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  1. Is it the silver '43 nickle that this thread is about? The black stuff looks similar to the sulfide you would expect on a sulfide coin. I would expect it to ring up higher then a regular American nickle as it doesn't have any magnetic nickle in it, just copper silver and a bit of mag all non ferrous.
  2. Alluminati

    Old Jewelry

    Sweet. Here is their video.
  3. As El NINO mentioned the Equinox transmits up to 80 kHz I thought I would try and get a better measurement to see the higher frequencies a little better. Again my measurement might have put a slant on the result as I doubt the coil I used to test with would give a flat response over such a wide range. I also included a picture of the ~2.5 kHz "square" wave or whatever you want to call it.
  4. I have been reading those patents over, they are very interesting. I'll admit the first one is pretty long, I forget what I am reading after a while, just mouthing the words like I'm back in school. lol The patents are more specific and fortified due to the nature of the documents compared to the ads we see from the marketing department. Dumbed up vs dumbed down? lol It's starting to become a little more understandable.
  5. I went back and found those posts by EL Nino, his results have the same peaks as mine. I was looking for yours as well, maybe you didn't post them. That's alright either way.
  6. Deep in the depths of winter here, I found myself partaking in some serious speculating. With all the controversy of whether or not the Equinox is multi frequency or not, I figure I'd bring some wood to keep warm lol. Some of you may recall in one of those threads I was trying to explain that the waveform we see can actually be comprised of more then one, two, three or more frequencies. Additionally I pondered if the multi frequency processing could just be done on the receive side using typical sinusoidal waves that are actually doing the work. Nonetheless here is the transmit side, the side that actually excites the target. Below you will see a FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of the Equinox in Gold2. The scale goes from DC to 125 kHz. (Left to right) If you consider the advertised range of Multi-IQ frequencies as being 5 kHz to 40 kHz, you might be satisfied by this as the left half of this 125kHz graph is filled out nicely. There is even a couple little peaks up around 100 kHz, whether or not that is utilized I don't know. I'm way off base as to how MIneslab actually does this, but I just wanted to show the kind of information that can be extracted from these signals. I am not trying to prove anything specific other then to say I don't think Minelab is being misleading IMO. Assume something is a little off with my measuring, still that looks like multi-something. The approximate frequency peaks of interest measured from left to right are: -2.5 kHz -8 kHz -13 kHz -18 kHz -23.5 kHz -28.5 kHz -33.5 kHz -39 kHz -44 kHz -50 kHz -54 kHz -59.5 kHz That covers the advertised range of frequencies which exist on the left hand side of the graph, (Midpoint is 62.5 kHz) I wont bother with the higher frequency stuff as it may not be relevant. It doesn't really hit any of the single frequencies, on the other hand Minelab does not explicitly say what frequencies are used in Multi-IQ. (That I know of.) I am happy to see that low frequency response. I was thinking the Equinox was going to be all 8 kHz and higher, which it basically is, but I'm glad to see the 2.5 kHz peak right beside it and of almost equal strength.
  7. Alluminati

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    -35C/-31 here with the windchill, nice to see a little yellow. Well done, I've got some catching up to do in the spring. It's a bit of trash, but it's better to go home with a lot of trash and good stuff then no good stuff and just trash. lololol
  8. Alluminati

    Anyone Know Sourdough Moe ?

    Hang in there, if he was waiting for the money to be transferred into his account, that can take up to 5 business days. That means the items may not have been shipped until the 9th or later, which was less then 2 weeks ago. Still within a reasonable time frame to ship something from a remote place IMO.
  9. Alluminati

    New Development On Lost Treasure Magazine

    Getting stiffed is rough...you could be a drywall holder the check is dependably in the mail...haha For what reason would you utilize such a significant number of names? Multi-personas maybe? Willfred
  10. Ya sure hang in there, when the conditions are right a small coil like that would be sufficient and have the advantages in the water you mentioned plus the ability to hit on the small stuff and separate. Trick is to find those conditions. Find the clay or other lower depressions with a denser consistency then the rest. Sometime you can see it (polarized glasses) sometimes you just walk upon it. Sometimes you see it and there is nothing there. The more often you go, the better conditions you will come across and it's these conditions in particular when you get to really know your beach. This is because you will have certain locations to go check that might be closer to the floor so to speak. (Clay or whatever dense layer that holds the goods) If the caps aren't terrible you may try to aggressively dig them rather then try and distinguish them between a good target. They are an indicator of sorts. A ying to the yang. I make note of when I start coming across some lead in any form as obviously that particular spot can hold gold, I may choose to dig almost everything in the immediate area.
  11. Alluminati

    Real Or Fake Spanish Coin?

    It kind of has the look of old lead which makes me think it is a pewter coin, (replica) however I'm holding out hope for you that it is some type of silver coin. I'm not familiar with pirate coins or with how silver looks in your area after being buried for a while. In my area both land and water, I usually see various degrees of sulfide on the coin. (Dark toning) All we have is the picture and the TID to go by. El Nino is doing good at the research, TID of 17 is hard to say, would have to see how big it is. I suppose a small pice of silver could hit at 17, perhaps a big pewter coin hits 17 TID as well. Good luck, hope it's real.
  12. Alluminati

    Wireless Issue

    I would go with the thick headed theory. The WM-08 module works best line of sight.
  13. Alluminati

    GPZ Aftermarket Coils

    Probably cost. I have seen ML monos on ebay over the years sell for as low as $50. It may be hard to recoup the investment competing against aftermarket coils. At least there is no chip in there so you guys are free to experiment. That is cool.