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  1. Alluminati

    The Question Even Drayton Can't Avoid

    Keep on walking Dave, I guarantee you don't fill your holes in the water so get off your high horse. You're taking word play and creating drama where there isn't any.
  2. Alluminati

    GPX Carbon Rods?

    I agree, a clamp on version might be easier. I was thinking of making myself a hollow pod to clamp onto the end of the shaft that I could fill with sand or scrap lead that I find. My season is pretty much over until spring, so I can't really try much testing unless I go to a pool lol. I'm open to collecting data on the amount of weight and how far away from your elbow it is. Pardon me for stepping on toes, but SOHN hit on a thought I've been mulling over in the background.
  3. Alluminati

    My New Equinox 800 Arrived!!

    Good thing its water proof!
  4. If there are any broken attachment points at the bottom, it could be a candle holder. That's the first thing that comes to mind anyway.
  5. Alluminati

    The Question Even Drayton Can't Avoid

    In regards to the show or in his personal career? Your mistake was being so quick to release your Equinox book, then scrambling to release a second book with apparent "new" information. It was new information in the sense you didn't give the first book enough time to soak, chapter 2 might have been a more appropriate title. I follow him on google plus where he gives out a couple of good tips fairly frequently, free of charge. They are useful tips too, not some non- sequitur teaser. IMO Gary Drayton could be considered the best detectorist in the world, of the ones that we all know about. It depends on the criteria as a hard core nugget hunter may choose someone else. Gary is a prolific and world class "treasure" hunter. A guy like Bill Ladd would be a close second. His finds don't have the same sparkle as some of Draytons, but the guy can produce in the north east. Third place would be myself, nobody can make something appear from nothing like I can. I don't have the finds of Drayton, or recycled pictures of rings like you do, but if we were ever on the same site I would detect circles around you. You better hope I never make it to one of your beaches, it will look like the surface of the moon when I'm done with it.
  6. Alluminati

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    I guess it would be down to these two, kind of a slow ring year. (Good everything else) The square one was scored first day out with the Equinox, so I'm kinda leaning towards that one. It's the old go to a pounded site and hit it big time. It's around 8 gram and was really deep 8"-10" range I think. This 5 gram Tiger Eye ring is also kinda cool, if a little dated. It has a couple of diamond chips, but I don't think they are real on account of the damage they have. Too small to worry about either way. I found it with the Deus 18K Sifter mode.
  7. Alluminati

    Can Your Detector Do This?

    I will try it too, looks like the ring is suspended above the iron a bit.
  8. Alluminati

    Can Your Detector Do This?

    If you want to advertise the Manta just say so, no need to be coy with the advertising.
  9. Alluminati

    Can Your Detector Do This?

    What are we looking at here? If you scale the image down to actual size, the nails around the ring are quite small, with the 3" nails set off to the side. Placement looks deliberate. I'm going to go ahead and assume there is a machine that hits this ring, but is it anything more then a parlor trick? I'd be down for trying it, are these modern nails or cut nails?
  10. Alluminati

    Dumb Question

    Shhhhh. lol (Page 44)
  11. Alluminati

    Dumb Question

    A motor is an inductor. A coil is an inductor. The analogy is that unplugging an inductor in a modern device while running may result in damage to certain driving circuitry, unless additional protections are applied. Someone looking to maybe restore or play with an old, or unknown detector may want to keep the coil plugged in, that's all. If you need Geotech to give you a clearer answer, then maybe deep down you're not so sure? 😉
  12. I agree, good comparison videos are very hard to find.That is what is nice about Calabash's videos, they are as unbiased as you are going to get. He had mentions on the Deus site, yet was still able to do good videos on the Equinox when that came out, that must have been hard. 99% of youtubers would have caved. Everything in those videos can be duplicated in your location, assuming somewhat similar soil. Everything he has said about every detector in those videos that I have swung has turned out to be true. What more could I want from a review. If you are going to drop a grand on a machine without trying it, watching Calabash swing one in his test garden is the next best thing to swinging it yourself. Very to the point and information dense videos.
  13. Alluminati

    Dumb Question

    It just depends on the device. If you unplug a DC motor while operating, the motor stops nothing happens. Unplug a stepper motor while operating, the driver fries. Do they have fancy drivers that won't burnout when disconnected during use? Yes, but they may cost over 10 times as much. Both these motors used in this example are inductors (similar to a detector coil) being currently implemented in 2018 designs controlled by modern solid state devices. Some may chose to save money vs having the ability to yank wires out from operating machinery. There are probably a lot of older detectors that should stay plugged into the coils just to be safe. Most newer detectors are probably safe to remove, but read the manual to be sure. They coil is part of some sort of circuit, even though it's interchangeable. Unplugging the speakers from a stereo tube amplifier or guitar amplifier can be catastrophic, it doesn't mean it's a bad design. The speaker is "removable" by necessity, to physically locate the speaker away from the amplifier, (sound familiar?) this lead to this modern way of thinking that we should be able to do something that wasn't originally intended. This probably started with the quick disconnects as typically wires attached to speakers with screws give the impression that they are semi permanent. The speaker or coil IS part of a system, it's not a peripheral device even though it can be detached by the user.
  14. Alluminati

    Tesoro Tejon Nokta Makro Anfibio

    I enjoy it, enough of this kumbaya stuff. I hope others don't take actual debate about metal detectors personally, or we may as well not even be here. lol Calabash, you're videos are literary the most useful reviews on the internet, don't' stress it, you're much appreciated. I can't believe in 2018 you would still have to explain this stuff, but I suppose the world of metal detecting has experienced a mass awakening the last couple of years. Tesoro is like a 1980s Fisher. It was cool in the day, but is no comparison to the last couple of good machines to hit the market. Test gardens are much more useful then someone saying they can tell a gold ring 99% of the time, apparently that is what the guy said? lol where are his videos with piles of rings, forget rings why isn't he looking for nuggets, I mean come on, he can spot a ring that is only 40% gold 99% of the time the nuggets should be easy. 🙂
  15. Alluminati


    I'm starting to worry my season may be over. This snow just wont quite leave the ground. Last Sunday was going to be warm enough for a water hunt, then the thunder lightening started happening. oof. I normally would have hung the waders up by now, but water detecting has been the only prospect for some coil time. We could use El Niño this year for sure. Now what? Wait? Maybe get a calendar and start crossing the days off with a big red marker? Write poems about the melancholy despot clinging to my treasure with its cool minty grip?