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  1. Actually the excavator and pressure washer idea sounds reasonable. If you did make a dredge it sounds like a lot of work to actually get the clay into the pipe. Maybe consider some sort of grate like DDancer suggested but a little bigger to pressure wash against. Whether or not you want smaller screens after is up to you. Once the clay is broken down by the pressure washer, the latter stages may not have to be a big as the slurry should flow much better by this point. How elaborate to get will depend on whose land it is and how much time you have. Sounds like a blast.
  2. I agree it looks like an old scratch from here but Ill take your word for it.
  3. Perhaps it is a weight used for making sterling ingots or coins. It's pretty close to 0.925 of an ounce. Just a theory, but seems of practical convenience.
  4. It also could have been on the front of a drawer that contained telegraphs from said company. I'm just assuming the wood rotted away which is why there are no nails. It looks like a small pocket watch. I thought maybe it was one of those things that has a coin in it, you of course can see it better. Cool finds.
  5. Nah, you can show them a few things you learned here at the center of the universe. How did it go today?
  6. You know exactly what I mean lol. Value is in the eye of the beholder, I'm just saying for consistency sake shouldn't you turn them all in?, after of course they are appraised to be over 10 euro lololol. I'm just having fun but human nature is funny isn't it? Don't go out looking specifically for new stuff and your conscience should remain clear. ?
  7. Here is an interesting question, why doesn't anyone you turn in the silver rings too? lolololololol. Good going. ?
  8. Is it the silver '43 nickle that this thread is about? The black stuff looks similar to the sulfide you would expect on a sulfide coin. I would expect it to ring up higher then a regular American nickle as it doesn't have any magnetic nickle in it, just copper silver and a bit of mag all non ferrous.
  9. As El NINO mentioned the Equinox transmits up to 80 kHz I thought I would try and get a better measurement to see the higher frequencies a little better. Again my measurement might have put a slant on the result as I doubt the coil I used to test with would give a flat response over such a wide range. I also included a picture of the ~2.5 kHz "square" wave or whatever you want to call it.
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