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  1. Glad to see you out Frank, Great finds Norm
  2. Recently my detecting friend went back to Canada to visit his parents. He is an avid detectorist, he took his detector with him to try and get some Canadian silver. He spent some time in the local parks and managed a silver dime.................... a U.S. Rosie. We laughed and laughed about that. This week I went to a local reservoir that was built in the late 20's. The power company that controls the lake level always lowers the water this time of the year for flood control and this year it is lower than normal for this time of year. In the past, I have found several silver coins on the shore line and I thought this trip might yield another one. I decided to hunt the area inside the marina that is exposed. you might have guessed it, I got what my friend went looking for.
  3. Great find! Still looking for my first Indian Head Norm
  4. Looks like some kind of reed, some kind of musical instrument? Norm
  5. Have a great trip Steve and Dennis, I hope your good luck continues! Norm
  6. Knowing that my coin would never be graded as a very expensive coin although very desirable, I decided to make it look better for my personal viewing. I looked at a lot of U tube videos and read several things about cleaning silver without damaging the object. Just wanting to know the outcome before trying the method on my coin,. I tried it on other objects. I settled on using cotton balls, Q tips and non abrasive Carnuba oil auto polish. This didn't seem to leave any scratches, only cleaned and polished it. As you can see, all of the scratches and marks from being in the ground for about 140 plus years are still there.
  7. Thanks for the Eagle Eye GB, I completely missed that mint mark. Norm
  8. I asked and got permission to hunt an old yard in the older part of town. I was told that it had been detected several times over the years and a $20.00 gold coin was found there about twenty years ago. I said that technology had gotten better and I would like to try my chances. I was very pleasantly surprised with this coin
  9. I have found several coins, usually nickels but some pennies in known old patches. Some people believe they need to leave something of value where they found nuggets. Several years ago I dug un unspent 357 mag round. Might have been funny to the person that left it, but could have been a dangerous situation if I had hit it just wrong with my pick. Norm
  10. WTG Eric! I know you earned those nuggets Norm
  11. JW Good on ya for the gold. Over here in our part of the world we have what we call "skunk cabbage" it loves to grow in some areas that have gold. There is also a type of brush that only gets about 12 to 16 inches tall, but is pliable. I have found that using the swing arm, it allows me to get decent coverage by pushing the detector deeper into it. Another benefit is sharing the load with both arms. Norm
  12. If you enjoy rocks and gems like I do, you must go to Tucson. My wife and I spent three days there and we didn't see all of it. Highly recommend it. Norm
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