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  1. Nice Canadian silver! I'll trade you my silver Rosie that I found in Canada!!
  2. Stunning coin Norm! Congrats.....the detail is supurb!
  3. I've always wanted a Vanquish.......maybe I'll be able to afford the Minelab model. The Aston Martin version is a little spendy!
  4. GB_Amatuer, I dig it all. Eroded zinc pennies go in the garbage with the pull tabs, foil and can slaw. I'm always happy to dig nickels.....you never know, it could be a gold ring. The merc had no mint mark. HH, Rob
  5. Update.....hit this same park yesterday for two hours and found a 1919 mercury dime and five wheat cents. There's more ground to detect in this "hunted out" park. It's still giving up many high tones like clad quarters, dimes and copper pennies which means there might still be more silver lurking under the turf. I'll keep hitting the local parks until the snow melts in the Sierra's, then it's back to the mother load for gold nuggets. Happy Hunting to All! Rob
  6. Strick, I've managed some beach hunts as of late, however and surprisingly there hasn't been any significant erosion given all the storm activity. I did manage five old (walking liberty and Barber) coins from a beach last week. See this thread under Metal detecting for Jewelry... Happy Hunting!
  7. Beautiful coin.....it's in amazing condition!
  8. I recently finished an intense work project that was a year and half long that seriously cut into my detecting time. Now that it's behind me, I'm finding more time to get out and swing. Researched a couple parks from the early 1900's yesterday and headed out this morning to see what I could find. We've had a tremendous amount of rain lately, making for very easy digging. Using a CTX 3030, I detected for about five hours. Almost right out of the gate, I popped a 1906 Barber "S" dime. Then nothing but clad for the next four hours, although it was a lot of clad.....$13.12. Then the last half hour
  9. Hit a California beach last Saturday Feb 23rd and was surprised to find the following "crusty black disks".....all very worn, and all requiring electrolysis to determine what they were. 1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1900 Barber Quarter 3 Barber dimes - unable to determine dates All found with a CTX 3030
  10. Managed three and a half hours swinging the 3030 this past Sunday morning. Hit two different parks and popped a few silvers. Three silver rings, '43 Washington quarter, '42 Merc & '53 Rosie / One slick buffalo nickel and three wheaties, the oldest being a '27s. HH !! Rob
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