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  1. Good onya mate, always enjoyed reading your stories and pics from a different type of land. I spent 8 years in Tassie, freezing my arse off panning in the snow and always swore I'm never doing cold country prospecting again. Give me 40c any day over that! Look forward to reading your next one.
  2. First 2 claims are mine with his photos from somewhere else. Last one belongs to someone else but has a picture of my nuggets from somewhere else. No idea what his intentions are as I have still had no response. Hopefully no one is silly enough to give him money without checking who the owners are though.
  3. Bugger must be out there working, this is another one of mine, he got a nice pan full of nuggets of this one. I better get out there and help him! Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And this ad here he has stolen my photos from somewhere else, thats my missus hand ! Not my lease this time at least.
  4. I was doing a quick search of gold mine sales in Australia to suss out the market. Came across this gold mine sales mob who have cut and copied my gumtree ads and added random pictures??wtf This is a hard rock mine I own that they have listed as an alluvial mine. Disturbingly it has 175 views and god knows how many people have been tricked thinking the ads are real. I have sent enquiries in but have not recieved responses yet. We try very hard to provide a quality service with our lease sales and am pretty pissed about someone taking potential customers for a ride.
  5. Hi guys, Thought I would share this new app I have been using while out in the field on my android tablet. I find the satellite imagery awfully slow to scroll and refresh on ozi explorer android, so got this one for general navigation as it is much faster loading. It works offline and has helpfull options to easily select and store wanted areas at various resolutions. The waypoint options are nicely laid out and include lots of customization. At $3.99 for the ad free version its even priced right!
  6. My favorite too
  7. It does seem to be very under utilized. I have done several posts about how to set it up over the years but rarely see anyone else using it out here. For those interested in mapping here is a link to a tutorial I wrote 5 years ago that covers the basics. Most of the info is still current.
  8. Exactly how I have done it for years too mate. Good GIS software is a must have in my opinion. I have Android and Apple tablets, but prefer the Apple. I can overlay tenements, aeromagnetics, soil samples, drill results, histoic mine production records, basically anything onto it, bloody great! Its amazing some of the trends we have worked out also after accurately plotting finds and adding them to this info πŸ˜‰
  9. Rained most of the night, put an end to todays expedition.
  10. When prospecting I prefer to wander around alone and getting the feel for the area. Although it is handy having another vehicle around if yours is a bit dodgy 😳
  11. Im going to let you all in on my long held secret to finding nuggets, all you have to do is make sure your holding your tongue to the left β˜ΊπŸ˜‚
  12. Get yourself a fine sieve and sieve out the fine powder intermitantly while crushing otherwise it all gums up in the bottom πŸ˜‰ The wifes flour sieve will do if you dont have a set 😁
  13. No rush mate, 2ft grass in areas that havent seen it in years, and 42c today. Also I didnt think it was possible but the number of flies also seems to have doubled. 😳
  14. Thats the old one thats for sale mate, he only finished dialing the new beast in a couple weeks ago. New one is a lot bigger with more bling πŸ˜‰
  15. Haha, cool videos. I hadnt seen those before, thats a mate of mine from just down the road. Keep an eye on his channel, might see his new dry blower, its a Beast!