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  1. I confirmed with Bill, yes Bill and Linda's Prospecting site is history Norm
  2. I hope to see some faces that go with the names at Fred's memorial today on Zoom at 3 P.M. California time Norm
  3. Mitchell has brought it to my attention that we are on Pacific Daylight Savings time in California, the memorial will be at 3:00 P.M. California time. Sorry for the confusion. Norm
  4. I received this info this morning from Fred''s wife this morning and she asked me to share it with his friends. There will be a memorial for Fred on Zoom, May 23rd @ 3:00 P.M. Pacific Standard time. Topic Memorial Zoom for Fred Mason Meeting ID # 723 9037 3254 Password # 5xJyyV If anyone would like to share this info on any other forum, please do. Norm
  5. Actually, when I posted about a naked lady on the back of a Merc I didn't tell the whole story. This happened to me when I was about seven or eight years old. { 70 or more years ago} There were probably many more Mercs in circulation than Rosies. The guy that started me looking for the naked lady conned me out of that dime.He said give me that dime and I will treat you to a show, He showed me the bridge with the bear walking across with the tree leaning over it.Then he showed me the San Francisco mint mark, he said that S is a snake. Then he said do you see the naked lady under the bridge? I said no! He said what do you expect for a dime? He put the dime in his pocket and that was the show. I always look to see if she is on everyone I find, Norm
  6. Haven Only recently purchased my 800, I am only just barely learning how to use it. one of the first keepers came from an old campsite that I assumed was probably depression era. I got a solid 13 and assumed it was a nickel. to my surprise it was a part of a WW 1 Dough-boy toy soldier. It is very heavy, over 15 grams and appears to be made of cast lead. My CTX id it at 12.10 and the Gold Bug Pro at 13. I managed to go back to an area that I detected last fall with the CTX and found several more coins that I had missed. I blamed that on the fact that there was so much trash and the recovery speed is so fast on the Equinox, but no silver. I stopped for lunch and thought about that. I decided to put on the 6 inch coil and go back over that same area, same results more coins all coming being next to multiple ferrous objects. It was getting late in the day and I only hunted a small part of the area that I had previously hunted but wanted to try one more thing before I quit for the day. I had been using the Nox headphones. I switched to the wireless module and used my headphones that I use with my GPZ and went back over the very same small area, same results more coins. Again no silver but, I have hopes. The next day, I went to another area that I hadn't been before and found these nice coins Norm
  7. I must be dyslexic, the bear is going from right to left. Norm
  8. I am surprised that no one has shown some of you older folks what is on the back of a Merc. Probably when I was about 10 years old, a man pointed out those features to me. {a very long time ago) Only the San Francisco mint has the snake, all have the bear walking on all fours from left to right, across the bridge and the leaning tree. I still look for the naked lady on everyone I find! Norm
  9. Well what do you expect for a dime? Norm
  10. Mercury dimes are my favorite coin to find, probably because I have found more of them than any other silver coins and they are a beautiful coin. I always look for these features. Can't find the naked lady under the bridge?..............................................
  11. I would like to thank everyone of you who read this post and especially the ones that left comments. For me it has been like attending a celebration of life for a dear friend. I never get up in front of a crowd and say the things that I would like to share about good people and I know that I am not alone. I am going to encourage Freddy's family to access this forum to read all of the nice things that people have shared. I am adding a picture of our last hunt together in Northern Nevada last October. Left to right Jonni and Fred, Mike G. and Michelle, My wife Heather, myself and Louise. (she goes by Lucile on the forum}
  12. Freddy and I spent quite a bit of time together searching and most of the time some finding gold. One five different occasions we spent a week or more on our quests. The first few years we did things together I just knew him as Fred. Then he started referring himself to me as Freddy. A little confused, I asked him is it Fred or Freddy? His response was, my family and close friends call me Freddy. Freddy and I were searching on a claim that I am part owner of when I found this Heart Nugget, He helped me dig it, a very memorable moment He loved to have a shot of Tequila at the end of the day. I am going to have one for Freddy and if you have some, I ask you join me. Norm
  13. It is with great sadness that I have to report that our friend and contributor Fred Mason passed away this morning at home with his wife by his side. Fred was a good man, husband and father. He was also a good detectorist and friend to all that knew him. Fred was also a very generous person, at just about every gathering he made a very large pot of "Chile Verde" and shared it with all. R.I.P. Freddy Norm
  14. I just bought an 800 and now am looking forward to learning it Are there any particular threads on this forum that would shorten the learning curve? Thanks in advance. Norm
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