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  1. carl! i want to "thank" you for your contributions over the years!..i always liked the m6 in particular, since it was soo good at sniping coins and jewelry.they tried to ''kill" it ,and they couldn't, so they had to bring it back. if any detector fits the description of ''sleeper" then the m6 is it. i had the xl pro which was a genuine ''sweetheart" with that "dead nuts" accurate meter. the 6000 series 2 and 3 detectors were great during the 80's.and the eagles introduced digital designs..to tell you the truth, i thought whitey had something in ''skunk works" ready to be released, so this comes as a shock to me.i enjoyed the hell out of whites products.they found me a 'ton' of great stuff over the years. (h.h.!) j.t.
  2. what really happened then?..why would ANY company coast if products are not selling? did they have trouble keeping talented engineers who could help them?..detail their problems! this is really sad! they were such a "juggernaut" for so many years! ..it doesn't make sense for them to just say f*c k it, and croak!" maybe kenny has decided to take the scratch, and call it a day. money that could have been invested in the company? i thought they was fighters, guess i was wrong! (h.h.!) j.t.
  3. i can think of one, they reside west of the mississippi (h.h.!) j.t.
  4. outrageous find! xf for sure! ..congratulations! found me a 1 dollar gold in a bezel in a little league ballfield a long time ago.certainly know how ya feel! (h.h.!) j.t.
  5. my suggestion would be the tesoro mojave. outstanding little detector, especially for the 'totters", and "curb strips"..fantastic in iron, very simple to operate, lightweight, about 2.2, lbs, good on batteries 1 9 volt around 20 hours.detector could be difficult to find, but well worth the search. (h.h.!) j.t.
  6. your response is fine! we think alike, in that i WANT to believe that the recovery speed WILL be just fine for junked areas. if not, then,(in my view) all bets are off ,and the money will be better spent elsewhere.i say this because just about every potential public park and public place has been ''cooked" and you definitely need all the edge you can get to get it done.a detector that can not "see" amongst the trash, and provide enough information to make the dig ,or no dig decision is a no go no matter how many frequencies it transmits into the ground. . (h.h.!) j.t.
  7. latest "scuttlebutt" indicates whites has a hybrid (v.l.f-p.i) circuit in ''skunk works" if this is true, then finally, whitey has "stirred to life!" wakey!..wakey!..eggs,and bakey! (h.h.!) j.t.
  8. this is correct!..regardless of the technology, it's always been the "smart play" to have different sized coils for the detector, because of varying site conditions (h.h.!) j.t.
  9. i agree with the picks, although extensive field testing will be required for the apex to claim the top spot,however,i do feel confidant that given time, this detector will be an outstanding "coin sniper!" (h.h.!) j.t.
  10. the "recovery" clock speed internal setting of the apex is the "concern" i have going forward. as mentioned, it is nonadjustable, so therefore, one doesn't know at this preliminary stage whether the detector will be "quick" enough in dense trash to be sufficient."non-bias" testing of this instrument is "critical".these detectors can't be released soon enough! ..i'm just sayin' (h.h.!) j.t.
  11. this is true.with 'modulated " audio, one can literally eliminate the 'depth meter" as the 'weaker, modulated signal tells the operator that a deep,(usually "good" signal) is beneath the coil,thus contributing to a "sense" of excitement, and anticipation that is difficult to dispel. (h.h.!) j.t.
  12. live digs only in "cooked" parks. "no" reveals "after" the "hit!" show the scan, and the resulting hit, along with audio, and depth. (h.h.!) j.t.
  13. forget garrett! do that later! make the results "public" first! direct to the "user" in the field! warts and all! ..especially interested in it's "ability", or "not" to "rescue good stuff in trashy parks and other public places! (h.h.!) j.t.
  14. wishful thinking is all!= gossip= forum! (h.h.!) j.t.
  15. yeah! what i was thinking as well! i would think that it balances well too! an effective coil right out of the gate! am sure they will offer different sizes. so far, i like what i see, and it appears to offer distinctive audio, which seems to "simulate" modulated audio at depth.since it's being accomplished in software, its a wonderful achievement. not a garrett fan by any means, but they "may" have something special here! want to see "independent" field work, with special attention given to "junked" out parks, and other public places. (h.h.!) j.t.
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