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  1. I am pretty sure there is work being done to restore the content of Bill and Linda's site. Barry at Land Matters has been working on it. Norm
  2. Yes Dog, it is sterling and Klunker this might have been your sister's Barby's grandmother! Norm
  3. I got this one in an old yard, with my CTX. The owners are natives of the community and didn't have a clue as to who Barby was. Norm
  4. There is an old saying "THE CREAM ALWAYS FLOATS TO THE TOP" That is how I found this thread today and I read every word of it including the posts from the interview. I thoroughly enjoyed every word of it and would like to thank you Steve for your honesty openness. I now know now why I immediately liked you when I accidentally met you in the Nevada desert. Thanks for providing us with such a great forum Norm
  5. I got my Avantree headphones yesterday and went out with them today. I can say that I am able to hear signals better with these on this detector than any combination of detectors and headphones that I own. I will be anxious to try them on my CTX and GPZ. I wish there were a way to use them wireless with the other detectors. Norm
  6. Got back out to the designated parking area for a short hunt this afternoon. I decided to hunt the area that I found the first Rosie last year. When I was there last year, I was just recovering from my second back operation and didn't really have the strength for a thorough hunt. As best I can remember, I missed this coin by just a few feet. I am glad I missed it, it made my day today. Norm
  7. GB The composition of that coin is aluminum, the TID was 20 with a high tone. I am like you, surprised to find that such a small country had a mint. No info on the mintage number but it must not have been many. Norm
  8. Mitchel I was using my 800 with the detector speaker. I went to that remote area so no one else would have to listen to my detector. My headphones and WM 08 are with Minelab for repair or replacement and my aftermarket ones haven't arrived. Norm
  9. I went out in the forest today and hunted a designated parking area for a U.C. Berkeley Forestry Camp. I am not sure how long this particular spot has been the designated parking area, but the camp has been in existence for over a hundred years. I got my second silver Rosie plus two Wheaties there today. I have the mind set that if there are Wheaties, there should be some silver. Well today was a little different, I found the silver first and then the Wheaties. Then I found I found the coin from Luxembourg, 1954 25 Centines, it happens to be worth more than the silver. Norm
  10. Thanks Mitchel Before getting the issues resolved with Minelab I had read thru all of the threads and had settled on the Avantree Audition Pro. I hope they get here in a timely manner. Norm
  11. I did get a return call from Minelab this afternoon from the 814 215 1732 number. The defective parts are on the way back to them and replacements will be shipped as soon as the old ones are received. Thanks to all, Norm
  12. Is there any one set of wireless headphones that most people feel work good on the Equinox? My WM 08 and furnished headphones have both failed, I need some alternatives. Norm
  13. Thanks Steve The first number message, you have reached the voice box of #33, the second # instructs you to leave name and number and then cuts you off before you can. Frustrated Norm
  14. Thanks Paul, I will try that number Norm
  15. Does anyone know if Minelab service center is closed due to Covid 19? I called for help, got the canned recording promising a return call................................Still waiting Norm
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