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  1. Since Klunker got fired from detecting, he seems to be having too much time on his hands, When the forests are open again, there won't be a nugget safe from his detector and his abilities! Nice gold and 50 caliber ball Norm
  2. Let me say this about the golden years, "the only thing golden is the streaks in my shorts since I can't wipe myself" Norm
  3. Not sure if I farted out loud in public, can't hear them anymore! Norm
  4. I too have only found Barbers, one with the CTX and the other with the 800. Great save. Norm
  5. I am sorry to report to all of you that I have been expecting this diagnosis for quite some time. All of my doctors gave me hope, they all concluded that because of my age it couldn't be ALS, had to be something else. My family has a long history with Familial ALS, I have lost five cousins, an uncle, my father, brother and sister to this disease. I have lived a long happy successful life and am ok with what is in store for me. As far as keeping my mind active, I have a group of friends that get together at my house for "Bridge" once a week. I try to live everyday to the fullest and not dwell on the negatives. I have a very large support group and my children live in my town with grandchildren close by. All of my forum friends mean a lot to me as well, thank you for all of the kind words and prayers. Norm
  6. I have been absent from posting any finds since before my neck surgery and probably won't be making any more. Before my surgery I was loosing strength and dexterity in my arms, legs and hands. After being submitted to every test, x ray and MRI everything pointed to my spinal column being compromised in my cervical spine, given that information, the decision was made to operate. After six weeks of recovery and two months of physical therapy and only getting worse, one more test. They had me do a Genetic test, the results came back positive for having the SOD 1 gene that causes ALS. That is the final diagnosis and it is always fatal. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes, I really appreciated that. I have met and made friends with a lot of great people in my quest for gold and wish that I could have met more of you. I will be lurking here on this forum and will be looking at your finds and reading your posts Happy Hunting Norm
  7. Location, location, location! and the date is very important breeding pairs can only be found on April 1st! Norm
  8. Thanks Flak, this is the first birthday that I can say that I have actually felt my age 79 today! Norm
  9. That was a great find and video to document it! Congratulations to your friend. There is nothing like finding something that means so much to someone and returning it to them. Norm
  10. I thought I would give an update on my recovery. It was six weeks ago today that I had surgery, I was sure hoping for a much faster return to some normal activities, just not happening. Still very dependent on my walker, no pain in my left leg, but not much strength ether. I have been limited to just a small amount of physical therapy due to having to wear a neck brace. Tomorrow is the last day for the brace and looking forward to a more strenuous regimen of therapy. One positive thing, I have a great place to check my Pin Pointer
  11. Flak You beat me to that question, I was wondering what year that picture was taken. Wilma had a birthday just a few days ago! Norm
  12. My select button quit once while under warranty, I had to send it back to Minelab for repairs. It took almost a month to get it back but they did extend the warranty for six months. They didn't tell me what the issue was. Norm
  13. Helping appreciative people is rewarding in of its self. Good job Joe! Norm
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