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  1. i agree! the 340 is the '"sleeper" multi-iq wallop at "bounty hunter" money! (h.h.!) j.t.
  2. i have always been somewhat of a "non-conformist", has a tendency to make life interesting. i'm just sayin' (h.h.!) j.t.
  3. i own a "mojave" and yes, it is outrageously good in iron. i use mine to hunt sidewalk easements.it's a great little detector,and the 7" precision thin concentric coil is the perfect match. outstanding totter too! since tesoro "croaked" almost impossible to find used, because people hang on to them. (h.h.!) j.t.
  4. yes!..but don't you encounter a lot of trash in the parks as well?..yet you state the vanquish is NOT good in trash? just curious!...thanks! (h.h.!) j.t.
  5. possibly, but they have to be careful not to infringe on minelab's patents, or design a new circuit from scratch.i believe they can accomplish the later, as they do have the financial wallop,as well as a very forward thinking engineering design team. should be interesting to watch as the years unfold. (h.h.!) j.t.
  6. steve! your points are all well taken. thanks for the kind wishes. i only have "one" wish, and that is, i wish this detector was available 10, or maybe even 20 years ago. in my view, it IS that good! it is important to enjoy the hobby when one ventures afield, and the vanquish continues to allow me to feel the way i felt back in the 70's finding' '"good" stuff virtually every time out! ya can't really put a price on that! i'm just sayin' (h.h.!) j.t.
  7. it is! my brother sold garrett out of his house back in the 70's i tried to like garrett,because i knew they were a "quality" manufacturer.i could never get used to that boing-boing" audio on th ground hog.bro put some tape on the coil, and told me to "have at it" wells did, but could never adjust to garrets distinctive audio characteristics. i was weaned on whitey's offerings because i found the audio more appealing. whites had some 'crackerjack" coin snipers back then, and i found a 'ton" with them all. minelab's patents are "locked up" for a while so everybody has to go around th
  8. jeff! they don't need me to tell them they shouldn't have bought the apex as i am positive they didn't require consultation with me to make the decision.they knew what they wanted and bought it that's the primary reason detectors improves because not everybody buys the same detectors. it's wonderful that she is happy with her choice. competition is the lifeblood of the industry.as far as everybody else who purchased the apex, i agrree that they probably are enamored with it! ..so be it! i know the nel coils are excellent coils, especially the "snake" the apex, most likely will bene
  9. hi jeff! i hear that.in the final analysis, if people "are" happy with their respective choices, then that is really all that matters the apex won't do what i want it to do, and i have to be perfectly honestly i AM disappointed, in it's over all performance, but as stated, maybe the nel coils will make a difference. jeff! the "real" issue here (as i am sure you are aware) is that the garrett and the vanquish are close in "pricing" so therefore, with "both" detectors having (s.m.f.) then they are going to be compared against each other,and (you own one) so you already know whi
  10. what you mean to say is you "either get your coil over something, or you don't" i agree with that! (h.h.!) j.t.
  11. yes! this is "dead nuts" accurate and i am one of many, many serious hunters who fit in this category! we are 'all" looking for an edge in the "cooked" parks and other public places that have been "slammed" for years and years. minelab,with their breakthrough muti-iq has set in motion movement to go back to these places and hunt 'em again, and it's paying off,and i will go as far as to say, it is keepin' a ton of guys in the hobby. "most" people don't have time to do extensive research, and still want to go out and find some "good stuff" with the time that they have available.i been
  12. hi jeff! ok! at the risk of you getting angry with me,i will take '"your" money and buy one, and then i will know what i have already determined with the videos, and forum talk from actual "un biased" users on the forums. granted, i hear your point, actual hours on the detector speaks the loudest, but some of us cannot just arbitrarily buy everything we want to buy, including detectors, so therefore we have to see and hear other evidence from other sources to make the appropriate decision.sure would love to try one, but in the apex's situation, i DON'T believe it is necessary to purc
  13. don't need any hours i got eyes, and i can read, and i don't see anything that would convince me to even consider purchasing one.i am happy i went vanquish. hopefully the ''nel" coils will help it! i'm just sayin' (h.h.!) j.t.
  14. guys generally are NOT saying it, but the 'disappointment with apex is you cannot take it 'reliably' into a 'cooked" park.and again,reliably find deep junk co-located,or iron co-located non-ferrous!.it's (s.m.f.) is not doing (consistently) the job, period. you CAN do this with either, the vanquish, and/or the equinox, and SADLY" this is (mostly) what guys want to do! ..that's really the reason why the garrett is a "non-starter!" there! i said it, now watch the "crap" fly! vanquish 440,or 540 buries the apex in (s.m.f.) hell, even the little 340 out hunts it in the trash! ..i'm j
  15. excellent point! well taken! anybody listening? where's the beef? er,i mean where's the "value!" vanquish coils are "crackerjack" and all are "in house" nothing extra to buy! all work as they should and are "standard" (h.h.!) j.t.
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