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  1. Does the Minelab Pro-Find 35 pinpointer count? Bought it to complement the Gold Monster I bought last year to speed up target recovery. Overall does a great job but tends to flip out at max power and keep beeping away until lowering the power or restarting it.
  2. Maybe your specimen needs a bath in CLR? So very square.
  3. MTB Rider, good to know there's another Yukoner on this forum. I'm also in Whitehorse.
  4. JW, yes those are .303 casings. And you are probably right about the Yale piece being a lock.
  5. JW, I like how the jacket bloomed. Found it in a gravel bar. In the same river I found that Yale ignition switch. The spoon was found in the Yukon river just as it starts running alongside Whitehorse. Spoon is probably from 30's to 40's. The manufacturers stamp is still legible.
  6. Still no Yukon gold. But I like finding lead and copper too. Not Aluminum, unless it is campfire beer can aluminum lol
  7. There's two rivers actually in the pic. The one I'm by is terminating and flowing into the Yukon River which in the pic flows from right (south) to left (north). I'd need a boat to get across but those cliffs are clay. Sedimentary bottom of a glacial lake that the might Yukon has carved through.
  8. Sorry your detecting season is nearing a frozen hiatus JW and Simon. Detecting season has started in the Yukon. Ice is finally off the rivers and the levels in some are still low. In a month this river will be above my head. No gold but did get to test the Pro-Find 35 in action. And found half of a bullet at around 6". Practice session, there's only flour gold in that river. The iron discrimination worked well, only thing to note was at max sensitivity it would sometimes wig out and keep beeping even when pointing away from anything.
  9. Brilliant bucket classifier JW. Gonna have to make my own now. Thanks ?
  10. How many here have seen Yukon Gold show? I'm curious to how far it's been aired worldwide. I could watch that show for hours, staged obviously but closer to real than Gold Rush. Ive even met a few of the miners on the show in real life day to day situations and they are nice people. Parker however... needs to improve his attitude.
  11. Thanks :) Loved the Q&A throughout the video. Best part was when he fired the guys and hired women. There is some proof that females are better machinery operators because they are less Rammy.
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