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  1. I wish our old friend Fred Mason was still alive, would love to see his comments. I know he thought a lot of both of you! Norm
  2. I have run out of likes for the day on this one thread. Every time I get on this forum I always look to see if JP has added anything, I have learned much from him and you Steve over the years and I really appreciate having access to it. Thank you for this forum, and thank you JP for contributing and I'm staying! Norm
  3. I think I'll just tell everyone that is where they tried to change me to be not so much of a red neck! Norm
  4. The last couple of days have been very painful not in my neck but in my right arm with having lost the strength and ability to do anything with it. Today has been much better. I probably won't be able to do any muscle building exercises until the brace is not required. After looking at the picture, I can see why I thought they ran over me with a truck! Norm
  5. The best i remember, all three of you are part mountain goat. Great to find some yellow! Norm
  6. Thanks for all of the nice comments and best wishes. I got discharged yesterday and now I having to deal with my very own "nurse Ratchet" she will not let me skate on anything! There are a lot of you that know my wife Heather and know that she far from being nurse Ratchet. I am happy to report that my hands have regained some strength and my fingers haven't been spastic and that is almost a miracle. A pain in the neck has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Both legs are starting to work better. It is going to take a lot of therapy to get some strength back. I am confident that will happen.
  7. Mitchel No gold from the Orange Peel patch, was only there once, didn't know where it was. I'm sure that would have made Steve to have a nugget from his patch included in the mix! Norm
  8. Peg Steve Wandt, his business name is Natural Gold Jewelry 530 320 3096 He is very good to work with. He also made this pendant out of a specimen that I found several years ago. The quality of his work speaks for its self. Norm
  9. As I advance into my twilight years, I thought I would give the important ladies in my life something to be remembered by. I have over time found quite a few nuggets that don't have any character or beauty. Those are the kinds of nuggets that made up the bulk of the gold in this project and some nice small smooth placer pieces for the topping. I contacted a "Goldsmith" friend and he created this nice gifts for my wife, daughters and grand daughters. Norm
  10. Condor I think you must have taken the same route that I took! Norm
  11. Nice gold Beatup! Are you in Az now? Did Eric score? Norm
  12. Those nuggets are quite unusual, I would love to have one for my collection. Klunker needs some photography lessons! Norm
  13. I was there when he found a couple of those, the pointy end was pointed to where the next one was found. Unfortunately when he dug the last one, he dislodged it from the original location and the direction it was pointed. I don't think he will be able to find another one! Norm
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