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  1. Location, location, location! and the date is very important breeding pairs can only be found on April 1st! Norm
  2. Thanks Flak, this is the first birthday that I can say that I have actually felt my age 79 today! Norm
  3. That was a great find and video to document it! Congratulations to your friend. There is nothing like finding something that means so much to someone and returning it to them. Norm
  4. I thought I would give an update on my recovery. It was six weeks ago today that I had surgery, I was sure hoping for a much faster return to some normal activities, just not happening. Still very dependent on my walker, no pain in my left leg, but not much strength ether. I have been limited to just a small amount of physical therapy due to having to wear a neck brace. Tomorrow is the last day for the brace and looking forward to a more strenuous regimen of therapy. One positive thing, I have a great place to check my Pin Pointer
  5. Flak You beat me to that question, I was wondering what year that picture was taken. Wilma had a birthday just a few days ago! Norm
  6. My select button quit once while under warranty, I had to send it back to Minelab for repairs. It took almost a month to get it back but they did extend the warranty for six months. They didn't tell me what the issue was. Norm
  7. Helping appreciative people is rewarding in of its self. Good job Joe! Norm
  8. i have found several one or two nugget finds that didn't turn out to be more than that, a one or two nugget patch. Norm
  9. I bought my first gold detector in 2010 and joined this forum in 2015 and have learned a lot about all aspects of detecting and the machines I own, Gold Bug Pro, CTX 3030, NOX 800, GPZ 7000. Without the information that I have gotten on this forum, I am sure that a lot would just be a blur. I am able to access what ever I have a question about and find a qualified answer from people that know. I will be 79 in a couple of weeks and wish I had several more years to apply the knowledge I have gained from this site and at no cost. I really appreciate your efforts Steve and all of the great members
  10. The idea of a time period for find entries works well. Entry date must be submitted by certain date following the end of month to qualify for the previous months entry and must be voted on by x date of that month to qualify. That gives everyone time to enter and vote. Norm
  11. My bad 10K gold is 41.7 per cent gold, depending what it is alloyed with it could be very brittle. I wouldn't throw them away, gold is gold nice finds! Norm
  12. i think that having more than one category is a good idea. Having competed in the find of the month in a club I used to belong to, a really good find that could have been anything usually lost to a piece of gold that was not really that great. Norm
  13. I think it is a great idea. i think Mitchel is right about recent finds. I think that would come down to the honestly of the entrants. I think it would be great to see good finds in one place on the forum. Donating to a worthy charity is always good! Norm
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