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    • By relicmeister
      I’d have to say the Orx has been a successful venture for XP. But what comes next?  Their R&D must be working on a next generation detector, so what direction do you think they will go? An incremental change in existing technology or a whole new direction?  I haven’t a clue but I’m interested in what others think might be coming in the future, although right now I’m sure their focus is on getting their stock replenished after COVID 
    • By village
      I really enjoy the orx and all it's attributes. for me it is a no nonsense detector with excellent recovery speed and separation, a very clean and clear audio, selectable frequency and wireless everything. add to cart an update that would provide 4 tones and iron volume. oh yes it has great ergonomics too. thank you XP.
    • By abenson
      Maybe this should be in the Detector Prospector section but wanted to keep the XP section alive.
      I was in Las Vegas last weekend and decided to swing over to the Gold Basin area and do a little metal detecting. There were 3 of us and we didn't find much. But we did manage to find some gold and meteorites. The ORX is turning out to be a pretty good machine. Not as deep on the really small stuff, like a Gold Monster would pick up but it's not far behind.
    • By lauchon03
      Te dejo algunas imágenes del fin de semana de detección en la cordillera de los Andes, salieron unas pepitas de oro
      ”I leave you some images of the weekend of detection in the Andes mountain range, some gold nuggets came out”

    • By relicmeister
      Activity rather slow here so thought I’d ask about options and suggestions on detecting for jewelry with the Orx. May have asked about settings in jewelry hunting topic also. 
           I hunt woods mostly but want to start going places that have better chances of finding jewelry. 
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