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  1. That’s why it’s very important to accurately mark all finds in my opinion. There is one area in WA where after mapping for 2 years we worked out basically all nugget patches where between 600 and 650m elevation. Most other areas are more line of strike over here, and not altitude. But it did work very well in that one area. I have heard lots of theories over the years, there was one dude who always went to the south west side of ridges, his theory was that was the way the glaciers retreated. Each to their own, it’s whatever works I reckon.
  2. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    My favourite part about this forum is that it stays on topic.
  3. 16" Nuggetfinder Avantage Coil

    Still the main coil I use on the 5000. I use it on purpose when pushing to try and leave some tiddlers for the dryblower, bloody thing does a good job of stealing it all still!
  4. For those that don't know, we have a permit system here in Western Australia that lets fossickers access your large exploration tenements to metal detect for gold. Honestly I have never really liked the system because it basically lets the department sub let my lease, and no one ever fills out the form where they are obligated to tell you where the finds were ( Its very hard to find nugget patches if all the surface gold is gone). I have had over 50 people camped on that lease this year and not a single one has returned the form to notify of finds despite dig holes everywhere. Except 1 , I received a form back today from a couple of yanks , I think they were from Nevada. Reported all there finds with weights and coordinates, with a thank you note. Now that's how it should be done! I think the other 48 Aussies who were there could definitely learn a few things from the only 2 honest blokes out there. If they are members here or anyone knows a couple of Nevadans that were over here let them know they are more then welcome to come back with free access to all my tenements.
  5. Bye Bye Dolly Pot

    15hp petrol just mangles chunks mate, no stopping her once she is going. I have also stopped the little electric ones though with chunks of gold.
  6. Bye Bye Dolly Pot

    Nice mate, I got one of those too, she's a real beast! Be very careful when removing the screen to clean it, there will be heaps of little gold balls sitting on it πŸ˜‰
  7. Nurse Paul In Oz

    I got a mate in Cairns who makes the trip quite often, will ask him which way he recommends. Pretty sure he came across through Broken hill and across the nullabour last time, but the Great Central road past the big rock may be the most interesting for a tourist. Dave is full of it too, everyone knows all the big gold is in north qld πŸ˜€ That's why he's never been here, too much over there! P.S Your always welcome as well Dave, double bed in the Meekatharra Hilton! We can sit up at the boozer while Paul loads the dryblower πŸ˜‰
  8. Nurse Paul In Oz

    February is still pretty hot but the right end of summer. There is basically no humidity though so I find it a lot more bearable then North Queensland. Meekatharra Hilton is on offer for accomodation (old caravan at my camp next to town) , comes with all the usual Aussie critters so ya can't tell the boys you weren't spoilt πŸ˜‚ Will definatrley be avoiding Bada Bings cull on Qlders being an immigrant from their myself. It's ok though he can't even find the good pub in town never mind find us 😒✌️
  9. Mining Partners? ( Do's & Don'ts )

    Most partnerships generally fall out from financial pressures. If you got your finances sorted and a good plan from the start your off to a good start. its also good to find someone with different skills to yourself, opposites attract, same argue about how to do it lol
  10. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Good to hear you had a successful trip Paul, very surprised you lasted prospecting with the hounds, they must have took it easy on you ! Drop me a message if you need a Queenslander induction to WA when you come over next, I have enough ground to keep you entertained for a while πŸ˜‰
  11. Minelab Preparing Website For Detector Parts Sales

    Looks very well set out and easy to find bits. May attempt to fix my sdc earphone socket now that parts are easily accessible, been stuck using the speaker for months. Being a tight arse I didnt want to have to pay postage back to minelab and prefer to just do it myself.
  12. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    Would be the same in Sandstone, blowing the birds out of the trees in Meeka.
  13. A lot easier to retort the mercury, mecuric nitrate (mercury disolved in nitric acid) is extremely dangerous, 10 times more dangerous then plain mercury. I have used this method before, using copper plate to recover the mercury back out of the mercuric nitrate, it can then be a real pain in the ass getting the mercury back of the copper. Not worth the trouble in my opinion when the retort is so easy.
  14. Get yourself a blue bowl mate, hours of fun πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚. Seriously though, I love my knudsen bowl, it can handle as much as I throw at it at home with freshwater. When recirculting a 2000gph bilge only just keeps up so slightly larger is better, ignore the ebay crap they dont last, buy a good one. You probably seen my video with the 2 bins recirculating, the water fouls up after 1 bin load of powder (about 60kg) and needs to be changed. My main reason for getting the knudsen was for processing very similar material, enriched cap with loads of mustard in it. I found gravity seperation was not much good with gold that fine and the centrifugal force of the knudsen got a lot better recovery. I consider myself a pretty good panner and from my very bad memory, the first load I put through it was from about 1 ton of powder (crushed with the armstrong mini)that I had panned and got about 13oz, the knudsen got another 1.5oz so I had missed about 10%. Im sure which ever option you chose it will be fun! Good luck mate. Added video I was talking about.
  15. Elistoun Station (west Aust)update

    Station owners cant charge to detect as they dont own the land, they lease it of the governent, same as the miners. In WA your miners right allows you the right to access any crown land to prospect. Unfortunately for Tibooburra in NSW the miners right was abolished several years ago making it very hard to access land without paying now. No gold left in WA anyhow, its all in North QLD 😊