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  1. normmcq

    Just A Squeak

    Cal_Cobra The settings I was using were High Yield Normal Sensitivity 13 Volume 8 Auto Smoothing Off Threshold 30 Threshold Pitch 64 Volume Limit 10 Semi Auto Ground Balance Ground Smoothing Off Norm
  2. normmcq

    Just A Squeak

    I was out a couple of days ago, the temperature was in the low 90's and I was trying to stay in what little shade there was. Those conditions made me really slow down. I thought I heard a very faint squeak,it was repeatable at just the right approach and swing speed. It was one of those signals that says, "DIG ME". After moving several limbs I was about six inches closer to the target and it turned to a low warble. Then after scraping off about six inches of organic duff it turned into a screamer. After several inches I was rewarded with this nice little chunk Norm
  3. normmcq

    Nugget Scoops - Do You Use One?

    I also use the "divide and conquer" method, but a little different version than yours. All of you GPZ users know exactly what I mean. If you find a very small nugget, once you have moved it, it can be very hard to locate. Instead of turning the coil over, I find something that will elevate the coil, then I pass the scoop over and under the hot spot. Before I started doing it that way, I had thrown nuggets in the discard pile because of too much dirt in the scoop. Just another way to do it. Norm
  4. normmcq

    A Bit Of A Mixed Bag. Hope You Enjoy.

    I must be weird too. Looking forward to the continuation of the story.
  5. normmcq

    7 Years In 42 Min. Massive Feat, Record Time!

    An amazing video, I highly recommend allotting yourself time to watch it. Thanks for posting it.
  6. Gb I am fairly sure that I found that coin very near an oiled road in the fairgrounds. It was completely covered with a tar like substance. It looked so bad that I mistook it for a dirty clad. I put it in the rock tumbler with all of the other modern coins with soap and water. After about 30 minutes, I dumped the contents out for rinsing, that was when I could see a silver edge. I tried every thing in my arsenal, nothing would clean the tar. I searched the internet for solutions and settled on the electrolysis method. I went out to my garage and built it. After just a few minutes the tar was gone, revealing my Seated Liberty. I am sure it was in that condition when lost.
  7. After finding my first silver coin last August, I recently found my oldest coin. It is in very poor condition but, it is a special find for me.
  8. normmcq

    Buffalo In The Local Park

    That Buffalo is in great shape. Congrats Art
  9. normmcq

    Todd Hoffman.. Pure Gold

    Both good, but I like the original Simon and Garfunkel best. Would be great to sit around a campfire with Todd, could probably entertain you for hours. Norm
  10. normmcq

    Gold Net Australia Archives

    Fred, I enjoyed the articles, I wish I could have been there with you
  11. I had a similar experience several years ago. I used to be a field mechanic for a large logging company. I was sent out to a mountain top to remove the track and replace a roller on the undercarriage on a tractor. This was before bolt together master links. You had to have someone hold a very large punch and the other person hit it with a very large hammer to drive the pin out. I was using my 16 lb hammer and my helper was holding the punch. Being very conscious of the dangers of shrapnel coming from either of punch or hammer, were both wearing full face protective shields. I don't remember now where that piece of shrapnel come from, but it came in under the mask and entered the front of my neck. Blood was squirting out about a foot with every beat of my heart. My helper became a bowl of jello. I grabbed a clean red rag and applied direct pressure and controlled the bleeding. My helper was still of no use to me. I drove myself to the closest doctors office and was immediately attended to. The bleeding had stopped and the doctor started to probe around to find the object to no avail. After several attempts, he taped a paper clip over the point of entry and did two views with an X-ray. It was not even close to the entry point, but lodged right next to my carotid artery. At that point, I was sent to the hospital, sedated and woke up the next morning with a very sore neck.
  12. normmcq

    Why Dig Nickels?

    I have been going out to a local park since coming back from wintering in Arizona. When I first started going there last summer, the locals there told me that they had seen detectorists there for years. Since I was new to coin hunting and learning how to use my CTX 3030, I kept going back. I have found hundreds of coins including two Buffalos and several silvers. These are my finds for the last three times out, all were about three hours each. I dig nickel sounds because I haven't found any jewelry there yet. Not giving up Norm
  13. normmcq

    General Vs High Yield

    I had the opportunity to check settings on an undug 8.9 gram nugget a few days ago. High Yield Normal was a screamer, High yield Difficult changed to a very loud warble and High Yield Extreme changed to a low warble. Sorry I didn't think about going to Difficult. Norm
  14. normmcq

    Sometimes It Just Dumb Luck

    There were several companies that struck coins in areas that had gold. Federal coins had dates and privately minted coins didn't.