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  1. Managed three and a half hours swinging the 3030 this past Sunday morning. Hit two different parks and popped a few silvers. Three silver rings, '43 Washington quarter, '42 Merc & '53 Rosie / One slick buffalo nickel and three wheaties, the oldest being a '27s. HH !! Rob
  2. Rob

    A Few Beach Finds...

    Gerry, I used a 3030 for this hunt.
  3. Not getting much detecting time in lately.....but managed a few hours at the beach. Found these 5 rings and two silver dimes at the same beach. All the rings were found in the water. The rosie and merc were found around picnic tables. The gold ring is 14K and weighs in at 12.25 grams. The silver ring with the amethyst also has fire opal in it. The three other rings are all 925 silver.
  4. Rob

    One Fun Hunt - Rye Patch

    Nice nuggets Rick! Congrats!
  5. Fred, looks fun......any of those stones diamonds?
  6. Rob

    Some Old And Some New

    Mitchel.....nice nuggets!!
  7. Rob

    Hot Time @ Rye Patch

    Rick, Wow!.....some nice gold, Great Shootin' Rob
  8. I hit the same beach yesterday that I found the big mens class ring last week. The good karma must have come back to me for returning that ring to the owner as the beach gave up some nice goodies yesterday. A hat trick of gold......a 10k mens wedding band, a 10k ladies ring with three small diamonds and a beautiful 10k ladies broach/pin with a diamond and pearls. After a little research, the pin looks to be from the 1920's. And to boot, $11.66 in change. Klunker....I was looking for your initials "18k", but to no avail. I'll keep looking. Rob
  9. An update.....I located the owner of the class ring. He lost it nine years ago in the surf. We met last Sunday and I happily (sort of happily, that ring had almost a 1/4 oz of gold in it!) returned it. The good karma came back to me as I hit the same beach yesterday.....see my post "A Gold Hat Trick on the Beach" Terry, I use a Stealth extreme hybrid scoop with a collapsable carbon fiber shaft and a raptor handle.
  10. Located the school that the class ring is from. It's The Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador. I made contact with the alumni association president and we're working on trying to find the person who lost it.
  11. Randy, I had the CTX set on the stock "beach" mode.....nothing special. SL, The small junk ring is made of copper wire. The large coil is a must at the beach in order to get max ground coverage. As long as I'm diggin' good targets, the coil doesn't feel heavy.....funny how that is!! Rob
  12. Headed to a local beach this afternoon for a much needed break and managed to swing for five hours. Picked up $13.75 in change, including a 1942 wheat penny, a large mens 10K gold 1976 class ring (which has initials, so I'll do my best to track down the owner), a .925 ring and .925 earring. The class ring has a gross weight of 17.57 grams giving it a pure gold content of 7.32 grams. Plus found some other odds and ends including three junk rings. Hunted with the CTX 3030 with the 17" coil. Not shown in the photo, 37 corroded zinc pennies that I pitched in the garbage. Good luck and happy hunting, Rob
  13. Rob

    Pretty Little Gold Nugget

    Steve, That sure is a beautiful nugget! Thank you for sharing. Rob