I wanted to get out before it’s totally frozen. Since I needed 1 more silver to make 100, I went to the oldest park around, from the 1840s. I went out with low expectations, since I know the park has been pounded over the years. After hunting for about an hour and not finding anything I was getting discouraged. As I was about to head back to the car, I got a very deep, VERY iffy high tone. I told myself Hey maybe they missed a rosie or something. So I dug a nice 7 inch plug and in the plug my pinpoin
  6. I have my backup Garrett Ace 200 metal detector for sale. In excellent condition, and comes with an extra rain cover and arm cuff strap. I wrapped the hand grip in camo, feels much better than the original foam. Works perfectly. Was not used a lot, has the original batteries and no low battery symbol! Coil included is a 6.5 x 9 inch concentric Proformance coil. Will come with everything in pictures and instruction manual. No original box but I will ship it safely with bubble wrap. Some cosmetic wear, there are scratches on the bottom of the coil and lower shaft, they do not affect performance
  7. With my Simplex I have dug 11 inch coins with the stock coil. I can only imagine what it would do with the 13 inch coil!
  8. I have the apex and an old ace and the apex arm test is much better, i even had to push it forward a bit. But then again i’m a kid and i’m short so the old ace one was ok for me 🤣
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